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Catholics Call Gaza a Concentration Camp

Pontifications blogger, David Gibson, writes about Catholic leaders making grotesque and inaccurate analogies about the situation is Gaza. The most disturbing of which is Cardinal Renato Martino’s analogizing Gaza and a concentration camp.
Having already posted about the death of proportionality in our culture, and the damage done when comparisons of this nature our made, I appreciate David’s attempt to address the issue. I even appreciate that such claims flow from a deep concern with human suffering that must not be denied or minimized, no matter how one views the war in Gaza. And I caution anyone against a line of argument that begins with explaining how these current comments continue a long history of Catholic anti-Semitism. Such an approach is neither helpful nor in the case of these comments, based on any facts of which I am aware.
Three elements of David’s post however, are quite disturbing.


First, he rather casually explains the over-statements of Catholic leaders by explaining that it is only natural that Catholics over-react against Israel because of the possibility of Catholics being killed in Gaza. That’s a dangerous road down which to travel. Every time religious faith is used to circle the wagons around the faithful and provide an excuse for ignoring those beyond, the faithful end up doing pretty bad things.
It is precisely the over-identification with the suffering of those who share our religion, race, or ethnicity which fuels many of these fights. If we are to understand, let alone excuse, Catholic leaders for their remarks, on that basis, why not extend the same approach to Jews who defend Israel the same way? Something more is going on here and it demands more attention than an explanation which would be deeply dissatisfying were the shoe on the other foot.
Second, the post features a photo which is used to portray the suffering of Gazans. Ironically, it’s taken from today’s New York Times story about a Hamas fighter who is happy to see his fellow Gazans die, and is eager to likewise, in order to attain martyrdom. I wonder why, especially for Catholics with the religious significance they attach to martyrdom, David chooses not to address this issue.
Finally, his claim that a better comparison for Gaza would be the Warsaw Ghetto represents either tragic ignorance or something far darker, which only he can explain. Gaza is many things, many of them tragic. And I am not without many serious questions about both sides in this war. But the Warsaw Ghetto? David, please say it ain’t so!
Whatever any of us may think about this war, do you really believe it represents the first major phase in an attempt by Jews to rid the world of every last Palestinian? We don’t need to participate in the shock culture of most media in order to make an important point. And I hope that next time David, you think twice about doing so.

  • R A Verhoeckx

    Letter sent to MP Michael Ignatief Leader of the Liberal Party of Canada for his strong moral stand with the State of Israel in conflict with Palestinians.
    Some geopolitical conflicts are morally complicated. The Israel-Gaza war is not. It possesses a moral clarity not only rare but excruciating.
    Being philosophically conservative and a strong advocate of democratic principles and human rights, I commend you sir, for your principled stand not only morally but ethical in the conflict between the state of Israel and the Palestinians of Gaza. The moral clarity which you have expressed over this latest Mid-east conflict has strengthen the resolve of Canada and the principles it stands for.
    Again, Thank You.

  • JAB

    I figure the war came out of a political need in Israel and out of Israel’s recognition that the carte blanche given them by George W. Bush was soon going to run out. To me that’s an abominable reason to go killing people.

  • Your Name

    From a simply humanitarian need anyone can see the extreme suffering of the Gazans. The Gazans are, in effect, political and religious prisoners of the Israelis, and are at the complete mercy of Zionists.
    I commend the Christian Cardinal for speaking truth to power and for stating the obvious. Sometimes speaking the truth out loud in a crowd where group-think reigns is the most powerful thing one can do. The Catholic leaders were criticized for not speaking out enough during the Holocaust and they should not remain silent while another humanitarian tragedy unfolds right before our eyes.
    There is a reason the Israelis will not let journalists into Gaza. Just like jailers who control every facet of the inmates life, the Israeli leaders do not want the world to know the truth about what is really going on in Gaza.

