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Jews Voting Obama Because Of Anti-Christian Bias

We all know that Florida is a critical swing state in the coming election. According to Sam Stein of The Huffington Post, it’s more in play than ever and the Obama campaign knows it. That’s all fine. But the idea that a central reason for the shift is the increasing number of Jews who don’t like Sarah Palin because she is a Christian is far from fine.

The Alaska governor may be a boost to conservative hopes throughout the country, but in the Sunshine State her candidacy may be a liability. There is a sense of skepticism within the Jewish community over her religious affiliations…. The Jewish community’s concerns (stoked, it should be noted, by the Obama campaign) could prove the difference in what is shaping up to be yet another closely fought election.


There are many reasons not to support Sarah Palin, but the fact of her religious affiliation is not one of them. In fact, I am actually a little ashamed of Jews who object to Sara Palin because of what she believes. How did it feel when we heard that people were uncomfortable supporting Joe Lieberman, not because he was a Democrat, but because he was a Jew? In fact, Jews worried about that phenomenon far more than it ever materialized, but that’s another story.
And please don’t write and tell me, “but that’s different, we don’t believe the outrageous things that they do” because that just isn’t so. With the exception of the identification of Jesus as the messiah, there is no belief in Evangelical Christian thought that can not be found in traditional Jewish thought as well. Bodily resurrection? We got that. In fact, traditional Jews, including yours truly, pray for it three times a day. The Bible as the revealed word of God? We’ve got that in spades. We just disagree about what’s included in the revelation, not the idea of a personal God who gave us a library. That one group is God’s chosen people? I won’t even start.


Don’t get me wrong. One can create a meaningful Jewish life without these concepts, or do so by reinterpreting them in new ways. And the same can be said for a meaningful Christianity. But if not believing those things were a barrier to office, then Joe should have been disqualified as well.
I find it particularly ironic that the same Jews in Florida, often elderly and relatively secular, supported Lieberman but use religion as their excuse for not supporting Palin. They are actually doing to her precisely what they fear she will do to the rest of us i.e. using a theological litmus test for gaining office in a nation which separates church and state. Not a road I want to travel down with any group.
Why? If for no other reason than there are more of them than there are of us, so we will ultimately lose. But mostly because this election should be about issues, including the role of personal faith in the making of public policy, not the theology which we presume a candidate holds. If we used that test, then Obama would fail on the basis of Jeremiah Wright, which would also be wrong.

  • Scott R.

    Besides the fact that I won’t vote for her because I am a Democrat and she is a Republican and I believe that she is completely and totally unqualified for the job,
    1) She approved of her church hosting the head of Jews for Jesus, who said that God sent the Holocaust on us because we weren’t Christians. Same with Muslim terrorism.
    2) She quoted Westbrok Pegler, a far right fascist and anti-Semite who only referred to Jews as “geese”.
    3) Her brand of Christianity doesn’t look at Jews as people. We are only fodder for conversion, brownie points for heaven.
    That is why her brand of religion scares me.

  • Tom

    ‘Her brand of Christianity doesn’t look at Jews as people. We are only fodder for conversion, brownie points for heaven.’
    How so?

  • Scott R.

    Because the greatest coup for an evangelical Christian is to convert a Jew. Several have told me so.



  • seer Sucker

    Rabbi Brad, the problem with Sarah Palin’s Christianity is not her religion per se, but how people in her section of the Protestant Church feel about two important issues: 1) How her Christian beliefs should intersect with general society, and 2) How her Church feels about the place of Jews, vis a vis the desirability of jewish conversion to Christianity, and how that might affect the relationship to the Jewish community and Israel. Jewish discomfort with her being a Christian is about those issues, not a general objection to Evangelical Christianity. Supporting Lieberman just because he is Jewish is wrong too, but fortunately that is not a choice I am being asked to make.

  • Jo

    I agree that the important issue is not that she is a Christian but what her attitude is towards the Jewish religion and people. That is what needs to be determined. Also Rabbi, this is not a criticism so please don’t think it is,but I was wondering if the time of your post was in my time (Australia) or your time (US) as on my computer it appears as 9.38 am Saturday and I understood many Jewish people don’t use their computers on Shabbat

  • scruffy

    When I read the New Testament and the Acts of the Apostles, I see that the first Christian Church were Jews. They worshiped in the Temple and met in synagogues. They were Jews first and foremost and they believed that Jesus was the fulfilment of the prophecies.
    The problem with groups like Jews for Jesus is they forget that they are Jewish and abandoned that which makes them unique. I meet with Messianic Jews who retain their Jewish culture, obey the law of Moses and celebrate the Holy days and the Sabbat.
    People like Sarah Palin can not understand what it is to be Jewish or to know how to treat them. They still play the blame game and refuse to see that the Children of Israel are still the Chosen of God.
    I, as a Christian who respects what I can not grasp, do not trust her because of her lack of perspective of history, not just the last century but the whole history of the persecution of the Children of Anodi.
    Of course this is not the only reason I don’t care for her but it is one that weighs heavy with me. The only reason America supports Israel is because of guilt and the need to have an ally in the Near East. It is not because the nation give one hoot for the historic Faith.

  • rabbi brad

    Responding to Jo, who asked about the timing of this post, which went up at 9:38 on Saturday morning, New York time: let me reassure you that I never take a fair question as an unfair criticism. In fact, I love questions! So thank you.
    For starters Jo, the vast majority of Jews do use computers and all other forms of electricity on Shabbat. Perhaps 12% of American Jews to be specific, would not. This number includes those who are Orthodox and a small portion of those who identify with the Conservative movement. So there should be nothing surprising about my posting on Shabbat based on the practice of most Jews, as your question indicates.
    As it happens, I am part of that 12%, and live pretty much according to the practices of the Orthodox community, and was ordained within it. Though I describe myself as “just a Jew trying to do what I think God wants of me”. To that end, I can imagine that many Jews would find that entering this conversation is precisely what they want on Shabbat (not to mention the many non-Jews whose participation here is much desired and deeply appreciated), and that they too are doing their best to do what they think is required of them. So, I make sure that there is typically new material here for them on Shabbat morning, and for everyone else who wants it, on Saturday night.
    Because I can pre-post with a future time for when it goes up on the site, this is no major effort for me and a real opportunity to embrace people where they are, even if we happen to disagree about the details which get us to where we want to be. And that is a big part of what Windows and Doors is all about.
    Thanks for asking!

  • Barbara

    Without Prejudice
    Is that why Hollywood has actors blaspheme and used the Lord’s name in vain as a knock at Christianity? Also, “Two and a Half Men” has the Jewish actor yelling out against Mary.

  • C Parkinson

    As a Catholic Christian I am very respectful and grateful to the Jewish people. Without them we would not have the religion in which I was brought up and which I love, and without them history would not be so rich and complete.
    It saddens me greatly for the suffering Jews have been subject to and that they continue to endure with great courage. They are Gods’ chosen people and I believe that is a wonderful thing, not a thing to be envied. They have given much to all of us.
    Not being a scholar or a very deep thinker generally, I cannot get into all of this disention, but I cannot see the harm in simply being respectful and grateful to this people for all the goodness that has come to the rest of us from them, and for their wisdom and the courage they show that has been so evident throught all time.
    May God bless us all and help us to love and understand each other.

  • Jack J. Szpytman

    Rabbi Brad Hirschfield,
    In the course of history who is not at fault in creating this network of evil we have today? Please visit my website for some answers:
    I would appreciate your comments.
    For more detailed explanations, I have written a book entitled:
    Tell Them… Available through Xlibris Pub.
    Jack J. Szpytman

  • Will

    How does Scrufy know that Sarah Palin cannot understand what it is to be Jewish? Is it because she is a Christian? Then, how many people in the US would understand that unless they are a Jew. The deduction escapes me. Do you imply that obama would understand that?
    Tolerance has disappeared in the US unless it is tolerance for JUST what you believe, what you are, what sexual orientation you are, what color you are, what religion and what segment of that religion you are.
    We all seem to preach it, but few live it.

  • Aron

    Thank you for such a sensible article. I think Sarah Palin is wonderful. She has taken a very boring campaign and got the whole world interested. It is not Sarah Palin that us Jews need to worry about but the secular Jews who are pushing an anti-religious agenda such as abortion, homosexual marriage etc that is making many people negative towards Jews. Like it or not many people do not distinguish between what religious Jews say and do and what secular Jews say and do. These Jews in the ACLU and other groups are making our name stink in the nostrils of the Gentiles. The values that Sarah Palin stands for are the same values that all Torah Jews stand. More power to her.

  • Scott R.

    Thank you for that anti-Semitic comment.
    For the most part, tolerance comes from the majority and those who hold political power, not the minority. The vast majority of people in this country are Christian and they hold most of the political power. Therefore, we rely on hem to offer tolerance.
    What you mentioned are exactly who tolerance is for.

  • Ann Marie

    Thank you for writing this, you are very, very right. I am also Catholic, and I agree wholeheartedly. It is not fair to hold a double standard. I agree also that “tolerance” seems to only tolerate what is agreeable, instead of agreeing to disagree. Drives me crazy. I can’t believe what I do because it interferes with what someone else believes is “enlightened”. Thanks for putting it all in the right light!

