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Did The Jews Kill Jesus? Ask the Republican Jewish Coalition.

Under the pretense of trying to better understand how Jewish voters feel about Barack Obama, the Republican Jewish Coalition is conducting a poll that resembles an approach used for years, by Anti-Semites who sought to make Jew hatred acceptable in our culture. Like their hate-mongering predecessors, the poll inquires about people’s feelings on a topic, in this case Senator Obama, in light of things which others, have said about him. The premise being that if someone you like said something nice about him, you too should support him. If however, someone you don’t like was supportive if him, perhaps you should fear him.
It would be like asking Catholics how they feel about Jews, in light of the fact that for almost two thousand years, the leading minds of the Church considered Jews guilty of deicide. Whatever they were thinking before, and however much Vatican Two and subsequent teaching has decried that position, the seeds of hate would be re-planted in the minds of many faithful Catholics who were asked that way about their current feelings toward Jews.
How about asking people if they think that Henry Ford was a great American, and then if they answer yes, reminding them that he thought Jew hatred was not only acceptable but wise? If you worked for the RJC, you would simply call that information gathering. But I call it both ironic and detestable that they have sunk to that level.


I appreciate that in a close election, campaigning is a full contact sport no matter which candidate you support. And the claim by some in the Jewish community that this poll is “un-Jewish” or means that RJC supporters have read themselves out of the Jewish community is ridiculous. But I do think that something is off when the tactics one uses, presumably for the good of their own community, are torn from a page of the playbook used to victimize that very same community!
We do not have to agree about which candidate is best for our nation, for Israel, or for the Jewish people. In fact, I think it is great that we have robust support for both Senators McCain and Obama within the Jewish community. But fear mongering of this sort, or that on the left, which tries to scare Jews out of voting Republican because Sarah Palin is a committed Evangelical, and “you know how those people think”, has got to stop.
On November fifth, we will all wake up to one president for one nation. I hate to think that as we reflect on the election, one of the standout realizations will be that Jews lead the way in making sure that it would be as difficult as possible to come together and make that work.

  • jennie

    I as a Jew cannot have anything to do with the Republican party. They are just to Christian for me. I saw a lawn sign next to a McCain sign that said “Jesus Christ 2008″. I have no problem with Jesus and/or the beliefs that Christian people have. I would just like them to leave Jesus out of politics. I believe we offend people in other nations that don’t follow the same beliefs.
    Unless you make over $200,000 a year please don’t think the Republicans can help you in any way.

  • Giora

    On the spirit of just asking a question try and ask someone in public if his sister is a prostitute? This is the same tactic used by people “just asking a question”
    I resent the premise that any US leader having a dialog with a Palestinian leader is an enemy of Israel. If talking to our enemies is wrong I don’t want to be right.

  • martha

    What is going on is the republicans are pulling out all stops. They will do anything including voter fraud to ensure their candidate winns. Understand if there is one lesson history has taught us is that we cannot assume doing harm to another is ok.Sooner or later we will find ourselves the subject of hate.

  • Sims

    I put all of the blame on the Neo-cons who have influenced non-Jewish Americans to have a very negative opinion about Jews. The sad thing about this is that it is unfair. Most Jewish Americans do not believe in the tactics or politics invoked by the Neo-con movement. The Neo-Con platform makes it a party inside of a party–the Republican party. Let their be no mistake the Republican Party no longer exist.

  • Sims

    Where there is hate, love can not reside. The Jewish community has much more in common with Obama and his life’s struggles than those of McCain and Palin. We can not go back, we must go forward before it is too late.

  • Linda

    Don’t forget Governor Palin who was promoted as the ‘first Christian’ Mayor of Wasilla. She succeeded Mayor Stein who was ALSO Christian but with a name that could be considered Jewish was not Christian enough. This is the world she comes from and where she lives. She would be horrific for Jewish Americans.

