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Israeli Raid on Gaza Flotilla, A Rorschach Test on Middle East Conflict

The response to the raid on a flotilla of ships seeking to break the naval blockade around Gaza turns out to be a fascinating, if troubling Rorshach test on the entire Middle East conflict. You know Rorshcach tests – those ink blots to which viewers can attach the meaning of their choice. Well that’s what we have here.
The news reports are coming in fast and furious. The alerts from various advocacy organizations on both sides of the Middle East conflict flood my inbox even faster. And what they all mainly share is spin over substance, and politics over mourning.
YouTube is already getting crowded with competing videos that capture different moments during this morning’s boarding of the six-ship flotilla that attempted to break the Israeli blockade of Gaza. Some of them show passengers being assaulted by naval commandos and others show people who call themselves peace activists stabbing those commandos.
All of it happened and almost nobody who will read these words is in a position to assess what “really” happened, certainly not before an in-depth investigation of the events. In effect, today’s events — events in which as many as 12 human beings have been killed and at least as many injured, including both protesters and military personnel — have immediately become one more reason to intensify the conflict, not to pursue the peace that both sides claim they want.


Although the names of the dead have not yet been released, I can find almost no reports of attempts even to secure that information. Although there are families on both sides of this event that will bury their family members or visit them in the hospital, these facts, too, barely find a place in the coverage, unless it is to depict the brutality of the “other” side.
I am not without my own political biases, and they include sympathy for the suffering of Gazans whose lives are impacted by the blockade, and sympathy for the citizens of Israel who have endured more than 10,000 attacks by air, land, and sea since Israel left Gaza. I do not understand why Israel does not allow unlimited humanitarian aide into Gaza, nor do I understand how the world assumes that any nation should allow such aid to flow into another nation at war with it, as Hamas says it is with Israel. But none of that should matter today.
What matters today, at least in any conversation that claims to be driven by spiritual or religious sensibilities, as this one does, is the sadness at the loss of life and continued suffering on both sides of this conflict. This is not about moral equivalencies, which I do not believe exist here, or about who fired first. This is about those of us who are lucky enough to live out of harm’s way, not politicizing events when we should be mourning — and if not mourning, then at least doing more, or better, than using human suffering to promote a particular political agenda. Each side could start by addressing the following issues:
For example, when are so-called peace activists going to admit that while peace is desirable, it is not their primary goal? If it were, then those same activists would also position people among the civilian communities on the Israeli side of the border with Gaza. They would sit in cafés, schools, and otherwise peaceful homes as they lived, or died, through Hamas rocket attacks and bombings. They would remind Gaza, as they have Israel, that not only is the whole world watching, but that the violence they do harms citizens of many nations.
Similarly, if running this blockade were really all about alleviating human suffering, then the sponsors of the flotilla would have worked with Israel and Egypt to bring in the aid by land after a requested inspection of the goods. And they would not have declared victory in advance, regardless of whether any suffering was alleviated, as Hamas leader Ismail Haniyeh did earlier this week, claiming that it did not matter if the aid reached Gaza or if it was intercepted.
And when are supporters of Israel going to admit that suffering is suffering, and that no matter how much people may hate you, you/we cannot intensify their suffering while claiming to seriously pursue peace? We cannot have it both ways.
Can anyone really believe that what happened actually serves the interests of the citizens or the state of Israel? No matter how purposefully provocative the flotilla was, can anyone really think that violently boarding these boats was going to be anything other than a fiasco?
Perhaps the time has come to admit that we, Israel and it supporters throughout the world, are in a diplomatic/military cul-de-sac. If whatever one’s enemy does brings them victory — whether it succeeds or fails — perhaps the time has come to re-think the positions being defended.
Today should be a day for better questions, and yet all we get is more of the same tired answers. That, more than any of the day’s events, is the really disheartening news. Of course, there is always tomorrow.

  • Kauko

    We need more voices like yours being heard in this conflict, Rabbi.