  • Your Name

    The horrific massacre of Palestinians in Gaza (concentration camp indeed) is evidence of how far brutality can go. One reads only in history books of men, women and children – even infants – being massacred indiscrimantly. But to see this first hand in this day and age, and the so called human-rights advocates (USA) giving the green light, simply brings all of us (humanity) to a new level of lows (foreign policy of USA is dictated by American jews). Not only Zionists performed the ULTIMATE ethnic cleansing of what is known today as Israel, but now they are in their final “phase” of killing them all together. It is truly unfortunate that Israelis supporting this don’t realize that making over a billion muslims world-wide their sworn enemy, certainly is not in their interest.

  • Shmuel

    Whatever is happening in Gaza is because of one reason, and one reason only: 3000 missles fired at Israel.
    Stop the missles, and Israel will stop the attacks.
    It’s that simple.

  • Jeremiah Price

    It is sad to see how many ignore a basic fact:
    How long would you allow your neighbor to shoot at and into your house before you did something about it?
    Would you say “he has a wife and children” and let him continue until he kills your wife and children and you?
    G-d doesn’t require that. He requires you to look after your family though. I see no sign that Israel would be in Gaza right now if missiles had not been fired into Israel killing women and children.

  • chaya

    I don’t understand how anyone that has been following the news/truth can possibly compare Gaza to the Warsaw Ghetto. The Warsaw Ghetto was formed by forcing the Jews to live there. The Palestinians left the newly formed U.N sanctioned State of Israel because they believed their leaders that they should leave and that they would destroy Israel. The Palestinians that remained in Israel have full rights and opportunities. The Palestinians that chose to leave and live in Gaza are under the dangerous, terroristic philosophies of their leaders. These leaders are the ones that still push their platform of the total destruction of Israel, along with destroying the U.S. and any group considered infidels, i.e. not believers of Islam.
    With this stated, IF rockets were not sent into innocent neighborhoods, schools, etc in Israel, Israel would NOT be engaging in these fights. Just read the facts!

  • brooke

    so, what would you compare the situation in gaza to? if not the warsaw ghetto, then what?
    i’m not jewish, i’m presbyterian, but i have been a student of the holocaust for 25 of my 35 years. now i have become a student of the occupation of palestine. i guess i’m drawn to times in history where there is tragic oppression of one group by another. during the holocaust it was the jews of europe, in the palestine / israel region it is the palestinians by the israeli’s (note, i make a big difference between israeli’s and jews).
    i’ve been to the area, i’ve been to both sides of the area (though not gaza). i can understand the israeli’s perspective that rockets are being shot at them so they need to defend themselves – but what about the daily lives of the palestinians in gaza (and the west bank for that matter). gaza is sealed – for the last 15 months, if not more, israel has not allowed enough food, fuel, and medical supplies in to sustain the population. and now – israel is bombing and attacking gaza – and the residents have no where to flee, because the borders are sealed. what is your reaction to that? and the over 800 dead gazans? and i haven’t even brought up 1947 and the great nakba.
    i don’t feel sorry for the israeli’s at all. my government gives the israeli government enough money to completely decimate the palestinians and while they haven’t done it so far, they are doing a good job making them all suffer. i do feel for jews around the world because of anti-semitism – i think anyone – including palestinians – who says “kill the jews” is wrong. i do think though that those who are protesting against the actions of the israeli government towards the palestinians is right.

  • Chokmah

    Gaza is a prime example of Israeli apartheid, only worse. The Palestinians were forced into this Israeli concentration camp and are slowly being starved and tortured. Now the mask is off and the Israelis are engaging in naked ethnic cleansing. The world stands by as the Israeli war machine terrorizes Palestinian children. The U.S. is Israel’s chief arm suppliar, financier, and cheerleader. Shame, shame, shame….

