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The NYTimes ran a story about the “Serenity Prayer” and how it may not have been written by theologian Reinhold Niebuhr, as has been believed. An article about the mystery of the prayer, by Fred R. Shapiro, associate library director […]

Announced today, Fr. John LeVoir of Minneapolis. He’s a friend of Fr. Z’s: Please pray for Bishop-Elect John LeVoir, presently pastor of St. Michael’s and St. Mary’s in Stillwater, MN (home of the famous bookstore).  Also he was once pastor […]

Things are going to be very busy around here the next couple of weeks. I’ll be around, but probably with only about 1/20th of my brain. I had a little spurt of book orders yesterday. Thank you! If you’d like […]

A search term that brought someone to my blog today: the price of abortions in charlotte If anyone ever happens here again looking for that information – please, please, take some time and think. Think. Listen. Lots of people want […]

Fort Wayne, IN

Well, the journeys have begun to World Youth Day..Some links if you’re interested in following. The official WYD site The NCRegister’s Pope2008 blog has transitioned into a pretty full-service WYD2008 blog. Links to lots of articles about the event, the […]

…maybe. As I mentioned a while back, there is just tons of stuff going on in the Anglican Communion, and we haven’t even got to Lambeth yet. The big news of this week was the decision of the Church of […]

This book is going to get a great deal of attention, particularly since it’s published by Brazos – an traditionally evangelical press. One of the more adventurous ones, to be sure, but still…   Here’s Beckwith’s page on the book. […]

Green Bay gets a bishop, Cheyenne loses one. Cheyenne Bishop David Ricken was today named bishop of Green Bay. In Italian, here. In addition, it’s Amato to saints (Prefect)  and Ladaria Ferrer to CDF (Secretary) (And, catching up – yesterday, […]

About one o’clock this afternoon, a storm blew through. It came very fast and buffeted us pretty hard for a bit. And of course, inevitably, the power went out. When the rain cleared, the machines in the house remained silent, […]