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Does The Devil Exist? Is Satan Real?

Satan exists, of that I am certain. But that is because for me, and according to most strands of the Jewish tradition, Satan is not some little guy with a pointy tail and a pitch fork. Though versions of that devil can be found, especially in the mystical tradition, it’s not the norm. And even if it were, I would still have no fear of a Devil who leads the forces of evil in an ongoing battle against God and the angels.
Actually, that kind of dualism should be hard for any monotheist to maintain. But the need to personalize the evil we do face in the world is apparently so powerful, that lots of folks give in to that temptation — double entendre intended. It’s either that, or they simply cannot stomach a god who would “allow” so many awful things to go on in “His” world. They prefer a smaller god locked in battle with the red guy and his minions.
But evil is real….


Evil is real. It’s the opposite of whatever we hold most dear and sacred. It’s that which undermines our highest values and our commitment to human dignity and life. Evil is, as the Oxford English Dictionary defines it, “the most comprehensive adjectival expression of disapproval, dislike, or disparagement.” But it’s not separate from God.
In fact, there was even a time in a previous millennium, when Jewish liturgy had the courage to praise God “who fashions the good and creates evil.” And that is where Satan enters the picture. Satan is the tempter and the accuser, who both seduces us into making the choice for evil over good and then confronts us with the damage of the choices we make.
So, Satan is found when war is tried before peace. Satan is found when we build religious and political identities and loyalties based more on the hate of what we are not, than the love of what we are. Satan is found when I give in to a pizza or a box of doughnuts, even though they may put me in an early grave.
No they are not all equally dangerous, but they all represent the same dynamic of making choices which undermine our own best values. So ironically, if we talked less about “EVIL” and the Devil, and more about how to make those choices of which we would end up being the most proud, we could take on the Satans with whom we all struggle, and evil and the devil would pretty much be taken care of.

  • Tzvi

    I like to use the definition of evil used by M. Buber and other religious existentialists that evil is simply what happens when we refuse to allow G-d in as a “relational partner” with us. then again some evil is beyond explanation, but as a simplistic place its a starting point.

  • Your Name

    Projecting a devil, a personification of evil written in bold red and black script, is actually a way to avoid dealing with the problems of evil that arise within. I think evil is any activity which engenders guilt, and especially guilt which is repressed and justified. There is something in intra-personal honesty that helps to unearth the grasp of evil. If I can honestly grapple with my own weaknesses, accept them as part of being human, and at the same time not lightly excuse or justify them when they are acted upon, there is hope of not falling too far, and of obtaining a degree of freedom. Behaviours which spiral into destructive loops and which expressed outwardly cause harm are indicative of a disordered person. This is evil, and out of it comes much suffering.
    How does a monotheist reconcile God with evil? The most obvious way is to attribute all things to God, which is consistent with the tenets of omnipresence, omniscience and omnipotence. The problem comes when omni-benevolence is added. God is not all good, but is not framable within the duality of good and evil. One thing I loved about the Genesis story was how rationality, (the knowledge of good and evil, or duality), seperates us from God. It is not that we are seperate in actuality, but that the act of being ratio-nal, creates the illusion of self and other. Fear of negation of self is the angel which guards and prohibits passing through the gates to a pre-rational paradise. Death is the way of return, the negation of the illusion of distinction and an independent self. Ego-death can occur without physical death, as certain mystics can attest. Entering paradise is an exercise of negation, of passing through the eye of a needle that leaves the dross of delusion on one side, and perfect common-union on the other.

  • Dave

    In my opinion he is a make believe as god, santa,easter bunny and so on.

  • Dennis Maloney

    All of us have opinions about the devil. No, I do not spell his name with a capital d. The devil is the othe side of agency, where we are allowed to act for ourselves in this world. You have to remember there are consquenses when you act for yourself, with the devil driving you. Hate, envy, wealth are all tools of the devil and all of us fall into that trap in our lives. Even being jealous about someone is doing the devil’s handiwork. We have to be reminded that He is overhead and watching us every moment of the 24 hour day. I have fallen into the same pit with the Rabbi about pizza and cream donuts, but I realize that I have to stop and I sure try hard not to partake of these things. We cannot use the excuse “The devil made me do it!” The Torah warns us time and time again about temptation. It is easy to fall into that if you are in the right frame of mind and being angry chases out all good thoughts. The devil comes in many disguises, as a woman, as a man, as a clergy (sad to say that), even as a child. The thing is that he makes it all seem so easy! But the price is another thing, isn’t it. For those that don’t believe in G-d, I feel sorry for you. You are missing out on the best part of your lives. Shalom Aleichem.