  • mary

    This is sad the Isreali’ policy as it pertains to Americans is affecting apparently every candidate running for President of a foreign country? I love your theology and you believing what you believe, but as an American, this is a different country and should not be based on Isreali’s foreign policy by Isreali’s living in Isreal. I’m afraid the jewish population in America is starting to dictate and divide a nation built on an ideal that did not include Isreal by our founding fathers.
    Yes, we have come a long way, but, this once again is hypocrisy which God denounces. I really believe that whether Christian, Jew, Muslim or athiest………….it is America, America that needs healing with all the illigitimate aggression and death by war in the past decades. We must be free to chose our Leader from our perspective and not the jewish population that is focused on Isreal instead of America.
    Obama, as President will definitly be there for Isreal as he stated, and realizes the fragility of middle east politics………John McCain just wants to bomb, bomb, bomb Iran, Russia anyone. Both him and his ‘bucket of fluff’ are corrupt and impulsive and dangerous. If Iran was attacked, Isreal will be destroyed immediately……I do believe that. The middle east has been waiting for decades, perhaps centries to wipe them off the map.
    Throw away your fears….jewish people, wrap them around a good, good person in Obama. He will not let you down……….McCain will. He will start WWIII. My parents were both in WWII, their memories are forever etched in my mind. My mother went through the LONDON BLITZ, never expecting to survive, none of them did. This is time to stop demanding such high standards for American jews and American President’s you would not demand of Isreal. I hope I don’t sound harsh, but this is a very critical election, not meant for liars as the Repub ticket is. Factually incorrect. Everything about them or said by them.

  • Paul Fisher

    I think I’ve walked into Alice in Wonderland. Obama is the one who has had a minister for over 20 years of his own Church who is a virulent anti-Semite. Is it guilt by association to question why Obama went to this Church for so many years and called Reverend Jeremiah Wright his close friend and spiritual advisor? Would you go to a synagogue that had a Rabbi who had such views of Christians or Muslims? I guaranty you that I wouldn’t. Now the attacks of Governor Palin because of her religious views don’t seem to trouble most Obama supporters. Are we supposed to fear the Wasilla Bible Church while we ignore Reverend Wright? The Governor of Hawaii– who is a liberal Democrat– has said that Governor Palin is a great friend of Israel. I live in Chicago and I’ve seen up close the hatred of Jews that is at the heart of Obama’s Church. Oops, I forgot, he dropped out when it became inconvenient to defend his friend Reverend Wright.

  • vernon

    Why didn’t Lehman Brothers get a bail out like the rest? Is it posssible, that it was because they are a Jewish owned bank.
    Think about it.

  • Robin Benson

    To my Brothers and Sisters in the Jewish community. This letter is in no way meant to offend anyone in the Jewish community both Democrat or Republican. If it does, please accept my deepest apology in advance.
    Below is a email I sent yesterday to the Republican Jewish Coalition in response to a poll they were conducting and their return response. As an African American growing up and learning about the horrors of the Jewish holocaust and the unfair treatment of Jews here in the U.S., I have always felt a sort of kindred spirit toward Jewish people based on our similar experiences. But since this election, I have feeling sad and confused. I’ve been hearing a lot about how Barack Obama is failing to win the trust of the Jewish voter’s, or the Jewish voter’s feel Barack is weak on his position to defend Israel, and now this poll. Barack Obama has made himself quite clear on his postion to defend Israel and his support of the Jewish community here in the states. If anyone would know how it feels to have to defend himself against racism, discrimination, and civil rights, is Barack Obama. Which is why he is fighting for us all. So when I read about the poll by RJC, I sent them this email:
    Can we not challenge the views of a candidate without the race card being played?
    How you turn concerns about Obama political positions into an attack on entire group of people is your sickness.
    On 9/17/08 12:32 PM, “” wrote:
    I am very sad to see your ad concerning Barack Obama. I always thought Jewish people were nice and tolerant of people of different races and ethnicity, and based on your experience with racism, bigotry, and discrimination, the last thing I expected to see was such racist slanderous propaganda against another group who has experience the same ignorance. Is is just Barack Obama, or do you all hate all Black people.
    Again, if I in anyway offended anyone, please accept my sincere apology.
    Robin Benson

  • Scott R.

    1. “Now the attacks of Governor Palin because of her religious views don’t seem to trouble most Obama supporters. ”
    Because her religious views are extremely scary to most Jews. Conservative Christianity is not a friend to the Jewish people.
    2. Lehman Brothers hasn’t been owned by Jews in decades. It’s owned by shareholders.

