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God’s Candidate

I was asked by the folks over at the Newsweek-Washington Post On Faith project if there were religious reasons to vote for or against Barack Obama or John McCain. My response: there is always a religious reason to pick a candidate, at least if one is genuinely religious.
If one is religious, then there is always a religious reason to pick a candidate. At least if your religion cares about this world and the importance of political engagement as a means to improving it. The fact that such impulses are abused by people who arrogantly assume that theirs is the only way to hear God’s voice or honor His/Her call is no excuse for segregating politics and faith.
As a fellow respondent to this question, Professor Susan Brooks Thistlethwaite, stated so well, “Religion is not a hat that you can take off or put on at will”. I caution however against confusing having a religious reason for choosing a candidate with being certain that the God in whom one believes is necessarily in 100% agreement with the choice you have made.
We should do our best to use the traditions we love most to reach the conclusions we deem best. For atheists, that probably leaves religion out. Though it would be interesting to see how the wisdom found in various traditions could contribute to better politics even for those who have no interest in the supernatural beings in whom most religious people believe.
But for those who follow a particular faith, I sure hope that it helps them to think about who should be our next president. If it doesn’t, I might start shopping for a new faith. I also hope we see a quick end to religious folks on both sides explaining why theirs “really reflects” the “true values” of their faith.


It seems to me that faiths rich enough to have sustained communities for hundreds, if not thousands of years, have within them footnotes to prove pretty much anything. The issue is having the commitment to make a choice and the modesty to acknowledge that others choices could have been made.
The choice should never be between “no God” and “God understood only in my way”. In this election, as in life, we would all benefit from invoking a God who offers more choices and more wisdom than could ever be contained within any one candidate, any one of us or any one of our traditions

  • Paula Penn-Nabrit

    Thanks for your commentary. I agree one’s religious & spiritual traditions can and should provide guidance-in politics as well as in every other arena of life. The following is long-but it’s an assessment of one woman’s religious & spiritual rationale for her vote.
    How many Sundays have we, black Americans of the African diaspora, heard the statement A Move of God is on the Way spoken, sung and even hummed. And on some level we truly believe it; we even go so far as to say we declare it and decree it. We say He hasn’t brought us this far to leave us now. We say we gonna run on and see what the end be like. And all of that is part of the spoken word mantra of black liberation theology. The fact that such commentary and all it implies is unfamiliar to the dominant culture of many white folks and a source of discomfort and embarrassment to those black folks who try to go “Incog-Negro” (aka “I want to be the only one!”) does not invalidate it. And now, in the midst of the most exciting and some would say surprising, presidential campaign this country has ever witnessed, we have to decide whether we can take those words of faith in A move of God is on the Way and make them live outside the church doors.
    This move of God analysis may not be a compelling or even recognizable argument for every demographic sector of these United States. For the remaining indigenous population of this continent as well as the offspring of earlier waves of voluntary immigrants, including the black and brown ones, this argument might seem foreign or even far-fetched. But for those of us among the 5th, 6th, 7th and 8th generation descendents of Americans of African ancestry, for those whose great-great-grandparents prayed for deliverance as strangers in a strange land, for we who grew up going to Sunday School and memorizing the books of the Bible right along with our ABCs and who can complete the phrase, “When I think of the goodness of Jesus…”; for that peculiar demographic sector, the descendents of the survivors of 200+ years of that peculiar institution, Senator Barack Obama’s campaign may best be understood as the manifestation of that move of God so feverishly sought.
    Granted there are those even within that peculiar demographic that don’t know (or remember) the Word or who think they’ve outgrown it, been educated beyond it, or transcended a financial dependence upon it, ala that sad and silly Mr. Johnson of BET fame who proves it is in fact possible to have way more money than sense. Some of us have long stopped proclaiming He’s a doctor in the sick room and a lawyer in the court room, ‘cause after all, lots of us are doctors and lawyers. Yet for every well-to-do, well-educated and well-read individual anywhere in the world, the Holy Bible still stands as a brilliant literary work that forms a critical component of Western civilization and the foundation of the Judeo-Christian tradition of these United States. So, big sigh of relief, one need not take the quantum leap of faith into holistic health and embrace the Word, spiritually, intellectually and physically. One of the wonderful things about great literary works is that they speak to universal issues of the human experience and can be studied and appreciated on a purely fragmented and academic level. That’s why you don’t have to be Russian to “get” Dostoevsky, you don’t have to be French to understand Camus and you certainly don’t have to be English to appreciate Shakespeare. The Bible, as a great work of art, is intellectually instructive and creates challenging opportunities for abstract thought and analysis. So when Bill Clinton snickered about Barack Obama’s campaign as a “fairy tale” I, like many other Americans of the African diaspora brought up as “Sunday School Scholars”, immediately thought of Sanballat mocking Nehemiah and his work on the wall.
    Nehemiah 4: 1-3, “But it came to pass, that when Sanballat heard that we builded the wall, he was wroth, and took great indignation, and mocked the Jews. And he spake before his brethren and the army of Samaria, and said, What do these feeble Jews? will they fortify themselves? will they sacrifice? will they make an end in a day? will they revive the stones out of the heaps of the rubbish which are burned? Now Tobiah the Ammonite was by him, and he said, Even that which they build, if a fox go up, he shall even break down their stone wall.”
    Of course mockery is no fun as a solo activity and just as Sanballat had his brethren and the army of Samaria and Tobiah, the Clinton camp has its chorus of cohorts including colored collaborators joining in the denigration of the work and it’s purpose. Yet all opposition is futile when a move of God is afoot. Nehemiah 4:6 reads “So built we the wall; and all the wall was joined together unto the half thereof: for the people had a mind to work.” Which is just a King James version of that old Sunday School mantra If the Lord be for you, He’s more than the world against you!
    Senator Barack Obama definitely and phenotypically is a black man. Admittedly he’s not in that narrowly proscribed and peculiar demographic, yet he remains a black man. He is a black man running successfully and forcefully for the highest office in what is arguably the most powerful nation in the world. He is a black man married to a black woman, who is part of that peculiar demographic, and they have two black children. This is, by any measurement standard, a momentous time in our short collective history as Americans. We need to step back and examine this amazing scenario being played out before our eyes-even as we recognize that everyone is not happy about it. When Barack Obama says “Yes we can” he is simply echoing a belief in hope, something all Americans understand. But the efficacy of hope is enhanced by a firm belief in grace and mercy. Church going Americans of the African diaspora have been singing about the grace and mercy of God for generations, even when it was obscured by all the strange fruit hanging in trees across this land. That’s why we can say with a certainty “Yes we can!” because of what grace and mercy already have allowed us to do, sometimes with and sometimes without the help of our white brothers and sisters. When Barack Obama says “Yes we Can!” it’s like listening to the soloist introduce “We’ve Come this Far By Faith” while the minister of music cues the choir. When we sing those words, well sometimes it’s just too much for a regular Sunday service. Sometimes we have to just sit and pray and reflect upon the goodness and mercy of God and where He’s brought us from; that’s why once a year we engage in a uniquely “black thing”, we pause for Watch Night Service on New Year’s Eve. Watch Night is when we, descendents of the earliest black Americans recognize and acknowledge our release from bondage here in our Babylon, our Egypt, here in these United States, the land of our prior captivity.
    Watch Night is biblical in its rationale. Exodus 13:14 And it shall be when thy son asketh thee in time to come, saying, What is this? that thou shalt say unto him, By strength of hand the LORD brought us out from Egypt, from the house of bondage.
    Watch Night Service is more than something to do instead of partying. It is at once both an act of obedience and of commemoration of two miraculous occurrences for all Americans, but especially for Americans of the African diaspora who wish to witness to a dying world about the saving power of Jesus Christ. Like Rev.Wright and Dr. King before him and the countless other black preachers, deacons and elders then and now, Watch Night is when we remember and recount those of America’s historical facts conveniently overlooked in other quarters; and we do that examination in the context of the Bible. We remember Daniel, and the three little Hebrew boys and we talk about Gideon because we understand those stories at a deep and personal level. We know what it is to be kidnapped, enslaved, oppressed, threatened and marginalized for hundreds of years. We also know about miraculous, inexplicable deliverance. Watch Night services will never be featured on any 24-hour cable shows or You Tube, yet they continue to be a vital and authentic aspect of the black church in America. Watch Night services happen to make sure our children know critical facts about our history as Americans and that those facts are known in context.
    Such as? In 1807 the United States Congress prohibited the importation of slaves, such prohibition to take effect January 1, 1808. In 1862 the Emancipation Proclamation was signed, freeing all slaves residing in the states which seceded from the Union, effective January 1, 1863. On December 31, 1862, the first Watch Night, black Americans gathered all over this nation and feverishly prayed in the new year of 1863. What was the prayer? The prayer was A Move of God is on the Way; the prayer was that this limited document, written by man, would be expanded by God to release all the slaves, not just those in the Confederacy.
    It could be argued that we, Americans of the African diaspora, who have been watching and waiting and celebrating the revolutionary Jesus Christ, are the best examples of God’s matchless grace, mercy and unfailing faithfulness and therefore we should be His best and most effective witnesses. In examining our complete emancipation and continued success here on these shores one must ask the question, is there a better example of God’s ability to do exceedingly abundantly above all that we ask or think, according to the power that worketh in us? Ephesians 3:20. I think the story of our diaspora is no less thrilling than the biblical story of the children of Israel, nor that of any other stories of oppressed people across the span of human history. I am certain it is a far, far greater story of struggle than that of rich white women in America, claims of Senator Hillary Clinton and her supporters notwithstanding But to illuminate and validate that statement we have to understand the history of this great nation and our unique role in it. We have to know what God has done, for knowing is part of wisdom. And the more we remember and repeat what we know, the greater our understanding becomes. “Wisdom is the principal thing; therefore get wisdom: and with all thy getting get understanding.” Proverbs 4:7.
    I grew up knowing A Move of God is on the Way. My parents taught me that Truth and both sets of grandparents reinforced it just as their parents and grandparents taught the Truth to them. We have been waiting, watching and preparing for it as it manifests, bit-by-bit. I believe this campaign by Senator Barack Obama is it’s manifestation for this moment in time. Does that mean I think Senator Obama is perfect? Obviously not, but as all Sunday School Scholars know, God doesn’t need perfection. Neither Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Joseph, David nor Moses were perfect yet they all moved the people of God closer to His perfect will for their lives. Gandhi, King, Malcolm and Mandela are modern examples of imperfect human vessels used by God to benefit all of humanity. I believe God is ready to bring about another move through yet another imperfect human vessel, namely Senator Barack Obama. In the secular context I’ve heard many people say Barack’s nomination is so close they can taste it, and that doesn’t surprise me. Remember Psalm 34:8, O taste and see that the Lord is good; blessed is the man that trusteth in Him. And James 5:16, Confess your faults one to another, and pray one for another, that ye may be healed. The effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man availeth much. Knowing how many effectual, fervent prayers of righteous black Americans have gone up over the centuries, it’s easy to understand why A Move of God is on the Way!
    © Paula Penn-Nabrit, 2008

  • Jeremiah Price

    Rabbi Brad –
    A very thought-provoking and disturbing blog.
    It is saddening and sickening to see campaigns begin to use and misuse “values” in an attempt to make one or the other candidate appear to be “on G-d’s side” or even “chosen by G-d”. It is also saddening to see an obviously bright and devout person like Paula Penn-Nabrit attempt to enlist G-d in her agenda for the liberal black cause, forgetting that this country is made up of many races with many agendas. G-d is now raising up a champion for the black man and moving to place him in his rightful position, aye? And He is doing it through Barack Obama! What about the rest of the races and religions? Has G-d relegated them to inferiority? The passive-aggressive intent of this writing which was written before Obama was even nominated is evident, as is the bias against “rich white women”. It is sad to see such an intelligent woman use her faith to support racism in this way.
    Back to the subject – we are not electing a G-d here. We are not electing a king. We are not selecting a national religion. We are electing a president who will head the nation. A president does not decide morality, nor do they validate one faith over another.
    Many of the presidents we have had were marginal as to morality and yet good presidents. Many who were strong morally and strong in their faith have been marginal as presidents.
    If religion has any place within the selection of a president it is in ascertaining that the person elected will support the freedom of all to worship as they decide is right between their G-d and themselves. Most of those propounding one or the other of the candidates as “G-d’s man” have missed the most basic concern – it is not the president who legislates morality – it is congress. We may have a very moral and values-correct leader who brings with him a perverted and corrupt party – in fact the more corrupt and self-serving the party, the more likely that they will attempt to have a clean and correct “front man”. Much more attention should be paid to the party the candidate is bringing with him than the candidate himself.

  • jeane philadelphia

    If we could learn to keep religion out of the government (all religion) then we could see past what the candidates have. Being Jewish it’s disturbing to hear the word Christ used in any form of government. It makes me feel singled out. Incidentally if anyone remembers that Jesus was a Jew I wonder if they would treat Jewish people so horribly.
    I want a president that feels my pain and he/she doesn’t have to share my beliefs in G’d. I want someone who at least knows what it’s like to earn under $250,000. I AM NOT JOE THE PLUMBER.

  • Patsy Elders

    Thoughts from a random mind—-
    I do not believe religion should be mixed with politics. I will vote Obama based on his ability to lead our nation, not on his religious beliefs. I do not care if he is Christian, Jewish, Muslim or whatever…… long as my religious views are respected.
    I do not understand why some in the nation says you have to be conservative to believe in one on earth has the “ONLY” path.
    Nations that lead from a religious standpoint i.e. Iran, scare me. We want tolerance in this country, yet we do not want to give it ourselves. Imagine if we were told we had to be Catholic to live here. Or, we all had to convert to the president’s church or we would be killed? People die each day in other countries for their religious beliefs. Look at how the Baha’is are killed in Iran by the government!
    Palin believes God will choose her. But, why? When my son played sports, I remember the strong conservative parents here in Oklahoma praying that our team would win. That always disturbed me, because the other side is “God will not care about the other team and let them lose”! We should not ask God for these things…but should be praying for a safe game and no harm done. Moreover, in the case of politics, for a leader that will let our nation rise from the despair it is in and gives back hope. And that we can find a way to end war and let every soul live in peace and not die for oil or “spoils” of war.
    I even prayed for Bush…and I dislike him more than I dislike anyone in history! But, he was the president and we still needed to pray for guidance for our nation.
    How can we expect our enemies to respect us, if we cannot respect our own within this great nation?
    The planet (God’s home) is number one, then the human heart. Please never forget how important EACH of us are on this planet!
    Teach tolerance for each other’s points of view and religious beliefs…because when we die, NO ONE knows the color of the skin of GOD! And apparently he loves us all, as we are still here! I do feel sorry for God; his children can never stop fighting!
    Shalom, Namaste, Alláh’u’Abhá, Ya Ali Madat and God be with you…………for he is good….

  • Ruvain

    Religion should play no role in deciding whom we elect to public office. Once again the rabbi has shown an ignorance of the history of prejudice, bigotry and violence which religion brings to government. The Founding Fathers knew that religion, which for them mean Christianity, was destructive of the civil welfare and that in order to protect people of its pernicious influence religion had to be separate from the State.
    In California we see the effects of the rabbi’s thinking. Right wing bigots are changing the state Constitution so that it adopts their particular religious anti-Gay dogma. These prejudiced people are the heirs of those who placed restrictive covenants in real estate deeds to keep Jews from moving into certain neighborhood. They are the heirs of opponents of women voting and supporters of segregation and before that in favor of slavery.
    Religious dogma has always being strife, hostility and violence to civil life. The KKK is at its heart a Christian organization that for decades terrorized local governments to enact racist laws and murders of people who were different.
    There was a time in American history starting with the Founding Fathers when “religion” and even “God” were dogma free. Religion and God referred to the Protestant Ethic of doing good deeds, very similar to Mitzvot, and Rabbi Hillel’s three questions. JFK said that his Catholic religion would play no role in his governing and in saying that JFK was re-stating the Foundng Fathers attitude towards religion.
    For the most of our history, religion dogma has stayed out of political life. One exception was the Christian Temperance Movement which forced Prohibition upon the nation. That created the Mafia which is still with us today. A union of Mafiosa and religious thumpers are the barrier to the country having sane drug laws. Religion dogma never makes sound public policy.
    As always is the case, those who impose their religion into the political arena attack and outlaw the religious positions of different religions. Reform Jews and many Christian dominations as well as secularists allow Gay Marriage, but the Thumpers cannot tolerate people having different viewpoints, and thus, Prop 8 will outlaw the beliefs of millions of Americans.


    Imagine if you will who G-d supposidly gave us as leaders if we are to believe the prophets.
    Lets go to the Kings of Israel. First there was Saul. Not a good idea. Then Samuel said oops I musta got that wrong and G-d meant David. We know the good and bad of that guy! And you can go down the list from there.
    Ok now supposidily the Kings and Queens of England are chosen by G-d and maybe those of other countries.
    Either we misunderstand G-d a lot, or we have been hoodwinked by men saying they spoke for G-d. I vote for the last one. I think it started with Samuel who was a fake and continued on. After all not only were lousy people picked as leaders in the name of G-d but supposidly, Samuel said G-d told him, to massacare people who were the enemies of the Jews. In todays world Samuel and his ilk would be either executed as traitors and blasphermers at worst or at best put where they could do no harm.
    Most likely G-d made us all and the world and said what will be will be and lets see how you deal with it. Think politics is not something the Supreme Being would ever bother with.