  • Deacon John M. Bresnahan

    I hope Jewish voters don’t wind up giving their vote to a party that once counted both us Catholics and Jews as its backbone.
    As soon as secularists had the upper hand we were thrown under the bus –as in what happened to Gov. Casey Sr.–and nothing much has improved in spite of phony outreach to Catholics (through Catholics who trash their own faith).
    Everyone that closely follows politics knows that anti-Jewish, pro-Palestinian sentiment is growing by leaps and bounds in the Dem Party especially on college campuses and as they seek to reel in more of the rapidly growing Islamic vote.
    T think any perceptive person can see the Dems getting ready to have their Jewish voters join us Catholics under the bus.
    And these attacks on Gov. Palin are absurd. It is her brand of Evangelical Christianity that has been among the biggest supporters of Israel—Look what took precedence in NY over Iran among the Dems–turning what should have been bipartisan support for the demonstration into a partisan kerfuffle.

  • Lois

    Give me a break….you’re gonna vote democrat because of evangelical exposure to Palin, even though 20 years of Obama sitting in a “hate-whites, Blacks are the savior of the world” mentality? You want to vote dem because you want liberal government without a moral code. At least be honest about it—-or is honesty to much of an “acting” job for you? Then call in the hollywood crowd who don’t know how to have a moral code.

  • Jim

    A very prescient article. As Obama stirs the pot of racism via his despicable Spanish language ads demonizing McCain, as he fuels the fire of “white racism” against blacks by dispatching his minions across the nation to deal the race card from the bottom of the deck, it appears that he is also working to exploit anti Christian bias in the Jewish Community in Florida.
    Observations that Obama was employing segregationist tactics is an understatement. He is employing divide and conquer tactics that he knows will create incurable rifts in our society for years to come.
    I was on the receiving end recently of Rabbi Brad is addressing in comments directed at me on a pro Israel blog concerning the withdrawal of Sarah Palin’s invitation to speak at the pro Israel rally. I was called a traitor for questioning my staunch support and embrace if Israel as a brother, when those feelings of loyalty appeared to have been betrayed by the actions of the rally organizers. And I was called a Nazi, with a reference that I should not listen to my “Fuhrer”, when I dared to point out that the some members of Congress of the Jewish faith had positioned themselves as Israel’s proxies in the US, and that those proxies were effectively creating a negative perception among gentiles like myself that had never wavered in our support if Israel. (I am Roman Catholic, and have always been an outspoken supporter of Israel).
    When one’s friendship and loyalty is rejected by the actions of another, there can be no reasonable expectation on anyone’s part that such friendship and loyalty will quickly wane. I have never understood and will never understand this destructive self loathing behavior that history reveals has never turned out well for the Jewish people.
    I will pray that God enlighten those bent not only on their self destruction, but on the annihilation of the State of Israel as we know it.

  • Gina

    Obama supporters are foolish to think that he will never betray them.
    Obama was a close friend of Pastor Wright for TWENTY YEARS.
    Obama threw Wright under the bus for personal ambition.
    McCain would not betray his country even after 5 years of torture.
    You can put lipstick on a traitor, but he’s still a traitor.

  • Paula

    Well, I can’t answer for the Jewish elderly in Florida, but I can say that there are Jews in the Los Angeles Community – including myself – who will be voting for McCain/Palin. And, I also heard that a segment of Israeli population are not happy with the idea of an Obama presidency because of his close affliation with Palestinian supporters and radical leftists. I can’t say there aren’t a number of Jews who are frightened by Gov. Palin, but there are also those who are deeply worried about Obama and his political and social ideas. That being said, don’t believe everything you hear about Jews voting one way or another. The Jewish people are not monolithic in their thinking and their voting. In fact, the Orthodox community have tended, in the past ten years, to move more to the political right – McCain/Palin – and away from the political left – Obama/Biden.

  • Dovid Goldstein

    Any Jew that votes for the CHRISTIAN party slits his own throat. We’ve had it good in this country, so we forget what the Christians did to us when we rejected their invitations to convert. The evangelicals in the U.S. have inherited the mantle of the popes and Luther (Y”S) who through us on the fire for not embracing idolatry.
    You kiss up to the goyim at your own, and your own children’s, risk. When push comes to shove, the goyim will throw the “Christ killers” under the bus. They ALWAYS have and they ALWAYS will, because they say we killed their god and a leopard never changes its spots.
    Obama may suck but at least he’s not a Republican.

  • Phyllis

    Obama isn’t Republican but he claims to be Christian just like McCain/Palin. On June 11, 2008, Omar Ghadafy said (his own words), Obama is a Muslim and he understands he has to say the right words to get elected so that he can do his/Farrakan/Rev Wright/Ayers/ agenda when he becomes president. Watching this on YouTube was frightening.
    If the Jews are anti-christian because of Palin what were they with Clinton, Bush, etc.?

  • Jim

    Posted by: Dovid Goldstein | September 21, 2008 5:40 PM…
    The level of pure hatred in your post is reminiscent of the racist intolerance that has fueled atrocities from the beginning of time. It mirrors the intolerance and mock superiority of of groups like the KKK and Radical Islam. And hanging on to such self destructive beliefs is the ultimate act of slitting one’s own throat.
    I wish you well in your self imposed exhile.

  • Dovid Goldstein

    And we didn’t live through 1900 years of Christian “love”, yes?
    You’re right. Jews should live we other Jews. We should stay within our own communities, we should have business amongst ourselves, and Hashem knows we should only marry other Jews.
    When we assimilate, we disappear and we die. I don’t hate gentiles, but I don’t exactly trust them either. Why should I? When have we ever been allowed to live peacefully among gentiles? What has it ever gotten us except dead?

  • not a jew

    Are you referring to your religion or your background. If the hatred you’re spewing is religion-based you sound like a clone of the muslim terrorists. I pity you Mr. Goldstein. The USA is welcoming to all religions, including muslims … in many years past in this country many religions including catholicism were hated. The times have changed; people have changed; the world has changed. I agree the jews are persecuted but not in this country and not by christians anywhere.
    Find another excuse to hate Palin and the republicans.

  • Dovid Goldstein

    Not a Jew,
    That’s a very typical attitude. I’m not “spewing hatred”. I’m expressing the belief that I would like my children to grow up Jews in a country that still welcomes Jews. People like Palin and those who think like her would very much like to make this a place where Jews could only be Jews if they became Christians.
    And because you aren’t Jewish, you’re incapable of seeing that.
    The world doesn’t change, and neither do its people.

  • Kopcat

    I feel we are very fortunate to live in a country that allows those of us who wish to maintain their traditional religious and cultural lifestyles to do so. Some of us prefer a more integrated lifestyle. None of these choices is more right than the other. Regarding the religious choices of the candidates, I wish there was more emphasis on the moral and ethical issues than on the supposed consequences of being of a particular religion.
    It’s interesting to know that there are probably more Christians that support abortion and gay rights than those that don’t. But many assume that because Palin espouses her Christian religion and is against these issues, the majority of Christians think like her. I was brought up Christian, but I prefer a more secular mindset. I find it hard to swallow her political thinking, but I don’t care what her religion is. I feel the same way about Lieberman. I’m a Democrat and I voted for the Gore/Lieberman ticket. Now I am disappointed in him not because he’s Jewish, but because he supports the Bush leadership. I wish the war would end because of all the unnecessary bloodshed. I try not to judge others on their religious beliefs. For most of us it has more to do with how we were raised than any choices we made.

  • Edith

    If it was the other way around, Jews would be marching in the streets screaming anti-semitism, yet it’s okay to be anti-Christian.

  • Terik Ororke

    Serious sins have been committed against Jews in the past even by the Catholic Church. But the reality today is tha the Catholic Church and Catholics as a whole uphold and cherish Israel and its right to exist and its place in salvation history. Trust works both ways. Let us remember that the early founders of communism were Jewish and we Christians do not hold that against them, do we?

  • Bill Sr.

    This was my first stop at this website and it saddens me to see the “comments” at the end of this article.
    Why in the world at this time in our history do Jews and Christians still want to send barbs at each other is beyond spiritual comprehension. Don’t they know that it was the courage, devotion, and faith of Jews (like Mary and Joseph) in the first place that Jesus had a place of comfort for arrival? And these same Jews can thank the Christian faith for helping spread their Gods message of redemption and salvation throughout the world.
    The “old” and “new” covenants which they cherish have but one author, one purpose, and one hope for mankind.
    We can no longer permit pride and prejudice in the Judo-Christian society to divide the divine mercy and love of our God for his people. There is but one God, one spirit of truth, and one humanity which must unite in adoration of that spirit in order to render unto God this worlds
    creation which he so lovingly desires. God help us, are we so blind as to not see the truth.

  • Scott R.

    That is an old canard used by anti-Semites the world over.
    Marx was a Lutheran. His father and mother converted to Lutheranism from Judaism before Karl was born. Karl was raised by his parents and his church to hate the Jewish people. It’s all in “Das Kapital”. So unless you’re going to consider Karl a “racial” Jew, I suggest you leave that behind.
    Lenin was raised an Orthodox Christian.
    Stalin was raised an Orthodox Christian. He studied to be a priest. Stalin loved Jews, right?
    Trotsky was the only Jewish leader of major power in the first Soviet governments. He tried to moderate the excesses of Stalin. He got an icepick in his head for his difficulty.

  • Edith

    That comment shows you don’t understand what has been written here.
    I don’t agree with what Dovid writes, but I understand it.
    My family was massacred in the Holocaust. There was only one living relative left. We were chased out of Germany in the 1800’s and wound up in Russia where we got slaughtered by the cossacks until we wised up and came here.
    My grandmother used to get garbage thrown at her if she walked in Yorkville (NYC German neighborhood adjoining hers) in the 30’s.
    My father was beat up in front of Hebrew school by an Irish gang.
    I have been called a Christ-killer more times than I would care to think about, and had pennies thrown at me by kids in parochial school uniforms.
    Yet –
    My wife was raised Christian (but has no interest in it now). My very best friends are overwhelmingly Catholic (some are even Republican!:)).
    I think there is a lot of good in the “outside” world.
    But there is a lot of bad, and we need to keep our guard up. No all Christians want to be our friends. Some of it can even be seen right here on Beliefnet.