  • David

    ‘Catholics’, who use irresponsibly incendiary language images, as with the “concentration camp” commentary, are usually less devout Catholics than devoted Leftists, as are the millions of self-alleged Abortion Catholics, who voted pro-Abortion in the last US General Election, in complete defiance of the man they give lip service to as the ‘Vicar of Christ’.
    Hamas is evil. They hate Israel. They openly wish to destroy Israel–to push the Jewish People into the sea.
    Hamas are well known to be stooges of Iran and are therefore operatives and agents of a foreign power working hard against Israel.
    Even though Hamas are extremely violent terrorists, who can wage war against Israel on a national level, the Leftist media give them a complete pass because of their complexion.
    What of the ‘civilians’ of Gaza? What of them! They elected Hamas, put them into power, knowing what Hamas is. The Gazan Canaanites sold themselves for Hamas’ social programs. The Gazans signed the social contract with Hamas. They agreed to be ‘human shields’ for this evil foreign power. Now they cannot complain if they are called upon by Hamas to fulfill the terms of the contract. Complaining did not do Dr. Faustus any good.
    All Palestine belongs to Israel. God gave every inch of that land to the Jewish People, and it belongs to them forever. The Gazan Canaanites are beneficiaries of ancient conquests–but the Jewish People have never relinquished their claim to the lands from which they were expelled.
    All Palestine belongs to Israel. If Israel chooses to allow Moslems to settle on their land, then that is Israel’s option–not open to the dispute by the White House, the UN, or anyone else.
    Let all non-Israelis in Palestine remember that and remember that they are guests of the Jewish People. And let them behave with respect toward Israel or face the consequences for making war against Israel.

  • Cher

    Israel has all the rights to go after Hamas in Palestine. Israel is the Nation that has been hounded by terrorist from Hamas, Hezbollah and Al Quada..etc. Iran is the enemy of Israel and I would bet you that Iran has his feet in this Hamas attacking Israel. Those that speak against Israel..will deal with a higher power soon enough. Cause Israel is “apple of God’s eye”. If Mexicans shot rockets into America from the south…do you think we set on our buns being stupid waiting to be destroyed? I don’t think so…we fight back. Israel…go kick em’ buns and get it done and over with. As for Palestinians….either fight with Israel and destroy Hamas or just be patient and let Israel do what she has too.

  • Rosalyn

    This will might shock you, surprise you but one thing is sure – it will open your eyes to the truth.
    (No shocking images involved – just the honest and naked truth!)
    Listen to this incredible account of a Christian Lebanese refugee who tells her story as is.
    If you have things to do in the next hour do not start
    as I found it impossible to stop.
    A MUST WATCH VIDEO for all the world !!!
    forward it to ALL your friends

  • Michele Jackson

    I would post a comment, but cursing is not good to do and too good for this Catholic jerk! How do we let people get by saying things like this? May Hashem bless Israel, those in the land and those of the diaspora. May Hashem protect His people Israel, and may He protect the innocent lives in Gaza but use Israel to bring justice to her enemies. Amen.

  • Tampa Bouy

    Just as short as I can get. Was it not the Catholic Church during World War II that knew of the camps in Europe and the slaying of the Jews who stood by and did nothing??? He who is without sin cast the first stone!!!

  • dunlewy

    I am a Catholic and I say Israel has every right to self-defense. Hamas is nothing but a terrorist group and MUST be fought. I don’t listen to Leftist Catholic groups.

  • chaya

    Rosalyn, thank you so much for sharing that broadcast. If it only enlightens one person it was worth it.

  • Your Name

    Michelle. I am a Buddhist. But you can call me a “Catholic jerk” is you like.
    “May Hashem bless Israel, those in the land and those of the diaspora. May Hashem protect His people Israel, and may He protect the innocent lives in Gaza but use Israel to bring justice to her enemies. Amen.”
    That’s a good question! Where is God in all of this?

  • Your Name

    As a Catholic and committed Christian, I strive to live the words I profess to believe, “love your neighbor as yourself–turn the other cheek–love your enemies”. In truth, however, if someone is attempting harm regularly, especially to my loved ones, I would find it very hard not to fight back and even to neutralize the threat. The great pity is, that in Gaza, as in all wars, the non-combatants frequently suffer.
    What a great shame, we fail to recognize that as created beings of one Creator, we are all His children and thus brothers and sisters.
    But then, Cain did kill Adam. Alas.

  • Your Name

    “use Israel to bring justice to her enemies. Amen.”
    Would God do that?

