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Who Stands With Israel, Republicans or Democrats?

The answer is, yes. And the real issue is how supporters of Israel understand what it means to “support Israel”. Is it a function of pressuring the State of Israel to do what it “should do” from the perspective of those who do not live there? Or is it about supporting the decisions of the only real democracy in the Middle East and our best ally in the region, even if it makes decisions that some of us see as too much to the left or too far to the right? Frankly, I could make a case for going either way, but we should be honest and clear about what we are doing when we make claims about which side in this election would be “better for Israel”.
This situation is further complicated by the fact that the Democratic and Republican candidates have different understandings of what it means to support Israel, as recent comments from each campaign indicate. In fact, it may be that the candidates don’t even agree with their own running mates, let alone those against whom they are running. During last night’s Vice Presidential debate, Sarah Palin said that peace between Israel and the Palestinians would be at the top of the McCain/Palin agenda. But recent comments by top McCain advisors indicate otherwise.
Of course, it’s not like Obama and Biden necessarily agree either. Senator Obama has been clear about both his commitment to bringing peace and to the fact that he has a vision of what that peace would look like. But last night, Senator Biden suggested that the American policy should not insist on specifics about negotiation, but should back Israel. So which is it, senators? Frankly, it probably doesn’t matter and both sides should stop making political hay out of this issue.


Former Israeli Ambassador to the UN, Danny Ayalon writes persuasively about the fact that there is ample reason to believe that both Senator McCain and Senator Obama will continue America’s commitment to Israel’s safety and security. He is almost certainly correct, and not because of lobbying or pressure, but for the only reason that America should i.e. it’s good for America.
So rather than hide behind broad and often meaningless claims about which candidate is better for Israel, I suggest separating the debate about which candidate is likely to support the specific policies we endorse about issues like borders, Jerusalem, negotiating with Syria, etc. from the importance of Israel as one of this country’s most important allies. Confusing those two issues may prove effective at mobilizing one side or the other in the short term, but may actually prove detrimental to the long term relationship between Israel and the United States. I hope that both sides think about that in the coming weeks. Whichever side wins the election, the American-Israel relationship is too strategically, politically, and morally vital to confuse with partisan politics, American or Israeli.

  • Mostafa

    Jehovah stands with Holy Land.

  • Rev.D.L. LaBean

    Friends, do NOT push,preasure or intimidat, friends.!!!Enemies, do that.

  • Rev. D.L.LaBean

    As I’ve said before: ” Friends, do NOT, push, intimidate, or other things in like manner, to get friends, to help them, build a “legacy”, for themselves, at the friends, expense.!!!!


    ANSWER IS EASY AS WAVING A FLAG-BOTH they know who their friends are.


    if this is a repeat sorry but I must have hit the wrong key!
    The question of which party is for Israe;, the Jews, or any such thing is both
    All corporations and organizations now give money to all parties cause they want them to think the biz is on their side when they want something later!
    So for many reasons both parties know who their friends are or where they can get the bucks.

  • gaye

    obama supports an undivided jerusalem in front of jewish audiences (ie, AIPAC) and the very next day, folding to arab pressure, says what he meant was, there will be negotiations and jersusalem would be part of those negotiations (i cannot quote verbatim but that is, in essence, what he said). that is not the mc cain/palin future for jersusalem. they both clearly state, strong, safe borders for israel, two separate states w/o division of jerusalem. period. nuff’ said.

  • eastcoastlady

    The two state solution will never work.
    Since people compare the size of Israel roughly to the size of New Jersey, let’s put it this way. Granted, the ocean/sea is on the wrong side, but you should get the idea.
    Take Bergen or Essex County for the state of Palestine.
    Take Salem County for the state of Palestine.
    Everything in between is Israel.
    Doesn’t seem very feasible now, does it?
    “nuff said is a bunch of hooey. I don’t trust McCain/Palin as far as I can throw them.
    And I can’t be a one-issue person any more than I want others to be.

  • BigCinRochester

    Obama is another Clinton type hyppocrit, not to mention an empty suit. Just like Clinton he sees moral equivalecy of the Israelis and the dirt bag Palestinians.
    Anyone who can belong to a church for 20 years that preaches hate and repeatedly honors and praises Farrakhan clearly cannot be trusted to be even fair to Israel, much less a friend to Israel.
    Obama is another Sharpton but with more polished speech.

  • Ruvain

    The irony is that Bush, who was very pro-Israel, has probably done more than any other Prez (including Carter) to endanger Israel.

  • Al Eastman

    I predict that as the USA’s Muslim population increases both parties, led by the Democrats, will increasingly cater to their wishes in order to secure their votes. has the results of a survey by Pew Research has it as 1.86 million in February of this year. This number is disputed by many Muslims, some claiming the number to be as high as 8-10 million. (Google “US Muslim Population” and wade through the listed sites.)
    Birth rates in the USA are not available based on religions.