  • Scott R.

    Well, that’s what you get for responding to Edith in the name box.
    I wrote the previous post.

  • Harvey

    Anyone who considers voting for Obama or against Palin because of religious preference is doing themselves and the rest of this country a dangerous disservice! It should be Obama vs McCain, Biden and Palin are throw-ins. The two candidates have very different backgrounds, history of accomplishment, and thoughts about the future of this country.
    For whatever it means, I personally believe Obama’s lack of accomplishment and the philosophy(his past writings) and vision of a future USA are dangerous for all, regardless of religion.

  • audrey goldberg

    I am a 87 year old grandmother. I am proud to be an American citizen (not born here)
    and think everyone should keep their nose out of peoples business. No one has the right in this wonderful country to tell you “how” to vote. That is your right. YOU decide if this matters or that matters to you. How I choose is how I choose and why I choose isnt for a Rabbi, A policeman or a website to tell me. I am blessed with many friends because I keep my politics in the voting booth and my faith between myself, the shul, and Hashem. My grandchildren told me they are walking with me to the voting office come election day. To tell them who to vote for never crossed my mind, I was to busy being thankful that I am alive to share such a blessing with them.

  • Marc Paige

    Jews are not opposed to Sarah Palin because she is an evangelical Christian. Jews are appalled at McCain’s choice for running mate becaue she wants Roe v. Wade overturned and opposes abortion even in the case of rape or incest, because as Mayor of Wasilla one of the first things she did was inquire about banning books from the public library, she opposes any partner benefits for gay couples, and at 44 years old, she first obtained a passport to travel outside the country two years ago. We are opposed to her because she reminds us so much of the current President, George W. Bush.

  • hyperfrumm

    Although the “liberal” media is giving Palin a pass by describing her generically as a Pentecostal, Palin grew up in the Assemblies of God church. That was where she spent her formative years, and of which she was member for much longer a period of time that Obama was a member of Trinity Church in Chicago. This particular denomination has long been the largest institutional financial supporter of “Jews for Jesus” and similar evangelical missions expressly targetting Jews. {This explains her silence when the “Jews for Jesus” exec director spoke at the recent “non-denominational” church service she attended.} Which means that, despite her efforts to suck up to Chabad, and no matter what politically-convenient or disingenuous statements she may make to AIPAC or similar groups: by definition, as a matter of principle, theology and dogma, Palin has nothing but contempt for rabbinic Judaism and the highest regard only for those Jews who have betrayed their ancestral faith by converting to Christianity. That is why authentic Jews must oppose her candidacy. A
    vote for her is a vote for self-hatred!

  • Mir

    those of you who will not vote for Palin because of her religion, seriously need to listen to Reverend Wright’s speeches–the ones which, depending on which version of Obama you support–Obama either believes in, heard, or only heard a few of. In either case, Obama’s church equates the U.S. military presence in Iraq with the same terrorists they are fighting. Rev. Wright decries every domestic policy and is culpable of reverse racism. So while you might be upset that Palin’s religion does not support Jews or Rabbinic Judaism, those of us who pay attention to the political issues care that the Democratic candidate, Barack Obama, spent 20 years in a church that condemns any/all american activity as terrorist or automatically oppressive to Blacks. The latter has much more of an impact on the future of this country than the former. And Palin’s own record in government demonstrates that she separates her personal religious beliefs from state policy. For example, she supports same-sex benefits and maintains the abortion law status quo in Alaska. This is the type of judgment in government we need, NOT Obama whose wife believes that America is downright mean. Finally, plenty of christian politicians, whether state or National, believe that Jesus is their personal savior and messiah. They might not overtly state that those who do not accept Jesus are inferior but their theology certainly does. And guess what: you’ve probably voted for a lot of those christian politicians too.

  • Michael F. Atlas-Acuna

    I vote on the issues and the quality of the person and not on the belief system of an individual. In this case there is no question in my mind that McCain & Palin are the better ticket for this Great nation and Israel.

  • jeane

    Jews are not stupid. They will vote choice and that is what Obama stands for.

  • Melaka

    Too much is made over Sarah Palin and her beliefs. We all believe something. Much of what I read in these comments is just as reactionary and polarizing as we are all trying to convince each other the candidates are. I really respect the 87 year old grandmother and appreciate her opinion. I also see that for people of faith, so many with opinions seem to believe that their sense of fear should be pawned off as fact. Again, some people have some facts going on here and yet others bring up emotional fears with little fact and rumor and urban legend attached to it. I trust in Hashem, I look at the facts, I know what I need for my life and that is how I make my decisions; and guess what? I am happy. Good luck to all the rest of you angst ridden know-it-alls.

  • JGolden

    It is sad, indeed, that some are encouraging a vote for Barack Obama/Joe Biden by playing to fears about Sarah Palin’s religion. But it is equally true that some are encouraging a vote for Sarah Palin/John McCain out of fear for Obama’s race, which is equally reprehensible. I understand the discussion here is about the Jewish vote, but these kinds of tactics are used universally, for obvious reasons: They work.
    We have heard over and over again how terrible it is when campaigns play on this aspect or that aspect, but this does not address the core of the problem. For years, we have been fed a steady diet of fear about our economy, our nation’s security and our personal safety. We have been told we must do this or that as a nation, to combat terrorism. We have assented to invasions of our privacy and the unchecked swelling of “no-fly” lists, among other threats to civil liberty, in the same of “homeland security.” The campaign of fear succeeds because the people who use these tactics understand how to reach our most basic selves.
    The way to rise above this and to elect people who will serve our highest and best selves is to be our highest and best selves. As terrible as it is for these campaigns to use fear as a tool, it is equally terrible to read over and over again how TERRIBLE this is and how this has to STOP. The attention does nothing but to exacerbate resentments and magnify the problem.

  • Doug from PA

    I must say I am perplexed by comments such as those by Marc Paige, that reasons for Jews voting against Palin are her views on abortion and gay rights. When did those become *Jewish* issues. As for her getting her passport only 2 years ago, how elitist can you be? So she didn’t have the money to go traveling abroad (no passport used to be required for going to Canada). So being truly middle class is now a disqualification for being vice president? Wow! Maybe she’ll actually have some clue about what faces ordinary Americans unlike that career politician Biden and the elitist Obama.

  • Marlene Emmett

    I’m voting for Barak Obama cause I like him and his running mate,
    Sen Biden.
    I’m a Jew,who’s 54 years old.
    I don’t want to see Sarah Palin anywhere near the WhiteHouse,
    with her crazy thinking on the Enviroment,and things she knows nothing
    about~foreign policy for one.
    I used to like John McCain that is till I read what he wants to do
    concerning Abortion in the UnitedStates~he wants to send it back to
    the DarkAges,by overturning Roe vs. Wade!!!
    I’m Pro-choice,Anti-Abortion,Pro-Adoption.

  • Pat Nowak

    Here’s a Jew who does support the McCain/Palin ticket for the following reasons:
    I think these two have more of the character traits that I believe are essential in performing the job of US president. These are above average intelligence, good character, and courage.
    I don’t agree with some of their positions but do agree with most of what they say they will do. Both of these have track records of accomplishments.
    For many, perhaps most, of our citizens and politicians, morality is mostly a matter of opportunity. There’s plenty of opportunity in politics to use that position to enhance one’s financial status and to use power for personal purposes.
    I don’t have a problem with Obama other than I think he has less of the attributes described above and who only achieved his present position because the alternative in the primaries was Hillary, who while loved by millions, was loathed by millions more.

  • lourdes c. tabone

    I agree with Michael Atlas-Acuna. McCain-Palin is still the BETTER
    TEAM to go for. One cannot really trust Obama for all his “bouncing”
    beliefs and statements.
    McCain is a proven hero, public servant and a gentlemen. Now, they
    are “digging” on his “affairs” years before he got married….
    What do they expect from a “true-blue” single american? Men at that
    age normally go out and have fun. Not like that CLINTON (Bill) – –

  • Scott Spira

    The fact that Palin is a devout Christian is not what people should be concerned about. In fact, that in and of itself could be considered an asset. However, she would almost certainly try to enact policy based on her religious beliefs, and generally encourage the blending of church and state. That is, or at least should be, a very scary prospect regardless of whether you share her religious views or not.
    There are important and valid reasons why our founding fathers enacted a separation of church and state, and the more we do to obliviate that distinction, the weaker our nation will become.

  • Shana Bellin

    I am voting for Obama because of the person he is. I believe he will do the most good for the most people. I wouldn’t vote for Palin – not because she is an evangelical Christian – but because I believe she is a narcissistic exclusianary bigot.

