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In the drive-thru at the Full Moon Barbecue.
Alabama certainly likes its barbecue.  There’s a lot, and most of it is good. Hit a place at the wrong time and you might find some dryness, but not often.
The new thing I’ve encountered is “white sauce” – basically mayonnaise and vinegar. They like that here, too. They can have it.
Oh – and chow-chow was new to me. I’ll keep that one.
They also like fried pickles down here, something that doesn’t tempt me. I have, I hasten to assure you, indeed tried fried green tomatoes – which were very good as I had them at this place. And here.
(The Irondale Cafe, inspiration for the Whistle Stop Cafe of Fried Green Tomatoes fame is not far. Irondale is where EWTN is located.)
Where do you fall in the barbecue wars?
Does anyone disagree that the Carolina’s mustard-based sauce is the worst?
(My goal: to Althousize this blog. Seems like a win.)

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