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That is not the claim of some crazy, ethnocentric Jew who fails to appreciate the sacredness of all human life. It is the policy of Hamas, the Islamic government in Gaza. Stories today make it clear that Hamas wants anywhere […]

During his one-man stand act in New York City, legendary comic Jackie Mason referred to President Obama as a ‘schwartza’, literally Yiddish for black. It’s gross, it’s wrong and despite saying that it was indefensible, Mason keeps defending his racist […]

Bernard Madoff, who pled guilty yesterday to a variety of crimes related to the decades-long Ponzi scheme through which he stole billions of dollars, woke up this morning in his new home – a lower Manhattan jail cell. Did he […]

God has sex? Great sex? How does God have sex? What’s God’s favorite position? Is it missionary? These are the kind of questions raised by a church billboard in rural Alabama. And while some are deeply offended by the ad […]

Germany is now seeking the arrest of John Demjanjuk, suspected of being concentration camp guard Ivan the Terrible, who participated in the torture and murder of 29,000 people, mostly Jewish, at Treblinka and Sobibor. Stripped of his US citizenship for […]

Laughing is a spiritual act, and in the Jewish calendar, today is the High Holiday of laughter. Today is Purim, a holiday which celebrates humor, clowning, and a people’s ability to come out okay even under the most precarious circumstances. […]

Saying ‘no’ to your parents’ religion, or to all religion as currently defined, does not mean saying ‘no’ to faith. And God, whether you believe in Him/Her or not, help anyone who makes that mistake regardless of how many statistics […]

With constant talk of bailouts, and the bitter arguments generated by them, it seems like a reasonable question to ask. I suppose it’s also on my mind as Purim is only 36 hours away and one of it’s central practices […]

Where does God belong and who gets to decide? That sums up the debate underlying two new rulings by the United States Supreme Court and it seems to be a split decision. In one case, the court ruled unanimously that […]

With Purim only a week away, Rabbis are coming out of the woodwork with rulings on a whole variety of issues relating to the full and proper observance of the day. But none have made the news as prominently as […]