  • David Rosenthal

    I suspect that many in the Jewish community are still voting for FDR. The once great Democrat party has been taken over by the far left. This is no longer the party of FDR, Harry Truman and JFK.
    Barack Obama’s background is vague. His associations are suspect, accomplishment are thin at best, and his voting record is far left. I am hopeful that people will do their homework prior to casting their vote.
    Scholarly and well researched books such as THE CASE AGAINST BARACK OBAMA, OBAMA-THE MAN BEHIND THE MASK, OBAMA NATION and others provide well documented insights into the background of this man. Even several of his colleagues at Harvard question his record and accomplishments.
    The Office of the President of the United States requires far better. This is not an office, nor a time in our nations history, for a rookie. Candidly the stakes are far too high.
    On overturning Roe v Wade, this is unlikely to happen. Simply look at the process. The President nominates prospective candidates. The Democrat controlled Senate, led by Charles Schumer, votes up or down. Remember, this is a State issue.
    Most importantly, National Security and the Global War on Terror trumps all other issues. Our enemies are determined to take out the US. We need leadership who recognizes this very real threat, and will do whatever it takes to protect and defend this great nation.
    On energy policy, Obama’s plan is vague. Having listened carefully, I am still unsure what Obama said or will do.
    On taxes, history has proven that a softening economy requires lower taxes. Obama is all about social engineering and a re-distribution of wealth.
    On big government provided health care, simply ask a Canadian about access to and the quality of their health care. Those who are able travel to the US for treatment.
    Although John McCain was not my first choice, I am proudly voting for the McCain-Palin ticket. Many other friends and colleagues–particularly Jews–are also voting for the GOP.

  • Matt

    PLEASE write about BOTH sides, OK? This covert Bama-backing is not fooling ANYONE
    And quoting the Huffington Post? Get some REAL sources
    plain and simple- Obama is mercurial- he does what he does to get votes and to keep up his precious image
    he will not go to the wall for ANYTHING, esp Israel and the Jewish community
    McCain is a man of principal and values
    and while his running mate may make some liberal Jews uneasy, she stands by her convictions and, as she is admittedly less experienced than others, is willing to learn and work HARD, instead of coasting on her record or reputation
    the Jewish choice is SIMPLE- we need a team we can trust with Israel and withthe community all over the world
    a little parity and balance goes a long way towards being believable and accountable

  • Aaron Lehmann

    As an observant Jew, I have no problem with the McCain/Palin team versus Obama/Biden from a religious perspective. I agree with the Rabbi’s viewpoint that we have more in common with Gov. Palin than with Senator Obama. I respect Gov. Palin’s views and believe her to be sincere. Although inexperienced in many areas of governing this nation, should it come to that, she has the same kind of grit that Harry Truman had and had limited experience and went on to become a great President. President Eisenhower went on to become an acceptable President and Regan was an excellent President. The mark of any great leader, CEO, etc. is choosing a capable staff and be able to delegate responsibility and make clear decisions. In this regard I believe that McCain/Palin is likely to be the better choice- and no this is not going to be Bush 3.

  • Matt

    who is the exclusionary bigot, Shana?
    you are excluding Palin for baseless reasons
    are you a hypocrite too?

  • Dovid Goldstein

    You mean getting that is worse than murdering more than 100,000 Iraqis? That by you is the “most disgusting thing a president could have done”?
    Lady, you shouldn’t be allowed near a voting booth.

  • Susan Graham

    As a White, Christian, Middle-Age “Recovering Republican” Female,
    I will vote for Obama BECAUSE he will take this nation in a much-needed, different direction.
    He has a brain that actually works, coupled with a heart for those
    much less fortunate than himself, proven by his many worthwhile contributions after successfully completing an Ivy League University.
    He is a visionary,(something we haven’t seen for quite a while),
    and possesses a reflective, thoughtful approach, contrary to the “shoot-from-the-hip-trigger-happy” style evidenced by McCain and Palin.
    If there is a negative side to be considered, then consider this:
    He couldn’t do ANY worse than what has been done for the last long 8 years, and any mistakes made would at least be different, and his own.
    This nation has numerous critical issues, all of which need to be solved…yesterday, and McCain and his “token sidekick”, obviously selected to draw female votes, are not up to par.
    I urge everyone to vote Obama-Biden this 4 Nov. and give my mother a great birthday gift at the end of her day!
    In this election year, I approve this message!

  • Hali

    What about those who are afraid to vote for Obama because they believe he somehow has “Muslim ties”? I don’t think it’s simply bias we’re talking about here, but fear. And yes, voting based on fear is wrong, but it certainly isn’t limited to the Jewish population. We, as a nation, need to change our thinking.

  • Cynthia Williams “One of Those Women”

    I know this is post is written by a Jewish Rabbi, however, I think the reason Jews are voting for Obama is greater than the anti-Christian bias because we all know for sure that Obama is a Christian. Despite the Reverend Wright issue which was very wise on Obama’s behalf, and it is God and his wisdom that has got him thus far.
    I respect and honor the Jewish people and I see a choice made from choice. A choice made from wisdom. A choice made from the Law of God. It is the United States that gave women liberation, however, the same God we all serve, never, liberated a woman from her role as mother, when you are in that time and season of mothering. I think it is the very hypocrisy of the Jewish or Christian state of motherhood that sways the hearts and votes of the Jewish people. As it should sway the hearts and minds of all people because if you can put any job or office before your children then what will you put before our children if you are elected the head of this country?
    I am not saying a woman can’t or shouldn’t hold this office. I am saying it must be in the right time and season because God calls us to excellence and juggling your children is not excellence and her family portrays that. I am sure that is not the example we want to set for our children and the world, who already look at us in disgust because of our lax morals and values.
    This is not a faith issue, not a race or sexist issue, this is an integrity issue. You say you are something that your actions say you are not, and that is an issue this country cannot allow. Our children are at stake. Our future is at stake. This country is at stake.
    I thank and honor all the Jewish people. I am sure they are reminded of one who had the same philosophy as the McCain/Palin ticket. Adolph Hitler himself, who said, “Politics has no moral law, one must do whatever they have to to win.” God knows we don’t need that mentality in this country.
    Thank you again for supporting the men who have a plan for the people of the United States of America.
    Cynthia A. Williams
    Author of “One of Those Women”
    2007 Woman of the Year in Field of Theology and Spiritual Healing
    NEW FACE MODEL for Model Productions

  • Elizabeth

    Aside from the fact that all Evangelical Christians want to convert Jews, and Palin is a redneck, and quite frankly, alot of rednecks don’t like Jews, all you have to do is watch Borat, and you can see the evidence for yourself. A Canadian Jewish friend of mine forwarded an article to me about a Canadian journalist who called Palin a redneck and some other unkindly words, and then was critized by Susteren and others. The woman has a name that some think is a Jewish name, and as a result many U.S. rednecks made a lot of anti-semitic remarks about this Canadian journalist. These rednecks are in support of Palin. That is what scares Jews!
    Other reasons not to vote for McCain/Palin. As mayor of Wasilla, Palin handpicked a sheriff that charged rape victims for their rape kits!!!
    As a result of her iresponsible beliefs on birth control and sex education, her under age unwed daughter is pregnant. I really don’t want a nation full of unwed pregnant teenagers.
    This Palin is also against abortion in cases of rape and incest!! Honestly, if I become pregnant as a result of rape, and I can’t get an abortion because my government thinks they can force me to have the baby, I think I would go insane.
    Palin also cut funding for a home for teen mothers as governer of Alaska.
    Oh yeah, and she is a hardcore hunter!!
    Palin also thinks that because she can see Russian land in Alaska that qualifies her as a foreign relations expert. The woman got her first passport 1 1/2 years ago!!!
    All of these things do not coincide with Jewish thought. I also don’t want my government, that is governing a pluralistic society, to be run by these evangelical freaks. Just look at other countries, past and present that are/were ruled by religion. Someone is and always will be oppressed. That is not the Jewish way!!
    One more thing, Joseph Biden is a Zionist!!!! Great pick on Obama’s part!

  • Al Eastman

    I am one more Jew who will support McCain-Palin. Many of the previous posters have given some of my reasons. One last one; as an Illinois politician and a recipient of support from the Chicago Democratic Daly machine Sen. Obama is anti-second amendment.
    For many of you big city residents, this is a non-issue. You have been brainwashed into believing that your Second Amendment Rights are somehow “evil”. My suggestion is you read unbiased histories of totalitarian regimes and see how they succeeded by first disarming the citizenry. Look at what is/has happened in parts of Africa in recent years, where tribal members were disarmed while their foes were allowed to be armed. You say it can’t happen here? Bet me! It can happen anywhere, in any country, when the citizenry is deprived of the means of self defense.
    Beware of ANY politician who wants to eliminate 10% of our Bill of rights! The thought of Obama nominees to the supreme court makes my blood run cold!

  • stewart perry

    Palin uses her elected office like a sledgehammner for those who she has personal problems with, like her brother-in-law. She is quick with the quip, but also quick with the whip. That does not make up for the inexperience of a bully who is a heartbeat away from a man in his early 70’s with a bad health record. This has not to do with any religious bias, in my mind. It is just frightening in terms of practicality.