  • Scott

    In my experience, the more religious a person, the more likely he will be a crook or bigot. There is a recent study showing that white evangelical Christians force their children to take chastity pledges of no pre-martial sex. These evangelicals also have the highest unwed teen pregnancy rate and highest STD rates. In fact we see this phenomenon with Sarah Palin — a huge supporter of no premarital sex and abstinence only and with a pregnant teenage daughter.
    Everyone is supposed to be in awe of Plain because she is soooo religious, but at the same time no one is permitted to point out the miserable failure of her religious agenda in her own family. There is a reason that FAITH based people tend to be hypocrites, crooks and prejudiced. FAITH ( and I capitalize it to distinguish between faith or belief) requires the abdication of the mind and in many Christian denominations, only FAITH in Jesus as their Lord and Savior is important in the world. In their viewpoint, everyone who does not accept Jesus is damned to Hell. These Christians believe that only they know the Truth and that God/Jesus/Mary guides their actions, and thus, everything they do is an act of God. If they are caught stealing money from an elderly member of the congregation, they blame the devil or claim we are all sinners. They seek the redemptive power of forgiveness and then go out and continue their same behavior, e.g. rev. Jimmy Swaggart. Or look at how Jerry Falwell treated Tammy Fae Baker. Tammy Fae actually tried to live her faith only to be lied to and about, abused, and cheated by fellow evangelicals. And Jerry F. acted in the name of God. And he brought the same hate, lies and corrupt ways into the political arena.
    Despite their grand rhetoric, FAITH based people tend to accept little responsibility for acting in a moral fashion. As the Prop 8 situation in California shows, lies are their stock in trade. We have just seen how religious people behave with E. Dole’s lying campaign ad against Kay Hagan. While Dole claims to be a Christian, that did not stop her from bearing false witness against Ms.Hagan.
    Everyone has heard the proclamation abut how “we love all God’s children.” That is the same thing they said in the Middle Ages when they burned people at the stake in order to “save their souls.” The non-religious community in modern America does not allow such behavior, and thus, we do not have any stake burning or witch trials in modern America. Sarah Palin apparently believes in witches that possess people as we all have seen her allow a Pastor drive the witches from her.
    I would rather vote for a person with no religion. Then I would know that his code of ethics would be his own code. When a man or woman develops his own code rather than letting some religious authority impose a bunch of silly myths upon him or her, the person’s code of ethics and his/her behavior are much more likely to be congruent.

  • Marian Neudel

    Re: failure of religious people to live up to their commitments–
    Maimonides (a physician by trade) says something like “the soul knows its own sicknesses and picks the appropriate remedies.” So maybe the reason evangelicals are so dogmatic about the evils of non-marital sex and yet seem to be having so much of it is that they know their own weaknesses in that area and are trying to overcome them. Who knows what they’d be doing if they weren’t evangelicals!
    In my own experience, a lot of pacifists have very nasty tempers, anarchists and libertarians tend to be really bossy, and Quakers, whose primary liturgical expression is silence, are some of the talkiest people on the planet!

  • Al Eastman

    Some of the previous posters have gotten it partly correct.
    Marian Neudel posted: “In my own experience, a lot of pacifists have very nasty tempers, anarchists and libertarians tend to be really bossy, and Quakers, whose primary liturgical expression is silence, are some of the talkiest people on the planet!”
    Scott posted: “In my experience, the more religious a person, the more likely he will be a crook or bigot.”
    Ruvain posted: “Religious dogma has always being strife, hostility and violence to civil life. The KKK is at its heart a Christian organization that for decades terrorized local governments to enact racist laws and murders of people who were different.”
    Marian, Scott and Ruvain have rightly pointed out there exists those who cloak themselves in the garments of a religion or patriotism or some other noble cause to appear better than they are. These people mislead their followers by claiming to have a particular religious and/or moral high ground. They have no demonstrated record of success or accomplishments on which to base their claims. Each of the posters, however betray their core beliefs as regressive liberals by citing negative examples of conservatives, both political and religious.
    Of all of them Jeramiah Price hit the nail on the head when he posted: “Back to the subject – we are not electing a G-d here. We are not electing a king. We are not selecting a national religion. We are electing a president who will head the nation. A president does not decide morality, nor do they validate one faith over another.
    Many of the presidents we have had were marginal as to morality and yet good presidents. Many who were strong morally and strong in their faith have been marginal as presidents.
    “If religion has any place within the selection of a president it is in ascertaining that the person elected will support the freedom of all to worship as they decide is right between their G-d and themselves. Most of those propounding one or the other of the candidates as ‘G-d’s man’ have missed the most basic concern – it is not the president who legislates morality – it is congress. We may have a very moral and values-correct leader who brings with him a perverted and corrupt party – in fact the more corrupt and self-serving the party, the more likely that they will attempt to have a clean and correct ‘front man’. Much more attention should be paid to the party the candidate is bringing with him than the candidate himself.”
    Forget all the regressive liberal clap trap and ask yourselves this question and answer it honestly, “Of the two candidates, which has a proven track record, which has accomplished more on the national stage, and which would I hire to run MY PERSON business enterprise based on his past accomplishments?”

  • Paula Penn-Nabrit

    Thanks to Jeremiah & a point of clarification. Yes, I am both devout and well-educated-as are a great number of people, many of whom hold vastly different views. Due to the non-mainstream nature of my faith tradition (I am 4th generation Apostolic, Pentecostal, my husband and sons and I worship in the same congregation my great-grandparents helped found when they migrated to Columbus, OH in the 1890.) I have always been fascinated by the religious and spiritual traditions of others. I do not find beliefs contrary to my own to be troublesome. I wonder why others do. In the same vein of comparative analysis, my husband and I have been blessed, like our parents, grandparents and great-grandparents, to be extremely well-educated. (We met in college-he was at Dartmouth & I was at Wellesley-I went on to get a law degree). We’ve been married 32 years & self-employed for 22 years. We have 3 sons that we home-schooled until they went to college (the twins went to Princeton & the “baby” to Amherst).
    I share this to attest to the fact that I have voluntarily exposed myself to enormously varied racial, cultural and religious backgrounds. However, I continue to be amazed at how inflexible and non-responsive others are to an expansive exploration of the views of black Americans. Jeremiah, you are a case in point. There was nothing in my post that expressed disregard for any other racial, ethnic or religious group. I think what might be an admittedly unconscious challenge maybe the conspicuous absence of white privilege. We are so unaccustomed to black people openly expressing legitimate views & opinions that when it occurs, it is often incorrectly seen as exclusionary. Everything need not be dichotomous (either/or); some things are diunital (both/and). My question to Jeremiah is did you read my post, in its entirety? Did you read it carefully and rationally? I ask because your reply was an answer that was not responsive to the posting. That is not surprising and we, as multi-generational black Americans must take some responsibility for that. Traditionally, for the sake of survival, we have repressed our truest and often conflicted feelings as Americans-even as our forefathers & mothers worked, built, served & fought for this nation-from its very inception. I as a 8th generation black American am certain I have inherited the right to speak freely because my loyalty is beyond question-by anyone. That is a civic fact.
    Spiritually, I both know and believe that God does indeed use imperfect human vessels to bring about His will in the world. The magnificent work of M.Ghandi is a testament that such a view is not a “black” thing, nor is it a “nationalist” U.S. thing; rather is what many black people view as a “God” thing. Now, you may not agree with that analysis, which is fine. But the fact that you appear to be unaware that such an analysis exists is not fine. It is ignorant. Just as I take personal responsibility for knowledge accumulation about Hinduism, Judaism, Islam, etc.; just as I take personal responsibility for knowledge accumulation about masculinity in a post-modern world and the political and cultural components of “whiteness” in a national and global context, so should you take responsibility for knowledge accumulation about the views of a great many black Americans. You need not agree, that’s one of the many things that make this nation great, but you need to elevate your level of personal responsibility for knowledge accumulation. To not do so is evidence of white supremacy-you expect, in fact demand to be known, yet evidence no attempt at knowledge of the views of others. That comfort in the lack of knowledge evidenced by a paternalistic attempt at “correction” when information is offered to you is a collective hindrance to growth that limits all of us as Americans. Please try and do better.

  • debrarae

    Everyone is so ‘awestruck’ over Obama. But you have to ask if he cares about the Jews so much, WHY is he supporting a leading TERRORIST in the PLO?

  • new beginning

    Years ago, I met a man who had suffered a financial reversal late in his life, forcing him to continue working long past the age of 75. He explained to me that he was doing business with a man who told him he could be trusted because he was a good Christian. He trusted. And he lost. Big time.
    My point is that if one professes his or her strong faith, he or she is to be mistrusted until the proof is presented. If he acts his faith, he has more credibility.
    Seeing a cross or a magen david or other religious symbol around someone’s neck is no guarantee of one’s ethical behavior.

  • Mother of 3

    Quote by debrarae “Everyone is so ‘awestruck’ over Obama.” end quote.
    It’s quite frightening isn’t it?
    I am not in awe of him at all and find it decidedly discomforting the fanatical way he is treated by the U.S main stream media and his supporters.
    How many magazine covers can you see his face in a shop window?
    It smacks of idolatry and we all know persons in history who wielded that tool.
    To Paula Penn-Nabrit, I liked what Jeremiah Price wrote in response to your article.
    Go smell some roses.
    Cheers. :)

  • Dan Krapf

    I believe that I am a person with strong Christian values and a personal relationship with my Creator. However, the last eight years, and also, with this election, I find that those that I voted for and were stong Christians with values were a great disappointment. I believe this year and also in the last eight years, I found out what it means to be a republi and be indentified as part of “elite Christian right and the best for living true family values. This is what I have learned. To be identified as a true Chritian a be a part of the true believers, the Christian right, you must consistnetly be able to demonstrate four (4) values. YOu must be able to lie, lie, and lie. If that doesn’t work than go to your strongest value and lie some more. I have never heard so many lies come from repunlican elected and those wanting to be elected in my life. If I did belief in God and Christ, I would be embarassed to identify myself as a Christian. Also, If they don’t lie they will distort the information so badly that it is unbelievable. The value of integrity, honesty and trustworthiness were and still are the hallmarks of my youth and my life.

  • Robyn

    I’ve been browsing anti-semetic (hater) sites and have found, to my pleasure, that they consider Obama a Zionist. Interesting. Makes you go “hmmmm………….”. I know that doesn’t make him a Zionist, but apparently those who hate Zion think he is.
    Also, we would all do well to read the book of the prophet Isaiah before we vote, if we haven’t already. If you’ve already voted, read Isaiah anyway, so you’ll have God’s perspective on what He desires of a nation, of a government, of a people. Unrestricted capitalism is certainly not a sacred choice. Capitalism itself will lead to chaos or revelution if it is not tempered by mercy and common sense.
    Thanks so much for helping this Christian have insight into some facets of the Jewish community.

  • Cynt

    Has anyone read..All have sinned and fallen short of the glory of the Lord???
    Not one of the canidates are perfect, no not one! This is truly a time to cling to the WORD, and since this country is made up of mostly gentiles, we need to pay particular attention to the message from Jesus, himself, written in the bible about the gentiles, take heed, have faith, discern, and trust in HIM!!! Put on the whole armor of God!
    I voted for Obama, HOWEVER, I will never “Bow down” to any man or woman NOR put my faith and trust in any man!! And lastly, I will never fear what man can do to me!!!
    Sister in Christ!!

  • Joseph C. Moore, Cpo USN Ret.

    G..d’s Candidate? Blasphmous! Politics have only to do with man’s kingdom, a creation to serve his(man’s) constituency, not G..’s. We need to judge a candidate on moral and ethical grounds in addition to (his-her) political acumen, not on a religious choice. Am I contadicting myself? No. A person can be moral and ethical without the adherence to a professed religion.
    If we are to believe most faiths, when the end of humanity comes we will be answering to the Kingdom of G.. and not to any man made entity. Man has made his own choices in eathly ruling and G.. has kept his hand out of it,

  • Your Name

    I agree with CPO Joseph Moore. Jesus said, “Render to Caesar the things that are Caesar’s and to God the things that are God’s.”
    It is so WRONG to inject religion into our politics and is exactly why the Founding Fathers wrote the Freedom of Religion Amendment.
    They were afraid of ‘the religious right’ and the consequences of allowing a political party to use religion as it’s banner. We are suffering those consequences now and I hope that we have finally figured out that the separation of Church and State is the first step to freedom.

  • Paula Penn-Nabrit

    Dear Mother of 3: I love roses & flowers in general & really enjoy my garden. However, smelling roses cannot be a substitute for responsible thought and action-no matter how cute or adorable one may find the process. I have smelled many, many roses. Have you engaged in any meaningful thought? Specifically did you read and more importantly think about what I wrote, either initially or in response to Jeremiah Price’s reply? Or did you just decide to proffer a cute & adorably trite response? Please prayerfully consider Proverbs 18:13-16 “He that answereth a matter before he heareth it, it is folly and shame unto him. The spirit of a man will sustain his infirmity; but a wounded spirit who can bear? The heart of the prudent getteth knowledge; and the ear of the wise seeketh knowledge. A man’s gift maketh room for him, and bringeth him before great men.”
    As a mother of 3, I hope you are conscious of your responsibility as your children’s first teacher, to show them, by example, the importance of using all the gifts God has given us-including the gift of disciplined thought. And regarding Obama’s candidacy, his gift clearly has made room for him.
    Finally, lest anyone think my analysis is too intellectual let me close with a colloquial or vernacular analysis. When you see Obama’s ascendency and you feel whaterver it is you feel, fear, resentment, anger, think on this “Don’t hate the player, hate the game.” Translation: The 2-party political system has been firmly established and entrenched, in and for the benefit of the dominant Caucasian-white population, which of course includes many assimilated Jews (those who have grown so tired of the relentless anti-Semitism that has so often plagued this nation and the rest of the world that they no longer acknowlede their Jewish heritage, faith or tradition). How remarkable that after centuries of co-habitation this is the first time in the history of this great “democracy” that a viable black candidate appears-and is successful. The game & rules have been set in place, with the express intent of dis-enfranchishing a specific demographic sector. ANd when that sector achieves success-despite all efforts to the contrary-your response is “unease”?! Barack Obama is going to win because the majority of Arericans are ready to embrace the long-delayed promise of this great nation. To use a Buddhist teaching: When the student is ready the teacher will appear.” Embrace the truth of your fallacy of white supremacy and let God purge you of all unrighteousness. Sela!
    Have you any thoughts or is your assessment limited to your feelings, likes and dislikes? Granted, smelling roses is a joy-I have an extensive garden myself, however, God calls us to do more than indulge our feelings, likes and dislikes
    II Timothy 2:15 – Study to shew thyself approved unto God, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth.

  • Hashem’s Chosen

    Hi guys,
    Hashem does have a favorite in this election and his name is Barack Obama!

  • Believer

    Barack Obama initially caught my attention because of his integerity and consideration of others. He held himself above the smears of his opponent. He has run with a calm, compassionate interest for the good of all citizens. Unfortunately John McCain has not been Christian-like in any of his.

  • Merriel

    I am a Christian and I am voting for McCain. Frankly, I can’t see how anybody who worships God and believes in His Son, Jesus Christ, could possibly vote for the most radical, pro-abortion candidate who has ever served in public office. Do your homework and you will find that BHO is pro-abortion, pro-partial birth and doesn’t even believe that a baby who (miraculously) survives abortion has a right to be saved. He was the only senator in the Illinois State Senate to vote against a bill that would protect a bill that would mandate the doctors to try and save those infants. He voted against it, not once, but four times. I ask one thing, pray before, during and after you step into that booth on Nov. 4, 2008. Innocent, unborn babies lives hang in the balance.

  • Miss Jo

    Wow I’m so grieved to be reading some of these post. I went directly on my knees and started praying to God, begging Him to protect those that serve Him. I work in the ministry and will proudly claim I am a Christian…not religious but a friend of Christ! I will even be willing to lose my life serving Christ! I am greatly grieved and cannot fathom how much more God is grieving over our country right now.
    America what is going on? You take God out of our country and what do we have left? Well if we keep it up soon we won’t have a country. What was the main reason for coming over to America in the first place??? To be free to worship Jesus Christ our Savior! Not to be told when and how to worship! Look what happened to Sodom and Gommorah. Genesis 13:13 Now the men of Sodom were wicked and were sinning greatly against the LORD. Continue on to Genesis 19. God destroyed Sodom and Gommorah for they turned their backs on God. The One True God! Why do you think He won’t destroy America if we turn our backs completely on God?
    So why do we allow people to murder babies? Why do we allow same sex marriages? Why did we let the Bible be taken out of school? Why are teenagers being told they cannot wear a Christian T-Shirt with a Bible verse on it to school? Why are youth leaders not allowed on school campuses? Why are we allowing sex outside of marriages?
    For those of you who are calling yourselve Christians or God followers and believe in the Bible ask yourself some of these questions???
    The Bible clearly states that this is all wrong. Look at what happened when we took out the Word of God from schools! More and more school shootings!
    Do we love our kids enough to want to protect their future and their lives? Would we not give anything to keep our kids alive if we knew they were going to die from terrible suffering???
    Our Heavenly Father loved His Son so much and yet He let Him suffer through the 40 lashes minus one, and being nailed to the cross. Plus more pain and suffering, why? So that we may LIVE Forever in Peace with our Lord in Heaven someday! God didn’t have too but John 3:16 says alot. For God so loved the world that He gave His One and Only Son. That who ever believes in Him, Shall NOT perish BUT have Everlasting LIFE! He died for you! He died for me! He died for those who want to believe in Him!
    My question is if you are claiming you follow after God than why are we closing our eyes and “pretending” that America is good? Why aren’t we taking a stand and put up a fight.
    Look around people are trying too but Christians we need to come together and PRAY PRAY PRAY. Pray for God to spare our country. Pray for a revival. INVITE GOD back into our country that once used to worship Him. Satan is coming in like a theif in the night to kill steal and destroy everything that he possibly can! He’s the greatest liar on earth. We have hope that we can defeat Satan. 1 John 4:4 You, dear children, are from God and have overcome them, because the one who is in you is greater than the one who is in the world.
    Revelation 20-22 talks about how Christ will bind up satan and rescue us as well! Our God is a God of LOVE. Let’s serve Him and take a stand on what His Word tells us to do! But let our light shine as well so that our good deeds will praise Our Father In Heaven! Matt 5:16
    I am no where near perfect. I do not even want to claim I’m perfect. But we need to try. Matthew 5:48 says Be perfect therefore as your heavenly Father is perfect. We will always fall short of God’s glory but our God is a God of love and forgiveness. WE just need to ask Him to keep on forgiving us and to follow after Him and serve Him with our lives. Our kids are not perfect they fail and do things wrong but yet we still love them! How much more does our Father in Heaven love us?
    My challenge to all of us is this.
    #1: Pray for our country and that we will turn from wicked and turn back to God. (we may not commit murder, we may not steal but all and all we are ALL still SINNERS in CHRIST eyes according to the Bible)
    #2: Stop condeming all the Christians or anyone for that matter as He without sin shall cast the first stone…need i mention that we all have sinned at least once…even if it was just a little tiny white lie?
    #3: Have you ever considered the reason Sarah Palin might take a stand against sex before marriage as she may know first hand how difficult it is? She is expierencing it and you know what she still loves her daughter but hates the sin!
    #4: Support other Christians by praying for them and encouraging them…Hebrews 3:13 But encourage one another daily, as long as it is called Today, so that none of you may be hardened by sin’s deceitfulness.
    #5: Spend time in God’s Word and Listen to what it says. We will fail but the glory of it is God will forgive us. When we say the Lord’s prayer do we not ask Him to forgive us as we forgive those who traspass against us?
    #6: Share Christ with others by living your life on letting Christ shine through you. Wether you call yourself Catholic, Jews, Baptist, Luthern we all serve an amazing God and let’s put our differences behind us and unite together as members of one body!
    I know not everyone will see eye to eye with me but if there is anything that you get out of this let it be this right here. Pray for God’s will to be done not our will! Let God speak through us and that we will be good listeners towards Him and spend time with Him and be used by Him for His purpose! Take a stand and know that we can do all things through God who gives us strength!
    Thank you and God bless all of you who take a true stand for God and serving Him with your life!
    Miss Jo
    (ps. sorry about all the bad spelling and grammer)

  • C.J.McDaniel

    First of I am proud to be an American and Proud to support the Holy Land of Israel.May stand strong against her enemies. I for one will be casting my vote for Sen. McCain. I might be wrong but how can someone call Obama a good Christian when he turns his back on his church because of what his Pastor said.And last of all don’t forget that the nation of Islam has indorsed Obama.Thank yuo. C.J.

