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Recent events with John Edwards’s affair have gotten lots of people saying lots of things about betrayal, the nature of forgiveness, who deserves to be forgiven and under what circumstances. Most of it has been pretty angry stuff, which won’t […]

While the Jewish world (not to mention so many others) debates the future of Jerusalem, and presidential candidates Barack Obama and John McMcain regularly speak about this nation’s commitment to Jerusalem as the capitol of Israel (even though the former […]

Having returned from listening to John McCain at the Aspen Institute, I am filled with more hope about the future than I thought I would be. Not so much because of what Senator McCain had to say. Though to be […]

Has it been circumcised? Does it observe the Sabbath? Perhaps it’s written in Hebrew? Not for me, even though I pass all three of those tests. But in light of some recent traffic, I think it’s time to reflect on […]

With an ever-tightening economic situation and no relief on the horizon for most of us, I was intrigued by a recent poll by the Washington Post which examined the ways in which faith influenced the lives of people under financial […]

There is so much to respond to in Kirk Cameron’s Beliefnet interview, it’s hard to know where to begin. Not least is the notion that we need to ask ourselves why we care so much about what a former sit-com […]

Of course they do, at least as far as I’m concerned. But that’s just one man’s opinion and also a function of my definition of miracle, which is a positive outcome or turn of events that can not be explained […]

Are you there? How often has each of us asked that question of God? Of a lover? Of a parent, a child or a friend? The Jewish national day of mourning, Tisha B’Av, which is observed for ours commencing Saturday […]

Once again, I am overwhelmed by the evidence suggesting that we humans are always ready to do real harm in the name of a good cause. In fact, especially when it comes to religion, nothing seems to make us happier […]

Alana Elias Kornfeld, an assistant editor at, details a Polish man’s journey from being a neo-Nazi skinhead to his current life as an ultra-Orthodox Jew living in Warsaw. The amazing thing about it though, is how little distance lies […]