  • Mark

    Jeremiah Wright said anti-sematic things? What would those be. All Ive ever found is him saying there was a connection between the Isreali-Palastianian struggle and 9-11. Which seems to be to be common knowledge. Other than that what did he say?
    It’s funny because the Republican’s have always preached non acceptance. Whoever it’s best to not accept at the time. Now it’s homosexuals, muslims and latino people. Before it was blacks, Jews, or Irish. What specific minority does ANY Democratic legislation discriminate against. It’s convienant for the bigoted Republican party to USE Jews right now, but believe me if it wasn’t useful, they’d turn their backs on them in a second.
    How about you judge what Barack Obama has SAID about Isreal, instead of making up what his pastor might have said. And as far as Palin goes, she fired people for not banning books. I seem to remember another group that loved to ban books, in Germany in the 30’s.

  • linda

    Sarah palins stated that israel is being punished for not believing in Jesus…..come on folks is that okay to have this woman saying such things, do you honestly think that she will be a staunch supporter of Jews….l.DUH!

  • Christopher London

    The Republican Jewish Coalition is a Neoconservative mouth piece that tries to package their hate, venom, distortion of reality and slanderous attacks under the guise of representing the Jewish people in America. Shortly after 9/11 I had the pleasure of being invited to and attending an RJC event at New York’s famed Plaza Hotel. What I witnessed was an experience that I will never forget. Powerful members of the GOP and the War Machine throwing red meat and soliciting funds from a very affluent and militant cross section of the Jewish community from the New York Tri-state area. What was obvious to anyone who took a step back from that experience is how certain members of the Jewish community were being led to fear as Un-American and anti-Israel any politician who did not have an “R” next to his name. In short 9/11 was used to terrify affluent members of the Jewish Community that only the Republicans would keep America, Israel and Jews safe. The RJC is just another member of the NEOCON PROPAGANDA MATRIX spewing talking points from the NEOCON DISINFORMATION CAMPAIGN.

  • Pamela Jones

    Since the real “elephant in the room” has to do with Obama’s former pastor Reverend Wright friendship with Minister Farrakhan, it is time to cut to the chase.
    I am an African-American woman. I have had many positive experiences with Jewish people, both secular and religious. I do love Minister Farrakhan. However, when I first heard that he called Judaism “a gutter religion,” I was deeply offended. Upon further research, I discovered, that, this along with the “Hitler” remark, was taken way out of context. There is no love for Hitler in the African-American community. We don’t celebrate his birthday. Hitler was a racist madman, responsible for the deaths of tens of millions of people.
    I live near one of the biggest Jewish cemeteries in Queens. In the 40 years I lived here, there has been not one incident of grave site vandalizing, Even after the “Crown Heights riot”, when Jewish and African-American were very tense, there were no racial incidents in the neighborhood, where a small amount of Hasidic Jews now live. Most African-Americans have a great respect for the Jewish community, because they admire how it will advance their community interests, and have navigated success for themselves in spite of opposition and misunderstanding about themselves and their culture.
    i love Farrakhan because he emphasizes a love of self in the African-American community and organizing ourselves from that love of self, while seeking justice for the brutality that we have endured in this “American experiment”. I don’t agree with Farrakhan on everything. I am not against homosexuality, or interracial male-female relationships.
    Minister Farrakhan, Reverend Wright, Rev. Phleger are friends. They are community organizers, battling the Herculean problems facing the South Side of Chicago of drugs, gangs, and poverty.
    Finally, Farrakhan is a lot more “Jewish” than you may think:
    Obama/Biden ’08

  • Dan O.

    The RJC believes that it’s fighting fire with fire. The best way to beat what they consider anti-semetic disinformation is with some other sort of disinformation. The RJC does not seek agreement or truth, they seek to drown out messages different from theirs.
    As an American Jew of Israeli descent and with many relatives in Tel Aviv, I’m always shocked about how some Jewish groups in the United States seem to think that they understand what policies are “friendly to Israel” when the people of Israel don’t agree with each other very much about what policies they find congenial. And why should Israelis? Israel is, after all, a democracy. They’re as two-minded and fickle as Americans.
    This assumption that there are a set of policies “friendly to Israel” is something the RJC and anti-semites hold in common. For example on the left, you often see references to Joe Lieberman as the Senator from Tel Aviv. That’s ludicrous. The people I know from Tel Aviv would never elect such a sanctimonious schmuck. On the right you’ve got the RJC and the Christian right who figure that you can’t be a Jew without being a middle-east war hawk.

