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New Hamas Video, Technically Sophisticated and Morally Repugnant

Hamas has released an artfully produced and brutally callous cartoon video depicting the death of captured Israeli soldier Gilad Shalit, which it says will surely happen if Israel does not meet unstated demands that would secure his release. The fact that those demands are unstated in this video, and always changing when they are actually articulated, is part of the cruelty of Hamas.
Whatever one thinks of the conflict between Israel and the Palestinians, can anyone defend such behavior? After all, a constantly moving goalpost is a surefire way to assure that no points are ever scored and no progress is ever made toward any kind of resolution.
The cartoon portrays Gilad’s father, Noam Shalit, wandering the streets of Israel waiting for his son to come home. Ultimately, he finds himself at the Erez crossing point between Israel and Gaza only to have a coffin dropped at his feet. The cruelty of this threat is only outdone by the irony.


Israel so values its soldiers and so wants to bring comfort to their families that it has traded hundreds of Palestinian prisoners for coffins before. In July 2008, almost two years after their capture and subsequent deaths on the Lebanese border, Israel traded five live prisoners and 200 dead for the coffins of Eldad Regev and Ehud Goldwasser. And now, almost two years after that, Hamas threatens to demand the same bargain. Could they demonstrate a greater contempt for human life?
And the irony extends beyond the content of the video and history of past negotiations. It extends to the timing of the video’s release also. Just two days ago, Elham Fathi Hamad, daughter of Hamas Interior Minister Fathi Hamad, was transferred from Gaza to an Israeli hospital before being airlifted to Jordan for further treatment.
I wonder if Israelis had responded to King Abdullah of Jordan’s request that they facilitate the woman’s care, by asking what Hamas was willing to trade for such assistance. If they had done so, the transfer would never have happened, so the answer is clear.
There is plenty of blame to go around in the Middle East, but this kind of calculated cruelty whose purpose is simply to psychologically torment human beings is beyond the pale, or at least it should be. Let’s see if there is any outpouring of sentiment by those who not only support the Palestinian cause, but who support Hamas. Let’s see if they admit that this video crosses a line which shames their own cause and all those associated with it. I hope that they do, for very pragmatic reasons.
Peace can be made even with those one may consider terrorists. In fact, that is how most peace treaties are actually made. But peace is almost impossible to make with those who cultivate cruelty as a defining feature of their fight.

  • interpreter

    Ar Mageddon is coming. The first shot was fired on 9/11 when the Euphrates was dry. Al Qaida, and also Hamas, are part of the 7th head of the beast that is hell bent on starting the Battle of Ar Mageddon (which Muslims call the Mother of All Battles). It is to our generation (who saw the Euphrates dry up) that Jesus says,
    “Behold, I am coming as a thief. Blessed is he who watches, and keeps his garments, lest he walk naked, and they see his shame.”

  • evelyn

    thank you for this revelation. It is time we stood up to these Sons of Satan, let the LORD take care of them in HIS rath.

  • pagansister

    Yes, it is indeed morally repugnant.
    interpreter, still stuck on the 7th head of the beast I see.

  • Gil

    Please let’s get real. Stop all this silly interpretation of “prophetic” hypnopompic revelry. G-d created the world the way He saw fit. “And saw that it was good.” This business of “sending His only begotten Son to die for mankind,” is off the charts. First. to my dear Christian bothers [and we are all related] Jesus Himself states: “Call no man on earth your father – you have but one Father – and He is in Heaven. If God wanted a different world He would have created it. Yes we know of “free will” and the religious “out.” Evidently we can’t have it all. If you are not satisfied with this world – go change it. God Himself attempted it – and had to destroy it. The Bible states god gave a sign to man – no more destruction. If a scientist created an experiment and it turns deadly – he destroys it and starts over. It appears it is up to man to help heal the world. If not we are all doomed. God is not frantically running around the world and rocking all the cradles. Where are we? God helps those who help themselves. We were given the tools – so lets get with it. Over the years we have conquered many diseases – emancipated many poor souls – fed the starving – etc. My thesis includes God with love and reverence – but where are we? We with the moral conscience, and the superior intellect. Stop with dooms day philosophy. Those who foolishly hold on to this pathetic notion – have given up. My concept of God is not One who has to destroy His creation to make it better. That concept limits God.