  • Scott R.

    Frankly, I can’t see how anybody who worships God and believes in His Son, Jesus Christ, could possibly vote for the most radical, pro-abortion candidate who has ever served in public office.
    Well, you know what? I’m a Jew. I don’t believe that God has any son (save Israel, the Jewish people, as outlined in Isaiah). My religion doesn’t have a blanket prohibition on abortion, nor does it believe that our beliefs should influence civil law on same sex marriage (and I am sick to death of people piggybacking their political beliefs on the pain of others). I don’t think kids should be able to wear explicitly religious t-shirts (be them Xian or anything else) in public schools.
    I am proud to be a Jew, I am proud to live in a country where the majority Xian culture is not allowed to squash mine
    and I am voting for Barack Obama on Tuesday, and I am doing it with enthusiasm!

  • Amey

    I cannot claim to know the Bible completely, but I can say I feel the Father completely. In my heart I know I cannot force people to be moral. I do know He says to not be judgmental but to love all especially the ones who may be lost. I know I did not give myself free will and I cannot give it or take it from someone else. That being said I can only make a decision based on what I have seen and know He’ll be there if I’m wrong. That being said McCain seems a little too impulsive and although I believe he is a good man I can’t in good conscience vote for someone I can’t trust to stay calm and make rational decisions in times of crisis. Good Luck on your decision and may God bless us all.

  • Nicki Brown

    All I can say to all Jews and Christians alike: READ YOUR BIBLES AND VOTE FOR THE ONE WHO WILL CARRY OUT THE LAWS SET FORTH BY GOD. I for one, will be voting for John McCain. He’s not dishonest and deceitful like Barack Obama. Obama will definitely show the Jews that support him, what he has in store for them and Israel, and God knows, it won’t be good. A good deal of his finances have been filtered down to him through Saudi Arabia. Israel will be in dire straits if Obama is elected. Do what is right. The results will be in God’s hands. God destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah, for a lot less than what is happening in America, today. PRAY! PRAY! PRAY! Ask God to forgive us and show us His Mercy. Our lives, our future and Israel’s and Jerusalem’s hang in the balance. Father, forgive us, for we still don’t know what we’re doing, even after 6,000 years and all of the chances You have given us. Obama is a deceiver like Satan!

  • Ruvain

    Dear Miss Jo,
    Your rambling on about Jesus to Jews is like pagans telling you about Zeus and Mt. Olympus.
    You may a sinner is Jesus’ eyes, but in our eyes, Jesus is just another Jewish guy. As Jerry Seinfeld said, “Yaddi, yadda, yadda, Jesus Shmees-us.”

  • Chester W. Paine

    What slavery was to the 1800’s, and the Holocaust was to the 1900’s, abortion is for the 2000’s. The declaration of any segment of the human population as “not really human” has always led to unspeakable atrocities.
    Obama himself made the statement that “sex is sacred”. The product of a “sacred” act is “holy”. So how can he, in good conscience, then advocate throwing it in the trash?
    Obama and his admitted spiritual mentor for decades are only masquerading as Christians. Whitewashed sepulchers. God is color-blind, unlike the black liberation theology espoused at their church. But the American people just might be ignorant enough of the Judeo-Christian roots on which this country was founded, to be able to consciously distinguish anymore. And there is probably too much noise in most people’s heads today to be able to listen to the inner voice.
    Unfortunately, the Rev. Wright may indeed be a Prophet. For if the American people do elect Obama for the self-serving reasons that they appear to be, God may indeed be “damning America” to stew in our own waste for quite a long time to come through the effect of the Court.
    This election is about the Court, not about the economy, or “the war”, or some vague rights of some special interest groups. Those come and go. Those don’t affect the fabric of who we are. When the government can take “inalienable rights” from individuals, you have a major break with the 200 year old ideals of that this country was founded on. Talk about change. Not for the better. But you won’t read that in the NYT.
    A House and Senate under the control of a single party, the “free press” under the control of a single party, the Presidency and the Court under a single party – which has demonstrated a singular quest for power over truth. Seems an awful lot like Germany in the 1930’s.
    History repeats itself for those who haven’t learned from it.

  • John

    The bible mentions helping the poor more than any one thing; yet the Religious Right and the Republican Party faithful change the topic always to abortion and gays. As a Christian, who reads the bible daily, and tries hard to walk with the Lord, I ask: since when did being a Christian become the same as being a Republican? The Democrats have done and will always do more for the poor.

  • Esther

    It seems that the “Christian ” responses are so filled with fear and loathing. Is this what your religious leaders tell you is the meaning of faith? I have read your bible and it doesn’t suggest such propaganda. You are allowed to use your intelligence to shape your beliefs. Everything is going to be what it will, regardless of your rhetoric. be positive, let people think for themself, vote for their beliefs and most important look out for improving the lives (and feelings ) of those around them. That is one of the definitions of “goodness” in the eyes of G–d. Democratic socialism as a governing style promotes fairness/sharing/equity and these values are a good thing and can be a positive change for the living people of North American continent. Let us return to the ideals of living our lives freely (in place of dictating to others) just as the founding Europeans designed the governnment of the USA

  • Scott R.

    Every single one of the people here, commenting with their “facts”, are doing nothing but repeating rumors. Therefore, they are bearing false witness, and they are committing a great wrong…a sin, in fact.
    I must agree with Esther – most of these people are Xian, and they make Xianity seem so unpalatable and, frankly, miserable. Very bad salesmen for their faith.

  • Mother of 3

    Hey Paula,
    Indeed I do think and ponder a lot, as a busy mother of 3, I multi-task too. :)
    Gosh….I’m just agreeing with the previous writer who seemed to pick up some inconsistencies on your rather lengthy musings.
    Is it wrong to critique your novella???
    Surely you aren’t so precious that you can’t learn from someone else?
    Seems the Obama camp don’t like anyone criticising him either.
    Is this a snippet of the clamp-down America is in for if “The One” takes office.
    One is not allowed to disagree and is scolded like a naughty child.
    Shame you aren’t big enough to handle divergent views.
    G-d bless lady.

  • Mother of 3

    Oh Paula, for the record, motherhood is SO important to me I would never consider voting for your candidate who doesn’t quibble supporting laws which quash the lives of unborn babies.
    He is a monster.
    But each to his/ her own.
    Go Macca!!!!!!!!!!

  • Geri

    I have come to your sight to read the word…
    Not for you to tell us who I should vote for..
    Are you telling me that you think Plain could handle being the pres. she doesn’t even know what a VP does!I dont want to see anything happen to McCain but he is very ill!!!
    Are you saying Obama Christian? Did God tell you that?
    Have you looked up and studed both…McCain and Obama? or are you going by what you someone has told you……..
    Something to think about!!!!!!!!!

  • Geri

    Whoops…Are you saying Obama is “not” a Christian..?…
    What kind of sight is this??? I dont think I care to belong to it!!!!!!!

  • Andy

    I have been a long standing reader of this site but based on the comments and involvement of this site regarding the candidates in this election I have a very negative opinion about it now. My beliefs are my own and I don’t condemn people because they have different beliefs. We can be individuals as fingers on a hand but we need all the fingers to make a complete hand and to join together for common causes. I beleieve both candidates have the same goal but different ways to go about it and questioning any of their beliefs is just hypocrisy. If this is your sites views maybe I need to find somewhere else to read my bible teachings.

  • Michele

    I just happened to come to the site today because of what happened when I left work yesterday, and I see the very thing that is bothering me. Someone was kind enough to leave a copy of something that MR. Obama has stated that has infuriated me. This man who seeks to represent this country, has stated that he will do away with the American flag and the national anthem because some other countries say it represents oppression. These are symbols of what this country is based on. FREEDOM from oppression, from tyranny, and from dictatorship. FREEDOM of choice. FREEDOM to believe in GOD how we choose. If he seeks to destroy that, what else will he destroy? We, as citizens of the United States of America have a right to choose someone who protects that right, and ALL the other rights we have. People aren’t perfect, experience or no experience, but don’t you think we should have someone who will protect us and what we stand for, instead of protecting those who wish to take it away? We all are different. We were created that way. Ever heard the saying “United we stand, divided we fall”? NO, I do NOT believe that this person has our best interests at heart. But, see that is my right. GOD help us all.

  • MamaKel

    My vote, like my faith is quite personal. It is disturbing to watch those who claim and use the ‘religious platform’ as a ‘scare tactic’ to try and influence my decision. I refuse to give into it. I put my faith in God and not man. Before folks start in on each other, whether you are ‘religious’ or not, according to Christ, we have no right to judge anyone else and yet all I keep seeing and hearing from many of those who claim to be religious, sitting there in judgement, pointing their fingers and damning anyone who doesn’t believe the way they do. Everyone needs to get over themselves and clean off their own steps before starting on someone elses. As a child of God I am also a sinner, just like you. When I walk into that voting booth on Tuesday, I will take my God with me, along with all that I have observed from both sides of the fence, and cast my vote in the name of the Lord. Keep your judgement to yourself, I answer to Him alone and no matter how this election turns out, because I have Christ, I have nothing to fear out of man. Andy, I agree…God bless you all in Jesus Name!

  • Chester W. Paine

    As far as helping the poor, since John brought it up, McCain and Palin personally give *much* more to charity than either Obama or Biden do. That is true for Republicans individuals as a whole compared to Democrats as a recent survey showed.
    Charity is giving of your own self, not of somebody else’s. That is authoritarianism.
    The amount that the Democratic leaders give to charity demonstrate clearly how little of their own rhetoric they believe. Luckily they’ve had a willing arm to keep people in the dark, which is the only reason they are where they are. Their views don’t survive the light of day.
    The McCains adopted an orphan from Mother Theresa’s orphanage after a visit in 1991. Palin HAD Trig instead of aborting the little bugger. Meanwhile Obama says he’d counsel his daughters to abort his own grandchildren rather than have them saddled with the fruits of their own actions.
    Look, we ALL must vote our conscience. But you can’t bind and gag your conscience just to be able to vote it in the name of “your” G-d.
    Abortion is one issue, as the genocide of Jews and the disabled in WWII was just one issue, as slavery was just one issue. Some issues are overriding to anyone with a working conscience, because it denies “THE” fundamental right to other individuals. If “your” G-d doesn’t want you thinking about that, you’ve just plain got the wrong G-d. Google some of the images of abortions if you want to return to a larger mission in life than smearing salve on your own petty grievances. Give!

  • Sharon

    Collectively, I couldn’t have said it better, people truly have alot of judgements and opinions about others based on what mass media portrays as if that’s the person inside-out and it’s all the truth and nothing but, NOT, far from it.
    I too plan to take my God with me on election day and cast my vote based on my own mission, vision and values and may the best man win.
    At the end of the day I too answer to HIM alone

  • Alison

    FOR MICHELE: You said:
    “Someone was kind enough to leave a copy of something that MR. Obama has stated that has infuriated me. This man who seeks to represent this country, has stated that he will do away with the American flag and the national anthem because some other countries say it represents oppression.”
    That someone is not “being kind” to you. They are lying to you.
    Please check for this and all the rest of the lies being propagated: (this one is about the national anthem and is FALSE).
    Here’s a whole list of Barack Obama e-mails and “statements,” most of which are proven FALSE.
    Ask yourself: do you want to support a party that is spreading lies and slurs as a routine part of their campaign? Think about lashon hara, and ask yourself which campaign is indulging in RIGHT speech as part of their daily life?
    I’ll give you a hint, it’s not the Republicans this year… you betcha!!!

  • David

    Clearly, the choice is not Barack Hussein Obama.
    With G-ds help and the good and clear thinking of the [legal] voters, John McCain will win this election.

  • Faith

    Religious reasons to vote for or Against Obama and McCain”
    All Paraphrased:
    A leader must be the husband of one wife, capable of disciplining his own house hold
    A man must protect and serve his family
    His personal life must be moderate in all things
    He must not be given to “wine-bibbing”
    He should not indulge in sins of the flesh, including but not limited to gluttony, lust, lying, laziness, wastefulness.
    He should be able to keep order in his business.
    His wife must be above reproach, so that he can be praised in the gates.
    The leader must recognize that the greatest gift among Faith, Hope and LOVE, is LOVE:
    Love is kind
    Love seeketh not her own – will allow other points of view
    Love never changes
    Love is not prideful – vaunteth not itself
    Love does not keep a record of past wrongs
    Love is forgiving
    Mix that with Faith – confidence in God and the people and with HOPE- a yearning for a better day, way of life…and compare both men.
    Then choose ye this day whom ye will serve.
    For your vote means simply that you are willing to bear the yoke of that leader for the next 4 years.

  • Faith

    “The amount that the Democratic leaders give to charity demonstrate clearly how little of their own rhetoric they believe.
    I disagree completely. The BIBLE exhorts us to give alms ( charity) secretly. Those who give openly do so to uplift themselves – not out of a true sense of piety and love for fellow man.
    Each day, someone asks, and receives from me something – whether cash, food, clothing, some assistance. I give freely.
    I WOULD NEVER THINK of claiming my giving on a tax form! Because it is UNGODLY (as I read the Bible) to give with the hope of receiving a tax return or crowing about it.
    So, send the IRS for me, because they have NEVER heard of my contributions to the poor and needy and never will.

  • Rosemarie

    In an attempt to be “politically correct” and minimize the Word, many of our faith based organizations and denominations have contributed to the distortions of Biblical, social and political beliefs. These factors are most prevelant during the political campaigning process in this country. During these times, the definition and practice of Christianity is polarized and legitimized as expressing of one’s God given right to speak out for or against a representative who is going to protect and ensure these rights in our lives.
    How ironic and disheartening that at this time, hatred, fear, intimidation, classism,sexism, racism and total distortion of the Word appear to justify blatant cruelty, disrespect, manipulation of justice, and economic measures created all benefit only the status quo….where is the God that these faith based leaders and denominations serve?
    Although there are many translations of the Word throughout the world, the Word still states that God created us all in His image and likeness, that we are to forgive others so that He can forgive us, and we are to seek His Mercy, guidance and direction. Be sure that whatever decision you make at the polls is made with God’s direction and not the passion and emotional frenzy that a candidate or the political process has ignited in you.
    God is in total control and your ministers/pastors are men who are and have proven to fall prey to the very sins of omission and commission that we all have. He/she too is a sinner saved by grace. Know God and the Word for yourself. He will never leave you or forsake you. I thank God for His Word, my family, friends and those people He continues to put in my life.
    Keep God first and He will show you who and what to put next. Be blessed.

  • Berta

    Religion should in no way play a part in our political process nor should race or gender; However, that being said when we make decisions a part of our morale convictions come into play. I’m sure that Jews take into consideration if the candidate leans towards or against supporting and protecting Israel. John F. Kennedy attracted the attention of the voters who wondered if his loyalty would be with the Pope! We tip toe through new territory looking for our own comfort zone & identity! Both Hillary and Obama took us away from familiar grounds and have offered us an insight into our own thinking process… We know that issues and policies should be the deciding factor in any campaign but external appearance has a way of stimulating our mind–for the better or the worse. Sometimes we’re threatened if “they don’t look like us or talk like us?”
    Hopefully and by all accounts the polling has proven that we have to embraced the ideas of the candidates as the decion maker..I do feel that there is a special breed of individuals that take it upon themselves to run for this particular office…their conviction is so powerful and possibly self-centered as their passion guides them to fulfilling a change for what they sense will be for the better of all…screaming with an energy that says that ‘they’ are the ones that can make it happen…. or maybe “Yes we can”….I like the phrase because it will take each of us to make the change–no one person can do it alone!

  • Anita Stone

    God will vote in this election . Just waiting to see if we will be forgiven or if judgment will be brought down on this Nation. The Father of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob says we shall not kill, on this matter alone their is only one choice. I am afraid for Israel if Obama gets in there. Everything in my soul tells me he is not a friend. After all you are like the company you keep. I pray for him.