  • RocketWriter

    About eight or nine years ago, I was very involved with the Jewish Federation of a large metropolitan area. My family and most of my peers leaned toward a democratic voting preference, and our talk was usually about how we could support the every day person.
    About a year or so before the infamous election, a very powerful jewish lobbyist for the GOP started making the rounds, circulating information and trying to convince us that all of the Jews were going GOP, because that’s where the support for Israel was. It was pure propaganda, but many of my peers ate it up.
    Make no mistake about it, the GOP has been working this angle for years. I just hope that more of my people remember the basic tenants of our faith and vote for a supporter of what is good, instead of what is greed.

  • Charles Cosimano

    It is time to recognize that the election is between people who are all borderline insane. Nothing that spews forth from any of them would surprise me now.

  • Leah

    You could take a poll, or you could take a picture of “Jews Killed Jesus: Settled!!!” signs at Churches

  • mark

    As a goy openly gay man, Palin wanting to ban books so much she fired the librarian who defied her, sends a chill up my spine…it ALWAYS starts with “just” book banning. The fact the one book as City Council member she strongly disliked, was a gay themed book raised my hackles more.
    I’ve worked for a rabbi and his wife and catered for his temple, and the Jewish people I know TREASURE their kids, and put their education of supreme importance, Somehow McCain being 884th in his class of 890, and Ms. Palin needing 5 colleges in 6 yrs for a bachelor degree in Journalism…isn’t going to cause great confidence.
    Retired people should be VERY RELIEVED Democrats including Joe Biden and Barack Obama voted to STOP privatization of Social Security, and know it’d be their personal accounts WORTHLESS this week.

  • MRW

    Wise remarks, Mr. Hirschfield.

  • Bryan B.

    As a Jewish voter I hate that these tactics are used. Its sickening.
    On the Sarah Palin front. She is a Pentecostal…and Pentecostal churches and some Jewish sects don’t get along too well. Mainly for many Pentecostals full throated support for the ‘Jews for Jesus’ people.


    you said there is a poll
    are the Republicans asking in the Poll if the person being polled believes that Jews killed Jesus-you do not actually come out and say that in the article.
    If you say it is true I believe you but for legal purposes could you give us a quote and tell us your actual source?
    This almost sounds like a urban legand.

  • Matt

    According to Josephus the Saducess stoned His brother James.
    This would seem to support the NT depiction of the betrayal of Judas & some of the High Priests
    The High Priests would have been threatened by Jesus since He had spoken out against them in public.
    So “some” of the high priests & the Pontius Pilate had Him crucified.
    That does not mean that the jews were responsible.
    Or the romans were.
    Christians believe that Jesus allowed Himself to be crucified. With that view in place how is anyone responsible?

  • Peter

    If you are a Christian Jesus was crucified as a part of G–‘s plan. All parties were part of that plan. Without the death of Jesus there would be no Christianity. In case anyone is interested, Jesus was an observant Jew.

  • RK

    Whilst McCain has had to morph into someone else in order to rally his base, he never has been known as a hard core right winger and until this election was far more centrist than Bush and the current Republican base. However after weeks of controversy surrounding Obama’s pastor it is only fair that we examine all the candidates religious influences equally. I get why some people were turned off by Rev Wright’s rantings, I don’t think they sympathize with the rage related to racial issues in this country but the subject of Rev Wright was scrutinized endlessly and used for political gain by Obama’s opponents. Sarah Palin attends a church that hosts Jews for Jesus leaders who claim that Israel is still subject to terrorist attacks becasue they do not believe in Jesus, a church that is currently running a program claiming to reverse homosexuality and the supports banning books. Furthermore when Mrs. Palin was running in Wasilla there was a whisper campaign about her opponent being a Jew – a gentleman named Stein, who happens to be Christian. The idea that being a Jew is used as something negative coming out of her campaign is downright terrifying.

  • Yehudit

    Mr. Hirschfield, I could understand your point if Sarah Palin were merely a committed Evangelist. But she’s not.
    Sarah Palin not only sat through sermons that David Brickner, of Jews for Jesus, delivered in her church; she also turned around and taught the same message to Sunday School students. In case you don’t know what Brickner’s message is, it’s that the violence and turmoil in Israel are divine retribution for the Jews’ failure to convert to Christianity. That hateful message is unacceptable not just to Jews, but to any thinking person.
    You may recall that the media crucified Senator Obama in weeks of wall-to-wall coverage of hateful sermons his pastor gave when Senator Obama wasn’t even in church. You would do your readers a far greater service here by publicizing the messages of hate and intolerance that Sarah Palin readily absorbed in church and eagerly passed on to a new generation of Sunday School students. That type of world view and behavior are precisely what preclude Sarah Palin from ever becoming “one president [or vice president] for one nation.”