  • Marian

    We know too little (well, I do, anyway) about the people on both sides in this mess. Were the “protesters” trained in nonviolence? Having given such training myself, I tend to doubt that. If they had been, probably nobody would have been killed or even seriously injured. OTOH, everybody seems to agree that they fought back only with such makeshift “weapons” as were readily on hand, which suggests they were not planning on a fight. And, after all, it was THEIR boat.
    And was the Israeli force that met them the best-chosen, best-trained, best-briefed for this particular mission? Doesn’t sound like it, but who knows? I’m not about to pass judgment until these questions are answered. We need to pray for all of them, on all sides.
    Captcha: “Maddened to”

  • Koppy

    Rabbi Bradley Hirschfield, the director of the National Jewish Center for Learning and Leadership (CLAL), has been working with Imam Abdul Rauf for awhile. In fact, Rabbi Hirschfield is on the Advisory Board of the Cordoba Initiative. In 2007, Rabbi Hirschfield spoke on a panel together with Abdul Rauf for the Cordoba Initiative. The panel was also sponsored by CLAL and the American Society for Muslim Advancement—and took place at UC Irvine (the very university where Israeli Ambassador Michael Oren’s speech was disrupted). Their subject? “Why Should/Would Israel & Palestine exist? …How Cultural Narratives Compete.” For all I know, it was a principled and moving moment. I have no sure way of knowing. All I can say is that these two men — Hirschfield and Abdul Rauf — are in each other’s orbit, talking, presenting and working together publicly.
    Rabbi Hirschfield was also involved with Buffalo-based Muzzammil Hassan, the founder of Bridges TV, who turned out to be a serious and serial wife batterer and wife killer. He is the man who beheaded his wife Aasiya when she dared to leave him. Bridges advertised itself as committed to interfaith dialogue and to the presentation of a positive image of Muslim-Americans. Amazingly, Hirschfield, an author and radio personality, (whom I have met twice, but briefly), has not dropped his association with Bridges, at least as shown on Wikipedia.
    There are worlds within worlds. Rabbi Hirschfield, Imam Abdul Rauf, and former President Jimmy Carter, the author of the infamous book Palestine: Peace Not Apartheid, have all worked together at the Council for a Parliament of the World’s Religions. They presented at the same conference, the same year. Look: Maybe Rabbi Hirschfield tackled Carter at this conference—but probably not as forcibly and passionately as Alan Dershowitz tried to do at Brandeis. (Carter refused to appear with Dershowitz).
    Jimmy Carter? He is a Jew-hater, Israel-demonizer, and a Saudi-money lover.
    In any event: Rabbi Hirschfield may have good intentions. My point: He may not be a good judge of character. Or, he may not care with whom he associates. Just as he was willing to work with Muzzammil Hassan “for the greater cause,” just so, is he now working with Imam Abdul Rauf.
    3/11 Madrid Bombing
    Rabbi Hirschfield is not alone.

  • Koppy

    “This is not about moral equivalencies”

  • Menachem Ben Yakov

    Dear Rabbi, I know you will find it uncomfortable to acknowledge however there are some thing that are not negotiable. The so called ” activists ” were truly nazis. As you can see for yourself. The nazi denies the right of Jews to draw breath. The Muslim Palestinians already control 80% of the territory of Palestine. They have three operating governments. Calling a lie a ” narrative ” makes it no less lie. The truth may be unpleasant, that nothing except your demise will satisfy the enemy, but it is a truth you must face. You are a Rabbi. Now be a man.

  • Arnie Goldman

    Excellent article, objective, compassionate, and not belligerently biased on one side or another

  • ben-zion goldberg

    Koppy and Menachem:
    Congrats! You have articulated the Evangelical right-wing “Rapture-ready” John Hagee Christian Zionist talking points quite well.
    Collect your thirty shekels and do not pass “Go.”

  • withyobadself

    the reason why jewish people have been punished by god since the time adam didnt know how to control his woman is they havent had the strength to pass the tests that god has giving them. as soon as mosses walked them out of egypt they began to become involved in the ways of the world. then the jews killed thier massiah that came to explain that god belongs to everyone, and that you dont need a religion or people telling you cant talk to god unless you follow thier rules . jesus never said make a religion out of his self. but the romans did. know the catholics have billions of dollars invested in the world. and the jews also have billions of dollars invested in the world…. all because your faith is weak. learn to take care of everybody in the world …. not just yourself.

  • e.h.