  • Joe

    Well said Gil. I believe He is in total control, but does give human beings the ability to do good or G-d forbid the opposite, we have the tools and make the destiny, although He knows what it will be all along…

  • Steve Edelman

    Please consider the need to expand the number of sister cities for Israel from countries around the world as a route to peace. Check out the blogs I will add more.

  • AG

    Gil says: “G-d created the world the way He saw fit. “And saw that it was good.” This business of “sending His only begotten Son to die for mankind,” is off the charts.”
    If God’s word says that all things he made was good, why then do you omitt other scripture as an entity to the full picture? Such as; the portrayal of Adam and Eve in the garden and their direct confrontation with God after sin, separation? I would not want to know a God who takes credit for the pain, sickness and suffering state of mankind, without understanding my part from His perspective…prophetic writings thousands of years before many things have transpired…Past, Present and Future. Many things may be hidden but not from a God who knows all things and the time of Prophecy fulfillment…The point being presently: We have peace with God, not through a humanly priest but something far greater than we ourselves can do for ourselves…it was God’s pleasure (good) to send his son for the appropriation of sin, separation; gaining back his creation from an enemy of his very own creation…by His own wisdom. There is only one God, Father…what man believes, chooses or respects is entirely man’s free choice.

  • Gil

    AG if I may give my interpretation of the Adam and Eve Biblical story. It is a story that we the people are all related. No one comes from a “better” family. Therefore we are all siblings and we are all our brother’s keeper. God did not wish us to decide what is good and evil – that’s for God to decide. He is the ultimate moral decider. People are given the power to discern what is truth and what is false. The tree of knowledge relates not to God wishing us to be moral idiots, but to man substituting knowledge for wisdom. That is the “original sin.” Knowledge without wisdom brings about the destruction of man. An example of this is that we have the knowledge to harness the energy of the atom, but we lack the wisdom to use this knowledge for only peaceful and positive moral purpose. We cannot play God. Throwing man out of the original garden prevented man from acquiring immortality which would have made man a god. Of course this is myth created by intelligent story tellers who had a need to teach moral and socially acceptable behavior. This Genesis of the Jewish people is analogous, in some respects to the Greek’s Plato’s Republic, where justice is sought. Not wishing to be chauvinistic, I prefer the Old Testament and its various spin offs – Book of Psalms, Prophets, Talmud, Wisdom of the Fathers, and countless other productions.Pays your money, and takes your choice. I prefer to stick by the tried and hopefully “true.” But that remains to be seen. Yes, I leave a little wiggle room.

  • Stuart Lubin

    I see that the scripture tells followers what to do. It does not say that others should be the enforcer. I know, in the Old Testament, sinners were stoned to death. It seems like God went from a mean, sadistic being to entity preaching love. You cannot have it both ways. That is why I am proudly an atheist. Because I use my logical brain and I am not afraid of after death. The religious people whom I know would rather follow the Old Testament God than showing love, compassion, and understanding. If gays and others are sinners and need to be punished, let God punish them, not you!

  • AG

    I must say, the posts are ‘thought provoking.’
    Stuart L says: “I know, in the Old Testament, sinners were stoned to death. It seems like God went from a mean, sadistic being to entity preaching love.”
    Perhaps, the thought, logic and knowledge of man is most generally from his own limited perspective, such as in the Old Testament. The writers thought of God responsible for everything that happened. When in fact, the earth was created in it’s own natural order, and thus, demonstrated the power of it’s own creation, evolution and transformation (earthquakes, mountains moving, floods, continents shifting, etc… It must have been an awesome terrifying experience during that time in history for man. We must admitt that the generations before are not as our generations now, both earthly and spiritually. All Life forms (space, earth and human) are designed for transformation, multiplication and preservation; Thus, the order that pre-exists is beyond the order of man..of which shall teach us.

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