  • Your Name

    There’s only one reason to compare Gaza to a concentration camp – and that’s to insult the Jewish people. You can be angry about Israel’s occupation of Gaza. You can be angry at Israeli politics (in which case, you wouldn’t be any different from most Israelis). You can be concerned about the human rights violations suffered by the innocent.
    But bringing up the deathcamps, to suggest that the Israelis are no better than the Nazis, is a cheap shot and it preys upon some very old hatreds. It says more about the speaker than it does about Israel.
    I support Israel. I do not support kneejerk policies, like the invasion of Gaza. I think this was a police matter that should have involved a joint operation designed to bring two communities together, not open up old wounds. It is not bravery to bomb a neighborhood. Consider me a critic of the policy.
    But don’t call Gaza a concentration camp. That’s just obnoxious, crude, immature and bigoted.

  • Your Name

    “But don’t call Gaza a concentration camp.”
    That would depend on which side of the fence your on.

  • Rob

    “But bringing up the deathcamps, to suggest that the Israelis are no better than the Nazis, is a cheap shot and it preys upon some very old hatreds. It says more about the speaker than it does about Israel.”
    Here’s what I suggest:
    We sooner or later become those people we hate. And Jews are not immune to this effect of hating, nor Arabs, nor anyone else. The solution: Defend, but do not hate, and do use hate as currency for political gain.
    Gaza is hardly a deathcamp, but if one does not see anay analogy to Warsaw during the war (and one of the survivors of Warsaw was my mother’s cousin), one’s eyes are not open. But, first, do not hate.


    Because they can not get out that is more of a physical jail.
    However as I have said before-take care of it the Arabic way-take a chance and put each leader alone in the desert and if they survive then that is what the Supreme Being wants, or the Western way-just jail or kill the leaders who will not only govern.
    In other cultures, the Revolutionary War here in the USA comes to mind, we govern once the war is over. Hamas does not want this to occur so it will last on and off but always there while Hamas continues to throw missels.
    It is therefore a jail of their own making.

  • N. Brown

    Cardinal Martino’s comments were cruel, hurtful and totally wrong. As a former Catholic, I know that most Catholics hate the hierarchy of the church, becausew it is so corrupt and amoral, as well as immoral in many cases. The Church of Rome is descended from the Roman emperors, not St. Peter. Jesus said to sell all that you have, take up your personal cross, and Come, Follow Me. It wouldn’t recognize the silken robes or the marbled palaces of the Vatican. Maybe the Palestinians should have been sendind their rockets to the Vatican. How well would they cope? Remember, the greatest commandment is LOVE. Would they love the Palestinians? I don’t think so. In fact, I know they wouldn’t love them nor tolerate it. Stop being two-faced Rome. Wake up yo what YOUR GOD wants!

  • Your Name

    “It is therefore a jail of their own making.”
    I guess if you believe that they wanted to be conquered and occupied then of course it is of their own making. But who really believes that?
    Imagine a space ship landing in Washington D.C. They drop off a group of people and say that their God had given them this land, had a book to prove it, armed them to the teeth, gave them our land and then kicked us out. What would we do?

  • Suzy

    Excuse me but , considering the history of the Catholic Church and the Jewish people not to mention that the current Pontiff, a former member of the Hitler Youth, has returned anti- semitic passages to the liturgy why is anyone surprised ?

  • Your Name

    January 11, 2009 5:06 PM
    Excuse me but , considering the history of the Catholic Church and the Jewish people not to mention that the current Pontiff, a former member of the Hitler Youth, has returned anti- semitic passages to the liturgy why is anyone surprised ?”
    Still the Palistenians suffer.That’s the real issue. Change the subject if you wish but this is not going away.

