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This post is for any and all who’ve sought me out based on recent buzzing about the Da Vinci Code movies. I’ll repost it at the top o’ the blog tomorrow night after the Paula Zahn show.

…if you’ve gone to all the trouble to search for me and come upon this humble blog.

If you want more information on my book on The Da Vinci Code, go here – for a table of contents, reviews and links to translations – even in Thai!

If you’re tempted to write me an annoyed letter, go here first to see how I will publicly mock you if you’re silly.

If you think this is all about religious people shaking in their boots about the tremendous destructive secrets that Dan Brown has unearthed, please go read this piece by Laura Miller in Salon

Finally a brief FAQ:

1. Why are you so offended by Dan Brown’s book that you went to all the trouble to write your own book about it?

That’s not why I wrote my book. I wrote my book, not because DVC exists, but because I was being inundated with questions about the historical claims of the novel. Generally, when I’m asked questions, I try to answer them. It’s the nice thing to do.

2. Aren’t you just trying to make money off of Dan Brown’s success?

The money I’ve made from my book wouldn’t cover the cost of Dan Brown’s fact-checker. Think about that for a sec.

3. Why don’t you spend your time writing the kind of fiction you like instead of just being negative?

Got it. Working on it. Maybe it will be published next year…somehow. It doesn’t have albino monks in it, but will you still promise to buy my novel when it comes out, champ?

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