  • Anonymous

    Read “The Crime of Christendom ” by Fred Gladstone Bratton…this subject is discussed in detail…

  • Anonymous

    The above referenced book tells it all….
    P.S. Amazon has it…

  • phylis

    I have a question about Jesus, it seems like Isaiah 53 predicted the Christ, if we read the new testament. explain to me what you think about king davids psalm 110. zachariah 9-10 12-14. all through the bible there seems to be predictions of the coming of the Lord.

  • Scott R.

    There are only predictions if you’re reading the NT. Without the NT, they do not predict him at all.
    Also, please don’t evangelize here.

  • eastcoastlady

    phyllis, that’s a very christian interpretation, meant to find Christ in the Torah, where he does not exist.

  • Niecie

    Jesus Christ was killed by the Romans. Everybody knows that.
    Its always the same ones using these low down scandalous tactics in order to get their way. The Republican Party is a party that worships greed and we are all paying dearly for it. And its going to be this way for sometime to come. Its going to take a whole lot of work to undo 8 years of disastrous greed, and it starts with voting for Obama.

  • Mike

    To Niecie: Read “Pontius Pilate” by Ann Wroe, available on for about $11.00. The crucifixion of Jesus was the culmination of multiple reasons. As the Roman Governor of Judeaea (a colony of Rome and now modern day Israel) Pontius Pilate was confronted with complex choices in maintaining order in Judaea. Your statement that the Romans killed Jesus is a bit too simplistic; and to suggest that the Jewish High Priests or the public citizenry played no role, well, that is just false and ignores historic fact.

  • Lloyd S.

    Seems to me that the equivalent tactic on the Democratic side would be to poll evangelicals about their feelings on John McCain’s remarks about Falwell and Robinson and the intolerant right wing of the Republican Party, and whether they believe his apology and current embrace of evangelicals is sincere.
    To Mike – About the only historic fact we do know for sure is that the Roman Legionnaires pounded the nails in, and Pilate was the Roman Governor at the time. I suspect the High Priests did egg them on, given that they would have viewed what Jesus reputedly preached as sedition at best, and probably blasphemy. As for the public, well Christian tradition has them responding to Pilate by shouting “Give Us Barrabas!” Good storytelling no doubt, but not proven by any actual contemporary accounts (also makes me wonder if Jesus was as beloved of the masses as the Christian Bible would have us believe). For that matter, almost nothing about the crucifiction of Jesus is subject to contemporary accounts – even the earliest parts of the Chistian testament were written well after Jesus died, and we don’t have Pilate’s diary. The Jerusalem Post didn’t publish back then. I haven’t read Ms. Wroe’s book, since this is not a topic that really interests me. I’ll assume that she did an excellent job at putting together whatever clues and sources we have regarding the crucifiction. I’ll also assume that she no ulterior motive and was only trying to shed life on an important historical figure and his role in what was undeniably a pivotal historical event. That still means that much of her work is almost certainly conjecture.
    One thing that is also quite apparent is that later Romans and later Church sources almost certainly did as much as they could to downplay the Roman role and cast as much blame as possible on the Jews. Once Christianity became the state religion, it was politically incorrect to point out that the Romans were the ones who actually crucified Jesus. The Church also had a vested interest in blaming the Jews as a means of propagating the belief that the Jews were cursed and that the “New Testament” superseded the “Old Testament.”

  • Mike

    Lloyd S — Wroe’s account is described as “the definitive study of Pilate” by The Washington Post Book World and a “superb blend of scholarship” by The Boston Globe. It is far from being mere conjecture, though historians necessarily have to put 2 + 2 together from sources that are presently available. Her bibliography includes numerous pre-Christian sources including Pilate’s Jewish contemporaries such as Philo and Josephus. Ms. Wroe is an editor of The Economist and her writing presents as completely unbiased. As a moderate agnostic myself, I certainly enjoyed the book for its raw historic treatment and detected no agenda or hidden motivation on Wroe’s part whatsoever. As to your last parapgraph, James Caroll’s Constantine’s Sword provides an excellent account of the early efforts of the upstart “Christianity” movement to demonize Judaism. It also discusses how Roman paganism deeply shaped modern day Christianity, as a means for making the new religion more digestible to the Roman populace.