  • Your Name

    The devil is the ruler of this world upon in which we live. He gives us the choice to go his way or God’s way. It is as simple as that. The free choice to become closer to God or farther away. It is sad that most of us spend most of our time in our ego-driven heads where the devil dwells instead of our true purpose in helping drive out the devil’s dominance and making this world in to a peaceful and beautiful place. I believe it possible, and what soul can be better tested with the choice of good and evil. It is a true testament of our lives on how we chose to live in this devil dominated world. God is so powerful that it will all be righteous in the forever…

  • Your Name

    The choice is up to us. Make this world closer to God or the alternative. We must evolve eventually in the masses…

  • Abambagibus

    If God has a reason for evil, then God is the reason for evil, which is to say, He, with His male endowments in place, is the cause of it. Our antecedent ‘bad’ choices precipitate the consequence of our experiencing the ‘bad’, according to the logic of His reasoning. We suffer, because we have chosen to suffer. Imagine that. Accordingly, therefore, the Jewish citizens of 1930’s Germany, who had chosen obeisance over disobedience, had chosen wrongly. They were honestly doing the good that bound them to the good of the land of their choice. And, despite the growing bleakness engulfing them, they thought and truly believed that they were doing good, that they were doing well, and that maybe, just maybe, God was testing them a little, and maybe just a little bit more. Gee, I wonder if the Lord had purposely endowed them with the capacity to reason so naïvely. Of course, there were those who thought otherwise. But they were in the minority.
    A plurality, however, have believed and continue to believe that there was actually a tree of the knowledge of good and evil, the consumption of whose fruit is the reason for the materially implacable dyspepsia of our spiritual separation from God. Yet how is that that He, who surely must know good and evil in order to have been able to plant such a tree, has not suffered dyspepsia as well? How is it that He has not been separated from Himself, as we too have been separated from ourselves? Perhaps His alimentary canal, with its chemical endowments in place, has suffered from the fruit of the tree of our spiritually irrational choices. Is it possible for the blind to see color by way of analogy alone?

  • rukiddingme

    The devil is nonsense. A ridiculous contrivance made up by Christians to absolve themselves from taking any responsibities for their actions. Convenient, isn’t it!!

  • Your Name

    In the Bible,God created the Angels for a purpose,to praise God.But,
    there were so called fallen angels,those who were created by God given
    the highest rank among the angels only to betray God and they want to
    overthrow the Almighty God,darkness had taken place in the hearts of
    these angels,since God lives in the unapproachable light,there is no way darkness can penetrate the and outlight the greatest and UNAPPROACHABLE LIGHT that God,in all his Power and Majesty can destroy
    His throne in the Heavenly places.So,this fallen angels were sent down
    on Earth and made their dwelling to human race,the World,called God’s
    footstool is the only place the Devil can roam around,and the people
    the Devil can take for Himself,is a matter of choice for Man.Those
    people who refuse to a Redeemer,they were the Devils’,those who accepted a Savior sent by God,God all Knowing of His creation,let them
    be saved by the precious blood shed freelly for them 2000 years ago.

  • Your Name

    People who committed sin,there is the blood they could claim as their
    atonement of their sin,it has been made available.John 3;16,”For God so love the World,that He gave His only begotten Son,that whosoever
    believeth in Him,shall not perish but have everlasting life.”People were naturally vulnerable to all kinds of sin,but,the Bible says,”resist the Devil,and the Devil will flee from you.”Of course,
    people have free will,and God created and sent His prophets to deliver
    them.He gave His laws so that Man cannot commit greater sin.Again,the Law of God,the 10 Commandments,only summarizes all these Laws in our
    society,giving detailed instructions to all people,to all places,to
    all Religions and to all Beliefs,to all walks of life,the Law of God
    and the Laws of the World are the ultimate plan of God to bring peace
    to His creation to those observing and abiding them.Righteousness is
    the stronghold of all this laws,displaying all the character and image
    of a God ruling Law,amen.(silently….)

