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The Anne Frank Center USA is embarking on a project to plant ten saplings, begun as cuttings from a dying tree in Amsterdam which figures significantly in the famous Diary of a Young Girl. And in doing so, they invite […]

The last day of Passover is one of four occasions in the Jewish liturgical calendar when special memorial prayers are recited in memory of loved ones who have died. Known as Yizkor, from the Hebrew root pertaining to remembering, the […]

Those with an ax to grind about the Catholic Church, the papacy in general, and Pope Benedict XVI in particular, point to the Pope’s recent apologies about a variety of subjects as evidence of the Church’s failure and the absurdity […]

Jews from Iran to Israel, from the deserts of Yemen to sandy beach resorts, are all to be found in this collection of pictures depicting Passover celebrations around the world. There are even picures of animals enjoying matzah! Care to […]

In responding to an earlier post which shared a Seder ritual designed to help us get out of any tight spot (the literal translation of Mitzrayim, Hebrew name of Egypt) in which we may find ourselves, Zevulun commented: Rabbi, Given […]

There may be no food upon which so much ink has been spilled, not to mention blood, as matzah. The blood, to which I refer, is not that of the Blood Libel, the hate-driven lie that Jews, having killed Jesus, […]

No, I don’t mean that we should mock God because it’s a holiday. I mean that at its core, Passover, and the Pesah Seder in particular, invites us all to imitate God as first encountered in the Bible — a […]

Today’s NY Times features a fascinating article, entitled Manama Journal, on the Jews of Bahrain. It tells of King Hamad bin Isa al-Khalifa and his relationship with his 36 Jewish subjects. At the core of the article stands the unspoken […]

In exchange for her cooperation, Maryland prosecutors have offered Ria Ramkissoon a reduced charge in the case against Queen Antoinette who leads a West Baltimore cult known as One Mind Ministries. Ria, and other members of the group, starved Ria’s […]

In the Spirit of the prophet Isaiah words (11:6) which imagine a better future ushered in with the help of kids, the 18 Under 18 project is your chance to celebrate Jewish teens you know, who are doing great things. […]