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A couple of finds…

Rich Leonardi’s brief, poignant word snapshots of his father’s funeral

TSO’Rama is without doubt one of the finest writers in St. Blog’s. Go read his report of his recent (and ongoing? I don’t know) cruise to see why. Lyrical.

The end of a cruise is a fine time for multiple listenings of the Irish ballad “Kevin Barry”. It’s five pm – last drink o’ the trip and the ocean looks like a plowed field full of young crops made of sparkle. Or like white steeds galloping to the horizon. The sun rays in the distance emanating from the clouds would look corny in a painting. My head rests against the railing, soaking up the dying rays of this dying Gaul. The waves are lit as if from below, whitecaps tumulous as pregnant bellies constantly regenerating. The main glow is in the distance and I wonder if locals here in the Caribbean or residents of Southern California, where summer is perpetual, suffer a spiritual disadvantage since those in wintry climes understand the sun is to be shared, that her absence means she is giving succor to someone else. Do they lose the advantage of having to adapt to something larger than themselves or will they find it elsewhere?

And then, from Daniel Matsui, who has a spectacular new drawing of Savanorola up, musings on a metaphor:

Sunday I once again attended Divine Liturgy at Annunciation Byzantine Catholic Church in Homer Glen. I was an improptu trip – two friends had suggested going together at a dinner party the previous night. It reminded me to post a simile that I have had in mind recently, to see if anyone agrees:

The Byzantine Church is like a plant. The Roman Church is like an animal.


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