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Some of you may recall from last December, news of a young Wisconsin priest committing suicide. He had just been questioned by investigators looking into a double homicide.

Now, the investigators say they have strong circumstantial evidence that the priest was responsible for the crimes

A prosecutor says he will present "strong circumstantial evidence” next week that a Catholic priest killed a funeral home director and an intern more than three years ago.

St. Croix County District Attorney Eric Johnson told The Associated Press the evidence, which he said will include a motive but no murder weapon, will be presented during a so-called John Doe hearing behind closed doors before Circuit Judge Eric Lundell.

Lundell will rule whether evidence gathered by police provides probable cause that the late Rev. Ryan Erickson killed the two victims at their funeral home and committed other crimes, Johnson said. He said the hearing is expected to last three days and involve 15 witnesses, both men and women and people of all ages.

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