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Collecting stuff from the email box and random surfing:
From Vox Nova: An Open Letter to President-Elect Barack Obama
Birthplace of Hope:

A mere 500 yards from the traditional site of Jesus’ birth, a Bethlehem maternity hospital is committed to seeing that no expectant mother is
ever told there is “no room”.
Holy Family Hospital is an obstetrical/gynecological facility-the only one in the region that can handle the complicated medical conditions of women living in extreme poverty and under the shadow of political strife which stalks the birthplace of the “Prince of Peace”.

The women who give birth at the hospital may have different traditions but they are united in the primal need of all laboring women: safety and care as they bring their children into the World.

To see how you can help by holding a baby shower, go here.

Maureen Wittman is looking for suggestions:

From time to time, I get letters from moms desperately searching for good fiction for their children. It’s a pretty common problem among us Catholic homeschooling moms with veracious readers on our hands. They go through books like water and we’re kept on our toes searching out acceptable literature. Books that are well written, fun to read, and raise up their hearts. Is it really so much to ask?

Go here to help out and see what others are suggesting.
Blogs I didn’t know about or I’ve been recently reminded of:
Patrick Madrid
Anthony Sacramone and someone else – I have not quite figured it out, but it’s a great blog.
Image has had a blog for a while now, but an old acquaintance and gifted writer, Jessica Mesman Griffith (married to another gifted writer David Griffith) has just joined up and here’s her first, excellent, post.

This election season has been, for me, one overlong examination of conscience, and anyone who’s examined their conscience for more than a few minutes can tell you it’s no fun. In the end, I had to come to terms with voting for the guy who wasn’t cool or beautiful. I’m not merely being facetious; both those characteristics have the potential to influence my decisions on more than just the presidential race. Besides, I’m used to beauty leading me to truth. Voting republican seemed downright ugly in many regards. Except.

American Papist Tom Peters is competing for the Blogging Student Scholarship – go vote for him!
Also. Mark Stricherz has loads of good post-election thoughts and questions. Go there, scroll down, and just keep reading.

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