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Fear Factor Judaism dominates American Jewish life. Here is just a spattering of typical Fear Factor Jewish discourse: “You better support the cause against anti-Semitism–otherwise our survival may be in jeopardy.” “You better go to synagogue on Yom Kippur or […]

Purim is visceral. We yell, stamp our feet and wave noisemakers like crazy to drown out the name of the villain, Haman, who sought to kill every Jewish man, woman and child. If only it were that easy to make […]

As you might expect, contrary to “new-found scientific research,” Jewish ritual circumcison–brit milah–is not and will not be going by the wayside anytime soon. The truth of the matter is that Jews have been circumcising their children long before science […]

Why is it that when we might die if caught observing our traditions we hold them precious, but when we can freely observe them we all too easily abandon them? Take brit milah, ritual circumcision, and the debate over whether […]

I remember very well standing over my beautiful, perfect, eight-day-old son with a knife in my hand. It was his brit milah, the day of his induction into the covenant between the Jewish people and God through the rite of […]