    WOW BRAD-you get the strangest posts on here!!
    Bet you are either shaking your head in disbelief or rolling in the aisles with laughter.
    The one I love the best-God is voting in this election!
    I fear for the country if this is what is voting-thank G-d majority rules!

  • Scott R.

    It used to be that people would research and study an election. They wouldn’t base their vote on hearsay, and now especially, internet hearsay.
    I am afraid of my fellow Americans. We don’t deserve the vote.

  • Patsy Elders

    In case you have not seen the video of Palin and the “witchhunters”
    I think EVERY one should see this!!1

  • Lisa

    No matter who gets president NOv. 4th it will be “The Will Of God” He already has a plan,,so why sweat about it….It’ll be ok…

  • Cynthia Wallen

    Why are we mixing politics and religion? and even yet convincing readers to vote McCain. This is not your job – stick to your duty as Christians. When we have to make a decision, it is forgotten that we should chose and think as Christians. What would Jesus do.

  • Ruvain

    Why are some many Xtians pushing their silly mythology on to the Jews. It was B.S. 2,000 years ago and it is B.S. today. Jews do not care for cannibalism and other aspect of Xtian, like the absurd idea that one needs to be saved and that by believing in sheer nonsense on is saved.
    I am unaware of Jews going to Xtian sites and telling Xtians that they must accept Jewish tradition in order to be moral human beings. I am not referring to Xtians who post but do not tell Jews to accept Xtian theology.
    The Thumpers, however, show why McCain and Palin do pose a danger to the country. The support imposing the religious dogma of a certain narrowed minded form of Xtianity on the entire country. McCain wants to exclude all Gays from the Military, Palin supports a constitutional amendment to restrict Gays’ rights and she says that Creationism and abstinence only should be taught in schools.
    Whenever Xtianity is inserted into politics, it is always the Evangelical type which has no respect for anyone else, Xtian, Jewish, Mulsim, secularist, etc., and always blames other people for the nation’s woes. As we heard several evangelical preachers proclaim, 9/11 occurred because G-d hated Gays and we did tolerated Gays enough. Thus, the Thumper solution was to change the Constitution in order to show G-d that America hates Gays. Where will such bigot y go from there?
    McCain has already said that he does not feel comfortable with non Xtians holding political office. He felt that one had to be from the JudeoXtian background. Since Jews are only from the Jewish 1/2, it appears that for McCain, Jews are not really appropriate to hold public office. When he had a choice between a Jew and a Thumper, McCain chose an ignorant, bigoted Thumper.

  • Llani

    Unbelievable to endorse or support ANY candidate or to display advertising. You have violated your freedom of speech. Is not spreading God’s word enough for you?

  • Berta

    I, too am shaking my head reading these current posts! I guess when on a ‘religous” site one must be open to PREACHING! I get the feeling that some of these “posters” claim to be religious and spreading G d’s word? #1: G d does not judge, #2: G d does not judge! Get it?
    We can share, express our own feelings or direct to points where information can be validated ( but besides that the “preaching” loses it’s purity when flowered with the disguise of religion! I’m tired of the “Good Christian” analogy—What constitutes a good person? It’s an equations of many things and just may be instrumented by the religion one practices which encompasses numerous practices. I’ve been called one of the “Chosen” yet all I truely know is that I’ve been blessed with life, love and family and proud of my heritage–as all should be…
    I don’t like religion brought to public shools-we can say “In G d we trust” (most of us do)! If it was my choice I wouldn’t have Xmas or Easter as part of the school curriculum–as a child I felt very distant to those practices being of the Jewish faith. Some things need to be celebrated within the environment of the home! As for abortion, it’s an individual’s own right to make that decision. As a female it pisses me off that a man or anyone else will define my body and my conscious!!!! As for Prop. 8—who am I to define another’s happiness? I have no desire to negate another’s means of happiness; it does not influence my life or my children’s …. we have free will to make our own choices and live with the path of choice….

  • Gwendolyn Gray

    You should not urge people to vote for McCain nor Obama !
    People should look at their voting records and their lives and vote
    accordingly. God’s will will be done!

  • Scott

    It seems that ruvain’s objection to McCain and Palin is not religious based but based on their politics which insists that State adopt their religious dogmas, e.g. no abortion, abstinence only sex education, no Gays in the military, changing the constitution to prevent gay marriage. ruvains’ objection is not to what they believe — provided they keep it out of the political realm. However, McCain and Palin (Mitt Romney, Huckabee, Sen. Dole, etc.) place religion front of center of political life. Dole came right out and said that if a candidate does not believe in G-d, then people should vote against that candidate.
    Then, the religious claim that no one should discuss their religion or have the opinion that their desire to impose of a particular religious dogma on everyone else might disqualify them from politics. Believing in Jesus as a basis to discriminate against gays, or Jews, or secularists is no different than believing in nazism to discriminate against gays, Jews, or secularists. People who hide behind religion to promoted intolerance do not get a pass. Both the Nazis and the KKK used this ploy of being “godfearin Xtians.” Because McCain and Palin are pushing religious dogmas in order to get elected, voters may opine that candidates who bring religious dogmas into the political sphere cause harm to civil society. It does not matter whether they push Moloch or Jesus or Zeus or Buddha or Moses — any candidate who proclaims his/her desire to impose his/her religious dogma on everyone should expect voters who care for the Republic and for the Constitution to repudiate them.
    We aw what befell the world when Germany turned to religious based hatred in hard economic times. Blaming others and depriving them of their rights never rectifies the economic problems.

  • Kerry

    You base your endorsement on McCain’s being around for decades and experience being involved in every major national security issue since the Cuban Missle Crisis. I do not understand how whatpened in the early 1960’s makes him uniquely qualified to lead America.
    Secondly, why didn’t you endorce him on his Christian ethics and not his endorcements of war?
    Had I wanted to read or hear who to vote for I would have turned to a half dozen television stations to listen to their slanted view. I the Daily Bible Reading I want to read and hear the voice of God not someones political view. Guess this address is the wrong place for me.

  • Chester W. Paine

    Yet you feel you have a right to impose your religious dogma on the unborn. The science (and natural law) supports them, not you. Ask any five year old what they think of the baby in the tummy. How far we’ve come.
    Standing up for the most fundamental rights of individuals is NOT discrimination nor some sort of religious zealotry, the country would not have been created if it weren’t for brave men telling truth to power and standing up for “inalienable” rights (at least they were until 1973 and 50 million abortions later).
    Out of sight, out of mind, is a dangerous road for a republic. The press should be ashamed of what they have done keeping people in the dark in this election.

  • Itsnottoolate

    It’s funny how those that are in support of abortion rights have all been born.

  • Ruvain

    Chester Paine shows the Know Nothing approach about which William Kristol warned. Paine will take t he knowledge of a 5 year old that a baby is in Mommy’s tummy as the basis for Constitutional law.
    Roe v Wade does not force any one to do anything. No one is forced to have a abortion. Different religions, however, have different views on abortion and secularists also have views. Paine, however, insists that his religious dogma must be the Law. In line with mot Know Nothing people, he does not even understand the constitutional issue. The issue is not whether to have an abortion, but abut WHO decides whether there shall be an abortion. Paine wants the State to adopt his religious view, but as our economy declines and the populations rises, the State can just as easily require abortions like China’s one baby rule.
    Besides the fact that it violates the Constitution to impose one religious dogma on to everyone, the danger of this new form of religious Know Nothingism as set forth by Sarah Palin is that ignorance is seen as a virtue. She lauds the fact that she knows nothing — just a Hockey Mom. Her knowledge of foreign policy is because she can see Russia from Alaska. She promotes the teaching and debate of Creationism as scientific theory in schools. The thumpers do not take time to think and they is the essence of being a Know Nothing. They elevate not thing to a virtue and blind faith in stupid myths as the highest virtue. As someone said, for people like Palin and McCain, “Real men don’t think.”

  • Jayne

    You should not be telling anyone to vote for John McCain. First of all he is too old and can not get his facts together. He cannot remember anything, but negatives thing to say. He would be an embassment to this Country. Saral Palin need to go back to school and take some courses in Politics and Foreign Cuntries. If some countries try to Boom us, would she bring her children to the defend us? I am disappointed that you would suggested someone vote for them. Shame on you. I am voting for Barack Obama and will tell anyone that I know to do the same.

  • Enoch

    G-d does have a favorite and his name is Barack Obama!

  • Moses

    G-d does have a favorite candidate and his name is Barack Obama!

  • Joe

    I believe a person should read the Bible and see what it says about different issues like abortion,and homosexuality. These issues don’t aggree with God and they shouldn’t aggree with someone that calls themselves Christains. My opinion is that you should choose a canditate that you believe reflect the values that you hold true as a Christain and let that be your deciding factor on who you vote for. Thanks and God Bless

  • Rebekah

    I will vote according to my morals which are based on the Bible-God’s Word. But no matter who wins the election-I know God is still in control & we will be taken care of.

  • Scott

    Why would Joe tell Jews to “reflect on the values that you hold as a Christian” as the basis to vote?
    JFK made the point that in being President, he would not allow Catholic dogma influence him. That is the way it should be.
    At one time, no one saw a problem with people voting according to the morality of their religion because candidates were not promising to impose anyone’s religious dogma on to other people. If a politicians proposed sendig a man to the mon, people may have supported or opposed that goal based on religious beliefs, but the issues itself really did not involve and religious dogma.
    Now that candidates like McCain and Palin are willing to select one religion over another, or more accurately one form of Xtianity over other forms and over other religions, it becomes a very serious problem. The Thumpers have brought to the political realm something that should have remained excluded — the attempt to have the State adopt on bigoted religious dogma as the law.
    Maybe we need a constitutional amendment making cannibalism including ritual cannibalism a disqualification for public office. Of course that is a hideous idea, but once fools bring religious dogma into political life, history shows that no one knows where it ends. Look at James I and II and Charles I and II and Mary Queen of Scotts England. People got their heads chopped off.
    McCain did a terrible dis-service to the entire nation by putting this ignorant, Know Nothing Thumper on the ticket. The best thing that could happen to the GOP would be for Obama to win by a landslide so that the religious Thumpers and Karl Rove bigots would receive a sound defeat. The the GOP could get back to Liberty and capitalism instead of bigotry and Corrputionism. Sad to say, however, there appear to be far too many ignorant Know things out there

  • Lucy G.

    Wow,there sure are a lot of scary posts here. I really HATE what is going on in this election…and it is happening in my own home. I have decided to support Obama, (I voted for Mrs. Clinton in the primary) and my husband is for McCain. He is very angry with me.
    This is the most polarizing election this country has ever seen and what is so terrible is that when the dust clears, we will all have to accept one man as our president. Whoever he is, we will have to work with him.
    I am supporting Obama in large part because of the extreme views espoused by the woman McCain chose as his running mate. I know many posters here think abortion is the most terrible thing in the world, but I think a woman who has been raped, is the victim of an abusive partner or is in crisis in some other way has a right to make that choice for herself. A poster said sex was sacred and so the results must also be so. In some cases, this is just not true. Incidentally, most of us who are pro-choice have never had abortions. We would never insist someone who did not wish to should have an abortion. I am very conservative in my personal behavior but can imagine situations where abortion might be the woman’s only real choice…if she were to survive emotionally and physically. I find Ms. Palin’s attitued toward the environment questionable and her attitude toward animals appaling! Anyone who approves of hunting wolves from a plane is barbaric.
    I like Obama though I did prefer Mrs. Clinton. I really think it is wonderful that an African-American has a good shot at becoming president. I sincerely hope that if he takes office, it will help this country to come together more than it ever has. No matter what, though, we all have to find a way to work together…for the sake of the nation.

  • 700

    I really wish that the people in this country would read and listen to the news about Obama and his pastor. Obama sat and supported a pastor for over 20 years who said the nasty words of G-d Dam America and many other nasty things about America. I am not a racist and I would support a black person running for office but not one that gave money and supported a pastor saying these things.
    Plus Obama is for abortion. I do not believe in abortion at all. Plus God does not approve of abortion or partial birth abortion like Obama approves of as he stated.
    Obama also stated his campaign in a know terroist house. Where is all of the money coming from that Obama can have a nonstop station on Dish Network?
    OK so Obama is going to give all the people money from big and little companies. The companies will go broke. The economy will cripple, the people will have no money, the people will be stealing and killing to survive, they will come to Washington, DC the White House and demand more money from OBAMA and the rest will be history … the biggest depression know to the world as many people starve to death and the US is no longer the US at all …
    God help all of us … we will all be praying to the Providence for guidance as this world chaos occurs in the next 2 years.

  • Lil

    I vote for Obama. I cannot vote for an adulterer. McCain cheated on his first wife with Cindy. An adulterer is a cheater and cannot be trusted. I can’t trust Mccain to lead this country in an honorable manner. He is not trustworthy and is hot headed. Obama is a family man who loves his family and also a christian man who accepts Jesus as his personal savior. Obama has a calm and meek manner while McCain has a hot tempered manner. God bless Obama as President of the United States and forbid McCain from becoming President.

  • Eddie OBrien

    We need to be more like the people of Berea and search the scriptures for God’s truth concerning the issues of this election. We need to obey the two greatest commandments in the bible. This country was founded on biblical principles. The founding fathers got on their knees and prayed before they made decisions concerning this country. I’ve seen the paintings on the walls in Washington, DC. “Return unto me and I will return unto you.” Zech 1:3 “Therefore, dear friends, since you already know this, be on your guard so that you may not be carried away by the error of lawless men and fall from your secure position. But grow in the grace and knowledge of our lord and Savior Jesus Christ. To him be glory both now and forever! Amen.” 2Peter 3:17

  • 777

    I consider my self of be a dovout Christian man. I am not, by any means, emplying that I am perfect. Jesus was the only man to walk that earth that lived a perfect life, and he is now at the right hand of God. So when I here that a man that refuses to salute our flag and pledge to the alegence of this country is running for the Presidency, I get depressed because this is a man who is willing to sell this country out so he will be liked by those around him. This is the sort of man that we, the American people can not trust with the security of our nation. So, Please, in the name of Jesus I implore you to vote with our heart and not your eyes or ears.

  • Wendie

    Whew. The more I read, the more confused & undecided I become.

  • Shirley

    The Bible says that God puts people in high offices. He chooses. Make a list for each candidate, pros and cons, fill them out making sure you have ALL issues in mind that both candidates discussed. Then pray, then vote on the one which God has put in front of you to vote for. Wendie, confusion is of satan, not of God. The Bible also says that. So, if you pray and ask God and let Him show you who to vote for, you should be fine. LIL, I am not looking at McCain’s first marriage. He is a human and if you have not sinned, then feel free to judge. We are all sinners. That is between him and God. He may have repented already an been forgiven, so who are we to judge him? Also, are you perfect? Who knows, Obama may have cheated on Michelle and just not have been found out. Also, sometimes we all lose our tempers. Sounds like some voters are looking for PERFECTION. Try Jesus, He is the only PERFECTION! Anway, pray and let God lead your decision this election.

  • Shirley

    700, I have to agree with you about the Pastor that Obama sat under for 20 years. I am more than sure that such sermons were given to the people of that chruch for years! That Pastor made his feelings clear, I heard people clapping and agreeing with him as he preached! So apparently the church supported his beliefs. Racism is alive and well and lives in that church. Oh, you asked who is giving his money for the campaign? Oprah for one. She is buying her part of the Presidental office. She will expect her voice heard before any other American’s if Obama is elected. Truth is truth.

  • Mustang

    WOW! I am amazed at the rhetoric being splashed around! It’s amazing that people who hates infidelity decides on that basis to vote against McCain. I wonder how they felt with the whole Bill Clinton thing…
    I am amazed at people who want to see this country prosper but yet support the party who is in favor of raising taxes. They whine and complain about class envy, saying in no uncertain terms, “They got more than me, so I want some of theirs!” They don’t understand that to give a tax break to the ones who pay the most (that’s certainly not me as I make $60,000) causes everyone to win. It creates more jobs because they are the ones who are hiring as well as generates more money in the economy!
    Bush is blamed for the economic woes of the last year or so, when in all actuality that’s when a Democratic congress was elected! THEY are the ones who have the authority to make those kinds of policies! The bail out of the the Mortgage industry was due to the Democratic side of the aisle FORCING the banks and lending institutions to give loans to folks who couldn’t afford it, and when they indeed defaulted on their loans, caused the colapse of the industry.
    Yes, vote for the Democratic ticket if you want government to keep you down. For if a government is big enough to give you want you want, it’ll be big enough to take away all you have!
    I heard one story that states this point very well:
    A daughter home from college one weekend was arguing with her father about his conservative view points and why he is so “out of it,” according to her liberal professors. The discussion went on for a while and eventually the discussion turned to the daughter’s grades.
    “My grades are really pretty good, but I’m really having to work so hard for them. I’m not having much of a social life because I’m having to study all the time. But, I still have my four-point intact!”
    “That’s great! I’m so proud of you. What about your friend Mandy?”
    “Oh, Dad! She’s so frustrating! She hardly works and parties all the time! She never studies and shows up hung over for classes and even some tests!”
    “What’s her GPA?”
    “I think she’s managed to salvage a 2.0.”
    “Why don’t you go down to the Dean of Students and ask that one of your points be given to her and then you both could have a 3.0 together.”
    “Dad, that’s the most stupid thing I’ve ever heard you say! I’ve worked hard for my grades, sacrificing a lot! Mandy is just barely getting by while she parties all the time! Really, Dad, that’s just dumb!”
    “Welcome, my daughter, to the conservative view point.”
    We don’t need to continue to only give countless fish to those who are hungry; we need to teach them HOW to fish where they will be able to rely upon themselves and to eventually be able to get out of the straits they are in and be able to eventually reach down and help someone else up.
    And that, my friends, is the fundamental difference between the Republican and Democratic parties…

  • Scott R.