  • Nan Cohen

    Very briefly, there is a great difference between judging someone because of their religion and judging someone because of what they believe. At one time the Mormon faith held that black people were the agents of the devil. Officially the Mormon church has repudiated this tenant of their faith, but because I have relatives who became Mormon, I know that there are still Mormons who hold this belief. Therefore, I would certainly reject as an acceptable candidate any Mormon who continued to hold to this belief.
    All Fundamentalist Christians believe that the only “way to heaven” is through the profession of a belief in their Messiah and that the rest of us are going to hell and it is very difficult to believe that this does not inform their attitudes about those of our faith. This is a reality we have to deal with, because we live in a “Chrisitan country”. But Evangelicals take it a step further.
    I must also point out that the reason the Fundamentalist Christians are so supportive of Israel, is because they believe that when all the Jews go back to the Holy Land, that their Messiah will make a second showing , battle with the Anti-Christ then all believing Christians will get fast trasported to heaven, leaving the rest of us to die awful deaths and go to hell.
    If you want to use this false friendship to help keep Israel safe for the time being fine – but you simply can’t pretend that these people are truly your friends and allies.
    There are also Christians who believe that all women should be subservient and subject themselves to the “leadership” of their husbands. (I attended a three day seminar many years ago at the urging of a friend who wanted to bring me to the real source of happiness.) They also believe it is religiously mandated to use corporal punishment with your children.
    And it is well known that every Christian is mandated to “witness” and to “bring others to Christ” based upon the belief that no other religion is legitimate. And if you don’t know, you should, that Sarah Palin’s church hosted (and my guess is not for the first or last time)representatives of “Jews for Jesus” whose sole purpose is as clear as their name – to convert Jews to Christianity for our own good.
    I have also seen her proclaim for the dias of her church that the soldiers in Iraq and on “G-d’s mission” (yes I am an orthodox Jew) I have also heard her try to argue herself out of this one by claimed what she “meant” was that we “hope and pray” we are on G-d’s mission.
    Which she and her cohorts should certainly do since they have been willing to send thousands of our young men to their deaths based upon this “hope.”
    Would I reject a candidate because he or she is a Christian?
    I support Obama.
    I supported Gore.
    I supported Kerry.
    and on and on.
    And I supported Joe. I actually know Joe.
    But let’s get real. Joe was not elected and I would bet you that it was not just because of Gore. This ticket suffered because Joe was a Jew.
    I was raised in rural Texas and Oklahoma where they hate Jews and Catholics and Mormons and anybody who is not just like they are – and they have no clue what beliefs any of us hold.
    They also hate blacks who, ironically, are most often fundamentalist Christians.
    No – I shouldn’t and don’t judge a candidate because of his or her religion, but you better believe I judge them on their beliefs which form the foundation of their world view and the bases for all of their decisions.

  • Scott

    The good rabbi’s reasoning is a muddle, but worse yet, it is a Straw Man. The rabbi invents bogus reasons why Sarah Palin dogmatic religiosity concerns many people. After misrepresenting legitimate questions have about Sarah Palin and the impact her religious beliefs have upon her fitness for public office, he attacks people who raise these questions.
    With dogmatic FAITH of the type Sarah Palin and George Bush profess comes the True Believer mentality (Eric Hoffer 1951). People who place FAITH in the irrational over science lead the country into disasters. The implementation of the War in Iraq and now the financial disaster derive from the true believer mentality of Bush. The Bush administration recruited a huge percentage of attorneys from schools with the correct religious tenets but who turned out to be incompetent or nearly incompetent attorneys. At he same time, the true believer mentality drummed out of the US Atty Office highly competent attys who refused to conduct illicit prosecutions of Bush’s enemies and refused to drop bona fide investigations into Bush’s friends.
    While the signs of the mortgage disaster with its viral loans was gaining notice in the financial community, Bush and his FAITH based people refused to act. Instead Republican appointed judges like Judge Connor in California granted a summary judgment against a homeowner who was suing Countrywide for fraudulent loans. People who operate from the FAITH based mind set suffer from the grandiose idea that everything they do is Good as they have FAITH. As such they become the foe to honesty and competence.
    Sarah Palin’s religiosity has worked its way into her public life. It underlays her supporting her Wasilla police chief to force rape victims to pay for their out sexual assault kits. It underlays her belief that Creationism should be taught and/or debated in public schools. When some one has a dogmatic FAITH which makes her unable to distinguish between myth and science, her religious beliefs are relevant to her serving in public office. Sarah Palin’s FAITH underlies her entire personality. She says that she did not blink when the GOP asked her to be the VP candidate. Yet, shortly before she said that she didn’t know what the VP did. Really? She’s asked to do a job and she does not what the job duties are and she accepts within a blink of the eye? She’s either lying or a fool. If you listen to Sarah Plain, having blind FAITH is far more important than being competent.
    Sad to say, the grandiose arrogance that comes with blind FAITH results in a mentality that ignores civil law (They frequently believe that they are answering to a Higher Authority) The rate of lying among FAITH people seems to be much higher than among people who are not so closed minded. Sarah Palin lied about her stopping the Bridge to Nowhere and even after it had been proved that she did not stop the bridge and that she had taken all the money, Sarah Palin continued to lie about it. Bush who is also Born Again repeatedly lies to the American people about everything from the war in Iraq to firing anyone who was involved in the Valerie Phlame scandal. He pardoned Scooter Libby.
    For about the first two hundred years of our Republic, when public figures spoke about G-d or the Creator, they were not referring to any religious dogma. It was a vague generic reference to some type of prime mover, or like the Shema, the Oneness of Everything. In the political arena, the Protestant Ethic, which is the same as Mitzvot, was the common ground upon all religions met. It was not Protestant Dogma, but Ethics. It was the ethics of working hard for oneself and family and doing good deeds for the public welfare. One exception was Prohibition, when the religious dogma of temperance forced upon America the disastrous banning of alcohol. The main results was the establishment of the Mob; a problem which still plagues us today. The religious people who did not like alcohol did not confine their religious dogma to their own groups, but instead they imposed their dogma upon the entire nation. For the most part, the invocation of G-d was to call upon the ethics or religion with little or no regard for any dogma or creed.
    FAITH based people like Sarah Palin, however, disregard other people’s religious beliefs and they are on a sustained campaign to impose their religious dogmas on other religions. Other Christian groups, secularists, and many Jews who do not believe that Life begin at conception will have their religious beliefs trampled upon by the likes of Bush and Palin with a Constitutional amendment which will enact Sara Plain’s religious dogma into law.
    As it stands now, Roe v Wade forces no one to have an abortion. Instead it is a reflection of the unalienable right to Liberty, which the Constitution was expressly enacted to protect. Roe v Wade addresses a serious public question — how do we balance the unalienable right to Life against the unalienable right to Liberty? Roe v Wade recognizes both rights and provides a trimester approach. Under Roe v Wade no one is forced to have an abortion, but it Bush and Palin had their way, their religion’s dogma would be imposed on everyone else in the country. People who operate from a FAITH based religious dogma use the political arena in order to impose their beliefs upon everyone else.
    Religious dogma has no regard of the rights of Gay men to serve in the military — military services is the most basic unalienable right — the freedom to defend one’s life and to join with other Americans to provide for the national defense. (Hillel, “If I am not for myself who will be for me? If I am for myself alone, what am I?”) This religious bigotry causes our nation to be unprepared in the time of war while attacking the basis of the Declaration of Independence and the Preamble of the Constitution which says that the Republic is formed to secure the “Blessing of Liberty.”
    Dogmatic religiosity threatens the stability of the Republic. The fundamental value of our Republic is liberty, and FAITH based politicians who place religious myths before science and religious bigotry before national defense, will tolerate no one else the Liberty to hold different beliefs.
    Today, Tuesday, 9-23-08, in Congress, we see how FAITH operates. The Bush Administration is asking the people to give it at least another $700 Billions dollars and the Administration itself without any input from anyone else will decide who gets the $700 Billion, and the bill declares that no matter how much fraud and corruption is found in the $700 Billion give away, no court can ever do anything about it. They have excluded the Courts in favor of our having FAITH that they will do the right thing.
    Right now as I write this piece, the Bush Administration is asking us to have FAITH — to have so much FAITH that they are honest and competent, that we should give up our value that No One is Above the law. The Bush administration is asking that we agree in advance that it is Above The Law when it doles out the $700 Billion to its political cronies and withholds funds from its political enemies.
    And the good rabbi asks us to do the same with Sarah Palin. He asks that we ignore the basic principle in her life, her dogmatic FAITH, and to ignore what role that FAITH has played in her extremely poor judgment and ethics (Troopergate, being paid to live at home, lying about her record). Our nation was founded with knowledge of terrible harm that befalls a nation when any religious dogma takes over the political debate. The good rabbi seems to come from the same mind set of Sarah Plain and George Bush; so it’s no wonder he doesn’t want people to question the pernicious role that dogmatic FAITH plays in political life.

  • Claire Z. Cameron

    Bravo, Mr. Stewart Perry! Your post is insightful, intelligent, and succinct! The picture it paints so clearly defines what faces us.

  • Chana

    Jews can be just as prejudiced and bigoted as anyone else, which would explain why (liberal) Jews would vote against Sarah Palin due to her Christianity.
    I’m a religious Jew voting for McCain-Palin. The Jews who understand Judaism best are the least prejudiced against others with strong religious views, I find.

  • Jim in Tucson

    Shana please! You have less proof that Gov. Palin is an “exclusionary bigot” than we have that Sen. Obama is a Muslim or a Muslim sympathiser. Gov. Palin and Sen. McCain are open a real. I don’t think we should be gambling with Sen. Obama in the White House.

  • Steven R. Edelman

    I am a Jew, and I support McCain-Palin because Obama and Jimmy Carter are twins born of different mothers and fathers. My brethren, I am afraid will strongly regret having voted for Obama because of his history of supporting Palestinian causes. He also stayed in an anti-semetic church for more than 20 years before he “realized” that something was wrong (just in time for running for president).

  • Jim in Tucson

    Another observation.
    Why is this discussion Palin vs. Obama? Shouldn’t we be comparing McCain and Obama? Aren’t we mixing apples & oranges?
    How would you feel about Biden as President (only a heartbeat away)? Let’s take a close look at his personal and professional life.

  • Cully

    ” ‘There is a sense of skepticism within the Jewish community over her religious affiliations….’ There are many reasons not to support Sarah Palin, but the fact of her religious affiliation is not one of them. In fact, I am actually a little ashamed of Jews who object to Sara Palin because of what she believes. ”
    What she says she believes scares a lot of people, including Christians. Actions speak louder than words, and morally & ethically her actions do not jive with a faith based life-style. I think that what the folks in Florida (and elsewhere) are demonstrating is not skepticism over religious affiliation but rather recognition of false religiosity.