    COMING SOON to a theatre near you!
    “Pirates of the Mediterranean ”
    The Israeli Navy’s raid on a Gaza-bound flotilla has “made-for-TV-movie” with an all-star cameo cast written all over it.
    I suggest that it be a LARRY DAVID production, featuring the following:
    Glenn Beck as Bibi Netanyahu
    Lady Gaga as Sara Netanyahu
    Danny De Vito “ Ehud Barak
    Ice-T ” Barack Obama
    Helen Mirren ” Hillary Clinton
    Sarah Silverman “ Tzipi Livni
    George Lop “ Turkish Ambassador to Israel
    Woody Allen ” Shimon Peres
    Ryan Seacrest “ Israeli Amb. to U.S.Michael Oren
    the Max Weinberg 7 “ European parliamentarians
    Michael Richards “ Rahm Emanuel
    Simon Cowell, ” I
    Robt. Downey. Jr. D
    Conan O’Brien, ” F
    Justin Bieber (for ” commandos
    the youth)
    Jay Leno as Christopher Hitchens
    Steven Wright ” blogger Andrew Sullivan
    Jason Alexander ” Abe Foxman, ADL
    Pat Buchanan ” Mort Klein, ZOA
    John Waters ” (LIKUD apologist) Elie Wiesel
    Chelsea Handler (in drag) as Leon Wieseltier
    Boy George as Charles Krauthammer
    AND, in a special guest appearance,
    George Clooney as Rabbi Brad Hirshchfield

  • e.h.

    above should be George Lopez as Turkish Amb. to Israel
    sorry, that the ” did not align correctly, as indicating ‘as’

  • Adinah

    “And when are supporters of Israel going to admit that suffering is suffering, and that no matter how much people may hate you, you/we cannot intensify their suffering while claiming to seriously pursue peace? We cannot have it both ways.” WHO SAYS THE BLOCKADES ARE GESTURES OF PEACE? OH,ALLOW TERRORISTS TO COME INTO YOUR COUNTRY BECAUSE BLOCKING THEM FROM ENTERING DOESN’T BRING PEACE.
    “Can anyone really believe that what happened actually serves the interests of the citizens or the state of Israel?” YES!!!! IT PROTECTS ITS CITIZENS FROM A FREE-FOR-ALL ENTRY INTO GAZA AND IN TURN MORE ATTACKS ON ISRAEL.
    Read more:

  • Mark2

    Remember the ’67 war?
    If some “objective, compassionate, and not belligerently biased” reporter were writing the headlines, he would’ve written,
    >>”Clash Breaks out in Israel.”
    I feel terrible for feeling the need to say that that was sarcasm.

  • the Greek

    Sounds like withyobadself is an Islamist trying to sneak into the conversation. I cannot believe ANY Jew or christian for that matter would have written such a letter, and had that many mispellings.

  • Menachem Ben Yakov

    Mr.Goldberg, While I do not subscribe to Pastor Hagees belief I appreciate his support and those of evangelical christians worldwide. I do think however that your mind is either closed or polluted with politically correct nonsense. The Muslim Palestinians ( yes there are Jewish and Christian Palestinians too ) currently control 80% of the territory of Palestine. On that 80% they have three operating governments. One in Jordan, one in the West Bank and one in Gaza. Despite the fact that Jews have lived in Israel for thousands of years Muslims refuse to recognize any Jewish rights what so ever. The violence in Hebron is a case in point. The Jewish neighborhood in Hebron comprises only 3% of the town. In that neighborhood 800 Jews live surrounded by 30,000 Muslims. Hebron and its religious sites have been holy to Jews for 2700 years before Mohammed was even born. Yet the Muslims wish to deny Jewish rights to worship in Hebron. The Israeli army is not called in to harass the muslim population. It is there to prevent a repeat of the the 1929 massacre when the muslims rioted and murdered Jewish men, women and children. It is time for people to look at the history of Palestine and ask themselves the following- Why do the Palestinians require more than the 80% of Palestine they already control? Why do the Palestinians refuse to recognize Jewish rights to areas that were Jewish before Mohammed was born? Why are the Palestinians so interested in building on top of Christian and Jewish Holy sites? Why have the Palestinians driven the Christian community from Bethlehem? Why do the Palestinians indoctrinate their children to hate rather than live in peace? Only when these questions are answered, only when Jordan, which occupies 77% of Palestine, is asked to accept its historical obligations, will there be peace in the region.

  • Nancy

    It must be nice to take the “moral high ground” and say This is not about moral equivalencies. You get to set the rules and you don’t point fingers. . Sometimes the truth is one-sided. By being in the middle you prejudice one side . As a Jew I believe in thick and thin relations, I have a much thicker set of relations with Jews — no matter where they are and who they are — than I do with Armenians or Rwandans. Most human beings are that way. It’s part of the way we love, and it’s part of the way we cope. We couldn’t bear life if every human tragedy cut to the core of our being.
    To my sadness, though, I don’t feel that thickness of relationship when you write about your love for Israel. You say you love Israel, true, but in the very next sentence, you write thatI do not understand why Israel does not allow unlimited humanitarian aide into Gaza
    Is this what you think of what’s going on here? Of the myriad responsibilities the government has, and in the midst of everything the Jewish people is facing in this hour, that’s your read of what Israel is? Your basic, instinctive reaction is that this country is now in the business of oppressing another people? You have every right to believe that, I suppose, but I see it in the business of trying to stay alive. If you see it as simply about oppression, then I see little difference between you and the rest of the world that would do us in, with no regard for the history that created us, or for the dream — however insufficiently fulfilled — that this homeland represents for us.