    Plus God does not approve of abortion or partial birth abortion like Obama approves of as he stated.
    Obama never said God approves of abortion. That is a lie. You should be ashamed of yourself.
    Obama also stated his campaign in a know terroist house. Where is all of the money coming from that Obama can have a nonstop station on Dish Network?
    Lie and lie. Both statements have been disproven.
    OK so Obama is going to give all the people money from big and little companies.
    Lie. Don’t you think you have a responsibility to research facts before you vote?
    The companies will go broke. The economy will cripple, the people will have no money, the people will be stealing and killing to survive, they will come to Washington, DC the White House and demand more money from OBAMA and the rest will be history … the biggest depression know to the world as many people starve to death and the US is no longer the US at all …
    How do you even live with yourself spewing such fear mongering? Don’t you think God was serious when He said that bearing false witness was a sin?
    So when I here that a man that refuses to salute our flag and pledge to the alegence of this country is running for the Presidency
    That is another lie. Go to and that is refuted.
    Don’t you people feel the slightest bit guilty lying about anther
    human being like this? A husband and a father of yound children?
    Do you like knowing that you have been seduced by the wicked right-wing Republican lie machine? You make me ashamed of what this country has turned into. I don’t know what is wrong with people here.

  • Berta

    If you’re confused, Wendie, then go to and you can find answers to any questions you may have regarding the candidates–especially the SLANDER that has been directed towards Obama. GUILT BY ASSOCIATION is a poor excuse to judge someone especially after fact finding resources have proven claims to be false. Obama is a Christian and even though I’m a Jew it’s not about religion but rather POLICIES that I form my decisions! If you study the issues and the candidates policies see which ones position best meets your criteria! Yes, Obama is pro-choice and as someone also noted—that does mean that we who are PRO-CHOICE are suggesting that every woman abort a pregnancy. It’s a TOOl especially in such cases as rape. I’d rather have it legal than some young woman going down a back alley…. There’s really nothing confusing once you pay attention to the dialog rather than the SPIN!!! Obama fits my ideals of a person that will make a break from the “business as usual” and the diveristy of his personal life will only enhance his interactions with the needs and concerns of our society!

  • Scott R.

    Bush is blamed for the economic woes of the last year or so, when in all actuality that’s when a Democratic congress was elected! THEY are the ones who have the authority to make those kinds of policies! The bail out of the the Mortgage industry was due to the Democratic side of the aisle FORCING the banks and lending institutions to give loans to folks who couldn’t afford it, and when they indeed defaulted on their loans, caused the colapse of the industry.
    Republicans have run the government for 26 out of the last 28 years. While Clinton was president, the Republicans controlled Congress for 6 years. Bush wouldn’t give the Congress anything for the past 2 years.
    The Pubs only care for the rich. They have destroyed this nation since they have ruled, and we will suffer through a Depression because of them. And you know what? They don’t give a goddamn about the poor or middle class. I thought Xianity was supposed to care for the poor, but from what I have read here, they don’t. I just JC was just a cut-throat capitalist who ivested in Wall Street.

  • Hawk

    I signed up for spiritual guidance not political and I don’t feel belief net should be displaying their opinion on who to vote for on their website.

  • Berta

    Some pathetic facts are that not ONLY DID Clinton stray from his wife, but so did FDR, JFK, Reagan before his marriage to Nancy, Jefferson, Eisenhower….not great statistics to note- but in spite of it all the majority of them were very successful during their tenure as President!
    Bush turned out to be a sad story. IF there wasn’t a 911 ‘maybe’ things would have been different. But his involvement and families connections with oil, Cheney with Haliburton(spelling)-getting us involved in war…I can’t accept that his actions were as a result of the previous…he made his own choice with some pitiful advisors!
    His party has deserted him—to save their own hides…that’s disheartening. I feel bad for him and the legacy that he has left.

  • Paula Penn-Nabrit

    Dear Mother of 3, et al,
    Today I went to a rally in Columbus, OH to see Barack and Michelle Obama. As I said in my 1st posting, I made a prayerful decision about supporting Sen. Obama early in the process-long before the primary. In my 54 years on the planet, I’ve learned to pray, fast and study before making decisions. That process has allowed me to stand firm in my decisions-even when people close to me differed. (My parents were “worried” about my decision to marry so young-I was 21 & my husband was 23; when I quit my corporate job to start my own home-based business-so I could spend more time with my kids, my parents were were “concerned”; and when we decided to homeschool all 3 of our sons-both sets of grandparents were “less than thrilled”!!) However, all those decisions have worked out-not bcause I’m so smart or so special and certainly not because everyone has to agree with me. I love and respect my parents enormously-and I listen to them carefully. However, they taught me to pray and fast and study in making decisions so that God could help me make wise choices. I believe, no I KNOW God gives us visions. Some are capital “V” visions and some are little “v” visions, but if we can be still and listen and most importantly ASK He’s already said He will answer & give wisdom. So that’s what I did in this election season. I (and both my younger sisters) went to Wellesley, just like Hilary. And I deeply admire Sen McCain’s commitment to follow his family’s tradition in the Navy-and his ability to acknowledge his most personal mistakes, esp. his divorce from his 1st wife. And as an aside, I think it’s cruel and inappropriate to use that as a relevant character issue in this election because again, “all have sinned.” The Founding Fathers were also deely flawed-and their insistence upon slavery as an essential element for the economic success of this republic is factual evidence of that. Further evidence of romanticised history-for a great many of those years that we had mandated prayer in school, black Americans were being lynched all over this country. And where was all this love of Israel and by extension love of the Jewish people when FDR refused to allow an entire ship of Jewish refugees from Nazi Gemany to dock, much less allow the passengers to disembark? Or when Henry Ford or Charles Lindberg openly expressed dramatically anti-Semetic views? But my point is simply this, Sen Obama is flawed, but our country has been led by a series of deeply flawed (white) men. We have sinned against God and our unrepentent state began centuries before abortion was an issue. The good news-as always- is God was, is, and I pray He will continue to be merciful. But we have to do better. Okay, now I realize this is the blog on Judaism (and I normally NEVER write in because I search the site for knowledge) but I have just one Scripture to share with my Christian brother & sisters. 2 Corinthians 7:14 “If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.” Humility requires integrity, we have to stop lying about our collective history; we have to pray-ernestly and seek God’s face, not a reflection of our own face or a face that just creates a sense of comfort, and we need to stop the hateful divisiveness (remember the admonition about “workers of iniquity”) I believe God wants to continue to bless this nation-and not just the Christian elements of it. I am sorry this election has proved no devisive and released such venom. But maybe this is poison we needed to release from the body. My prayer is that we will allow ourselves to accept the will of God as it is revealed on Tuesday. I also pray that we will use this opportunity to show the world another wonderful aspect of American democracy: our contests are hotly contested, yet our society will not dissolve into civil war. That is evidence that God has indeed blessed America!
    Final comment-this was my 1st Obama rally. I teach an adult women’s Sunday School class so I rarely miss church. But having prayed and fasted and studied for over a year, I wanted an opportunity to see the candiate in person. I have to say, seeing & hearing him “live” and standing for hours waiting for him-in the most pleasant & diverse crowd I’ve ever been in, was simply remarkable; and even more convincing than just reading and studying his position & policy papers. I praise God that my parents and my 98 year-old grandmother lived to see this!

  • john

    the obama stance on abortion is very troubling. its’ not that he is pro-choice, he is better described as pro- abortion. Jesus used children as an example of how to live our lives, in the innocence and purity of a child. Jesus always spoke in parables and used the seed many times. Mark 4:27 The kingdom of God is like someone who plants his seed in the ground, night and day, whether the person is asleep or awake,the seed still grows, but the person does not know how it grows. Regardless of how life, faith, or the kingdom is described by Jesus, He starts from an anonymous point, a seed. His love for children was second only to God. He uses children as a starting point for us as a rebirth to humility, that seed being the beginning. Barack Obama has described childbirth as punishment and a burden in unwanted pregnancies. To read scripture and compare Jesus passion for children and Obama viewing life with a “Mulligan” mentality on something this important is disturbing. Its’ a Darwinian stance.

  • Dora Villarreal

    I know it is hard to make a sound choice about this coming elections, but one thing for sure that God wants us to do is to pray for his guidance when casting our vote. I’ve heard good preachings about how to choose your candidate, not a democrat not a republican, but a man who is more likely to do what the word of God says. I understand that Obama wants to please the majority of the citizens of this country, as well as other countries and its leaders, wanting to appease countries that are hostile towards the United States. McCain says he wants to stay firm and defend this country. I have a brother in the military, and he is so proud of defending this country in Iraq. On the other hand, the word of God teaches us to trust in Him, not in men. Some people say let us not mix our beliefs with our politics. When I read the word of God, it teaches me that even though men want to separate these two from each other, you can’t. God is the creator of order; He created one thing at a time until He created men. He gave us order and later on laws so we can avoid His judgment, the ultimate judgment where our souls would get live forever with God or in hell. Grace is given to us to redeem us from sinning when we don’t obey His commandments. We can try, but we are not perfect. So we have a Savior, Jesus, who was given to us. We get to choose to accept Him or reject Him. It is so we can act the law and obey Him or not. The commandments are a mix of moral values and laws to condemn sin. God wants us our lives to be based on Him. If a person lies, or fornicates or cheats on his wife, most likely doesn’t go to prison for it, but he’ll be judged by God. But, if a man kills someone, surely he goes to jail; he faces judgment from men, and eventually from God. For me, McCain and Obama’s moral values come first to me. Neither men are perfect, but both are Christians; only God knows their hearts and real thoughts. We get to hear from them what they tell us, and we can analyze their words and compare them with the history of their actions. Those who rely on God and do the word God, are blessed. Imagine when kings and presidents follow the word of God. I don’t believe in abortion, not in marriage between the same sex, since the word of God teaches us to follow His word (Romans 1:18-32 )instead of trusting one’s desires. Proverbs 3:5 Trust in the LORD with all your heart, And lean not on your own understanding. What men seeks are wealth, financial stability, increment of power, etc, and these should come second to any person because if a nation is based on God’s principles He will provide for His children. God is a God of actions, love, mercy and grace. You can really trust in HIM all the time.

  • Your Name

    I’m voting for Obama. I’ve always wanted to go to France.I won’t be able to afford the plane ticket so hopefully he’ll bring it here. We won’t have to worry about religion either he’ll appoint Oprah to form the “ministry of gods”. Thank our Ivy League colleges for this new 21 year old revolution.I guess the new civilian army he is going to form which has been approved by “Pink” and the “Daily KOS” will be manned by all these motivated college students to combat all Hannity watchers. Oh! I forgot there will only be one camera

  • Terry Brandli

    This election is between two vary contrasting type of people. John
    McCain has served in the gov’t for many years and was known by most
    citizens for many years. His life has been examined publicly. Barack
    Obama was a total unknown untill he started campaigning. About the only gov’t experience he has is a short time in Illinois. His contributions to the Illinois gov’t and it’s citizens has been described as insignificant. His two biggest contributors are trail
    lawyers and Wall Street. He will have spent more then $600,000.00
    on getting elected. His stands have flip floped. His adds contain
    little truth but he pratices the successful speakers golden rule:
    tell the people what they want to hear. When he gets elected, we all
    will be one step closer to the Book of Revelation.

  • Richard Barnes

    I know you are a Christian writing commenting on a Jewish blog site, but please know that the scripture you quoted “If my people…etc.” is not a NT scripture from 2 Corinthians. It is actually a quote from the OT scripture 2 Chronicles 7:14.

  • Michelle

    I’ve heard both candidates talking during this debate. I’ve seen the fuss raised over Obama’s former preacher and I think all the spoof caused by the other party needs to stop. I feel it’s time this country truly trusted in our Father and voted for someone they really are not sure about. Trust in change, it could be a good thing, especially if we trust in the man above while we change also.

  • rod

    Michelle,do you live on MARS? What do you know about this CHARALATIN?Associated with extreme radicals could be What YOU do not want to wish for. Look in your self for change.Do not look at any one else.Find what you want out of life and go for it. GOOD LUCK

  • Concerned Citizen

    @Terry Brandli
    Good point. Hitler told the people exactly what they wanted to hear also.
    We should not have to change just because some radical tells us to. God never changes. The Bible tells us he is the same yesterday, today, and forever. His Word is never contradictory. I don’t care what Obama has to say, I do not listen to a politician’s words right before the election because they are going to lie. All I need to do is look at his voting record. Actions speak louder than words, and from his actions, I do not want him to hold the highest position of power in our great nation. Read your Bible and ask God to search your heart. I can not listen to a man who’s only response to when life begins is “above his paygrade.” Life begins at the very moment of conception, and the Bible tells us that even before God formed us in the womb, he knew us, and set us aside for a purpose. Please, before you vote, pray and read your Bible.

  • Concerned Citizen

    @Terry Brandli
    Good point. Hitler told the people exactly what they wanted to hear also.
    We should not have to change just because some radical tells us to. God never changes. The Bible tells us he is the same yesterday, today, and forever. His Word is never contradictory. I don’t care what Obama has to say, I do not listen to a politician’s words right before the election because they are going to lie. All I need to do is look at his voting record. Actions speak louder than words, and from his actions, I do not want him to hold the highest position of power in our great nation. Read your Bible and ask God to search your heart. I can not listen to a man who’s only response to when life begins is “above his paygrade.” Life begins at the very moment of conception, and the Bible tells us that even before God formed us in the womb, he knew us, and set us aside for a purpose. Please, before you vote, pray and read your Bible.

  • Mustang

    I came across this email from a black performer (whose name I’ll not include here as I have not asked for permission to quote) that may shed some light on some of the issues in this election. To be honest, I don’t think it will have any effect on most of you. But, if there is someone…
    This comes from the perspective of a Christian, certainly. But there are references in the Old Testament that he quotes that will speak to our Jewish friends as well.
    Why I Can’t Vote For Obama
    Dear Friends,
    A few months ago I was asked for my perspective on Obama, I sent out an e-mail with a few points. With the election just around the corner I decided to complete my perspective. Those of you on my e-list have seen some of this before but its worth repeating..
    First I must say who ever wins the election will have my prayer support. Obama needs to be commended for his accomplishments but I need to explain why I will not be voting for him.
    Many of my friends process their identity through their blackness.
    I process my identity through Christ. Being a Christian (a Christ follower) means he leads I follow. I can’t dictate the terms he does because he is the leader.
    I can’t vote black because I am black I have to vote Christian because that’s who I am. Christian first black second. Neither should anyone from the other ethnic groups vote because of ethnicity. 200 years from now I wont be asked if I was black or white. I will be asked if I know Jesus and accepted him as Lord and savior.
    In an election there are many issues to consider but when a society gets abortion, same-sex marriage, embryonic stem-cell research, human cloning to name a few wrong economic concerns will soon not matter.
    We need to follow Martin Luther King’s words don’t judge someone by the color of their skin but by the content of their character. I don’t know Obama so all I can go off is his voting record.
    His voting record earned him the title of the most liberal senator in the US Senate in 2007.
    NATIONAL JOURNAL: Obama: Most Liberal Senator in 2007 (01/31/2008)
    To beat Ted Kennedy and Hilary Clinton as the most liberal senator, takes some doing.
    Obama accomplished this feat in 2 short years. I wonder what would happen to America if he had four years to work with.
    There is a reason planned parenthood gives him a 100 % ratings.
    There is a reason the homosexual community supports him.
    There is a reason Ahmadinejad, Chavez, Castro, Hamas etc loves him.
    There is a reason he said he would nominate liberal judges to the supreme court.
    There is a reason he voted against the infanticide bill.
    There is a reason he voted No on the constitutional ban of same-sex marriage.
    There is a reason he voted no on partial birth abortion.
    There is a reason he voted no on confirming Justices Roberts and Alito. These two judges are conservatives and they have since overturned partial birth abortion. The same practice Obama wanted to continue.
    Lets take a look at the practice he wanted to continue.
    The 5 Step Partial Birth Abortion procedure
    A. Guided by ultrasound, the abortionist grabs the baby’s leg with forceps.
    (Remember this is a live baby)
    B. The baby’s leg is pulled out into the birth canal.
    C. The abortionist delivers the baby’s entire body, except for the head.
    D. The abortionist jams scissors into the baby’s skull. The scissors are then opened to enlarge the hole.
    E. The scissors are removed and a suction catheter is inserted. The child’s brains are sucked out, causing the skull to collapse. The dead baby is then removed.
    God help him.
    There is a reason Obama opposed the parent notification law.
    Think about this you can’t give a kid an aspirin without parental notification but that same kid can have an abortion without parental notification. This is insane.
    There is a reason he went to Jeremiah Wright’s church for 20 years.
    Obama tells us he has good judgement but he sat under Jeremiah Wright teaching for 20 years. Now he is condemning Wrights sermons. I wonder why now?
    Obama said Jeremiah Wright led him to the Lord and discipled him. A disciple is one in training. Jesus told us in Matthew 28 v 19 – 20 Go and make disciples of all nations. This means reproduce yourself. Teach people to think like you, walk like you, talk like you believe what you believe etc. The question I have is what did Jeremiah Wright teach him?
    Would you support a White President who went to a church which has tenants that said they have a
    1. Commitment to the White Community
    2. Commitment to the White Family
    3. Adherence to the White Work Ethic
    4. Pledge to make the fruits of all developing and acquired skills available to the White Community .
    5. Pledge to Allocate Regularly, a Portion of Personal Resources for Strengthening and Supporting White Institutions
    6. Pledge allegiance to all White leadership who espouse and embrace the White Value System
    7. Personal commitment to embracement of the White Value System.’
    Would you support a President who went to a church like that?
    Just change the word from white to black and you have the tennants of Obamas former church. If President Bush was a member of a church like this, he would be called a racist. Jessie Jackson and Al Sharpton would have been marching outside.
    This kind of church is a racist church. Obama did not wake up after 20 years and just discovered he went to a racist church. The church can’t be about race. Jesus did not come for any particular race. He came for the whole world.
    A church can’t have a value system based on race. The churches value system has to be based on biblical mandate. It does not matter if its a white church or a black church its still wrong. Anyone from either race that attends a church like this would never get my vote.
    Obama’s former Pastor Jeremiah Wright is a disciple of liberal theologian James Cone, author of the 1970 book A Black Theology of Liberation. Cone once wrote: ‘Black theology refuses to accept a God who is not identified totally with the goals of the black community. If God is not for us and against white people, then he is a murderer, and we had better kill him.
    Cone is the man Obama’s mentor looks up to. Does Obama believe this?
    So what does all this mean for the nation?
    In the past when the Lord brought someone with the beliefs of Obama to lead a nation it meant one thing judgement.
    Read 1 Samuel 8. When Israel asked for a king.
    First God says 1 Samuel 1 v 9 Now listen to them; but warn them solemnly and let them know what the king who will reign over them will do.’
    Then God says
    1 Samuel 1 v 18 When that day comes, you will cry out for relief from the king
    you have chosen, and the LORD will not answer you in that day.’
    19 But the people refused to listen to Samuel. ‘No!’ they said. ‘We want a king over us. 20 Then we will be like all the other nations, with a king to lead us and to go out before us and fight our battles.’
    21 When Samuel heard all that the people said, he repeated it before the LORD. 22 The LORD answered, ‘Listen to them and give them a king.’
    Here is what we know for sure
    God is not schizophrenic
    He would not tell one person to vote for Obama and one to vote for McCain. As the scripture says a city divided against itself cannot stand, so obviously many people are not hearing from God.
    Maybe I am the one not hearing but I know God does not change and Obama contradicts many things I read in scripture so I doubt it.
    For all my friends who are voting for Obama can you really look God in the face and say Father based on your word, I am voting for Obama even though I know he will continue the genocidal practice of partial birth abortion.
    He might have to nominate three or four supreme court justices, and I am sure he will be nominating liberal judges who will be making laws that are against you.
    I also know he will continue to push for homosexual rights, even though you destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah for this.I know I can look the other way because of the economy.
    I could not see Jesus agreeing with many of Obama’s positions. Finally I have two questions for all my liberal friends.
    Since we know someone’s value system has to be placed on the nation,
    1 Whose value system should be placed on the nation.
    2 Who should determine that this is the right value system for the nation?