  • MarleneEmmett

    Everyone who has seen the film “The Passion of The Christ” knows
    that Jesus was killed by the Romans~ but that the people who wanted
    his Death were the Jews and especially the Elders of the Temple.
    They were afraid of who Jesus was~ Was he The Massiah???
    The Jews weren’t allowed by law to “put a man to death on the Sabbath”
    So they turned to the one person, PontiusPilate who ascting as
    Govouneur for Ceasar could pronounce a sentance of Death.
    Pilate even wanted to give Jesus a “way out” cause he didn’t see
    anything wrong with this man~ but the Jews were adament avout it
    they wanted Jesus put to Death.
    So Pilate ordered him to be “scourged and Cruixified”
    Now the Roman soldiers went too far with the scourging~ they almost
    killed Jesus with the amount of blows and savageness of the task.
    After the Cruixfication the Elders of the Temple hung their heads
    when the the Temple lay in ruin, split in two by “God or an earthquake”~now they wondered if they did the wrong thing by asking
    Pilate to pronounce the sentence of Death on Jesus~ They’re still wondering this question~centuries after his Death.

  • Ed Karesky

    Marlene, your comments would be laughable if they weren’t so sad. Thy remind me of a person I once knew who told me that all you had to do was look at one of the paintings of Jesus by the painters from the Middle Ages and you know what Jesus looked like. A movie is the definitive account of what happened at that time? The movie maker’s main source was the New Testament, written by those years after the event, who wanted to make their point and demonize all Jews for the rest of time (they did a good job). As for the “temple elders” who supposedly hung their heads questioning their actions, again what is your source – the New Testament and early Christian writings – hardly an objective source. And who are these “elders” you are implying are still doing this? Get into the real world Marlene, concentrate on your own soul, and leave the Jews alone.

  • Roger

    The New Pact or Brit Hadashach, is a jewish document. We can believe in what the Yeshua´s talmidim wrote since a mithological even needs not 50 or 75 years to develop, it needs hundred of years…and we have manuscripts from the first century with us that witness that Yeshua died on the cross, not because of the Jews, since He Himself was a jew and not a catholic or christian believer. Jews should not feel guilty of this since it was Elohim´s plan to become a man and shed His precious blood as a Lamb or Korban for mankind. Besides “Orthodox” Judaism which had to re-invent itself after the destruction of the Temple, thousands of jews accepted Yeshua as Moshiach shel Israel and for around 50 years Jews are the only people who accepted Yeshua as moshiach, then goyim or gentiles come into scene and after some years, they become the majority introducing paganic practices and later on in 325 A.D. the Romans mixed their Mithaic religion with greek “christianism”.

  • Scott R.

    Do you think that if you dress it up in Hebrew, we’ll go for it?
    Because, Baruch Hashem, we won’t. We raise our children to pick up on all the tricks. I teach it to my son every day.
    And now I’m off to shul for Selichot, to ruminate on all of this.

  • phylis

    I beleave there is something wrong with all religions, the only perfict religion is in heaven, the lord is the only one that is perfict, but we all need to stick togeather and read the bible through, anything that was predicted in the bible was ment to happen,we all know that the lord tells the trouth. I beleave we all need a place of worshop and it should not matter what religion we all are. its wonderful for us all to worshop an praise the lord.

  • Ramene

    Dear Paul Fisher,
    Perhaps you’ve been too busy supporting your candidate to realize that Reverand Wright is not running for office. He is also not the originator of the words by which you now condemn him. Those words came from another man, who voiced them some years before. Ms. Palin, with her illegitimate future grandchild, is an avowed member of the NRA!! How can she govern our country if she cannot even govern her own home?! What “mischief” will slip under the radar under her watch?

