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Israel Bombs Sudan

Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert made it pretty clear today that Israeli aircraft did, in fact, bomb a convoy of trucks bearing Iranian harms, traveling through Sudan on their way to supply Hamas in Gaza. A report on called the attack an “embarrassment” to Sudan.
Of course, the only part of the story which should embarrass the Sudanese is the ease with which arms flow through their nation, killing both their own people and the citizens of other nations as well.

  • Gerard Nadal

    Sic Semper Tyranis!!! Here’s one Catholic who thinks Israel has been almost suicidally restrained in dealing with those who seek her destruction. I hope Israel keeps dishing up death to those who would destroy her. Keep it hot and heavy. It’s the only thing her enemies understand and respect.

  • Robert

    So we have Catholic crazies as well as Jewish crazies. Perhaps they are a test from God. Or maybe they both work for Satan.

  • Gerard Nadal

    You think it crazy to kill those who are transporting the weapons that will in short order be used against you, your wife and children? Muslims literally outnumber Jews 1000:1 worldwide. You cannot win a war of attrition against them. Arafat was offered almost everything he ever wanted when Clinton was President, and said no. Why?
    Pakistan has Nukes. Iran will have them within a year. Then the game gets really interesting. And you call ME satanic? I don’t have a dog in this fight. You do.
    At holocaust remembrances, when people say, “never again”, do you really mean it? Prayer alone does not work. Sometimes God answers prayers on the battlefield. Check your Bible for the details. Diplomacy without a big stick never works with the Islamists. It never has.
    If you are representative of the perspective in your community, then I withdraw my support. A people who will not fight for themselves is doomed.
    Good luck,
    Satanic Catholic

  • Nancy

    Thank you Gerard Nadal. You are a voice a reason in this wilderness of insanity. We all need to check our Bibles for details. God is the same yesterday today and forever. Please all be on the side of the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob not on the side of Satan — the father of lies. Messiah Jesus is coming back soon!

  • Roger

    This is about Israel and the prophecies in the Bible…why the muslims and the so called “christian” churches starting off with the Catholics and then with the protestants have wanted to destroy Judaism? Because Judaism has been revealed by Elohim All Mighty. Yeshua, not Jesus, was a jew who commanded to love Israel and its people. For those of us who believe not in the Greek nor in the Roman versions of “Christianity” is clear that we must go back to our roots and support Israel now more than ever and forget about the so miscalled “church” which is a religious organization that has counterfeited and usurped a faith that has come from the Jews. Yeshua said “Salvation is of the Jews”, John 4. Let us go back to our roots and go all the way for Israel, since those who have received Yeshua as their Messiah are also citizens of the historical Israel. May Elohim bless Israel for her enemies are DOOMED for ever!

  • It Doest Matter

    The issue is this: Do we really trust that the bombing was justified. We don’t trust Israel to make that decision. There are billions of people around the earth who hold this view. The attack could be viewed as aggressive and a violation of international law. Since no one will explore that aspect of the bombing, then we will let God be the judge. Shaloam.

  • Donald Wolberg

    There is an amazing lack of logic in the reasoning of many when the self-protection of Israel and its people are concerned. In many instances this is the residue of archaic views that by some odd logic, Jews should not defend themselves. Historically, any people has the right of self-defense, and that does not mean after the fact of an attack. Israel is a very small nation; it takes a modern combat aircraft minutes to fly across the nation in any direction. Similarly, the threat of terror weapons hangs like a dark cloud over Israel. It would likely require only 2-3 nuclear weapons to destroy Israel’s ability to function. In a very hostile neighberhood, Israel continues to be vulnerable to terror attacks from all sides and many sources directly from terror groups such as Hamas, or indirectly via proxies. Terror comes instantly and brutally, as the Islamic cultists that see the destruction og innocents as their path to some perverse paradise adorn themselves with explosives and ball bearings and nails. The first and most significant obligation of any government is to protect its citizens and territorial integrity. An activist policy of intercepting those carrying the tools of terror sends a clear message in a region where clarity is the only logical defense.

  • The Catholic Man Is A Realist

    The Catholic man is not crazy. He’s a realist.
    Hamas and the U.N. always make Israel out to be the bad guy. They shoot over 6000 rockets into Israel and utter propaganda lies every time Israel defends herself. Finally the Isralies have had “too much” and they even warn civilians to leave the battle area. But the civilians can’t leave because Hamas forces them to be casualties for their news cameras. Hamas sets up guns or larger weapons in homes, schools and hospitals. Then they blame the Israeli soldiers for defending themselves. Won’t you finally recognize the diabolical evil in this or do you intend to believe their propaganda forever?
    They want “proportionality” – one dead Jew for every dead Arab. At that rate there will be all dead Jews and the Arabs will still be bearing babies. Look – all of us good Jewish New York Democrat Liberals – the ugly truth is this.
    Fundamentalist Islam is not a religion; it’s a mass insanity that believes it must kill everyone who is not a Fundamentalist Muslim. Every day that you’re not a Fundamentalist Muslim makes your punishment in Hell all the worse, so they do you a favor by killing you.
    They have no hope of a savior but one, which is to kill others in jihad. Their god Allah is not our G_D, Allah is an ancient name of the moon god. He is Satan and you who don’t believe in Satan are as confused about your religious roots as they are. There will be no end to this until the final greatest show on earth and I think it’s about 3.5 years away. Learn more at www – sn

  • Your Name

    War is a devistating reality! We who live relatively comfortable within the boundries of the United States often forget what it is that our forefathers fought for.
    No one wishes to see others injured, mamed or killed, however, justifying bombings seems a harsh means of support, but I understand and believe that history, especially as read in the bible, has proven to us that we must stand the right ground for the benefit of humankind which is all of God’s children, and support whatever is necessary to curtail any future efforts on the part of those who wish to create more drastic devistation. I am a protestant who believes we are all children of God and share as brothers and sisters. It is our responsibility to support our families.
    Peace be with all!