  • withyobadself

    its true though , jews killed thier messiah because jesus told the high priests that people didnt need to follow the jewish bible, that god belongs to everyone just talk to him.. that is why god punishes jews through the holocaust and through today… jesus said have nothing to do with the world and to love eachother and god… those are the only rules for children of god to follow.. man keeps thierselves seperated from eachother through the religion they make up to control eachother… god doesnt need a religion or a book to explain himself… god just is.. so live in the world cause your faith is weak kill people if you fell you need to.own everything you can own in the world which is what the jews do… but dont call yourselfs children of god….

  • Eric k

    “Rabbi” Brad
    There’s nothing “tragic” about the deaths of those jihadist and leftist vermin aboard the jihad flotilla. They looked for a confrontation with Israel and in the end got what they asked for. I’m sick of these IHH terrorist supporters of hamas being portrayed as peaceful humanitarians. There aren’t two sides of the story. The videos tell the real story of the jihadis and leftists brutally attacking Israeli soldiers. Case closed.
    The western media is completely at fault for the fact that hamas propaganda is working. The free world should be unequivocally behind Israel against the jihadis, but this is unfortunately not the case. And we wonder why we are now the targets of these same jihadis. They see our weakness and cowardice in our failure to stand with Israel. Western governments and media are completely morally bankrupt. And western leftists are brazenly aiding the jihadis in their genocidal war against the Jews and their jihad against western civilization.

  • Zev
  • Bernard Roth

    If a large ship [or group] approached a US harbor, a coast guard cutter [armed] would stop them to inspect their papers, visas for people who wished to land, contraband as narcotics and/or weapons. If the ship did not stop, a warning shot of a cannon might make them stop. If not, armed boarding is normal. Gaza is not a sovereign state, and has too many Hamas members. rockets to fire on Israel, and IDF has a perfect right to stop and board. The ships were offered peaceful transit to Ashdod, a nearby port not in Gaza, to be searched, and acceptable people and goods trucked to Gaza by Israel. I might have preferred use of tear gas grenades, but if fire on with bullets, I would return bullets.
    If people in Gaza want peace they need to get rid of Hamas. peacefully or forefully. I would cut their throats in the night. And dump them into the “Med” [which is what Hamas wants to do with all Israelis]. The Turks aboard could have been Jihadists, who would be denied entry to either Egypt or Gaza. Why should Internal Security for Israel be teated any different and for the U.S.

  • Linda

    Eric K..
    You said it all, and there is nothing much more I can add. There is a controlled media here it seems in the U.S. and freedom of the press is getting less so. We are getting or not getting the whole story, or distorted and ignored reports. Clearly the IDF forces were brutally attacked by club wielding “peace activists” who were prepared for such an action. I am disgusted with how the Israelis are labelled the aggressors.

  • AG

    ” If whatever one’s enemy does brings them victory — whether it succeeds or fails — perhaps the time has come to re-think the positions being defended.”
    This is a very reasonable statement, as such progressive diplomacy calls for. However, the issue in this case, is unauthorized seaport entry of the Flotillia’s. Israel’s apprehension in International waters is the legal enforceable standard for suspected terriorism
    utilized throughout the world and this case is no different. The positions being competently defended is Israel’s security and the motive is not disclosed yet by a through investigation of the ships.

  • withyobadself

    what ever happened to that cult called the realians ??? they said that the space people shown them how to clone humans and they were building a landing pad in isreal.. seems like the space people will land in isreal soon and tell all you jews to bow down before thier leader who is lucifer…. thats right the space people are really the angels that were kicked out of heaven and lucifer is thier leader…. so keep killing over land and religion cause your king is coming soon

  • jack straw

    A paranoid people will justify any form of aggression they take out on others. There is no reasoning with them.
    The only thing that will release that fear and tension is a cathartic emotional outlet – outright violence or unabashed love.
    Hopefully their enemies will choose the latter as paranoia is an evolutionary dead end and has no place in this universe.