  • hyperfrumm

    I can’t believe all the venom and hate that is out there against Mort Klein: Mir, Chana, Rosenthal and the rest of the moshav letzim.
    Ever hear of the ‘Klein doctrine’? Going as far back as 1992 and most recently in the case of Barack Obama, Zionist Organization of America national president-for-life (and stalwart Republican!) Morton A. Klein has insisted that a candidate for national public office should be held responsible for their church/pastor’s political views. Palin and her Assembly of God background is no different!
    Being the Bible literalist that Palin is, for her Jews are Christ-killers, no more, no less. Armageddon-groupies like her believe that the NT Book of Revelations is the perfect guide for 21th century foreign policy. And what could be more joyful for believers such as her than to see the rivers of the Middle East run red with the blood of (Israeli) Jews.

  • Ted Hewlett

    “Hyperfrumm” is a terrible example of ignorance and prejudice. Whatever he or she may think of Bibilical literalism, it is loyalty to the Bible that makes most Evangelicals the most fervent defenders of Israel (sometimes to a fault). They take the promise of the Bible literally that those who do good to Israel will be blessed and those who do harm will be punished.
    It is quite striking that Evangelicals have by-and-large retained their favourable attitude to Israel in spite of the apparent hatred of a section of the Jewish public in North America.
    It’s not a good idea to kick one’s allies in the teeth too often, though.

  • J. Kravette

    I would first like to state that I am a Jewish believer,and not as some of my fellow Jews would like to say a convert. I am extremely proud of my Jewish heritage and prefer to say I am a completed Jew, complete in the fact that I have received and accepted the greatest gift that Elohim has given us and that is Yeshua Hammachiach. I would also like to state that the majority of Christians that I know love and respect the Jewish people after all the One that we worship was in fact a Jew. To say that all Christian’s hate or persecute Jews would be akin to saying all white people hate blacks. I feel the need to remind people that there are more Christians killed and or persecuted for their beliefs than there are people of other faiths.
    In His Holy name and in His love,

  • Lucy

    My father is Christian, my Mother is Jewish. I grew up with the influences of both faiths. Although I identify as Jewish, I certainly have ideas that my husband would describe as “Christian.” I also have a fairly strong understanding of the theology of various Christian groups.
    I do not fear or dislike Ms. Palin because she is Christian. I do however, have some concerns for the brand of theology in which she has been steeped and which could not help but influence her decisions in office. Moreover, I am generally repelled by her personal beliefs. I am pro-choice but I do understand those who object to elective abortion without restriction. I cannot, however, understand anyone who would force a rape victim to bear a child concieved through such an act. I find this unspeakably cruel.
    Ms. Palin believes that sex education in schools should be of the “abstinence only” variety. When will people realize that teachers cannot “teach” abstinence. While we can encourage the behavior, unless the values that lead to abstinence are already in place, (respect for oneself and others, delayed gratification, modesty, etc) it is unlikely that an “abstinence curriculum” will work very well. Even when these values are encouraged by parents, many parts of popular culture undermine them, something to which Ms. Palin herself can attest. So, while abstinence should be strongly encouraged, students should also learn about birth control and prevention of sexually transmitted diseases. Aditionally, most people will use birth control at some point, as even most married couples do want to control their family size. It is most certainly not inapropriate for teenagers to know what is available when the time comes for them to use it.
    I also am repelled by her obvious callous attiude toward animals. Ms. Palin promoted ariel hunting of wolves in Alaska and even suggested offering a bounty for a paw of each animal killed. Ariel hunting is particularly cruel, since the animal cannot hope to hide (it is done in winter) and usually dies in agony, trying to run from its tormentor.
    I agree that Mr. Obama has had some questionable relationships. I suspect that much of it had to do with his “search for identity,” rather than any deeply held belief. I sincerely doubt he hates white people or hates Jews. Mr. Obama himself has never been heard to say anything racist or espouse racist ideas. He was simply a boy who grew up without a father and felt lost. It is not so hard to understand.
    I might well have voted for McCain had he made a different choice for his running mate. I cannot, however, vote for a ticket which includes Ms. Palin. While I am not certain about Obama, I am sure I do not want her a heartbeat away from the presidency.

  • Laura

    We need to be very thankful for the courage Senator Lieberman displayed by delivering one of the opening Keynote speeches at the Republican Convention. He did this in order to endorse John McCain AND Sarah Palin. His Love and Concern for America outweighed any condemnation from the Democrats or the anti-Christian Jews (and others) that was sure to follow. Please take his positive actions and recommendations into strong consideration.

  • Suzanne Short

    Rabbi, I really enjoy your articles and most of the time I do agree with your logic and this time is one of them. I get so tired of people and how small minded and disrespectful and two faced some people can be no matter who the person is or the situation. I was going to vote for the Democratic party, but when Sen. Obama became the official candidate, I had to think about which party I would give my vote too. One of the things that upset me about Sen. Obama is his beliefs pertaining to Abortion. He just want to kill all the babies, I guess according to his votes on certain Bill being passed in the Senate. After much thought and because I would be going against what I believe God is seeing as another Holocaust…yes, a Holocaust. The innocent babies being condemned to death by many of out Political Leaders, because of their voting power is one of the worst Terrorist attack on our country. At any rate, after thinking about the importance Of any person having the right to Life, I cannot vote democratic until their beliefs change. Possibly, the Jewish People you are referring too in Florida has completely forgotten about the Holocaust. Thank you for your time and thank you for many of your inspirational and common sense articles.

  • R.W.

    I don’t think it’s fair to accuse Jews of not supporting Palin because she’s a Christian. Jews are supporting Obama, McCain, and Biden, all of whom are Christian. What turns many Jews off is where Palin’s religious views have led her politically. This is very different from opposing the core of her belief, that Jesus Christ is her savior (or even bodily resurrection or the Bible as the word of God, as Rabbi Hirschfield suggests). I find it hard to believe that most Jewish voters are focusing on those theological points, instead of on the fact that Palin is evidently a pro-life, anti-environment, conservative creationist (who, by the way, has been known to support notorious anti-Semite Pat Buchanan). It’s this political expression of her belief that is unappealing to Jews, a political expression which many Christians would say fundamentally has nothing to do with real Christianity.

  • Michelle

    My objection to palin is not based on her faith. It is mostly based on her disgusting opposition to termination of pregnancy even in cases of rape & incest. And we see how well teaching only abstinence worked for her family. AND I think she’s an idiot & I despise people who kill for sport. I was actually thinking of voting McCain until he chose her. And while I don’t like Obama I would have definitely voted for him had he had the balls & intelligence to choose Hillary as his running mate. I’m writing in Hillary’s name as my choice. I almost hope McCain wins so Hillary will win in 4 years.

  • Scott R.

    I don’t care how much evangelicals support Israel, it doesn’t translate into warm feelings for Jews in this country.
    I am an American, not an Israeli, and I want to feel safe and welcome in this country.

  • judy

    What about the church she goes to, are we all aware that her pastor preaches that the reason Israel is always under attack is because they do not believe in Jesus C. All the Jews who made a big stink about Obama’s former pastor, should take heed.

  • rod

    Vote for your favorate democrat and for McCain/palin.

  • zeb

    I think it’s perfectly reasonable to not vote for someone based on their religious beliefs. Especially when those beliefs are dangerous. Does belief automatically deserve respect simply because it’s a belief? Not all beliefs are created equal. Some of them are really stupid and cause harm.

  • Yoshiyyahu Hoffman

    Dear Rabbi,
    Your tea is a little weak for my taste however you heating it over the right fire. “Jewish America” didn’t favor Bush either but he and Reagan have been the best two presidents as far as help to Israel since Israel was a state!
    If american Jewery would break away from social benefits and start living like many other americans that would probably begin to sway away from the liberals. This is not a slure it is real and a fact. What may frighten many American Jews is not Palin positions which seem to be very specticulative here with what some people say, but it may be the fact that many Jews are afraid of the reduction of Government and the loss of some social benefits they now enjoy.
    Believe me Jews cause more harm to Jews than anyone else has in history, maybe if we spend a little time discussing Torah principles and the Parasha of the week with our family, and studying a little Chalacha together as a family then we would not be in this mess. While many American Jews hide from their responsibilities in front of a television others just go to the shul to hide from them and leave everything in their wives. No wonder we have such great opinions and political conceptions.

  • Susan

    Well, I’ve been voting since 1975 and every candidate I have voted for has been Christian. So I can’t be anti-Christian. The candidates I have voted for have also all been Democrats. I considered voting for McCain, but I decided before he chose Palin that I could not support his domestic policies that included privatizing social security and appointing judges in the Scalia mold. I just could not do it, despite whatever doubts I had on Obama’s foreign policy.

