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At St. Paul Outside the Walls, from our very long Saturday…go to Michael’s entry for a very full report and some really good photos, including one of the mosaic of Pope Benedict that’s in the Basilica – and is illuminated. I counted, and there were six empty spaces for future popes. Start your prophetic engines!

I love this one – when you’ve memorized Rome apartment rental notices as I have, you know that one of the most frequently-used phrases is "located on a typical Roman street." This is a typical Roman street. Not backstreet, which would be narrower and have no sidewalks, but one-step-lower than major thoroughfare. Note, per our previous discussion…the Smart Car parked sideways.

Click on photos for larger, properly-proportioned versions.

Also check his entry on Mass with Cardinal Ruini – and all of the other entries he’s been working on.

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