  • Hanalah

    I offer below a summary of Monday’s essay by Caroline Glick, who sees more clearly than you or I.
    Glick says that the challenge presented by the flotilla is basically similar to that of suicide bombers. So of COURSE, rabbi, they celebrated their VICTORY before they began. They knew what a stunning victory they would enjoy. But we must first look at the NonProliferation Treaty conference last Friday. It’s all of a piece.
    Israel’s leaders should have recognized a number of things well before the NPT conference. They should have realized that Obama’s commitment to a nuclear-free world, among other signals, rendered it all but inevitable that he would turn on Israel.
    Thus seeing Obama’s inclinations, Israel should have expected that the NPT conference would target her (as indeed it did).
    Knowing this, it should, for months before the conference, have stated loudly and repeatedly that as the NPT now stands, it serves to ENABLE nuclear proliferation rather than to prevent it.
    North Korea exploited its status as an NPT signatory to develop its nuclear arsenal.
    Today Iran exploits its status as an NPT signatory to develop nuclear weapons.
    Unless the NPT is fundamentally revised, it will continue to serve as the primary instrument for nuclear proliferation.
    Had Israel’s seen this and spoken accordingly, it could have undercut US arguments for signing onto the final resolution, and it could have cogently explained its rejection of the final resolution.
    Now the conference has discredited Israel’s deterrent capacity while delegitimizing its right to take preemptive action against Iran.
    Now it’s too late.Israel’s enemies can use the US-supported final resolution to claim that our opposition to Iran’s nuclear weapons program is hypocritical. Israel failed to make its case against the NPT before the conference, so now she lacks a cognitive framework for responding.
    The Israeli government still doesn’t get it. Look at its irrelevant response to the decision. It neglects to mention the essential fact:
    NAMELY, that the NPT regime itself has become the chief enabler of nuclear proliferation!!!
    Now about the flotilla and its challenge. After a decade of sicide eombers, Israel should have seen this. The intent of these pro-Hamas activists to commit suicide to discredit Israel on camera was clear from the fact that the Turkish organizers named the lead ship Rachel Corrie.
    Of COURSE any IDF forces boarding the ships would be met by trenchant, violent opposition—just look at Turkey’s role.
    First, the Turkish government-supported NGO behind the operation is IHH, a terrorist organization directly linked to al-Qaida and Hamas; its members have been in terrorist warfare from Chechnya and Bosnia to Iraq and Israel. Of course they would come prepared to hit hard. Of course they were not peaceful, rabbi! R.I.P. is the only peace they offer Israel.
    Look at Turkey, and how its gradual slide into the Iranian axis has sped up since Obama’s election; look how Erdogan’s government embraces IHH. Erdogan’s now anti-Israel regime would use any violence on board the ships so as to strike a strategic blow at Israel’s international standing.
    Israel should have attacked Turkey for its facilitation of terrorism, and openly prepared charge sheets against the flotilla’s organizers, crew and passengers for their facilitation of terrorism in breach of both domestic law and international law.
    Instead, But Israel has spoken about irrelevancies.
    Officials detailed all the humanitarian assistance Israel has provided Hamas-controlled Gaza. Guess what? NOBODY CARES!
    They spoke of the navy’s commitment to use nonlethal force to take over the ships. BIG YAWN.
    And now, after the lethal takeover of the flotilla, Israel’s leaders stammer.
    They SHOULD demand that the Turkish government apologize–it supported terrorists.
    They SHOULD demand restitution for the terrorist assault against IDF troops.
    The words coming from Israel are worse than worthless; they make Israel appear whiny when she should be indignant.
    Worst of all, these words show that Israel doesn’t get it.
    And until Israel gets it, until she sees what just happened, it will remain unable to prepae for the further disasters soon to come.
    Israel is the target of a massive information war. For it to win this war, it needs to counter its enemies’ lies with the truth.
    The NPT has been subverted. It serves to promote nuclear proliferation.
    Hamas is a genocidal terrorist organization ideologically indistinguishable from al-Qaida. International law requires all states and non-state actors to take active measures to defeat it.
    Israel is the frontline of the free world. Its ability to defend itself and deter its foes is the single most important guarantee of international peace. A strong Israel is also the most potent and reliable guarantor of the US’s continued ability to project its power in the Middle East.
    This is the unvarnished truth. It is also the beginning of a successful campaign to defang the massive coalition of nuclear proliferation- and terrorism-abettors aligned against Israel.
    But until our leaders finally recognize the nature of the war being waged against our country, these basic facts will remain ignored as Israel moves “from one stunning defeat to the next,” as Glick puts it.