  • Lucy G.

    Rabbi, I really enjoyed this post! I’ve been a bit down and cynical lately (one of those months) and this made me feel a bit better. I like your idea of Satan; it makes sense to me.
    Incidentally, I never partake of donuts and rarely have pizza…but the old devil is always trying to get me to eat just one more tortilla chip…(and one more and one more…)

  • Your Name

    Thanks Lucy,for your comment and appreciation to my spirituality.Let
    me just remind you that food is food!I eat all kinds of God,those
    make me so vulnerable,donuts,tortillas,fruits and vegetables,well done
    meat,medium rare meat,rare meat(?)except raw meat,thats an abomination
    to my beliefs,got me?(plead your case unto the Lord,amen,silently..)

  • J36

    There is evil in the world and this evil is called “Satan” (Job). Whether this is really a being and/or a feeling in space, it does exist, along with cruelty, maliciousness, and maddness. It has no sense to it. Why it is in existance, only G-d knows…Perhaps to show us what good is and how mitzvots are important. The degree of hurtfulness let’s us sense the lack of feelings an individual, clan, society or group may have. We need to care about doing good and not worry about another groups ideals and thought. I believe G-D created evil as a test for all mankind and as can be seen by all the murders, wars, KKK, Neo-Nazism, Halocaust, etc… we are not doing well. The jails and prisons are full. I do my best, this is what all must do to end the terrors going on today.

  • Your Name

    Lucy,again,thank you for your comment,you are such a nice lady!Let me correct my statement,”food is food,i can eat all kinds of food except
    those not barbecued,i love sizzling meats,not raws of any kind,but if
    accompanied by a red wine or if i drink a medicine that calms me down,maybe i would just take a liitle bit of taste,not to mention
    my asthma condition when choked,so i am pretty careful of raws,but
    i am nice when invited and treated nicely,too,of course!

  • Your Name

    Amen to that J36(silently)You are right!You are always right,and my apology to some of my misguided but not so cute humor,anyway,i RESPECT
    you with all my heart…YOUB ARE one of those of my law abiding
    neighbor and thanks for your understanding,i guess i need more of
    your guidance and counselling because i have not done my homework yet!

  • Gloria Jones

    I believe the devil takes on many embodiments, such as Haman, Hitler, etc. He is not just one entity, but all the faces and hearts of evil.

  • pagansister

    What power would religion have over the “believers” if they couldn’t scare them into good behavior? They had to come up with something scary…hell or the devil…a place to go if you’re “bad” or an excuse if your “bad” as in “the devil made me do it?”

  • Ra

    From my experience in many traditions, there has, as i recall, always been reference to an entity/and or energy, that was simply dark, malevolent and destructive, which, if contacted, could mess up the best of us! Even the Buddhists who believe in no G-D, just ongoing creation, acknowledge a Hell and very negative angels….one of whom is making a modern “Buddhist” sect very rich and famous…..this group is in opposition to the Dalai Lama, and are banned from all true Buddhist gatherings!
    In all Occult schools (Kabbalistic inclusive), sophisticated and not, there is much respect given to how to maintain protection from nasty currents of evil, when doing one’s developmental work.
    There are lists and lists of names of demons who can be put to work to help Humanity and thus transform their status in the cosmos to better ones. There are also horrific human possessions, which are a world-wide phenomenon….
    To me, it seems as if there may be something to the reality of an invisible/visible dark force…though maybe still, a test for our abilities to make better of ourselves?