  • Ted

    I am having a hard time actually believing there are still people around that would vote for the president of the most powerful country in the world simply because of his religious beliefs. I CAN see how we should vote AGAINST someone because of their beliefs when it would ultimately cause trouble and hardship for the very people they are sworn to protect. I, for one, will not vote for the person who is connected to the wacko hateful antiwhite preacher in Chicago. This is a very dangerous man for many reasons, not the least of which is that he is LIEING about just what his religion is, and if anyone has any question about him, once he is in office it is TOO late to stop him. Both parties are going to be faced with having to pare down government spending. Especially after the latest $700 billion package of nightmares that will be levied on the taxpayers. That alone should be enough to arrest all of them and run them ALL out of office. Will Rogers said it best when he simply said that if they all took the day off, america would be better for it. Jew, Christian, New Ager etc, we are all in the same boat when it comes to being victimized by government out of control. Remember, it was the clinton democrat administration that deregulated the mortgage loan industry. Why would anyone want to elect another from that mold?? If you haven’t defaulted on your mortgage loan, how will you like having to pay for those who did??? And, if the winds of speculation carry any weight, how will you like it paying for those who defaulted on the credit card debt and auto loans??? This election is the most serious one in the history of this country. A mistake here could finish off the financial system in the USA and usher in the one world currency system spoken of in the ancient scriptures. We have been warned by the ancient prophets. We have to elect a person who will protect america and its citizens from financial ruin. That takes a person with experience in running government as well as financial institutions. The choice here is an easy one. Never mind that someone clains to believe in jesus. Both candidates claim this. If you don’t like this, then lets get a Jewish person up there in the white house. It shouldn’t make a difference, but we all know that it does and will.

  • windbender

    As a Jew, I have supported Obama because he more clearly expresses my understanding of what it means to recognize our obligation to heal the world in which we live.
    Lieberman doesn’t stand before a group of Jews and tell them the Holy Spirit is going to give them a gift of revalation and prophecy so that they will see world events in advance their happening and recognize our government as an insturment of G-d’s Will.
    Think I’m making it up, or taking it out of context?

  • Ruvain

    Cynthia Williams to the Jewish rabbi. I think it would be more accurate to describe this rabbi as a “Christian rabbi.” He follows a strange line of reasoning with both Forgiveness and now he turns on Jewish who happen to be concerned about the future of the Jewish people. This rabbi want us to have Love and get rid of reason and forgive people who do no repentance. This is the rabbi that refuses to call for the CEO to give back the money stole thru stock manipulations which destroyed the financial market and yet we are to forgive them.
    Now this rabbi chastises Jews on the bogus charge they question Sarah Palin just because she’s Christian. GMB? (Give me a Break!) IF we refused to vote for Christians, then the only candidate we would have vote for would have been Joe Lieberman. We voted in huge numbers for RJK. We are supposed to close our eyes to the fact that she’s a religious nut job who uses her public office to settle family vendettas. Since when has being stupid become a Jewish value? The woman has a 7th Century mentality and absolutely no experience at all on the FEDERAL level. She admitted that she does not even know what the VP does. Palin has a mind set that she’s been chosen by G-d and thus she doesn’t blink an eye to assume an office even though he does not what the job entails.
    If Palin wanted to keep her religion private, then she should have keep it private and not paraded it around for all to see. The SOLE reason she was selected was because of her religion.

  • Ronnie

    I do not belive that jews are not voting for palin becasue there not christian .i am and im voting for obomma.Sara has no values when it comes to family planning, birth control, condoms , or any kind of rape, is wrong and dont go there since i was a victem of incest.she is dume because without family planning and control they all will get diseases and aids because of her stupid idears and no she isent going to get my vote. she is phony and like her daughter with un pretected sex thats what happends than god i dont live there and i hope mccane and her do not win.Obomma yes and biden

  • David

    Am I allowed to be bothered by the fact that she quoted Westbrook Pegler, a prominent anti-Semite and ultra-right icon in her acceptance speech.

  • Scott R.

    No one – not a soul – will comment on that.
    Odd, isn’t it?


    I am sure when push comes to shove the reason most of us Jews of any type would not vote for the Republicans this year is the Jews tend to be more liberal and also that the Republicans helped get us into the economic mess that is going to lead us into a depression like Hoover did and it took a Democrat to get us out then and hopefully will again.

  • hilary israch

    Hopefully we are independent thinkers and it takes no rocket scientist to see how this country has gone downhill under the present leadership! I know, we can blame the democratic congress etc etc or the Clinton days or perhaps we have had the wool pulled over our eyes and are now waking up to the results of the disaster.Even if we saw foreshadowings of the disaster when Bush stole the election and the supreme court (which is not political! (sarcastic))gave it to him, what could have been done. We are being led by neo cons, Karl Rove being one of the many with no integrity, will do anything, yes anything to win. It is scary to hear about the dishonesty but they are very religious and it is G-d ordained that we have such a wonderful situation! Or is it again man’s inhumanity to man or man’s insatiable greed! Don’t you all find that these elections are churning up so much passion and friends turning against their friends? Alot is at stake and we could be so lucky to be invited to go moose hunting with Sarah, one day she shot a whole herd with her hubby and was amazed that there are still so many moose in Alaska! How about vegetarians who will vote for her – and there are plenty that I know of!

  • hyperfrumm

    Christian apologists such as Ted Hewlett once again plumb the depths of deceit and lashon ha-ra, familiar over the years from “Messianic Judaism” tactics.
    EMES: any Jew who supports the candidacy of Sarah (“Jews are Christ-killing deicides”) Palin, by that very act, proclaim his/herself
    to be an “honorary” Jew for Jesus. May God forgive them.
    WHERE is our self-respect as Jews? Where is the faith in HaShem?
    For all the alleged Christian support cited by Hewlett: push come to shove, the Christian Bible-thumpers would like nothing better than to see a war in the Middle East – to hasten the coming of Jesus – in which the Israelis would go down fighting to the last drop of (Jesus-denying) Jewish blood.

  • bird

    There are plenty of solid, non-religious reasons to vote for Obama over McCain. But I do think that Sarah Palin’s religiously extreme views are a good reason for anyone to not vote for her.

  • Scott R.

    I like your posts.:)

  • J. Kravette

    What solid non-religious views are you talking about? The fact that he has less than a year experience in the Senate, or the fact that he voted so many times on yes or no answers with a present,or the fact that he refused to put his hand over his heart during the pledge of alliegence,or the fact that he has muslim ties.
    I am very interested to hear what your thoughts are.

  • Sandra Cohen

    I am a Jew, a woman over 65, love my country and love Israel. I have been a political activist all of my life. I am voting for Abama beause of economic policies and his willingness to dialogue with members of countries. Because is not against wars only DUMB wars. Because he has a real concern for social policies and ordinary working class people not only in a so called middle class that I used to call the UPPer Middle class. There is both a working class and an under class [not at all recognized by the Republican party] that needs our Federal government’s support.
    Another population like my own that needs support are those whose elders who fall into this abuse prescription donut and find themselves using their meager social sercurity benefits–for we paid into- since we were fourteen years old, in our first paid jobs. I think these issues will more likely be addressed by the Oboma administration. It is my first fear that Jews will vote on stereotypical lines rather than the person. sandra

  • james curtis

    perhaps they woryy, because Ms. Palin:
    1) barely got through college after going to 5 of them to get a journalism degree.
    2) only job qualifications are beauty queen, soccer mom, perky weather girl, and oh perky good looks.
    3) Was a Pentecostal in the past, unknown if she spoke in tongues. Her husband belonged for years to a prty with a plank to secede from the union. She believes the Iraq war is part of a divine mission. What would a good jew or Catholic think of that?
    4) Unable to hold a factual conversation, never ever travelled, is so stupid they won’t let the media interview her, doesn’t know what the “Bush policy” (pre-emptive war) is and why it is bad.
    5) Hired lobbyists to take record earmarks of tax dollars while biting the hand of the politicians giving her the money by saying they are the problem.
    6) I doubt that intelligent jews have a problem with her due to religion, as the fundies like her believe the Jews should be protected, they are the chosen people, and She has a divine mission to protect them, even if the mushroom clouds must be used.
    7) Thinks she is a foreign policy expert, because she can “see Russia from my window.”
    Smart Jews are rightfully afraid of her. They know that, in these dangerous times, mediocrity is unacceptable from the leader of the free world and the one a heartbeat away from being that leader.
    McCain is so old he could easily die any time. The idea that she would replace him should scare all of us.

  • Susan

    Scruffy, the Jews who followed Jesus beleived he was the Messiah, but Jews have never believed that the Messaiah was God or the son of God. It is not the same thing at all. Eating kosher or keeping the Sabbath does not change that fact.
    I might add that Sarah Palin cut the budget for rape kits and insisted that rape victims must pay for their own rape kits.

  • David

    Scott R.,
    It seems you were right.

  • Barbara Bruner

    I don’t think jewish people should be afraid of Sarah Palin. I think they should be more afraid of Obamah. His being brought up in the muslim religon makes me more afraid of him then anything I have read about Sarah Palin. I once read somewhere that our country would never be taken from without but from within I feel with Obamah this could be a problem. Please read and listen to all that is written on both candidates

  • J. Kravette

    Scott R.
    I have been reading your post for some time now and can’t help but feel the abundance of anger and distain towards Christians that you show in your comments.
    I myself am a person who was born into a Jewish family who were very secular,as in going to Shul, and an Orthodox one to boot,on Rosh Hashonah and Yom Hakippurim. I was Bar Mitzvahd and then completely lost any connection with Adenoi. Without going into a lenghthy testimony I just want to let you know that the majority of Christians that I have been blessed to be associated with for the past 23 years love and have the utmost respect and admiration for our Jewish brothers and sisters for without the Jewish nation and the geneology from Abraham the father of all nations through the seed of David who brought forth our beloved
    Saviour Yeshua we would not have our faith. Please do not judge all Christians from the few that you might have met that have anti-semetic sentiments. Also I would like to stress that there are more Christians persecuted in the world today, tortured and killed for their beliefs than any other people in the world.
    Yes it would be a Mitzvah to have more Jewish people believe in the gift that Elohim has given to us but only He can bring people to Him and nothing anyone can say can change that. We can only walk the walk and hope that other people will recognize the difference in us in that the light will shine brightly. As the old expression goes “actions speak louder than words”.
    Most of my fellow Christians, and rightly so, believe that the small nation of Israel is the most important area of land on this earth. It holds the key to our very survival,and like Adenoi said “I will bless those who love Israel and curse those who are against her”. Whether you realize it or not there is a tremendous growth in Israel of Messianic Churches,and last but not least do you really think that 10’s of millions of people who believe that the Messiah has come are crazy or misguided???
    One more thing. How would you translate Isa 53 the most prophetic chapter in the Holy Scriptures?
    In His love,

  • Scott R.

