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I was just listening to our local Catholic radio station, and they were playing a most interesting discussion, obviously from England – about the Church and the press. I’ve figured out that it must be a feed from EWTN’s "Top of the Week" program, which seems to have variable content. But I’d really like to know what the program was and if there’s any way it can be accessed online. Thanks!

And then this, from a reader:

Do you or possibly any of your blog readers know of a study guide or study questions related to Brother Lawrence’s "Practice of the Presence of God"? It seems to be a tremendously popular (and practical/useful) book.

A Protestant friend wants to do a group study on how to increase personal holiness and suggests a popular recent Evangelical book on the topic that also has a study guide.

Looking toward the tried-and-true spirituality of the Church, I’d like to suggest "Practice…" for the group study, but can’t locate a study guide on the Internet. Any help you can suggest? Anybody’s Parish create such a study guide that they could share with me?

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