  • Annis

    I’m staunchly pro-Israel. That being said, I’m more interested in which party stands with the U.S.!

  • married to a jewish girl/supporter of Israel

    The 2 state system will never work for one simple reason, the palestinians don’t want 2 states, they want the Jewish population out of that whole area period. In the past when Clinton and Bush tried to come up with a solution, in my opinion that was unfair to the Jewish people, the Palestinians wanted more and more. Even when the Jewish people offer up peace and their land they are attacked from the mainstream media and the local Muslim population. And the blog by bigcinrochester is dead on correct. Who one associates themselves with is who they truly are as an individual. Finally, Bush did not do more to harm Israel, in what way backed up with facts might be nice.

  • Dovid Goldstein

    I am so sick and tired of people telling me how to vote as a Jew. I will never see the Republican Party as anything but the Christian Party, and Sarah Palin as an anti-Semite. History also shows that white anti-Semites are a lot more dangerous than black ones.

  • james

    In general Jews are Democrats.
    They will vote only for Democrats even if the Democrat running is a terrorist sympathizer, has strong ties to the Muslim religion, AND to the radical Christian religion.
    C’mon people vote your logic. If for no other reason we do not need one party controlling the House, the Senate and the Administration.
    This is bad for America.

  • Dovid Goldstein

    Obama belongs to the United Church of Christ: the church of the Pilgrims. It doesn’t get more mainstream than that. He isn’t a “terrorist sympathizer” and he doesn’t have “strong ties tot he Muslim religion”. This lashon hara while the gates get ready to close is shameful and disgusting. And if you’re doing this as a Christian, I think you people believe you can go to hell for bearing false witness.
    If you’re a Jew and you vote for Palin, who is almost an open anti-Semite, you cut your throat.

  • Debra

    The Lord God stands for lsrael.But if you are talking about which candidate would stand for Israel it would not be Obama because he said if it came down to a choice between Israel and the muslums that he would side with the muslums.You are better off to trust the Lord.He might be back sooner than you think.

  • Debra

    To James;I don`t care what church Obama belongs to,he said he would side with the muslums if it came down to that.He said that with his own mouth and you need to find out exactly what he is.He is not a friend to the jews.Also you sound a lot like you hate christians.You need a reality check for your own good.

  • Rochelle La Frinere

    Where in the world did you hear that Obama said that he would side with the Muslims?? I really do want to know, please. What are your specific reasons for saying that Obama is not a friend to us? As Jews we care for the whole human family, most of whom are not getting even their basic needs met because of the policies of the Bush administration to a large extent, policies which McCain would continue.
    Most of the third world is starving already and the food supply is less and less available. America seems to think that the only people who matter are (white, Chistian) Americans. We must not, as Jews, share the same mentality, surely.

  • Dovid

    You’re lying. Shame on you. Obama has said over and over that he would side with Israel. You’re right wing Christian paranoia is taking over. Obama is a friend to Jews. Right wing Christians are not!

  • Lori

    Go to AIPAC and look up Obama’s voting record on Israel. His score is as high as it can be. Now, look up Palin’s score. Just joking–she’s not on AIPAC’s site since she’s never been involved in anything having to do with Israel’s welfare. But she tosses around the word “Holocaust” as if she owns it. Please.

  • Jes

    The first comment posted is an outrageous lie, quoted from McCain’s propaganda: Obama has never suggested he would “side with” Muslims. Obama is a Christian but actually believes in separation of religion and the state. His approach to Israel is the same as his approach to all of our strong allies: we are with you forever but no blank check on every decision you make! Justice for Palestinians and security for Israel are BOTH critical to the future of peace in the Middle East and indeed throughout the world. Obama will be loyal to Israel, and will balance the interests of that state with the development of a second stable and peaceful democratic state of Palestine.

  • James

    To David Goldstien –
    Do you actually believe that REV. DR. JEREMIAH WRIGHT, TRINITY UNITY CHURCH OF CHRIST is mainstream Christian?
    Barack Husein Obama’s family is Muslim on his father’s side (both of his fathers) Do you also believe that he does not have strong sympathy with Muslims.
    Wake up people. This man is a con artist………but then he is a Democrat, and Jew must vote for Democrats

  • Dovid Goldstein

    And his “fathers” are Muslim. So you’re suggesting what? That he must hate Jews, want to harm Israel, be a bad American? Do what Lori said. Go to the AIPAC site. He’s a friend of Jews.
    Yeah, we do vote Democrat. If you think Democrats are bad, lok at what the Republicans did from the 30’s on, refusing any sanctuary for Jews from Hitler (Y”S). Why? Because they’re the CHRISTIAN PARTY!

  • Dovid Goldstein

    P.S. Telling people to wake up is so condescending and a sure conversation stopper.

  • Debbie

    Dovid, why are you anti-Christian? Views like yours are why we will never have peace.

  • R.B.S.

    please post my commentthat was listed undeRSAZSA@GMAIL.COM INCORRECTLY

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