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Please go read this blog of a young mother who is fighting cancer with an astonishing spirit and awesome strength.

People often personify cancer, and after yesterday I completely understood why. Cancer is like an obnoxious person at a party who won’t allow you to escape the conversation. A houseguest who can’t take the hint that s/he has out stayed the welcome. Meeting the most unpleasant person you can imagine but being forced to spend every waking/sleeping hour with that person. Well, I don’t want to be friends, I’m not afraid to work hard to kick this stuff out of my body, and I refuse to spend so much time with someone I can’t stand. So we’ll keep working to be cancer free, one day at a time.

And I also ask your prayers for Corry, who was the coordinator of the event at which I spoke down in Arizona. She and her husband are great folks – Steubenville grads, lovely young people, who have a new (born in March) baby. Just three weeks after her baby was born, she was diagnosed with Hodgkins Lymphoma.

Please pray for both of them..

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