  • tom tsuka

    Dear Brad Hirshfield, I believe that the analogy with the Warsaw Ghetto is quite apt, except that the Israeli state does not intend to exterminate the Palestinians as the Nazis did to the Warsaw Ghetto Jews. An even more apt analogy is the brutal bombing and massacres of thousands of innocent Czech villagers by the Nazis after the top Nazi Commander, Reinhardt Heydrich, also known the butcher of Prague, and Hitler’s Reichsprotector of Czechoslovakia was assassinated by two special Czech commandos specifically parachuted by British intelligence to care it out. Reinhardt Heydrich was the head of the SA, the Sicherheitsdients, the German Homeland Security Services, (the Intelligence branch of the SS) and carried out massive and notorious sadistic repression and hardship upon the Czech people. This sadistic Nazi Commander, Heydrich, by the way headed of the special meeting held outside Berlin, the Wansee Conference, to map out the Final Solution and the extermination of the Jews of Europe. This type of bombing, massacres, blockades, random killing, executions, and various punishments of innocent civilians carried out by the Nazis as reprisals for the activities of anti-Nazi resistance fighters was repeated innumerable times throughout Nazi occupied Europe, in order to turn the people against the partisans and resistance fighters. The same tactic is presently being carried out by the Israeli army in the Gaza. It all started by the Israeli economic blockade of the Gaza to turn the population against Hamas which was elected democratically by an overwhelming majority by the Palestinians in the Gaza and the West Bank. The Hamas government was dismissed by the ex terrorist and billionaire in the construction industry, Mahmud Abbas the present day corrupt president of the Palestinian Authority. He is viewed in the Gaza and the West Bank as a type of corrupt pro-Western Mubarak. In fact his army and police have been openly financed, armed and trained by the CIA and the Israeli Mossad. This attempt to punish the Gazans by forcing them into untold economic and material hardship and suffering in order to turn them against hamas has lead to this firing of missiles into Israel as a form of defiance to end the blockade. All Israel has to do is allow food and material in, end the economic blockade, and have international observers oversee that no weapons enter the area. The only true way to truly undermine Hamas is by ensuring prosperity, industry, employment and material wellbeing to the people of Gaza.
    Also as far as the Catholic Church is concerned, Pope Paul II canonized the Croatian Ustachi Fascist and anti-Semitic priest of World War ll, whose name escapes me at the moment, over the protests of Israel and the Serbian government. He was present with Croatian Ustachi Nazi-supported troops and those Jews and Serbs who did not convert to Catholicism; he allowed the Ustachi soldiers and commanders to execute them. He was present at many if the executions when they were asked to convert. Pope Paul II said he was a staunch anti-communist and a Croatian patriot who fought for Croatian independence. He was executed by Tito’s government as a war criminal at the end of the war. When I raised the issue with Allen, the almost official reporter stationed at the Vatican for the National Catholic Reporter, he simply said he was executed by a Communist government of Tito, and therefore his war crimes are voided, evincing absolutely no sympathy for murdered Jews and Serbs. Allen’s remarks were similar to those of a new brand of Holocaust apologist, even though the Soviet Union was present at the Nuremburg Trials and the convictions of Nazi leaders there in no way annulled or voided void their war crimes that they were convicted just because the Soviet Union was present and a participant. Moreover, the Soviet Union was an ally of America and Britain against Nazi Germany. It was Russian troops that liberated the extermination camps in Poland and eastern Germany and many were led by Jewish Red Army officers and soldiers. Thank you for reading my blog. Tom Tsuka

  • Your Name

    tom tsuka
    “the Israeli state does not intend to exterminate the Palestinians as the Nazis did to the Warsaw Ghetto Jews”
    No just let them die of natural causes……..starvation! Israel more than anyone else should know better. This not the Holocaust of course but it is not right.

  • Bunch

    Palestinians are the cause of their misery, not Israel. If Palestinians choose violence and terror they will receive the same. Imagine how many beautiful Palestinian children have been killed over the years by their own leaders stupidity. If the Palestinians would lay down their weapons and live in peace, there would be no war and the Palestinians would have their own country, not Israel, but their own land and peace and prosperity would be their future, not war and despair.

  • Your Name

    “Whatever any of us may think about this war, do you really believe it represents the first major phase in an attempt by Jews to rid the world of every last Palestinian?”
    There are those Israelis who wish to rid the world of every last Palestinian. Rabbi, you probably have met some of those Israelis. I myself have met some of them. I don’t suppose they are more than a slim minority, but they seem to be running the show.

  • Ahmed

    Rabbi, you are a reasonable man. Is Gaza like the Warsaw ghetto?
    I tell you what, why don’t you swap homes with some nice Gaza family and let them move into your place in Boston and you take up residence in lovely Gaza City. Then be indignant at the comparisons.