  • Tony Girgis

    all of us experiencing or knowing evil , and goodness , but we couldn’t judge it. Or discriminate it because we didn’t have the balance or the default tool of measuring . so we must first have the free will . free will is very important , it will lead us to the important truth “ thy your self “ . spiritual satisfaction is very difficult to be attained , now we are not just tools . the ability to compare between different ideas is already valid . so we need to meditate reaching the inner master within , god , cosmic consciousness or what ever we could name him, we must try to reach him , listening to his speak , with our total free will . at this point we will be more aware of spiritual realm . may be then we would found how wonderful is this cosmic , stories of it . may be then we could having the good will , the real joy of wisdom .

  • Nobody

    Questions arise because people are a distance from the truth. As long as we have plenty religious believers, we remain at a distance from the truth. Currently people tend to place their beliefs as first priority in decision making. Therefore anything which sits outside of the limited capacity of beliefs, is that which is immediately rejected, and of course unlike a belief, truth is complete and thus sits beyond the limited scope of mere beliefs, thus truth is instantly rejected by the believers.
    Thus true proof of Satan is rejected. However, even true proof of God or Jesus Christ is rejected. Nothing has changed. Only truth seen from a distance, via a belief, is accepted.
    Is true not true. Was Jesus Christ not Jesus Christ. 2,000 years he stood right before many, yet the truth was not seen, in fact the opposite was seen instead. True words became lies, etc.
    God supports truths, Satan does not, thus who is it that wants people to be believers rather than be people who venture toward the truth.

  • Your Name

    Of course Satan exists. Satan exists in those who give in to greed rather that a fair and equitable profit, leaving other with enough on which to survive. When people chose unimaginable luzuries over paying their empoyees a fair wage, that is Satan within them acting. When people gather people around them to harrass and belittle a fellow employee, or neighbor or relative, then Satan is within them and directing their actions. Selfishness, greed, cruelty, and all of the negative behavoirs that benefit an individual, and especially if they harm others is the act of Satan. When we say “the daughter or son of Satan,” we do not refer to a traditional birth, but of a person selecting Satan as their mentor, rather than God. Satan has been quite busy the last few years. Let us pray, that people start choosing God to live within their hearts and souls.

  • Gerard Nadal

    Hi Pagansister,
    Where would Flip Wilson have been without the Devil? Satan must exist. Robert on the thread below this one claims I work for him.
    Here’s some food for thought. On this blog, I’ve been called an anti-Semite, a bigot, crazy, and an employee of Satan. And I’m one of the most ecumenical and respectful Catholics I know of. If all of that is true of an ecumenical guy, then Satan must indeed be one scary dude!
    Seriously, if one believes in the existence of a truly malevolent spirit (Satan), then one need only be aware of the extent to which he whispers lies in our ears. Deception is his game. He is but a creature, fallen in Nature. God, the Almighty, who is Love itself, whom Jesus teaches us to call Abba, is the Creator.
    As St. Paul said, “Greater is He (The Holy Spirit of God) who is in you, than he (Satan) that is in the world.”
    Be Well.

  • another bob

    We have learned that the universe is vast and that it is highly likely that we are being watched over by other sentient beings who are loving (must be loving or they would have destoryed themselves by now as we are attempting to do). The bible is, as I see it, a record of their interventions and revelations designed to give us maximum freedom so that we can learn how to overcome the inner demons that evolution from a bestial past has left us with. Satan is the personification of our inherited amoral animal desire to gratify ones own flesh while reproducing as often as possible. There came a point in our evolution when we began to realize that we would like to be like God or was it like to be God? From that time onward we became aware of the difference between the good of love and the evil of our self centered bestial past. We who choose to be like God discovered that we were naked ie without love and were rightfully ashamed while others choose to be god and still live their lives in service to their own desires. The end point of the tutorial for our race is approaching and we shall see which we are.