  • Ras Levi

    Interesting Topic…but from my humble perspective I ask of you the following questions:Was IMMANUEL a Jew or a Christian? Tell me, if you have knowledge of THE HOLY TRINITY, what is the significance of Revelation 1v8, 2v9, 3v9 ,6 & 7, for example. And who was our LORD speaking to when HE said in Revelation 22v16: ” I have sent MY angel to testify unto you these things in the churches(synagogues); I am the Root and the Offspring of David…”

  • Rosemarie Wilson

    Interesting, still proves the Word can and is distorted by Christians of any color. You also give Rev. Wright a little too much credit, and in reference to Bush’s spiritual loyalties and also Pastor Hage and others like him, a case could also be made for the distortions and slanderous ideas and beliefs they hold under the sign and banner of Christianity….deception, hatred and ignorance run strong and deep in this country’s faith communities.
    God is in control, be still and listen to the Word, know it for yourself.
    Be blessed.

  • Paula Penn-Nabrit

    Dear Richard Barnes,
    Thank you for the correction! Of course you’re right about the OT Scripture-I guess I was sleepier than I realized.

  • Lucy Silver

    The issue of what we glean from our religious heritage in the choice of our leaders has been answered in many different ways. No one has looked at the Jewish heritage and those whom we call our greatest leaders…and why.
    Moses and David lie as our most cherished and important leaders. They were both flawed because they had shed blood…a terrible sin! But why are they remembered today?
    Moses was responsible for his people shedding their identification with a slave mentality, with a weak, ineffective image of self. He gave them a new identity and, more importantly, a guideline for how to live life in a meaningful, holy way.
    David gave his people a united classical era of peace and prosperity. Through his harp and poetry, de provided the Israelites with the purist supplications to G-d. David showed us a vision of art and beauty that continues to grace our lives today.
    G-d works through people, as vessels. Which candidate can offer us the vision and insight of Moses, or the beauty and peace of David?

  • Elizabeth Suzanne Holmann

    I am writing this because I am a Christian who plans to vote for Obama. I am so tired and confused by the Republican candidates that talk a good game about Christianity, then vote however they feel like it. I am talking about George W. Bush and others who all appeal to the Christian Morality, but don’t uphold it or practice it in their daily lives. I think that we are missing the big picture by persecuting Obama because of his vote against abortion. I think his heart is very much closer to God’s than John McCain’s. I think McCain has a very mean, spiteful spirit. He chose a running mate because she is a woman. I am horrified to think that Sarah Palin might someday be our president. She has already been found guilty of abuse of power. Do we want more of that in the white house? I remain, confused and prayerful.

  • Ruvain

    Many of the postings on this site show arrogant disregard that Thumpers have for other people. They invade a Jewish and preach their bigoted theology to Jews. They show no regard for the Beliefnet rule not to peddle their obnoxious religious myths in Jewish sites.
    Jews know all too well the evils of Xtians who have their insane beliefs in cannibalism and their history of slaughter of non Xtians of all types Jews and non-Jews. The Founding Fathers created separation of Church and State because of the endless religious wars that plagued Europe. One would hope that these bigoted, anti-Semitic, anti-Gay racists would at least have the courtesy to confine their morbid theology to their own websites. History has shown, however, that this particular brand of Xtianity has no respect of alternate view points including views that come from other Xtians.
    If you want to talk about the freakin’ baby Jeeeeeesus and being Saved, don’t invade a Jewish oriented website and proselytize us to vote for your candidate.

  • Mike Carlucci

    For no other reason then the abortion issue, a vote for John McCain (ANTI-ABORTION), is the only vote a Christian would cast. The election between Obama (PRO-ABORTION) and McCain (ANTI-ABORTION)…..McCain is the only choice.
    Mike Carlucci

  • Carla

    Did you ask God about all of the other canidates that you’ve voted for in the past, or are you praying harder now because you have to make a decision about an African American President? Regardless of who gets in office the end is near and we need to stay prayfull no matter who gets in office. African American people some hope and our young black men definitely need someone to look up to and get their self respect back. We Need A Change! Pray about that!

  • S.C.

    All the comments before the last two posted were very interesting. The bottom line is, we need to pray now more than ever. Especially if Obama represents judgement. We’re not put here to judge others but ourselves. We don’t know the true intent of either candidates heart, only what they tell us. Words are cheap. We need to PRAY GOD’S mercy and ask Him to really BLESS AMERICA.
    Keep looking up for our redemption draweth nigh.

  • Scott

    The nature of the bigoted attitude of many fundamentalist Christians is revealed in their persistence in pushing their hateful theology onto Jews. I see above that Ruvain complained about all the Christians pushing their theology onto Jews on this Jewish oriented site and right after that Mike Carlucci urges Jews to vote for McCain as voting for John McCain ‘is the only vote a Christian would cast.”
    Carlucci and many other religious bigots posting here show the danger that McCain and Palin pose for Jews. The religious right has not won (stole) the election, yet, and they already a trampling upon Jewish rights. Yes, we have the right not to have bigots who think that because their cannibalism based religious zealotry is the sole Truth in the universe preach to us about how we Jews should adopt their religion and vote how the bigots think Jezuz would vote.
    As a Jewish person, I started this year pro McCain, but as I saw him turn more and more to the Karl Rove divisive bigotry, I started to change, and by the time McCain chose Sarah Palin, a paragon of lies, ignorance, religious prejudice, and Know Nothingism, I saw that McCain was a man without honor. Thus, I changed to Obama as the sole alternative. It now appaers that Obama is laying the ground work for a Centerist bipartisan government, while McCain has cast his entire lot with the right wing religious Ignoranti.
    Arrogant evangelical Xtians like Carlucci, Paine, Miss Jo, Paul Penn-Nabrit, etc. show why religion should be kept out of politics. They have zero tolerance for anyone except for themselves. If they get in power, their goal is to impose their bigoted religious dogmas upon the entire nation just as they persist in pushing their right wing prejudiced form of Christianity upon Jews in this site. If they had a modicum of respect for Jews, they will stop proselytizing Jews.

  • Gill Duffee

    Interesting. Most of the venom seems to be originating in those who are so upset by arrogant Xtian theology.
    As a not-altogether-arrogant Christian, of course, I do not feel that any aspersions cast upon arrogant Xtians need apply to me.
    Our beliefs drive the way we live and the way we think, like it or not. As Professor Thistlethwaite said, we can’t take off that hat at will, so unless you want to disenfranchise a section of the populace based on belief (now, what does that remind me of?), you need to resign yourself to the fact that us benighted, ignorant, bigoted so and sos will exercise our right to vote.
    And as a parting note of clarification, in spite of their reputed arrogance, most evangelical Xtians I know are most emphatically NOT anti-semitic. Indeed, quite the contrary.

  • matt n

    This election season brings themes of “change” and “hope” from both sides. But no matter what new leader we have for this county, many times we can misplace our hope in our leaders. Chuck Colson said it best:
    “Where is the hope? The hope that each of us have is not in who governs us, or what laws are passed, or what great things that we do as a nation. Our hope is in the power of God working through the hearts of people, and that’s where our hope is in this country; that’s where our hope is in life.”
    One man or agenda won’t “fix” us. Only with the strength through God can we truly make things for the better. Our country has lost its relevancy on God and that is the reason for the decay among us. So neither McCain nor Obama is going to be our savior. We already have one. We cannot leave it to our political leaders to initiate moral or economic change. For example, if you’re worried there are too many abortions, start volunteering your time or give to ministry groups that help needy mothers-to-be in the community. Don’t leave it up to judges or politicians to make an impact. That’s our job.
    (All of this comes from someone who voted for that “Hope Guy.” Hard to believe?)

  • J. Kravette

    To Scott R.
    I have been following your posts for quite some time and have even tried to make my feelings known to you on various occasions but could not get you to reply,so I am giving it another try.
    There are so many different points I wish to cover but don’t want to be verbose so I will address the most important issues.
    First I have to tell you that I find most of your remarks aimed at the Christians that share their thoughts to be very hateful and venemous,and I find your spelling Xianity,which I have never seen before,which I would think refers to Christianity,to be very offensive just as I would think you would be offended if I would refer to Jewish people as Kikes. Your taking the Lords name in vain on at least two seperate occasions,as in G–d— leaves me to wonder just how deep your Jewishness is?
    You mentioned reading Isaiah and my question to you is this, when you read Isa:53 what do verses like Isa:3-10 mean to you? Isa:7-14 and I could list at least 300 other prophecies in the Holy Scriptures that speak of the coming of the Messiah.
    The other remark you made about anti-semetic statements made by Christians that you either know or have heard are from what I refer to as so-called Christians or hypocrites,because no true faith based Christian who loves and worships a Jewish Rabbi would have anything but love for Israel and the Jewish race that gave Him to us unlike your feelings that the only reason we love Israel is to prostelize the Jews that do not except Yeshua.
    The last point I want to make is regarding your hateful remark that we do not worship the same God. We in fact worship the God of Abraham,Isaac and Jacob and the biggest difference is that we believe Elohim in order to reconcile His children back to Him because of our sinful nature came to earth as a human being to die on a cross that our sins would be forgiven once and for all through the ultimate sacrificial lamb.There is much more that I wish to discuss with you but for now I think this enough to digest.
    Please do me the favor of a reply.
    In His Love,

  • Scott R,=.

    Thank you Ruvain and Scott.
    Unforunately, I have been told by the Rabbi in the past that this is NOT a Jewish blog, and all are welcome here. Which has meant that Xians have been able to run rough-shod over Jews here.
    I can’t tell you how many times I have been told By Xians that I am not a real Jew or a traitor to the Jewish people for voting Obama.Then. numerous quotes from JC or the “NT” have been thrown at me.
    As I have stated before, this is why I am not voting for McCain: the Repulican Party has turned intot the Xian Party, and no Jew has any busness voting for a party that would choose n anti-Semites like Sarah Palin. They mean us no good.
    And yes, my experience shows me that most evangelical Xians are anti-Semitic and I avoid them at all costs. They scare the hell out of me. Any group that feels it must “save” me from “hell” is by nature my enemy.
    God bless the USA and may it remain secular.

  • Scott R.

    Dear Jay,
    1. My taking the “Lord’s name” in vain is meaningless. I speak to and of God in Hebrew. The English is a pale translation. It is used for people who don’t understand Hebrew. For Jews, the word “God” in English really doesn’t refer to “God” at all.
    Additionally, taking the “lord’s name in vain” means swearing to something you do not intend to keep, not saying some vague curse word.
    2. That you wonder what kind of Jew I am is no surprise to me. Xians have been denigrating Jews and treating us with utter disrespect for 2,000 years. You’re just the latest in a long line of those that do the same.
    3. There is a school of thought that says Jew are prohibited from writing the name of foreign gods. The name of your is in the name of your religion. But if you go even farther back, you will find that Greek Xians referred to themselves that way long before we. IOW, take it up with the Eastern Orthodox.
    4. My experience of Xian love is 2,000 years of Crusades, pogroms and the holocaust. I was beaten several times by good Xians because I was a “Christ killer” (said to my face before it was beaten to a bloody pulp. Sorry, I don’t believe Xians love Jews at all, and I do not trust XIans until they can show me they mean me/us no harm.
    5. You worship three people, one of who is a man. We worship one non-corporeal deity, who could never be a person. That doesn’t strike me as the same God.
    I don’t really care if you are offended or not, because you don’t seem all that concerned about whether I am or offended or not, given the tone of your posts. You “Your taking the Lords name in vain on at least two seperate occasions, as in G–d— leaves me to wonder just how deep your Jewishness is?” made me wonder on more than one occasion if I should bother answering you at all.
    I shall remain up in the air whether or not I return to answer your response should you have one. I have an Obama rally to go

  • Jeremiah Price

    A Sad Comment(ary)
    Scott, it is very unfortunate but you are right and your comment is well said. Most of these comments to Rabbi Brad’s posting show just exactly why religion and politics need to be kept separate. I’m appalled at the utter lack of thought evident in most of them and the “Crusade” mentality being shown by Jew and Gentile alike here. I imagine Rabbi Brad had no idea of the hornet’s nest he was stirring up with a post which had a completely different thought than what is being kicked about now, and I’m certain he is as fascinated as I am about how people can miss the point so thoroughly.
    The sad part is that people don’t see what is being done to them. Religion is being used by proponents of both sides to raise the status of one candidate or another and claim that they are “G-d’s choice”. Some go so far as to claim one or the other is “G-d’s judgement”. As far as I have been able to tell from either Jewish or Christian texts G-d places into leadership those He wishes to have there for whatever purpose he desires and I didn’t see any place where He needs us to either make that choice or help Him do it.
    There is no indication that He has a need to share this with individual people and I certainly don’t make the jump to calling those who disagree with your personal choice evil or considering them to be your enemy. Those who do so begin to use their belief or faith into a tool of evil as they unknowingly in the name of G-d attempt to assume His position and declare for Him what His will is. Every false prophet in the book did this same thing and we know their end. It is blasphemy to attempt to place yourself in G-d’s place – to claim that one candidate or the other is His choice before it has been decided by the election is doing that very thing. His choice will be made evident to us by who wins the election and our job is simply to vote what our religious convictions tell us to do. That was Rabbi Brad’s point.
    Two things:
    Shame upon those who would make pronouncements as to one or more of the candidate’s relationships with G-d without knowing them personally and well.
    What is this idiocy that claims either of these men will determine the course of our nation’s future? It is the beliefs of the party they bring with them into office that will make the difference. What good to elect a moral man on either side if the party behind them is corrupt? Are all of you so blind as to miss that? Are all of you so blind as to not recognize that it is the agenda of corrupt parties to place the most moral and apparently “G-d fearing” man at their head so that they will appear to be “the Party of God”? The choice needs to be determined by the agenda of the party behind these men – not the men themselves. In order to do that properly, the internal disputes between religions must be laid aside and the political process examined in the light of morality for all who are being governed. The question for each and every person making a comment here is this – are you doing that?

  • Rabbi Brad

    Given the most recent and most passionate comments by two regular participants in this ongoing conversation, called Windows and Doors, by Scott R. and Jeremiah Price, I want to clarify what seem to be real misunderstandings.
    First, to Scott, whose keen participation is always appreiciated if a bit angrier than I either understand or support. THIS IS A JEWISH BLOG AND I HAVE NEVER SAID OTHERWISE. It is simply not for Jews exclusively. That you have difficulty with that distinction is a topic to which I shall return, I am sure.
    Second, to Jeremiah, with whom I may not always agree but whose insight and thoughtfulness are remarkable. I knew that I was “stirring up a hornets’ nest” and am quite comfortable with so doing. Although it pains me to see how many of the posters treat each other and each others’ views, it is important that we discuss these issues.
    Ultimately, I believe, it is not the things we say (however badly) to each other that destroy relationships, it is the things we do not say. Things said, can be corrected. But unspoken fears and hostilities grow deeper and uglier when they are not exposed to the light of day and the fresh air of honest conversation.
    Thanks to you both.

  • J. Kravette

    Dear Scott R.
    I am extremely sorry if any of my words offended you. I tried very hard to choose my words to not be offensive. I feel that it is a sad state of affairs and maybe a sign of these times that supposedly two mature individuals with opposing views cannot exchange their viewpoints without conjuring up one anothers wrath. I did not want to get into a sparring bout with you but only to try and understand what goes into your thinking process,as I hope you would want to do with mine. It is your right and perogative not to continue the dialogue with me but I hope your anger will subside enough to continue.I believe it’s imperative that with so much hatred and bigotry in the world that as we are designated to live on this planet together that we learn to show love towards one another as we are all created by God Almighty who is all about LOVE.