  • Jack straw

    umm….I was talking about the Israeli people and their constant sense of persecution and paranoia. You recognize that this has been ingrained into every Jew from the time they were born. ‘The world hates us because we are Jews (NOT God forbid because of our actions) and we are the beacons of light and freedom for the entire world.’
    It’s a self-perpetuating prophecy: Imprison 3 million men, women and children in the name of self-defense and deny them fundamental human rights, and then wonder out loud why they and the rest of the world hate you.
    It’s like the cartoon of an Israeli with his hands around a Palestinians neck, choking him while the Palestinian kicks and struggles. The caption reads: “stop struggling and I will let you go”.
    Until and unless you can rid yourselves of a deluded and paranoid mentality, YOU will continue to suffer and in your suffering drag others down with you.
    You are, in truth, actually loved. It is only your actions which are based on delusions of grandeur and of persecution that are not loved, and which cause you to suffer.
    Though you may not believe it after all that you have suffered throughout history, the Universe is actually a just place. If you want to save it, start with yourselves.

  • Hector

    Hircshfield wrote: “YouTube is already getting crowded with competing videos that capture different moments during this morning’s boarding of the six-ship flotilla that attempted to break the Israeli blockade of Gaza. Some of them show passengers being assaulted by naval commandos and others show people who call themselves peace activists stabbing those commandos.”
    How about a couple of links to the flotilla’s own security cameras?
    Competing videos my eye.

  • goode

    Mr. ben-Yakov:
    you contend that “Hebron and its religious sites have been holy to Jews for 2700 years before Mohammed was even born.”
    Nice try, but no (exploding?) cigar: Hebron is holy because of its association with Abraham/Ibrahim (hence the name HEBRON, comes fom the word HBR, which is the Hebrew calque of the Arabic word CHALIL
    which is the Arabic name of that town, which means ‘friend’, which is derived from the Qur’anic sobriquet for Abraham, ‘friend of God’).
    Because of Abraham/Ibrahim, Hebron is therefore as equally holy to Musims as to Jews- Jews do not have exclusive rights to it!

  • Hector

    Thanks, goode, for teaching me a new word, CALQUE.
    Now, if you only realized how laughingly ridiculous it is to say that the Hebrew HBR is borrowed from the Arabic…

  • JT

    Every eye witness account from the people that have actually been released, regardless of nationality, has disputed the Israeli version of events. Survivors claim Israel fired at them from the helicopter before boarding. Because Israel jammed all communications, then seized all evidence, there is one side of the story being broadcast very loudly, and most of the people who can speak against the propaganda are safely locked in prison where they can’t do any damage.
    And even when they get out, the evidence won’t be returned. An Italian filmmaker filmed the encounter from the bridge. His camera equipment was taken. There goes that evidence! What we have left is a series of 30 second snippets of propaganda, repeated over and over in hopes the less educated won’t wonder why they don’t release video of the beginning of the encounter, video that supposedly completely exonerates them.
    I see video of soldiers illegally raising a ship in international waters. If a helicopter flies over my ship and shoots at me, and then tries to land people on the deck who are carrying weapons, and who have already shot at me, in international waters, I’m fighting back. That’s piracy, and no one is under any obligation to submit to those who violate the law. The only arguments one can possibly take in this situation revolve around accepting the Israeli blockade as legal in the first place, which it is not.
    This is such a blatant violation of law, and to watch one sided propaganda being blasted in perfect synchronization across the American airwaves is scary as hell. I know stupid people are swalloing that shit hook line and sinker, and it’s scary. We’ll veto another resolution, no independent investigation will be done, and Israel will conduct it’s own investigation. And that will end like it always does.

  • Yochanan

    Next time, try taking a course in comparative Semitics, before you open your mouth and reveal your ignorance.
    Arabic is close to Ugaritic, which predates the Canaanite dialect which emerged as Hebrew.

  • Solomon2

    “I see video of soldiers illegally raising a ship in international waters.”
    It was a neutral-flagged vessel on a declared mission of delivering humanitarian aid to a belligerent. Under international law, they were obliged to submit to inspection, no matter whether the boarding was done in international waters or not.
    There was nothing new in this – Israel has peacefully boarded such ships before – save that Israeli troops this time had a hostile reception, as seen by the videos.
    “Survivors claim Israel fired at them from the helicopter before boarding.”
    Every one of the passengers and crew knew that their primary mission wasn’t to deliver humanitarian aid – Gaza gets a lot of that through the U.N. and Israel – but to break the blockade imposed upon Hamas, which seeks Israel’s destruction. Why would you expect their “witnessing” wouldn’t be colored by their bias?
    “If whatever one’s enemy does brings them victory — whether it succeeds or fails — perhaps the time has come to re-think the positions being defended.”
    I have read opinions by Arabs, even Gazans, who accept that the available evidence shows that some charges against Israel may be fabricated, that some people on the ship did not have peaceful intent, and even that the Israeli soldiers had a right to defend themselves. But to them what matters at the end of the day was that Israelis did not die, but the passengers on board did, just like other battles when Arabs in Palestine attacked British or Israeli troops and came off worse for it.
    So at the end of the day, it isn’t about humanitarianism, or even justice, but an us-vs.-them tribal mentality. Which means it’s all about justifying the existence of Israel as a Jewish State, isn’t it?