  • pagansister

    Gerard Nadal: Good Morning,
    You have a point, where in the world would Flip Wilson have been without his line? :o)
    BTW,IMO, (for what it’s worth) you most certainly are NOT “an anti-Semite, bigot,employee of Satan.”
    I do have a problem with a satan formed as an actual being, if you will. Are their “bad” people, evil people in this world? Yes, but to blame or use as the excuse, that some one or something called satan is the reason for their behavior,I can’t accept that. People are responsible for their own behavior…good or bad. (obviously there are mentally ill folks etc. that may have no actual control over their actions). To detailed and complex…some people are actually born with (IMO unmedical opinion) with a lack of conscience, if you will, and many times start vicious, mean, etc. behavior from an early age. But the “devil” has nothing to do with it. It’s the Nature vs Nurture conflict.
    If indeed satan exists….is he responsilble for the wars, droughts, genocides, and all the horrible things in the world? If so, does that mean he is winning …because isn’t a god supposed to be up in the sky watching over us? I’m only asking …honestly. People have no control over the weather, thus famines etc., but they certainly do over whether to kill someone (or many) or to rape and lay waste to a land. Some of the most famous wars have been caused by “religious” folks.
    Hope all is well with you!

  • Rabbi Brad

    Lucy G. I appreciate your kind words about my post, and even more that they raised your spirits (no pun intended). But the person claiming to be me, is not.
    I love that readers turn the comment section into an ongoing conversation between them. So, please keep commenting to each other, but not as me. If you do, we will have to remove your comments.
    Rabbi Brad

  • Your Name

    Rabbi Brad, Of course satan exists. He and his demonic helpers manifest themselves as voices in our thoughts. Its the voice that says you are an unlovable piece of crap & that there is no hope. Its the voice that rationalizes our sins & blasphemes Almighty God. Its the voivce that says, “go ahead take it, nobody will know its missing.” We have all heeded that voice from time to time.
    I have a master’s degree in expereimental psychology and thus qualify as a scientifically trained skeptic and that and my 60+ years on this planet have convinced me that satan is alive and well and living on planet earth. Jesus correctly described satan as the prince of this world.
    Its easy to write satan off as just a construct or concept and not a real entity. After all, he is invisible. He doesnt make himself available for lab experiements and science has little interest in non-normative events or anecdotal evidence such as the Roman Catholic Church’s extensive documentation on possessions & exorcisms. My book “Satan’s Top Ten Tricks” gets to the heart of the matter. I’ll reveal his best trick: convincing us that he doesnt exist.

  • another bob

    As “your name” says satan is in our minds, the voice of selfishness, a spirit just as the Spirit of God is the still or quiet/gentle voice of God urging us on to love and good deeds. Satan is the beast (reptilean) in us that desires only to gain control/rule, be fed and to reproduce. Still Satan must be a creation of God or God is not as all powerful as the Bible and others(myself included) would have us believe. I believe that the purpose of God’s creation here is to grow up creatures who are capable of love – which is the ability to give up ones selfishness in order to serve a greater good ie ones husband/wife, children, neighbors and yes even strangers and enemies. God chose to create good and evil so that we might have a choice and God does but rarely and quietly intervene only to help us along in growing into the fullness of love lest our freedom be abrogated. Love is not love that is extracted under duress. If we really sit back and listen to the voices in our head we will in time come to recognize what comes from God and what comes from Satan, the beast.

  • another bob

    Rabbi Brad – “if we talked … more about how to make those choices of which we are most proud, we could take on the Satans we all struggle with.” Here’s my talk…..
    Becoming good is like ladling time from a bucket that holds a days worth of moments. We either ladle our days allotment of time into the bucket of good works/deeds or we ladle it into the bucket of selfish deeds. The more time we put into doing loving deeds the less we are able to do evil and the better we become. In order to grow better at loving God (The Ultimate Good) I read/study the Bible and then listen for the conforming ideas in my head throughout the day and do those. Likewise I remember that lying (and the other nine) is evil and ideas that pop in to my head like those I refrain from doing. Is it easy to become self conscience of our thoughts and actions? Definitely not for me, but it is I believe the only direction – toward love- worth going. Living is often hard in any case so why not strive, struggle, seek and suffer for the Best?

  • Stung!