  • Your Name

    seems everytime Israel defends herself there is a rash of condemnation . All Hamas has to do to have peace is quit firing rockets into the Israeli civilian population . suffering of any people is bad. Let’s put the blame where it should be . How many thousand rockets should land in Israel before they seek to end them ?
    I an a christian Zionist because I do not accept the theology of th Catholic church and many protestants. They teach that the church has replaced Israel , therefore they have no need of Israel and worse than that they teach G-D has no need for Israel. This influences their every relationship with the state of Israel. They should read Ps. 122:6 in their Bible.

  • James

    I am a Christian Zionist as well, but as a Catholic I am totally unaware of how Catholic Theology ever teaches that Hebrews are not God’s People, or that Israel was not their promised land. Everything I was taught in my Catechism was that they would always be God’s chosen people and have their own covenant with the Lord, but they are God’s people to Catholics as well. Just like the pedophile priests, and the pedophiles in every other religion, do not represent the Church, Catholics, or Christians in general, whoever you have heard claim Hebrews are not the chosen people ofGo have not studied Catholicism.
    Now as far as the mess in Gaza today. Iran wanted Israel distracted since the worst kept secret that Israel would deal with Iran’s nukes as they had Iraq’s was commoon knowledge. Hamas gets their funing in larger part from Iran, any surprize Hamas attacks when Iran needs it. Hamas does not respect the Palestinian people, only their power over the Palestinians and the money and arms coming in from Iran. One big surprize is that Hezbollah has been reined in by Lebanon. Lebanon learned their lesson, but it is still surprizing they have been able to keep a lid on Hezbollah in Lebanon. Syria is trying to take up the slack, but not as strategically placed ot do so.
    Just think the world believes Bush is blood hungry war mad. If he had shown the guts to allow Israel to do what we should have done to Iran before it is too late, Gaza would not be the bloody, heart breaking distraction Iran has used it to be up to now.

  • Elisheva

    You seem to be reasonable too. Was the Warsaw ghetto constantly shelling and provoking the rest of the city and the Nazis; Did they have tunnels to smuggle in rockets and armament for violence? Other countries providing the armament? and the list can go on…
    If I recall history correctly the only time the Warsaw ghetto tried to revolt they were almost annihilited. And the reason some Jews chose to revolt was only in reaction of being transferred to death camps. If they would have had the Gaza tunnels no one would have starved to death.
    What a comparison people like you make. Only in a fanatic, or twisted (or wicked?)mind it seems to exist. Tell you what, the Rabbi does not need to go to Gaza, we have plenty like you in America who should go there to help the cause. The same twisted fanatics that caused 9/11.

  • Your Name

    Watch that mouth of yours, Rabbi — or those fingers when it comes to what you say here — specially referring to “history of Catholic anti-Semitism”. Of course, some of your submission quotes another blogger, but I will comment on your statements only. As a Catholic, I frankly think the whole idea that Catholics, as a group of people, are anti-Semitic is a bit over-played and antiquated to tell the truth. When referring to Catholics you are referring to people in Africa, Asia, the Caribbean, Latin America who have and had no “dog” in the fight when it came to the decisions that the Vatican hierarchy have made. Catholics are a very diverse group of people and thankfully intelligent enough to know what to sift in and out, and separate the politics from their religion. (Politics being the views and edicts of Rome). For many of us, religion is a relationship with the Father, Jesus, the Holy Spirit and the legacy of the Church Jesus left — void of the political machinations of the 20th century. If as a group, we were anti-semitic, then we would hate Jesus too — since he traces his lineage to a Jewish ancestry.

  • stewart

    The muslims mix with the citizens of Gaza to either deter return fire, or to be able to sacrifice themselves to bring scorn on the Israels.
    The Israelis, through time-outs to allow food and medical services in to the innocent civilians, try to avoid harming those civilians.
    The muslims bomb whatever and whereever they can hoping to hit Israeli civilians.
    What a vast difference between Israelis and muslims. Yet it is the Israelis who are being lambasted.
    Keep doing what you are doing, Israel. You won’t change the minds of the prejudiced and/or the stupid.