    It absolutely disgusts me when a Jew abandons our people for any other religion, but to abandon our covenant for Xianity is absolutely unforgivable.
    Our people died countless deaths at the hand of their people over the centuries. If you think I’m angry, you are right. I have been abused at the hands of anti-Semites…and you joined them.
    That is all I will say to you. There is no possibility of dialog while you follow alien ways.

  • Gary

    The author flat out misses the boat, but I suppose setting up a strawman helps you to say see these other people are wrong and being irrational. The problem with Sarah Plain and the Bush policies is theri lack of respect for the separation of church and state. Frankly I have never supported Lieberman as well because of his arrogance in thinking there is aright to promote religious beliefs and priorities through government programs and initiatives. NO religion should be mixed in to the governing of the nation. It is wrong to be taxing anyone to promote religious practices that they do not follow. I think the voters of Florida and every state have a right to cringe when they hear candidates and officials turn public policy into religious sermons – try representing ALL of the people and do your praying in private.

  • Sara Stein

    You liberal Jews, are your own worst enemy from my observation of many vantage points.
    The majority of religious (if not all) welcome Governor Palin as a breath of fresh air to this campaign! And for your information, it is always the left wing Jews who never LEARN FROM HISTORY!!!! Are you aware that Governor Palin has the flag of Israel in her office! She also has an excdellent relationship with the Lubavitch in Alaska.
    As to the accusation of her wanting to “convert Jews to Christianity? You left wingers do a pretty good job of that all on your own without the help of any religious group. As to “Ms. Hillary” where the hell was her leadership skills? (in abstentia as usual) She abdicated and put party ahead of country just like your “Obama” would.
    G-d help us all if that cretin gets elected no thanks to you left wing morons!!!!!!!!
    Sara Stein

  • Dovid Goldstein

    What a lady!
    P.S. Vote Obama!

  • Renard Blanc

    It doesn’t matter who gets into the White House. There will be little difference because everyone running for office is a politician, which means they are liars, cheaters, criminals, egoists, control freaks, power trippers, and self-righteous. Cynical? You bet I am. I had great hopes for this country when I was younger. And everyone has lied about everything. Didn’t matter Dem or Rep, atheist or religious. All got the better of us and we are poorer for it. We have less freedom today than ever in our country’s history. And it’s not just because of the past 8 years of a republican administration. To believe that George W. Bush and the republicans caused all that’s happening today is delusional. Clinton(dem) was no peach either. And neither was Daddy Bush(rep), nor Reagan(rep), nor Carter(dem), nor Ford(rep), nor Nixon(rep), nor LBJ(dem), nor Kennedy(dem), nor Eisenhower(rep), nor Truman(dem), all who have been President since I was born. Both parties are hypocritical and are out for their own interests. Neither care about the people. It’s just a lot of empty words, gas blowing in the wind. Doesn’t do anything and smells really bad. And now our dear government is going to give $700 TRILLION to bail out the thieves who have stolen us blind. A bi-partisan effort. And no one is going to be made to be accountable. And WE get to pay for it. Whooah. That’s what our government has come to. And it’s the Dems AND Reps together who are screwing us.
    And if anyone really believes that one or the other of the candidates is going to be a real friend of Israel, how can they be when Israel isn’t even a friend of Israel? Talk about corrupt politics and politicians. No one wants to look and really see what’s really going on. As the great Australian Crocodile Hunter, Steve Irwin, God rest his soul, used to say, “CRIKEY! DANGER, DANGER, DANGER!”
    I will vote, because that is a privilege we may not see much longer. So, I’ve decided to write in my vote for Miss Piggy. She has everything one may want in the next President and she is much more honest about it. She is a woman of color. She doesn’t lie about the fact she is a pig and is for pork. She doesn’t hide the fact that she is a puppet and has someone’s hand up inside her controlling everything she does and says. She doesn’t hide the fact someone else is pulling her strings. And she is not a racist. She loves Kermit. And he’s a frog and he’s green.

  • J. Neil Schulman

    Scott R,
    I was born Jewish, was Bar Mizvahed, and was an atheist until my 30’s, when a series of experiences convinced me of God’s existence. But atheist or believer I’ve always had a special delight in reading the “wicked son” during Passover, because the nauseatingly self-righteous tyranny supported by the dogma that an individualist who dares to think outside of the box must be evil is the essence of why any mindless acceptance of dogma takes a dump on God’s gift to the human species of individual free and independent intellect.
    To the extent that any religion attempts to occupy the whole field of communication with God, it is evil. I don’t like it when Jews do it, I don’t like it when Christians do it, and I don’t like it when Muslims do it.
    So when you start whining about Jewish persecution, can it. Hebrews put the women and children of Canaan to the sword and stoned blasphemers. Romans fed Christians to lions in the arena. In the 20th century Mao ze Dong murdered ten times as many Chinese as Hitler murdered Jews. Jews act like the Holocaust was something unique. Of course, nobody ever notices anything until it happens to them. There have been genocides throughout human history. The twentieth century alone gives us holocausts in Stalinist Russia, Nazi Germany, Maoist China, Pol Pot’s Cambodia, Rwanda — need I go on? You think our little tribe is the only group that’s ever been persecuted, victimized, exterminated, or martyred, you need to turn on the History Channel for a few weeks.
    By the way, before you write another bigoted word against Christians, read this article on the ADL website about Christians who saved Jews from the Nazis:
    And by the way, religion is likely the biggest stumbling block keeping men away from God.

  • seymour

    Jews would be crazy to vote for Palin. As a devout evangelical she believes that she will be “rapt” after every Jew is returned to Israel. But Jews will not share in the rapture. Their forced repatriation will not be a salvation but simply a sign that alerts evangelicals to get ready for the big lift-off. But there is no place for them in the rocket ship to heaven.

  • Cricket

    Hey Seymour you are definately not bright or know what you are talking about. If it was Jew running for President you would be all over that person…he or she is the right person. Yeah yeah. But you are so wrong just like in the Bible you Jews condemned Jesus and hung him on the cross, your forefathers and who believe like them will persish in hell. McCain is a much better pick than Obama, first thing DODO oBAMA WOULD probably do is abolish guns IN homes and then next make Muslim religion the religion of ole USA. Then you silly jews would have no choice either OR ANY OTHER RELIGION. We would not have a choice of religion anymore you want that, think for once. Obama preaches change all right but ask yourself what change. NOT all change is good and you can bet his change is a well hidden change and its not for every American good at all. But you silly people vote him in and IT WILL BE TO LATE!!!!

  • Melvin Cohen

    I do not know of any pro-Israel Christian who would stay in a church for one minute if the pastor was anti-Israel. That is my big concern about Sen. Obama. He stayed for more than 20 years in a church where some of the pastor’s sermons were anti-American, anti-white and anti-Israel. Sen. Obama’s church record should prove to us that he cannot be trusted regarding Israel if he becomes president. How can we trust his pro-Israel “words” when he attended that church?

  • Rebekkah

    Most Christians in America hate Jews just becasue Jews killed Jesus so spare us the talk.
    Vote Obama.

  • Doug Burroughs

    Dear Friends:
    I am appalled at the comments regarding Jews crucifying Christ. As Christians, we hold this basic belief: my personal sin is what put him there. As the prophet Isaiah said, “It pleased God to bruise Him (messiah Jesus).” According to believers, Jesus’ death was a sacrifice of love that didn’t end with the crucifixion, but continued through the resurrection. Enough of the blame game. As G.K. Chesterton once wrote to the London Times in response to an article entitled, “What’s Wrong With The World”, “Dear Sirs: Me.”
    If Christians hate, then they are not of God. As John, the beloved disciple wrote, “Beloved, let us love one another, for love is of God and everyone that loves is born of God and knows God. He who does not love, does not know God.”
    Even Jesus Himself, forgave those who crucified Him saying that, “Father, forgive them for they know not what they do.” Christ followers ever since have done the same including the example of the martyrdom of Stephen, the Alexandrian Jew who did the same at his death.
    As far as the article goes, it is true that a just and righteous person is valued over one who is not as a ruler. The problem is in this world of spin, we never really know who that is until they act. All we have are their documented, verifiable acts. The best predictor of future behavior is past behavior.
    Personally as a pastor and Christian, I would have supported Joe Liberman as a presidential candidate. I think religion plays a shaping role in a persons politics, but I have never seen where a person’s religion has superseded common sense, sound wisdom and competency in the Presidency. The vetting process of a national election is too demanding for that. Politics is a “dirty” business where compromise is the name of the game.
    George Bush who is considered by most to be “a good guy” and had a very compassionate agenda allowed the press of the post 9-11 world to derail good programs and allow a very corrupt Congress to run rampant. Well, apparently, we the people said “enough” in a deafening shout. Now, we look forward to the 44th peaceful transfer of power in the highest office in the land. Isn’t that something?
    Let’s get rid of prejudices, whether they be religious, ethnic, or color base. Let’s take our country to where Dr. King wanted to go – “where men are judged based on the content of their character.”

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