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The Sun-Sentinel focuses on the parish’s new pastor, and how he has been trying to clean up the mess he was left

The Palm Beach Post has more details of the ongoing investigation:

Skehan, 79, was arrested at Palm Beach International Airport on Wednesday night as he returned on a flight from his native Ireland. News of his arrest quickly reached the community of Johnstown in north Kilkenny, where he owns a home and frequently visits his sister and two brothers.

The Florida Department of Law Enforcement is attempting to make arrangements for Guinan, who is vacationing in Australia, to surrender himself in Florida, said special agent supervisor Mike Driscoll.

Detectives, armed with two search warrants Friday, seized more than four months’ worth of financially-related mail from Skehan’s home at 607 N.E. Eighth Ave., police spokesman Jeff Messer said. They also searched the contents of a safety deposit box at a Delray Beach SunTrust bank.

Skehan remained in the county jail Friday, as his attorney, Ken Johnson, asked the court to allow Skehan’s Singer Island condo to be used as collateral for the $400,000 bail. Skehan must secure 10 percent of the money to leave the jail.

But of course, this is being pushed below the fold as we speak by another little matter occupying South Florida’s attention at the moment.

Update:   A correspondent from the area writes with questions:

When you read the police report, you see that Fr. counted out the money with Colleen and her mother on Monday morning and Fr. skimmed 2 grand and then they arranged the deposts. … what about the 2/3 months Fr. S. was in Ireland each year. Did the women handle it alone? Did the priests in charge oversee this??

Also you see from the report that the diocesan CFO said Guinan and Colleen and her mom refuse do cooperate with an audit in Sept. 2003. Why didn’t the CFO immediately call the states attorney and claim later that gee we were doing our own investigation. It’s unconscionable.

….And what about the priestly cabal that foisted Guinan on our parish – knowing full well his unsavory rep?? In fact, that was his main asset. An honest pastor would have blown Skehan’s cover.

…. Last of all, you will note in one article that Frank McKinney, a mega-millionare developer may help bail Fr. S. from jail. Fr. S. allowed McKinney to get up and shill for his first (what I assume to be – don’t have the stomach to read it.)name it and claim it type book because 5 bucks or so of each book would go to the school. Frank was also allowed to shill for his last book, after the new pastor took over.

I’m assuming this is the Frank McKinney in question (I’ll correct if wrong, of course)…um…okay.

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