  • Dora Villarreal

    I’m not judging Obama as a person. I’m just not in favor of his moral views. Here’s a video for those who are unaware of Obama’s previous words on abortion. Rick Warren, a pastor from Saddleback Church in Ca. interviewed Obama and McCain, and his question on abortion was “At what point does a baby get human rights in your opinion? Obama appears in this video explaining why either answering from a theological or scientific perspective this question was “above his pay grade”. Later on, he stated that he is pro-choice, and he did not answer Warren’s question about his voting record on limiting or reducing abortion. He stated” Well, I am in favor of limits on late term abortions if there’s an exception on the mother’s health.” ….
    Obama supports the homosexual rights and here’s a video on this issue.
    Our opinions as citizens of this country are valid only when we cast our votes on the ballot. Apparently, people think that once a law passed, it’s OK if you go along with it and support it because it’s the law.
    You got to go to the instance of who came with the thought of taking the issue to the courts and their motives. Usually, those who defend vehemently the issue are those who have something to do with it, either they had an abortion and want suppress their feelings of wrongdoing by saying, it’s ok to have an abortion because it’s the law, or it’s ok to marry a person of the same gender because they’re sexually attracted to someone of the same sex. If you believe in abortion or marrying a person of the same gender just because there’s a law that tells you it’s OK, well it’s more than that.
    You can’t ignore the word of God, and make your on law. And, I know someone it’s going to say well, we already did it. There’s a law that gives you the right of aborting an unwanted baby, and there you go again, there’s a law supporting homosexual marriage. You can’t give your support in the name of “Happiness”. God, our creator has a lot to say about it, and He is against killing unborn babies and marriage within the same gender. You can’t ignore that God created a man and woman and created a couple. How did you get into this world? Genesis 2: 24 Therefore shall a man leave his father and his mother, and shall cleave unto his wife: and they shall be one flesh.
    Just tell me, what about our children’s future and Our Country’s future?
    Romans 1: 25 Who changed the truth of God into a lie, and worshipped and served the creature more than the Creator, who is blessed for ever. Amen.
    26For this cause God gave them up unto vile affections: for even their women did change the natural use into that which is against nature:
    27And likewise also the men, leaving the natural use of the woman, burned in their lust one toward another; men with men working that which is unseemly, and receiving in themselves that recompense of their error which was meet.
    28And even as they did not like to retain God in their knowledge, God gave them over to a reprobate mind, to do those things which are not convenient;
    29Being filled with all unrighteousness, fornication, wickedness, covetousness, maliciousness; full of envy, murder, debate, deceit, malignity; whisperers,
    30Backbiters, haters of God, despiteful, proud, boasters, inventors of evil things, disobedient to parents, 31Without understanding, covenant breakers, without natural affection, implacable, unmerciful: 32Who knowing the judgment of God, that they which commit such things are worthy of death, not only do the same, but have pleasure in them that do them.
    Don’t try to find ways to make sin more appealing to your own desires. The population in hell is increasing with people who deviated from the word of God. Think not only about your transit life here on earth, but think about your soul! Make a sound choice and let the light of God come into your heart. Don’t support what’s wrong and condemned already by God.

  • Scott

    Jewish posters have not been complaining that Christians post on a Jewish site, but they are very bothered that they have to contend with the bigoted proselytizing which has resulted in the deaths of millions of Jews. Do not misconstrue the objections to the arrogant proselytizing with our saying that this site is exclusively for Jews to post. I do not recall anyone saying that — it appears to be a straw man which you invented.
    I do do recall Jews going out of the way to make clear that they are not objecting to Christians but to the proselytizing which is inherently anti-Semitic. I see no excuse for your pretending that one is the other. If you want to place your blog on an interfaith chat room, then go there and post, but stop subjecting Jews to this hateful propaganda.
    If you don’t understand why some Jews are angry when subjected to this anti-Semitic garbage knowing that many Jews have lost family in the Holocaust, I wonder just what sort of rabbi you are.

  • Wanjira

    I am really sick and tired of this Republican based clamor about Ayers, Wright and et cetera! Once and for all, these characters are NOT and NEVER were mouthpieces for Barack Obama. The man is speaking for himself NOW. We need to characterize him by his own utterances!
    As a follower and commited devotee of a humble Jewish Carpenter,I have ONLY two questions for those wonderful Xstians addressind us here.
    Have you read “Dreams of My Father” and “The Audacity of Hope”?
    Do you recall the writing of another follower of The Jewish Carpenter(far worthier than either you or me) “ and show yourself approved..”? If you haven’t, do you deem yourself worthy of these pages?
    To dear Shirley, my only comment is that Oprah already has a voice and does/will NOT need more voice in Washington. All America and the world hears her!

  • Barbied0ll

    As the leader of this country is about to be elected I find it a tough decision to make. Neither candidate fits me best for the first time in all my years.
    So with that being said, I need to stick to what fits my family and my business that I work in the best.
    How will the candidate affect me financially, and not just tax breaks. Will thier views help or hinder the economy of this Nation, to help us stay employed, keep our homes etc.
    It should have nothing to do with the candidates religous views, as our government does not dictate how we worship or who we worship by law. It also should have nothing to do with the color of skin, male or female. I think this election has brought out even more just how unaccepting we are of and have been of race, religion and gender. I seriously hope we can overcome and not vote for Mc Cain because he has a women for a running mate, not vote for Obama solely becasue he is black, and not vote for either based on which religion they choose to worship.
    If we all quit being so tied up in black, white, male or female,or religion and only get down to what really matters, the issues they will address when in office, then the right candidate will be chosen.
    Otherwise, republican or democrat if the person elected does not fit the majority of the country in issues alone, then we will all have great remorse in our choice, and there is no turning back once we have made our choice.
    Vote for the candidate that best fits what will benefit your lifestyle. Don’t vote to elect the first female vp to office, don’t vote to elect the first black president. Vote the way it is truly meant to be on the issue, not the meaning of trying to be “Part of History.”
    Vote clearly on that alone and you will make the right choice.

  • Scott R.

    I am angry that a blog that has a Jewish viewpoint ins over-run by Xians who tell us how to vote, how to believe, how to read out scriptures. Since it is a Jewish blog, they should have a modicum of respect for the Jewish posters. I don’t go to Xian blogs and tell them their religion is wrong.
    I am angry because I grew up in a house of Holocaust survivors and watched my grandparents cry every day for their lost parents, brothers, sisters, and even children. I was born with a piece of my heart already ripped out.
    And when I come to Beliefnet, I find that Xians have the same lack of respect for Jews they did 70 years ago. They even tell Jews they disagree with that they don’t know how to be real Jews.
    And finally, I am angry because when I was a teenager, I was seduced into believing in Xianity, and my beloved grandmother (Z”L), who raised me like she was my mother, died angry at me, never knowing that a year down the road, I would return to Judaism. I will NEVER get a chance to tell her that I made teshuva, because we have no idea if there is anything past this life.
    And that makes me angriest of all.

  • Richard Mckoy

    It amaze me how some people say leave religion out of this election.This world exist solely on GOD’s grace,He gave man dominion over it. The thoughts that occupy our mind ,are govern by teachings,associations,and observations.So tell when you leave what you believe out ,how do you make an intelligent vote? Since Roe vs Wade this country has gone downhill and will continue tell it is appealed.

  • debra

    Dear Wanjira Obama is going to be the mouth piece for people like Ayers and those types of people and these associations are very shady.You are very misinformed.The carpender as you put HIM would never approve of abortion or gay marriage as Obama does.You need to do some more checking on Obama before you praise him.Remember people will also side with the anti-christ when he comes.People can be deceived very easily.Obama is not the man you think he is.Be careful before you praise somebody else in gods name.

  • EG

    Why is it that those who are most against Obama – the conservative Christians – are the last educated? They can’t spell, their grammar is atrocious. What an advertisement for fundamentalist and evangelical Christianity!

  • debra

    Also remember that Obama has said on tape that the coal industy will become bankrupt under Obama and that all sources of energy will increase drastically.He said electricity will skyrocket.This is not good for America.The towns that depend on the coal industry will be hit really hard.This is their main source of employment.The coal industry employs a lot of people.This year people are voting their pocketbook and not worrying about GOD`S laws.People will be judged in like manner.If you vote because of the pocketbook you will pay by the pocketbook.I heard a chilling prophacy on the 700 Club.A woman said God showed her a vision and that in it a scroll opened up and God said “Look and see,read”,God said “I have heard the cry of the people for a new government and I will answer their cry and give them what they want but the ending shall be worse than the beginning”.If she is right then take it as you like.

  • Lil

    Shirley, I vote for Obama, God has led me to vote for him. I cannot vote for McCain, he is not trustworthy. Obama is trustworthy, smart, intelligent, experienced, God fearing, saved by Jesus, family oriented, concerned about the least of God people, and ready to lead this country in an honorable way. Obama has many true christians all around the world supporting him. He does not need hypocrits support to win. I see that a lot of negative comments posted about Obama and lot of positive comments about McCain. This make me think that race plays a role. All hypocrit christians and sins will be judged by Almighty God. May God bless Obama as President and forbid McCain from becoming President. The way polls are looking, God just might bless him to be President. Obama will be a President that represent all people including hypocrits.

  • Dora Villarreal

    In an earlier interview conducted by Rick Warren, a Pastor from Saddleback Church in Ca., Obama and McCain were given the opportunity to state their points of view. Warren’s question on abortion was “At what point does a baby get human rights in your opinion? Obama explained why either answering from a theological or scientific perspective this question was “above his pay grade”. Later on, he stated that he is pro-choice, and he did not answer Warren’s question about his voting record on limiting or reducing abortion. He stated” Well, I am in favor of limits on late term abortions if there’s an exception on the mother’s health.” Obama supports homosexuals’ rights as he stated on Nov 16, 2007 in San Francisco Ca. I’m not in favor of Obama’s moral views. Obama insists that Bush’s administration has something to do with the increasing number of abortions in this country. It all starts at the root of society. Whaat are your bases on this matter? You believe that you can do as you please and vote for passing laws who are degrading to our society? You don’t believe in God’s purpose for men and eradicate the word of God in schools creating a void in society. It’s not only about what people want, but, it’s about obedience to God. Apparently, people think that once a law passed, it’s OK if you go along with it and support it because it’s the law. You got to go to the instance of who came up with the thought of taking the issue to the courts and his/her motives. Usually, those who defend vehemently the issue are those who have something to do with it. They either had an abortion or want to suppress their feelings of wrongdoing by saying, it’s ok to have an abortion because it’s the law, or it’s ok to marry a person of the same gender because they’re sexually attracted to someone of the same sex. And, of course, there are always politicians who seek the favor of those groups. If you believe in abortion or marrying a person of the same gender just because there’s a law that tells you it’s OK, well it’s more than that.
    You can’t ignore the word of God, and make your on law. And, I know someone it’s going to say well, we already did it. There’s a law that gives you the right of aborting an unwanted baby, and there you go again, there’s a law supporting homosexual marriage. You can’t give your support in the name of “Happiness”. God, our creator has a lot to say about it, and He is against killing unborn babies and marriage within the same gender. You can’t ignore that a couple for God is a man and a woman, as He created them. How did you get into this world? Genesis 2: 24 Therefore shall a man leave his father and his mother, and shall cleave unto his wife: and they shall be one flesh.
    Just tell me, what about our children’s future and Our Country’s future?
    Romans 1: 25 Who changed the truth of God into a lie, and worshipped and served the creature more than the Creator, who is blessed for ever. Amen.
    26For this cause God gave them up unto vile affections: for even their women did change the natural use into that which is against nature:
    27And likewise also the men, leaving the natural use of the woman, burned in their lust one toward another; men with men working that which is unseemly, and receiving in themselves that recompense of their error which was meet.
    28And even as they did not like to retain God in their knowledge, God gave them over to a reprobate mind, to do those things which are not convenient;
    29Being filled with all unrighteousness, fornication, wickedness, covetousness, maliciousness; full of envy, murder, debate, deceit, malignity; whisperers,
    30Backbiters, haters of God, despiteful, proud, boasters, inventors of evil things, disobedient to parents, 31Without understanding, covenant breakers, without natural affection, implacable, unmerciful: 32Who knowing the judgment of God, that they which commit such things are worthy of death, not only do the same, but have pleasure in them that do them.
    Let’s think not only about our transit life here on earth. Just as our forefathers left us with a solid foundation, let’s do the same for our future generations to come. Don’t support what’s already condemned by God. God bless us all. God bless America!

  • Loretta

    It’s a “win-win” situation no matter who becomes our next 44th president. Anything has to be better than the past eight years. I am in awe over the exuberance, tenacity and verve that the candidates have exhibited. I shall be voting for Barack Obama because to me he represents the word HOPE, something we seem to have lost. However, should John McCain persevere, he will also receive my full support. To coin a very old phrase, “May the best man win.”

  • Jeremiah Price

    Loretta –
    You have it exactly right – we need more like you!
    G-d Bless!

  • Jeremiah Price

    Rabbi Brad –
    Thank you for your kind reply and you have no idea how tickled I am to know you intended to stir up a “hornet’s nest”! People need to wake up and start examining their beliefs and you do an excellent job of causing them to do that! We don’t agree on all things but I think we agree on that. I really enjoy your views from a Jewish viewpoint and I value them. You know of course that I have the Christian viewpoint, and my purpose is to inspire thought also and spark debate with out proselytizing or becoming defensive. I agree with more of the Jewish views than I disagree and I don’t see it as my place to “save” anyone any more than you do. It appalls me that certain posters here feel it is their duty to do so and I call upon them to stop it and remember that G-d saves who He will, not who they will. That goes for both Jew and Christian alike. Brad, Thank you for all you do – this is one of the most thought-provoking places I visit. And Chaim – where are you? I’ve been waiting for your take on this – your words are always of value.

  • Sandra Preston

    I am please to have this opportunity to voice my opinion about this election. I am so thrill to see America revive by this election. To see hope again in the eyes of young peoples and old. To feel a sense of freedom of regaining our lives back from an oppressive eight years of Bushitis. These past eight years have not come fast enough for me and I believe millions of Americans agree with me. We see this by the historic turnout at the voting booths. I believe a vote for Obama is a step in the right direction for this country. He has the heart of a man that have tasted the trials of life, it injustices, cruety, prejudices, and have the strength to preserve for the good of all. This is why i voted for Obama and I believe he is chosen for a time like these.

  • Dora Villarreal

    Reading comments in favor of Obama makes me so sad. People don’t realize that you don’t vote for the charisma or charm of the individual,or because he’s white, asian, black or hispanic,but for his moral values, what he believes in, and faithfulness to God and His principles. I search for truth and rightousness.
    I want a sincere and empathic advocate with leadership, resistance to oppressors and capable of fighting for our rights as human beings and citizens of this country.
    I don’t want another 9/11 or surrendering to our aggressors in the name of “better relations” because those who don’t want United States don’t want Israel either. They don’t tolerate our support to the Jews. But, I don’t care about that. I love the jews! I am an american, hispanic descendant, and christian, so, tough!
    I pray for Israel and all the jews, I don’t like the idea of letting other countries taking over our freedom in any way. So, I want a president who gives total support to Israel. McCain has a 25-year pro-Israel voting record. The word of God states that we should be praying and blessing Israel. And, if a nation is blessed is because of God, not for own efforts alone. God promised to Abram that He would bless those who bless the Jews (Genesis 12 1Now the LORD had said unto Abram, Get thee out of thy country, and from thy kindred, and from thy father’s house, unto a land that I will shew thee:
    And I will make of thee a great nation, and I will bless thee, and make thy name great; and thou shalt be a blessing:
    3And I will bless them that bless thee, and curse him that curseth thee: and in thee shall all families of the earth be blessed).
    I don’t support Obama’s views on abortion and gay marriage.God gave us the right of free will, but we need to be careful how we exercise it. What are our desires and what moves us to vote for a certain candidate? Are we seeking first the kingdom of God and His rightousness? Then, His promise is that He will add blessing upon blessing on to us. I believe in the word of God, and I voted for those who follow God’s principles, pro-life and pro Israel, McCain/Palin. God Bless America!

  • a good listener

    This has been an experience to read the thoughts of, on the whole, decent folks. Some seem to want to push those who previously held Jewish people in high regard, to a sadness, because of their total disregard for the feelings of others not of their faith, and understanding, or political point of view. To totally disregard a person’s understanding, with malice, continually use the hate-based reference of Christ, and their being followers of Christ, and use a rudeness continually to cause sadness. Almost to a man or woman, Christians believe that the Jewish Tribes are beloved of our creator above the other tribes. He has punished all tribes, because of wickedness and has brought down the mighty when they forgot Him and His goodness – manna to the hungry – parting the sea so they could escape and on and on. Noting that anyone hating the chosen ones would be hated by the Creator. Why do some even now in this century give in to rancor and cause those that support Israel to wonder if they are to be ridiculed when they are not guilty of anything except presenting their feelings on this interesting place – has anyone been disrespectful to them? I certainly don’t look at the comments as being missionary work to convert anyone to Christianity. I do not see that if Jewishness is being explained by the respectful writers, that continual reference to someone else’s beliefs should be shamefully belittled. Also feeling that Xians so-called have no right to be reading or commenting on this place is sad….very sad. Have you any respect for those that do not share the beliefs you feel as being the only right beliefs? Being a judge in Israel is a high place. Please don’t slip and fall and take others with you and poison the well from which you will drink or do drink. I will continue reading because I am learning a lot from the comments written. thank you and good night. Do not blame or take offense where none is intended.

  • Ruvain

    Dear Good Listener:
    Your post shows that your are actually a bad listener. The objections have been to the pushing of Xian dogma on Jews and telling Jews that they must guide their lives by having Faith in Jesus Christ.
    You exhibit the psychological defense mechanism of projection by blaming Jews for the very behavior which you exhibit. You act as if you are the aggrieved one and that Jews are the ones who won’t tolerate a different viewpoint. That is not what has been said. You and fellow Xian Fundamentalists have been told that your proselytizing ways are unwelcome. When you refused to stop, we explained why we dislike your religious dogmas. If you do not like our discussing your religion in graphic terms, I suggest you should stop proclaiming, directly and indirectly, our need to embrace Jesus.