  • Hector

    Yochanan, maybe if goode had mentioned Ugaritic instead of Arabic in his post, I may not have commented. So you’re defending something that was never argued against.

  • withyobadself

    the ceo and higher ups of the western media are american jews so why would the jewish american run western media say things to hurt isreal….the truth is the jews are not strong enough to pass any of gods tests throughout histroy from adam and eve to cain and able to being free from egypt and then indulging in the evil ways of the world to killing thier messiah that they were waiting for which was jesus…… that is why god has punished the jews throughout history that is why the holocaust happend…. and now there is a cult name the raelians that say the space people have shown them how to clone humans and the space people claim they created man.. and the leader of the space people is yaway…the space people told the raelians to build a landing pad is israel… the space people are really the fallen angels and thier leader is lucifer… god is going to let lucifer land in israel… to punish the jews once again… jews have been very evil people

  • Yochanan

    One more time, Arabic and Ugaritic, as such things go, are the same! In the response, goode obviously presupposed a degree of intelligence and knowledge on your part – which you lack.
    You owe goode an apology. He/she gave you more credit than you deserve!

  • Hector

    I’ll just let these two sentences stand as is:
    goode: jews have been very evil people
    Yochanan: You owe goode an apology

  • Mark2

    Koppy, you may be interested in the latest news from the NY Post:
    Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf is a key figure in Malaysian-based Perdana Global Peace Organization, according to its Website.
    Perdana is the single biggest donor ($366,000) so far to the Free Gaza Movement, a key organizer of the six-ship flotilla that tried to break Israel’s blockade of the Hamas-run Gaza Strip Monday[…]
    Efforts to reach Imam Abdul Rauf yesterday for comment were unsuccessful.

  • Hanalah

    There is no point in arguing about the word Haver or the city of Hebron.
    The holiness of Hebron is based on the people who are buried there.
    The FIRST to be buried there is Sarah, mother of Isaac.
    Then Abraham.
    Then Isaac and Rebecca.
    Then Jacob and Leah.
    Of this catalogue of burials, how many are the ancestors of the Jews?
    ALL SIX of them.
    How many are NOT ancestors of the Muslims?
    FIVE of them.
    How many ARE ancestors of the Muslims?
    NONE. Abraham’s son Ishmael was the ancestor of the Ishmaelites, not of the Arabs.
    But even if Abraham were the ancestor of the Arabs, he is only ONE out of SIX. ALL SIX are ancestors of the Jews. None, or maybe one, is an ancestor of the Arabs. The Arabs have no reason to be interested in Sarah, Isaac, Rivka, Jacob, and Leah, all of whom are saced to the Jews.
    * * *

  • johanisberg

    did satan get eve pregnant????????? and was her baby the first jew on earth???? does that mean satan is the father of jews…

  • Hector

    johanisberg, I know where you can go to get your keyboard’s buttons unstuck.

  • Isahiah62

    Rabbis are supposed to be men of learning yet your article contains many misrepresentations, presented as facts.
    Please remove the word rabbi from your bio you are an embarassment and enemy to JEWISH people and ISRAEL. Perhaps you know what TORAH recommends for such as yourself.
    Islamic terrorist and HAMAS love to trot out those like yourself as proof that JEWS also hate Israel. Yet I have never seen one HAMAS stand up for JEWS or ISrael or ask compassion or understading.
    You are worse than a fool and help to dig the graves of people you think you represent.Totally disgusting, a sellout.
    “not to pursue the peace that both sides claim they want”- not a word of truth, read HAMAS charter- how many refusals to negotiate, how many calls for total annihilation of JEWS (not just Israel)? Khaybar chants?
    “does not allow unlimited humanitarian aide into Gaza”
    really you don’t? ever see photos of the armaments smuggled in these shipments? AND the fact taht ISRAEL does allow unlimited shipments of things not destined to used in terror attacks (like building tunnels) Buy a fact more aid goes to GAZA weekly through Ashdod thatnthe flotilla carried. The mara did not have one thrid of the aid they claim- it’s only intent was to provoke violent controntation, planned for in advance to provoke syjmpathy from stupid JEWS and terror lovers- the people aboard are a group that planned to BOMB LOS ANGELES AIRPORT
    I ask you WHAT PEACE process? it is a charade to demolish ISRAEL pice by piece and your inablity to address the eveil intentionof ISLAMIC FASCIM enables and encourages it- it shows them it works.
    Indeed what should ISrael and JEWS do the world despises them ANYWAY- maybe just lay down and die so people will LIKE THEM? think they are good?
    Mourn? why weep for those who will cut your throat on TV and gloat about it? They slit the belly of the Jewish soldier, pulled his guts out by their hands and you cry about shooting them?