  • Your Name

    i was so happy when i heard about Israel taking a stand against hamas (finally!)and not bowing to the UN telling them to just keep getting bombed. that said its a huge deal about a few terrorists being killed but there is no big thing when they blow themselves up i mean if an idf soldier kills a terrorist israel doesnt want peace israel is a murderer, but what ppl fail to understand is that those crazy ppl kill themselves and eachother daily and encourage their children to kill jews and christians and everyone else even other muslims do those catholics really think theyll be exempt of crazy terrorists? wake up ppl!!

  • Chev James

    Catholics ARE anti-Semitic. My stepdaughter suffered all kinds of discrimination in a Catholic school as a Jew. The Catholic Church has never sufficiently apologized for its collusion with the Nazis during World War II. The Vatican was the first government to officially recognize the new Nazi regime in Germany, and Pope Pius XII was silent about the millions of Jews being killed in the death camps. Something tells me that the first bishop of Rome–the REAL St. Peter–wouldn’t have let so many innocent people go to their grave without condemning their executioners. Today the Catholic Church vents its rage on divorced persons, denying them communion and otherwise treating them like third-class church members. The Catholic Church has a lot to apologize. It will probably take several centuries if it starts right now.

  • Ruvain

    Gaza is the opposite the Warsaw Ghetto because wonderful people lived inside the Warsaw Ghetto which was surrounded by murderous villains.
    Gaza is a land filled with murderous villains surrounded by wonderful people.

  • Debbie

    The Vatican hierarchy has been anti-Semitic over the history of the church. But as a Catholic, my father told my about the millions of Jews killed in the death camps. He was in the army in World War II. He saw the camps. He told me Never to Forget. Israel must remain a free home for Jews.

  • Ruvain

    Anyone who individualizes the misdeeds of an organization to a particular person is engaged in invidious prejudice. I thought Schindler had taught that lesson to the world. As Martin Luther King said, each man is to be judged by quality of his character not not by (the color of his skin, his religion, his ethnic group, the transgressions of forefathers, etc.)

  • Michelle

    My son, infant granddaughter & I were having breakfast together because they & my daughter-in-law were going to the mountains after she left work. We both said “FINALLY” when talking about Israel not kowtowing to the European (France & Germany big suprise) demand they cease fire.
    Then the claims about Israel harming women & children. Well, sorry but every time a Hamas rocket or suicide bomber explodes Israeli woman & children are killed & maimed as well. And what other country holds a daily 3 hour truce so the wounded can get out & humanitarian supplies can get in?
    Go Israel & go to hell to the naysayering anti-semites!

  • http://well bishopemminger

    if thw schule fits.

  • Your Name

    Thank you for the support for Israel. As you know, implactable hatred can only be assuged by impregable love-when there is a rectable for the love. The former Israeli Prime Minister said it best; “There shall be peace between the Arabs and Israel(the Jewish People) only when the Arabs love their children more, than they hate the Jew.
    Maybe you know some of the Gazans are more loving of their children, than of hating Israel? Maybe they can help to open up the Gazan receptacle for this love, respect, and peace. We cannot impose love on them, it has to be planted, nutured and incouraged. Then the evil can end and His Way be manisfested in all of our hearts. Right now, we have a lot of work to do, so let us make it so! And, amen.

  • Earnestine Medrano

    If I had a buck for every time I came to Great writing.

  • Jehnavi

    This sort of intellectually and morally bankrupt thinking by the Pope and Cardinal Martino is representative of the reasons I left the Catholic Church. Additionally, the Church’s ambivalent history during the Holocaust; the Church’s systemic decades-long cover-up of pedophile clergy -bishops even!- ; the Church’s silence on Islamic persecution of Christians while appeasing Islamofascists…all this and much more leaves me thinking that the Pope and other leaders of the Catholic Church have lost their moral foundations and have absolutely no standing to criticize Israel’s right of self-defense.

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Gilad Shalit, Still A Prisoner After 1,900 Days
Below is a copy of the Statement I got from the White House, and while I appreciate the words, I can't help but also ask, "Is this the best we can do?"  United States Mission to the United Nations Office of Press and Public Diplomacy 799 ...

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