  • Gil

    Gerard you are correct. Reinhold Niebuhr in his “Moral Man and Immoral Society” would say that the liberal sees the good in everyone but fails to see the evil. As God’s garden keepers on earth we must be vigilant to the pathogens(evil) and be prepared to eradicate them before they attack and destroy all life forms on earth. As a Jew I don’t have an anthropomorphic God nor an anthropomorphic evil called Satan. All humans have the potential for good and evil as we have for health and sickness. There is nothing in the world that does not have a dual function. It is up to humans to distinguish one from the other and act accordingly. That is the purpose of man to help keep the world in synch and repair and make whole God’s plan. Otherwise man’s life is purposeless.

  • David

    Was the bombing justified, Leftists ask rhetorically.
    To them, you have to let terrorists kill you– and then you can take them to court. One problem: you’re already dead.
    Any national leader has the obligation to protect his people. It doesn’t matter if he is a prince, a prime minister, or a president. It has ALWAYS been that way. His people don’t have to forgive him for failing in that most basic duty.
    Any government which takes a pre-emptive action, as did Israel, has the obligation only to be right in targeting a very real threat to their people.
    Israel has passed that test. They need pass no other.

  • Physics Guru

    Given the genocide that continues in the Sudan, Israel did the right thing by bombing the convoy of weapons. If there were a convoy of weapons being shipped to gangs in the US (our local terrorist), I would hope that our leaders (President Obama) would do the same. What does that left think … the guns were being sent to a scrap metal recycling plant???

  • Your Name

    Its the greatest blessing to earth , the 3 Semetic religion. Islam, christianity and jews. Half of the total population Live with these faiths. But very truly these 3 religions are the greatest killers of humanrace. 90% of wars and warcrimes were done by the leaders of this religion.Killing, bloodsheding, invasions, irrepairable losses to humanity were the results of the existense of these religions.In modern time the most sophisticated and most destructive arms and ammunition are owned and used by these 3 culprits irrespectve of who leads who.All the 3 says the GOD almighty the creator, the Saviour belongs to them only to take them to heaven to enjoy the eternal life. So isreal kills in thousands, Hamas kills in tens and christians kill in millions through their arms sales to all. Is there any single guy from among these religion enter heaven and any of the reader has any proof of any of their died forefathers enter there? No one. For the shearbelief all of you are committing the massacre of humanity for centuries. Can anyone take lead to stop this. Is it not the humanrace more important than the belief/ sure GOD ALMIGHTY can never be cruel than these 3 religiousmen. COME and ACt.

  • Your Name

    My only comment is, “G_d Bless Israel!”

  • Your Name

    No matter what Israel does, the majority of the world (and especially that Muslim biased UN) will fault Israel. Israel has restrained its actions in the face of provocation over and over. What happens? The bad guys take it as an invitation to continue.
    That is what happened when Israel finally after months and months of bombings reacted by blowing away a part of Gaza and killing 1,000 people. Hamaas would do that if the slimy b……..s knew how to aim rockets. The reaction by the world was predicatable. Israel used too much force. No, you anti-semitic pieces of garbage. How can you support muslims who kill each other, who kill others when they? Who are the lowest rung and most murderous scum of human life? Israel should have continued on and on until the worthless anti-semitic UN stepped in to say, “Can we have peace?” Fat chance. Good for you, Israel. I support you 100%. You are my hero.

  • yong

    What can be say of anyone. if you know that someone is going to do something harmful to you, what do you do. React in the most possible way to defend oneself. To stop the harm to be perform on you, you need to harm the harm that is going to be perform on you. But the harm is not being perform as yet and the great responsible is to stop the harm at all cost. Israel, you have the right to harm before you are being harm.

  • annemalcolm

    G-d Bless Israel! She did the right thing. Enough with lecturing me on moral relativism. If the Arabs lay down their arms there would be peace. If Israel lays down her arms there would be NO ISRAEL! (Which is probably the point for some of you out there…)

  • Cher

    God Bless Israel. Israel is the apple of God’s eye…do no harm to her. Iran will find out in near future (you do not touch God’s people)…God’s wrath will come upon all who turn their backs on Israel. Remember that American’s….remember that Obama!

  • Your Name

    Israel have been through with many wars and many,many hardships yet
    what and who is this land in the Bible?It is a holy land.A chosen
    land where Christianity have been founded.Miracles happened in this
    holy land,nobody should harm this land because it is not harming you,
    it is a gift to you take it or leave it?The choice is yours.Nothing
    should matter as long as Love is the answer,right?

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