  • Michael Kelly

    IMHO the Jews had little or nothing to do with the killing of the “Jewish” Jesus. That would be the Jesus alluded to in Isaiah 9:6 “For a Child hath been born to us, A Son hath been given to us, And the princely power is on his shoulder, And He doth call his name Wonderful, Counselor, Mighty God, Father of Eternity, Prince of Peace.” [YLT] This would be the same Jesus that Herod (an Arab) sought to find and kill after learning of his birth. It would also be the same Jesus that the Emperor Tiberius Caesar DID order killed after learning of the large crowds constantly following “King” Jesus around the Sea of Galilee to listen to his uplifting, inspiring sermons on liberty, human destiny and empowerment (the true gospel message). Pontius Pilate had a choice in his Imperial Order from Tiberius, “Kill Jesus” or “You, yourself, shall be recalled and die.”
    Now, on-the-other-hand, the Jews DID kill the “Roman” Jesus. That would be the anti-Jesus created for purely political purposes by the Emperor Constantine I, circa 320 AD. The “Roman” Jesus never existed, but is a figment created from an interpolation of a few snippets of the “Jewish” Jesus’ teachings, combined with a lot of Roman and other pagan religious beliefs. Since this particular Jesus was created out of whole cloth for Constantine’s political purposes, it was necessary to erase from history that it WAS the Roman’s that killed the “living” Jewish Jesus. To remove themselves from guilt of killing the “real” Jesus, a major part of the interpolation of the new testament was to fabricate the story that the Jews killed Jesus. And to this day, that’s the version, the false version, which is believed worldwide.
    Where’s my proof for these assertions? I haven’t any, but I am a gambler and I would willingly wager and give odds that literally hundreds of manuscripts (literally word-for-word transcripts of the Jewish Jesus’ teachings by his courtly scribes) are buried and well-preserved in the TOP SECRET archives of the Vatican Library, where from which one day soon they will be revealed and biblical scholars will be allowed to enter and study them. And my additional wager is that the Transcendent Power of these manuscripts will be far and away superior and mind-blowing when compared to the Dead Sea Scrolls and the Nag Hammadi manuscripts. Where did the Vatican Library acquire these manuscripts? They were first acquired by the Roman Emperor Vespasian in 74 AD and his general, Silva, brought and conquered the last Jewish stronghold at Massada. From then on the Roman Emperor’s preserved and maintained custody of the “sacred” manuscripts until Constantine I (the Great), who after formally organizing “christianity” into a single, universal church from the many and diverse “local assemblies or ecclesia” at the First Church Council of Nicea, passed them on to Pope Sylvester I, who preserved, but buried and hid them.
    So, you may still be asking, where’s your proof for this outlandish version or reversion or revision of what has been commonly accepted for nearly 2000 years?
    At the risk of being labeled insane by Charles Cosimano [et al], who posted the following comment at 6:14 pm, September 18:
    [quote] “It is time to recognize that the election is between people who are all borderline insane. Nothing that spews forth from any of them would surprise me now.” [endquote]…
    I have this to say: Angels I have heard on high, sweetly singing in my mind, and my soul in rapt reply, echoing its joyous strains, Gloria, in excelsis Deo!

  • Anonymous

    dear michael I agree with you, thats why its not good to let a religion be our god. we need to read the bible through and pray that the LORD helps us to understand, and guide us. I read a article about two or three years ago, about a archeologist named ron wyatt, he made a claim on his death bed that I beleive should be more well known. check wyatt archeological research, it tells about proof about christ and the cross. may GOD bless

  • J. Neil Schulman

    The Illogic of Jews Being Guilty of “Deicide” in the Killing of Jesus
    Christian Premise One: Jesus is/was God.
    Christian (and Jewish) Premise Two: God is Eternal.
    Christian Premise Three: Jesus was Resurrected.
    Therefore, no matter who killed Jesus, it’s not Deicide, but Attempted Deicide.
    Guilt or innocence aside, the least the Inquisition could do is offer us a plea bargain with a sentence of “time served.”

  • Metlz Goran

    what about Talmud? anyone knows what the book said about the others???

  • Kevin james Wise

    As the world and all of the human ideosecracies attempt to put blame so does there blame drive them to hatred.and as hatred drives the mass gentiles with there variuos races and national origins from the truth there lies murder for the Jews on a mass scale.And As Jesus the Christ conquered death through the cross isn’t it now the time that all hatred becomes conquered through the truth.

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  • http://AddaURLtothiscomment Anonymous

    I have a question? Why the White House and the Congress and the White Americans such Republicans and lots of people hate Jesus Christ and want to kill Jesus Christ if he comes back again and I fear that all of you will slay Jesus Christ again and what will happen next if you slay Jesus Christ and shed the blood of Jesus again? Will God retaliate you and destroy the world and make the world cease in one minute?

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