  • Paula Penn-Nabrit

    Dear Rabbi Brad,
    Thank you for your thoughtful words. I always enjoy your posts tremendously. Selfishly, I ususally just read the posts & comments without directly participating. In this instance, I merely wanted to share because I do see such strong correlations between the experiences of black Americans and those of the biblical Children of Israel. I re-read my original post again, and it still doesn’t seem reactionary (to me) but when offense occurs, intent should not be the final consideration. But be that as it may, to Ruvain, Scott, Jeremiah and anyone else offended by my post, please accept my sincerest apologies. I deeply respect the theology, values and history of Judeaism and those are stand-alone values for me. Reciprocal respect is wonderful, but clearly non-essential.
    And finally, to Lucy G. My prayer is that you and your husband will reconcile beyond the conflicts of this presidential contest. I know I can contend with multiple conflicts quite comfortably, with the notable exception of conflicts with my husband; even after 32 years, I can’t stand it when we fight. Peace!!

  • Berta

    May I share with you a message that I forwarded to extended family as it relates to the election of Barack Obama….I am married 43 years to a black man. My children have been raised as Jewish and continue the practice with a blend of culture as it relates to their spouces:
    Message to family members….
    I hear your joy and somewhat feel the depth of your emotions as I relate to my grandchildren’s hopes and aspirations in this country. Yes, I do feel on a personal level but there’s nothing as personal as “first-hand” experience…. you see I NEVER doubted that my own children could not have reached that office & that’s where ‘personal’ experience makes the difference…
    I had a call this morning with a customer who shared some thoughts (knowing nothing about my personal life). She shared some concerns, (raised in the South) wondering if Barack will favor his own race or be influenced by the likes of J. Jackson, Sharpton, etc. I suggested to her that while society defines him as black that he more than anyone can be diverse in his approach towards society! Bi-racial with white influence during the most impressionable years of his life taught him the tools to work in unity in spite of divisions! I also shared my humble opinions that in fact Barack is a politician and could not have reached this statue if not for his ability to understand that his path to success then and now will continue only if he remains “inclusive” with society.
    I believe he has shown us how his success will be in the coming years. All one needs to do is look at his campaign. His organizations skills are brilliant. Unlike McCain, I sense that Obama was more “hands” on and not submissive to his “handlers”. Through organization of ideals and ideas, through claiming the youth of our society as part of the mechanics and as a leader quite unknown to the world there is an open field for him to promote CHANGE without any stigmatism !
    Last night I found myself reminded of Martin Luther King’s dream….”someday my children ……”
    Now, if that was not a premonition to what we’ve witnessed I don’t know what else is…
    America has spoken and in spite of those that still may cross your path with racial bias, the veil has been lifted FOREVER!

  • http://xxx Seliever

    I believe there is only ONE GOD over ALL, regardless of the name you have given HIM in your languages, and HIS requirements are the same for all, LOVE, FEED, CLOTHE and SHELTER yourself and your fellow man.
    Read your Bible, Koran, Sacred writings. whatever teaches you how to live; LOVE YOUR LORD and believe the good; ignore the bad; and let your GOD judge the bad. HIS ways are the only right ways.

  • http://Obama Edith

    I do not agree with the beliefs of Obama on abortion, gay marriage and several other things. I have no problem with his race, only his beliefs. I will pray for him every day to be guided by God and to be a true and loyal servant to the American people. Sometimes people elected in government offices forget that it is a servant’s position and not that of a king or dictator. He did run a very good campaign and I pray that his strategies as President will be every bit as good, well thought out and planned for the good of our country.

  • Edith

    I would also like to emphasize that we need less government in our lives and not more.

  • Jeremiah Price

    Paula Penn-Nabrit –
    I too must apologize as in rereading my first post it does appear to have the tone that you suggest. I assure you that it was not meant that way – my response would have been identical for any racial group inserted in place, even my own, which by choice and for your curiousity will not state. I see the human race as I see the church – a unity of peoples. Within the church we have, say 40 or more groups all claiming the same G-d in 40 different ways. And this is what defeats it – because each believes it-self “more correct and blessed” than the rest. This is being rather simplistic and leaves out all the other religions as it is being used for an example.
    Race is the same way – many different but each going wrong in feeling that they are more/less blessed or deserving of help by G-d. All of us together are short of His mark. My attempt was to point out that using any race card of any kind in relation to the correctness/incorrectness of a candidate is to take a step backward. Paula, we worked that out in the sixties and the average citizen, be they black or white or green or purple or red or yellow or brown, has buried the issue long ago. My sadness is that people won’t let Obama be elected on the basis of his intelligence and ability to address the issues of the day. Instead they have to speak of “Black Ascendance” or “Movement of G-d” and attempt to unite people in a way which in truth separates them. There would be no talk of “White Ascendance” or “Movement of G-d” if McCain was elected.
    It is telling to me that such talk always arises attached to an agenda of one sort or another. I find that it doesn’t place the Black or any other race in a proper position as united members of humanity and my objection is that it is a step back down the very slippery slope that we have spent so many years and suffered through so many hard lessons in climbing.

  • Paula Penn-Nabrit

    Dear Jeremiah,
    It was a deight to read your recent posting. Thank you for your words of carification. On the surface at least it appears we must agree to disagree. At a deeper level of analysis however, I suspect our views are not that oppositional. I concur with your assessment that great strides were made in the 60s, however, I disagree when you state further “we worked that out in the sixties and the average citizen, be they black or white or green or purple or red or yellow or brown, has buried the issue long ago.” I think that statement is based on your (and mine) sincerest hope, not an accurate analysis of our shared current state. At the simplest level of review, we know there are no green or purple people; I think that whimsical inclusion is a reflection of your idealized state for our society. Race, like issues of socio-economic status, physical ability, color, gender and religion sadly still are challenges for us as a nation. And I do not believe we can fully move beyond those challenges by denying their existence-no matter how badly we want that to be the case.
    I also think it is important to at least that “God can do anything but fail,” but also that sometimes the blessings He bestows can be of enormous “collateral” benefit to others. As a 54 year-old black American woman, I can assure you that generations of my family have benefitted enormously by studying, believing and rejoicing in the blessings God bestowed on the Children of Israel as described in the OT. The stories of Daniel in the lions den, the 3 little Hebrew boys and of course Moses were used as object lessons ofhow to survie and thrive and most importantly have & manifest faith. In that same vein, I was also taught the danger of thinking that what I see (understand) of the world is all that is going on, like when Elisha says “I, even I only, am left.. ANd the Lord said unto him…Yet I have left me seven thousand in Israel, all the knees which have not bowed unto Baal and every mouth which hath not kissed him.” (I Kings 19:14 &18)It’s easy (and sometimes tempting) to think one’s views, experiences or world views are universal, but in most instances that is just not the case. JFK’s candidacy was significant, not just because of his relative youth, but also because of his Catholic tradition. When we see a Jewish candidate, or a woman candidate or a Muslim candidate, I hope we will be able to fearlessly and intellectually examine the totality of the issues presented, including the historical, cultural, religious and gender ones. I hope we will continue to grow to the point where we can explore and examine our differences as points of interest and opportunities for enlightenment, rather than pretend they no longer exist either because we are weary, or worse yet afraid of discussing them. When we pretend those differeces do not exist or that they have no significance, we deprive ourselves of the opportunity for growth God has so graciously provided for us.
    So, please don’t think my proffering personal experiences and views as an (almost) old, black, Christian (“Apostolic/Pentacostal” which is not the same as “Evangelical”)woman is in any way intended as a statement of disregard for others-it isn’t. Thanks for “listening.”

  • Cher

    Obama ties to radical muslims (wATCH)

  • Jeremiah Price

    Paula – if I may call you that;
    I am deeply enjoying our discussion and debate and as you say, I too believe we are more in agreement than disagreement. You raise some valid points that are truly interesting and there is nothing more enjoyable than a friendly debate with an intelligent person of another persuasion. I think we should maybe out of courtesy to the Jewish hosts take it to a place where we do not offend with the things we are in complete agreement upon with which they disagree. Please feel very welcome to use my e-mail and I look forward with great expectancy to hearing from you.
    Thanks and G-d Bless!

  • Mother of 3

    If you can, please dig deep into your bible and provide some supportive scripture quotes which shows G-d in favour of abortion.
    Whilst I wait for you, let me say the pres elect can stretch the truth and tell some whopper porky pies.
    As if he didn’t know his aunt was an illegal immigrant.
    How he kept a straight face to Katie Couric on the telly and claim he could not contact her….
    Well, 48 % of the American voters did not vote for him.
    Yes, G-d bless America, because we will need it.

  • Abbie Kenyon

    >The first commandment still stands today: “Be fruitful and >multiply.”
    >There is no room in that commandment for abortion. Joshua says >Choose this day whom you will serve … Choose life …or …Choose >death.
    >Obama spoke/ speaks more words of hope and life than any other >candidate, or the current President.

  • bonnie

    I was not in agreement with Mr Obamas ideals and I did not vote for him or the issues he was supporting as gay marriage and abortion but as an American christian I am obligated to pray for him and his family for health and wisdom in his position and not to be a cancer from within my own country i cannot comprimize my beliefs because my candidate lost but must with wisdom and prayer go forward not stop or go backwards with the new administration. I listened to his acceptance speech and realize he is an intelligent person doing what he thinks is correct I just pray he comes to the knowledge that not all he wants to do is correct as with Iraq my son is on his 4th tour there and a sudden removal of our military would be a disaster to that country no matter what ms polisi thinks i also pray she becomes informed of the truth and returns to he catholic roots in her leadership

  • wanjira

    Sistah Debra,
    Did obama tell you he was going to be the mouthpeice Ayers et Al or did God? You really remind me of another lady in my recent past called Palin
    Neither you or I are worthy of speaking for the Jewish Carpenter. We can only quote or paraphrase. He very eloquently articulated for Himself and the Father. So did his most immediate followers. He may NOT have been pro-abortion (nor is Obama or or any Democrat that I know). He must have been pro-choice per the gift of the father to all of us called “FREE WILL”! It is God mandated because He loves respects us and trusts our judgements more than any government ever will. We can only be answerable to Him. So sis Deb, What is the difference between abortion and sending our already raised kids to die in Iraq Afaganistan,Saudi Arabia, Vietnam and et cetera fighting visionless,worthless wars? It is a direct violation of the sixth commandment “Thou shalt NOT kill”! Do you NOT know the Republicans just want to save all these babies so there’s NEVER any shortage of soldiers to die fighting their wars?
    In Genesis, do you recall what caused the curse of Cain? He murdered his brother, Abel in cold blood(just the way the Republicans want to do with all us’have-nots’ through deprivation)! When God asked him about his brother, He insulted God by rudely replying that he was NOT his brothers keeper(just like the Republicans). He WAS his brother’s keeper or God would not have asked him. By the same token, we are our brothers’ keepers(redistribution in Republican lexicon)otherwise the lovely Jewish Carpenter would not have bestowed upon us the Golden Rule or the Greatest Commandment of them all!
    One really wonders which one of us is misinformed and God DOES indeed have a favorite candidate. As for me, boy oh boy! am I glad I danced all the way to vote for Obama!
    Thank-you E.G.,thank you Jeremiah Price and et cetera. Above all, thank you and thank you again Rabbi Brad! You really remind me of another Rabbi at another place and another time!

  • evelyn

    Well I didnt vote for Obama..because I read and heard and saw so much that was wrong with this man., there are quite a few stronger black Amercians that would have been great for that job..Please .not any of the so called “Reverents” either..I do believe that God had His eye on George Bush for president..because He knew him to be the stronger canidate and would be a strong president in times of horror. I couldnt possiblely see Algore as president at that time, or any time. Now I am going to set back and watch this guy…who thinks he can take on the world!

  • evelyn

    now, now, Wanjira….I dont think you know what you are talking about!! How can you compare..our soldiers fighting for this country’s freedon…to an abortion? That just dosen’t make sense. To kill deliberly a baby that has not been born yet….is murder!!…anyway you look at it!!….God loves HIS soldiers that will fight the enemy that wants to take over our country, that we dedicate to HIM..our very commentment to HIM..and our Christ. And anyone that thinks the the fetus is not a human being,,then that one does not know the Bible!! John the Baptist in his mother’s womb lelpted when he heard that the Christ was there in Mary’s womb…etc…and even GOD himself…saying to his…’even before you were born, I knew you” Our spirits are in heaven before we are born in this life!!! Dont go off half-baked…

  • evelyn

    Oh, Paula Penn-Nabrit: you write such a bit….and really do not say much. As far as this president elect is concerned..he has a very bad background….and is still seeking advice from those that are truly against this country….So why should we be soooo in a hurry to vote for him….just because he is of the black race. He is very troubling in his messages and of course his associations with the so called Chicago gangs…and those of the foreign nations of Islam and Muslims…that want to come into this country, the last fronteer ..for the change to their religion You know Paula…Christianity is NOT a religion…it is reality!!! Anyone can have a religion…worship rocks, cars, anything they love more than the real GOD…He has said so much in his speachs and interviews that I really do not know why people listened to him..and not really hear him. I think they did but just didnt want to believe. So now that you all have him, do yourself and your family a .favor and really hear what this man has to say..and how he acts…He even admits that he and his wife hated the American flag and the National Athem…Now that he is prez..he wants to change all that. That is the change he wants….His way…He is a fraud.

  • evelyn

    Newbeginngs…..speaking of the man in your story…of how a man in his late years lost everything and had to continue working well past the age of 75. .You said that his employer had confidence in the man because he was honest and a Christian….BUT you said …the man lost everything, begining a Christian, didn’t help……NOW….How do you know he lost everything? The things you consider treasures are nothing but trash, compared to the treasures that are that mans’… per GOD. I believe he did not take it that way,,,,if he were a true Christian…We Christians are not sad but rejoice in knowing that our GOD will look after us…there are Christians that do not complain, you know,,,because they are happy…I was 60 years old when I started working, after raising 6 children.. for myself, and learning a business, that was very taxing..It was the type of job that took one month to learn…I did put my trust in GOD and he rewarded me greatly.and I made very good money..I became a top salesman of the company I worked for and because I wanted to be with my family, I retired when I was 70yrs old…am now 741/2 and am living a life that I enjoy…on my retirement…I was able, with God’s help to buy a home for myself and am able to keep my mortgage up and anything else I want. So dont be one of those ‘fox hole” believers…you know when horror striks, all of a sudden you scream for GOD to help you!!!!!! But HE will be there..tho…regardless………now have a good day

  • Darryl Hall

    Hello. I really do believe that Mr. Hirchfield is correct. As an agnostic, I cannot say that I believe that an all powerful god exist. Assuming that such an entity does exist and the ancient writings are true, it’s unlikely such an entity would support either candidate. According to the ancient writings, when this entity supported a man as a leader the entity said so. I’ve been studying what the Christians refer to as The Old Testament and The New Testament for over thirty years. I suppose as an agnostic, I can study those books objectively.

  • Your Name

    Darryl Hall…You know Darryl…just a little humor….I have seen ghost and spirits.since I was a child .and I have not asked for them to come to me!! They just it a nussence….I told my son what I have seen and he says ” Mom, there just isn’t such things, I have never seen any or heard anything like ghosts or spirits and therefore they do not exsist.” and I say. “Son you believe in UFOs and he says Yes,of course.” and I say, ” I do not believe in ufos, because I have never seen any and it really sounds silly to me, why don’t they show themselves to us and our government?… But there are those that insist they excist. (I believe in BIG_FOOT,tho)Ha When it comes to God, some will say ‘Ok, where is He when one needs Him?” And I say ‘have you ask for Him?” and they say “Will,if He is GOD He should know my problem” And that is true. Why should GOD just give someone anything they want or need just because they think HE should? And if it dosen’t happen, denigh He exsists. When someone asks for GOD’s help, it can happen, and you not be aware of it until it can be rejoiced to anyone who will listen, that a prayer has been answered.. Why dont you just set down sometime and become very quite and ask “If you are GOD, show yourself, help me to believe!” I mean for you to be sincere, and really ask Him for some answers…It is strange, but He will not always be there on demand. Just be patient. I have asked for healings on my mind and body since I was a child…and they always happen when you least expect it. They say “there are no athist in a foxhole.” and maybe there are…they curse God for putting them in such a place!!! Just my comments Darryl..We all have our moments…I am not preaching….just saying what I happen to know is truth…I do not believe there are any prophets, to day…altho there are some who think they are..God is in command regardless…Now as far as His caring whether a certain canidate is better then others…I believe HE cares and is watching..and because we all have free will, He will not interefer.. So for all of those that are saying this man who became our new prez…is because GOD ordained it…I do not believe it…mainely because there were so much fraud and false voting.and the mans background was so bad…The people got what they wanted by doing it themselves!!!! Just like the people that asked God for a king,so they would be like all the other peoples at that time…So GOD gave them a king…even tho He said He was their KING. And the people suffered, God had ordained a youth, he had his eye, named David. But then again, because David was a man, he was not perfect either. I think if we all pray for this country to not be destroyed by those that are enemies of our God…He would do something about that. But only for a while,,,,,because there is so much evil in this world…..Pray for yourself also Darryl.GOD knows YOU exsist.He loves those that seek His word for answers.. GOD bless us all.

  • Your Name

    Unfortunately in a fallen world, people get hurt, even innocent babies, and soliders. I don’t agree with abortion, yet I don’t agree with oppressing the poor, war has always been, and will always be to some degree. I beleive God gives us each day to decided whom we will serve, also to choose between blessings and cures,short and long terms decisions. I also beleive for those whom truly believe in God, their good outweighs their bad characteristics, and their righteouness is not of themselves. Even thou, some peoples light shine alot brighter than others and a nominee for president can reflect either side of the matter.

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