    Has anyone had a experience like this?
    Close to the time frame of the gulf war in 1991 I was paid a visit by an unexpected visitor. This is what happened. As I lay sleeping in my bedroom I was paid a visit in the middle of the night by the Devil. My bed was situated that when I slept my head was next to the exterior wall of my bedroom. While I slept in the middle of the night the devil came and placed a vision in my mind. This is what happened. The vision was that of a woman and a man by a tree. They were both clothed and it was nothing that would make me believe it was Adam and eve. The vision was powerful and made me start to wake. As I started to wake the spirit in me manifested the devil to me. I saw him through the spirits eyes. He hovered of the ground had no wings or horns that I saw. He was held in check by gravity even though he flew or hovered I should say. He was slender with the body of a man but the head of a fallen Angel. He radiated with his true colors of evil, meaning, I could feel the evil in him. As for the vision, when I started to wake he knew it and said, speaking through his mind to me, I have been here since the beginning of time, I no who you are calling me by my birth name. When he said this it was as if he was trying to harm me. At that very moment an Angel of the Lord struck the devil in the side with an angelic dart. The Devil leaped as if struck by a lightning bolt. He turned and looked straight at the Angel who struck him. The Angel was posted in the front of our home. He was located just above the place I had been singing and playing my guitar a few nights before. I would often sing to the Lord. Maybe he liked my music! After the devil turned and looked at the Angel terror was on his face. He looked straight at the Angel. I never saw the Angel. The Devil took of like a lightning bolt north east! I’ve never herd of angelic darts before.. I wish I could have had that on video tape!!!

  • I’m not

    No, Satan doesn’t exist when you give in to foods, fatty. That’s just the fat talking.

  • Troy Boylan

    Satan exists and so do I. Satan and the devil are not the same. They are in competition for your souls, outdoing each other for control over you, and although the devil has no use for your souls (or for you for that matter), Satan does. Satan is last to be destroyed in hell, and each human soul that is destroyed prolongs Satan’s existence. Satan knows Satan’s days are numbered, yet only God knows who has accepted or denied the Holy Spirit, so in Satan’s uncertainty, Satan must tempt humans into sin on a daily basis, as the rising sun wipes the slate clean for humans. The devil mocks Satan, as he has no use for anyone else’s souls, and yet may own them. The devil is The One In Whom God Dwells when seen in terms of the world; and he is The Christian when seen in terms of the Spirit. He is the believer, and believes all things, and I am him. Believe what you may, regardless, I remain.

  • Troy Boylan

    Edit: “The devil is The One In Whom God Dwells when seen in terms of the world; and he is The Christian when seen in terms of the Spirit.” to:
    He is the devil when seen in terms of the world; and he is The Christian (The One In Whom God Dwells) when seen in terms of the Spirit.

  • Albe

    Hi Rabbi, the way I see it, but please correct me if I am wrong, is that the names Satan, Evil, Devil are all just personification of human nature. I don’t believe in Satan as I do not believe in any other supernatural force except my God! I do believe however that God has created humans with so much power within that we can actually destroy ourselves and then blame “Satan”. May God bless us and protect us!

  • Albe

    Hi Rabbi, the way I see it, but please correct me if I am wrong, is that the names Satan, Evil, Devil are all just personification of human nature. I don’t believe in Satan as I do not believe in any other supernatural force except my God! I do believe however that God has created humans with so much power within that we can actually destroy ourselves and then blame “Satan”. May God bless us and protect us!

  • glen

    ok mabay god and the devil exist mabay they dont, i personally have no time for a so called god who claims to love every human yet lets millions die on a daily basis, kids, woman, men and endangered animals and sits back and does nothing so i have a bit of a hard time beliving in him, and if he is real then hes a nasty kid with an ant hill and a magnifying glass. either way ill find out when i croak.

  • Jason

    In response to Troy, Scripturally, Satan and the Devil are not two seperate entities.

