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Loyola Press has inaugurated a new program called Spirited Talk:

Welcome to Please become one of our Loyola Press Advisors. Join our unique online community of people willing to share their thoughts and ideas about Catholic life and faith. By sharing your perspective, you will help Loyola Press improve our publications and better serve the greater Catholic community.

From time-to-time, registered Advisors will be invited to participate in online surveys. Most surveys will take less than 10 minutes to complete. Membership is completely FREE. And, just by taking these surveys, you can earn cash, gift certificates and prizes.

Your personal information will be held in strict confidence, your participation will be for research purposes only, and at no time will we try to sell you anything on this site. Advisor participation is voluntary, so you may end your involvement at anytime. And don’t feel that you need to be a theologian or "Catholic expert" to complete our surveys—you only need to be willing to share your honest opinions about everyday life and matters of faith, spirit, and what you care about.

Click on the button below to learn more and join:

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