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Ultra-Orthodox, Anti-Zionist Jews, More Zionist Than They Realize

Rioting in Jerusalem’s street these past weeks demonstrates that many Ultra-Orthodox (Haredi) Jews, passionately anti-Zionist, are actually quite Zionist – they function with the kind of entitlement and power that reflect their place as Jews in a modern Jewish state.
Bradley Burston, a columnist for Israel’s daily Ha’aretz, says the violence of the protests was a sign that haredi youth are becoming more Israeli. “With the passing of generations,” Burston said, “Haredi youth are taking on more of the language and outlook of sabras.”

As disturbing as the rioting is, I can not help but wonder if it isn’t also a positive sign, however slow and manifestly ugly, of the increasing integration of the Haredi community into the fabric of Israeli society. Whether they are aware of it or not, their behavior spells the slow end of the ghetto mentality bred over 2,000 years of life in the Diaspora.
It’s that, or the cutting edge of a merger of medieval faith and modern political maneuvering that could morph into something as ugly as the Taliban, the mullahs in Iran, or the network of people who bomb clinics and shoot doctors who perform abortions here in America, should it ever get real power. Time will tell.

  • Richard

    I hate to tell you this but there is already something as ugly as the Taliban in Israel. It is the right-wing settlers who attack anyone who disagrees with their fanatical ways. They are poisoning the soul of Israel while the Israeli government finances them.

  • Jon

    The ultra-right also poison jewish public opinion in the USA.

  • bryce

    Are you sure you want to include a link to a vile site like Jewwatch?
    “It is the right-wing settlers”
    Without offering a percentage, this claim shows the stupidity and meanness of the writer.

  • RP

    Zionism is racism. Pure and simple.
    This diaspora fallacy is called ‘a lie’ and ‘perverting the facts’ and ‘re-writing’ history.
    Polish Jews are from Poland not Palestine.
    Russian Jews are from Russia not Palestine.
    New York Jews are from America not Palestine.
    You get the picture.
    Zionism is the greatest force of terrorism that exists in the world today. It’s terrifying that your’ extremism is considered ‘mainstream’ enough to post anywhere. Rabbi, you and Bin Laden are the same.

  • Miriam

    I am a jewish from Russia. My faith is Jewdaism and that’s enough for me to be with my people in Israel. I believe that this is my historical homeland and I don’t want any arab here in my home.

  • Paul

    I can’t quite believe, firstly the silliness of this article, secondly the extreme prejudice of the comments that follow.
    These “Anti Zionist” Jews are not becoming more Israeli, it’s simply a parallel of ideas that reflect the unity of Jewish people. Fundamentally, the basic principles of these select few and the Israeli state remain at odds.
    The fact that the offspring of these settlers are as inherently opposed to Palestinian statehood as the Zionist pioneers is purely incidental.
    However admirable the settlers commitment to the land, it will never surpass the Israeli government and general Israeli public’s commitment to peaceful living alongside their Arab neighbours.
    Also Miriam, I wholeheartedly agree that Israel is you right and your historical homeland, I believe in Israel and I believe in the the Jewish people. However, the last sentence of your comment is particularly worrying and, dare I say it? Quite racist. Israel, as a Geographical area is not only your homeland but the homeland of many Arab people. Do you believe that it’s just your homeland? Just the homeland of the Jewish people? I hope not.
    Paul Michael Hogan, England

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