  • Isahiah62

    JT SAYS:
    Survivors claim Israel fired at them from the helicopter before boarding
    would you like to tell us how they can fire THROUGH THEIR BACKPACKS while holding a rope with both hands
    going onto a supposed peace group ship – not prepared or expecting to be attacked by knives and bats? only doing the protocol for people who refused and shouted AUSHWITZ?
    that weapons were FIRST pulled from their packs BY THE “peaceniks” beating them down and who fired on them first?
    IDF is highly trained and their orders were no real weapons unless life in danger – and that is what happened-
    Here is part of an email which an Israeli Navy soldier sent to a relative. He requests that this information be shared widely. This is his account of what happened to that first Israeli soldier as he was lowered onto the Mavi Marmara.
    “Dear Aunt X:
    This is Y writing you. As you know, it was my unit and my friends who were on the ship. My commander was injured badly as a result of the “pacifists’” violence. I want to tell you how he was injured so you can tell the story. It shows just how horrible and inhuman were the activists. My commander was the first soldier that rappelled down from the helicopter to the ship. When he touched ground, he got hit in the head with a pole and stabbed in the stomach with a knife. When he drew out his secondary weapon–a handgun, (his primary weapon was a regular paintball gun- “tippman 98 custom”), he was shot in the leg.
    He managed to fire a single shot before he was tossed from the balcony by 4 Arab activists, to the lower deck (a 12 feet fall). He was then dragged by other activists to a room in the lower deck were he was stripped down by 2 activists. They took off his vest, helmet, and shirt, leaving him with only his pants and shoes on. When they finished they took a knife and expanded the wound he already had in his stomach. They cut his ab muscles horizontally and by hand spilled his guts out.
    When they finished, they raised him up and walked him on the deck outside. He was conscious the whole time. If you are asking your self why they did all that here comes the reason. They wanted to show the soldiers their commanders’ body so they will be demoralized and scared. Luckily, when they walked him on the deck, a soldier saw him and managed to shoot the activist that was walking him down the outside corridor. He shot him with a special non lethal bullet that didn’t kill him. My commander managed to jump from the deck to the water and swim to an army rescue boat (his guts still out of his body and now in salty sea water). That was how he was saved. The activists that did this to him are alive and now in Turkey and treated as heroes.
    I’m sorry if I described this with too many details, but I thought it was necessary for the credibility. Please tell this story to anyone who will listen. “
    Rabbi are you listening? and just now I saw in the comment which rabbi this is- I get it now- Rabbi do you know the significance of naming the group you advocate for and mosque on ground zero as CORDOBA? if you want to represent liberal AMERICANS run for office sir- you are supposed to represent and advocate for JEWS! NEVER GAIN you forgot or don’t understand the meaning- KAHANE was right- you did abandon the JEWS overseas AGAIN – plus ca change plus ca la meme chose
    you are more stupid and dangerous than I thought before- you think you can bargain with a devil and not pay with your soul?

  • http://ishithead62 withyobadself

    go kill as many people as you want but dont fool yourself in believing god approves of yourself .. have fun in the ways of the world you belong to lucifer… the jewish messiah that the jews were waiting for ,jesus, was killed by jews like you.. the messiah said love your enemy let him kill you …you will only go to heaven… why do you jews think god approves of killing… kill your self if you feel the need im sure no one will miss u

  • withyobadself

    ishithead62 if they jewish religion expects their rabbi’s to approve of killing that would be one sick and evil religion… have fun in lucifers world kill and rape aLL want…. jesus the jewish messiah that was killed by the jews said have nothing to do with the world.. that means israel too… why do you think god wants you to protect israel…. EVERYTHING IS GOD EVERYTHING IS HOLY. you jews suffer from delusions of grander

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