  • Troy Boylan

    In response to Jason: I know that is the way it seems. But my own understanding of things takes into consideration much more than the Bible has obviously revealed to you.
    Faith cannot be understood objectively except by God, and so it is a purely subjective term as far as humans can understand, a “to each his own kind of thing”.
    It’s like this: you either have a part in the play or you don’t, and if you don’t, then your understanding is limited to that of the observer; no knowledge whatsoever of what goes on behind the scenes, so to speak, but you are apparently entertained enough to sit through it, otherwise you would do something else. Now, IF the play did lend itself to some kind of audience interactivity, which you are obviously insisting it does, or at least should, then your understanding would only be limited by whatever lack of sincere interest you have concerning playing whatever part it is that you were, or that you believe you were, called to play.
    Likewise, things like Satan and ‘the devil’ can be known objectively or subjectively. As you are restricted in your thinking merely to what the Bible is quoted as having stated, or as stating, then your understanding may only be objective; and therefore limited to the social construct; whereas mine… ahh mine, is not restricted at all by the social construct and yet may fully utilize it any time.
    I could go on to explain the difference between the inherent meanings of number as compared to the inherent meanings of words, and the way symbols, whether numbers or letters, increase the likelihood that such things may be confused, in order to get you to understand that no two words can have the exact same meaning; but I already went over all that telepathically quite recently, and so I have not the interest at this time.

  • http://AddaURLtothiscomment Steffany

    umm idk how to say this but i agreed with the words “make believe as god” but i don’t think the devil is fake. I think God does not exist. I mean “what i know” is that the devil gets in to animals bodies so you like won’t see him. Get it? Where my mom used to live -Mexico,Veracruz- there’s these like houses right, and since a long time ago there’s been alot of ppl that have said they’ve seen “the devil” according to them he’s on a horse (but they can only like see a shadow)well the point is it’s just a coincidence that everyone has said they’ve seen him around those houses. Which is why they say that, that is his path. I mean some ppl would say “dude’s are on drugs” but i started believing when my uncle (he’s a Jehovas Witness) said he went on a trip over there and slept outside on a hammock because it was 2 hot inside, and he said he heard the horses chains so he opened his eyes and saw the same shadow (oh yea btw he was around “those houses”,”the devil’s path”) and he just turned around because he said he doesn’t have anything bad on his conscience. (: (And when he told only one person btw he wasn’t even scared, just surprised) -changing the story- my grandma, mom, uncle, and aunts told me that one time my uncle went running in to their house (panicking) and yelled “the dogs chasing me!” “the devil is in the dogs body” he closed the door and everybody just heard how the dog slammed his self against the houses walls.Next morning they saw the dog and he was dead . ssso i’m a believer.. lol thanks for listening. (; bye

  • http://AddaURLtothiscomment Matthew

    Me and my friend want to get rid of the devil does anyone want to help?

  • http://AddaURLtothiscomment Matthew

    No one wants to help?

  • http://AddaURLtothiscomment aj

    I do blive in god and the devil. I knw god has saved me in many ways. Who I was and who I am now. Yet the devil trust to put Hodges between u n god he dose mean harmful thing to ppl kids animals ect. So you would loss you faith in god thats wht he wants to push u away from love and happyness and the faith and so on im not perfect but none is we all make mistakes but god is forgiving n lovein hes wait to b called on by who ever needs him he loves every one .do you honestly think god would harm us on purpose the devil is the one at fault he is the destroyer

  • http://AddaURLtothiscomment James Wambede

    The DEVIL and God have been created by men on paper. Christians want us to believe that all these biblical words: Serpent, Satan, Lucifer, Devil and Dragon, refer to the same adversary of God. Which omnipotent God could have knowingly or unknowingly created his own adversary?
    The word “Lucifer” (which means morning star) appears only once (in Isaiah 14:12) in the King James version; it does not appear in other versions of the Bible. The word “Devil”, in singular, does not appear anywhere in the old testament of the Bible.
    So should anyone base their beliefs on the Bible’s contradictions?

  • http://iloveyou pamela cruz

    bitch your crazy>>>>>

  • http://AddaURLtothiscomment VIRGO


  • http://yesdevilexists,likeweexist NABAD GELYO

    I tried scientifacally to approve the existence of devil or sata n

    one day , at eveving time , i went remote area , I spoke with devil,
    isaid,,, if yuo exist make suprice to chat follow of internet, one gilr froM ROMANIA

    MY CHAT FOLLOW , wrote a letter , after one day , she told that she saw a very amazing this,
    the amzing stroy was, she saw her earing , was in her pillow, she saw the shape and size was changed

    I told her ( romanian girld ,
    pardon to me , i order devil or satan , ican see them , to make you surprize

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