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Israel’s response to the recent kidnapping of Cpl. Gilad Shalit by invading Gaza is nothing shocking or all that new. It is what is: the latest incarnation of the cycle of violence that continues to cripple the Middle East.

Is Israel justified in taking such actions? Ultimately, justice in the context of Middle East politics will only only be understood in retrospect. That said, there is something about Middle East politics that instinctively makes all of us fall back into the blame game, justifying our behavior based on what was done in the past instead of waiting to see what happens in the future. Are we right in falling back into the blame game? No, but such is politics. So, excuse me for saying so, but Israel not at fault in this fiasco.

It’s a shame Palestinians have to suffer, but no one forced them to elect Hamas or empower its leadership. We make choices and have to learn how to live with them. Each choice we make in life has repercussions. If the Palestinians cannot even take responsibility for the very people they freely elected into office, can they be trusted?

Not to hold Palestinians responsible for their government’s actions is either to make them into fools who neither know what they say or understand what they do, or to abet and support the terror that they have unleashed on Israel. While in theory I am all for granting humanitarian aid to Palanstinians, practically such aid looks more and more unlikely.

Those we elect represent us and speak on our behalf. The Palestinian people need to uproot and denounce Hamas. Until that happens, what kind of humanity would Israel and America be supporting by giving aid?

We all wish Israel did not have to take such steps, but I also wish the Palestinians never elected Hamas. Once again, we are back to square one, and all that I can think of is that its their fault!

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