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Fr. Brian Stanley, commentor here and pastor of St. Charles Borromeo in Coldwater, MI, writes:

First of all, German keyboards are a pain — the z and the y are
switched around and it makes me stop to think.

But it is so exciting to be here in Cologne.  I am writing this in an
internet cafe about 2K from the city center.  There are a lot of people
here, and it is so inspiring.  I am part of a group from Kalamazoo —
38 of us.  We have met all sorts of people from the States.  But the
most inspiring people are the Italians, who must have half of their
country here, and they are singing, singing, singing.  They even sing OUR
songs — you should here them belt out Country Roads, Take Me Home, to the
place I belong — WEST VIRGINIA! 

We had an orientation tour this a.m., went to the Cathedral, which was
packed and exciting and very holy.  The reliquary of the Magi is
humungous, and awe-inspiring.  The universal Church is here in full force,
and I am so happy to be a priest, elated to be a Catholic, and blessed to
be here among these holy pilgrims.  While there are a few anti-Catholic
protestors, they are met with patience and charity that is a witness to
the power  of the love of Christ alive in these pilgrims. 

Pray for me, that tomorrow I can get my credential to attend the 
priests´ welcome for the Pope on Friday.  And tell your readers that I am
praying for you and them at Mass tomorrow — St. Clemens parish in
Langel, a very rural suburb south of Cologne, a town of 3500.  Reminds me of
Coldwater, with quainter architecture.  The sugar beet fields and wheat
fields remind me of home.  On that note, I must move on and get a train
back to Langel.

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