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From William Doino, who edited The Pius War:

Rabbi and historian David Dalin is scheduled to be on MSNBC television this afternoon (Tuesday), between 3-4 PM; and also on Raymond Arroyo’s "World Over Live" Program, on EWTN, this Friday, at 8:PM EST, to speak about his new book, The Myth of Hitler’s Pope (just out from Regnery–a major publisher, which has published numerous bestsellers) and now available on Dalin co-edited The Pius War (now a selection of two major outlets–the Conservative Book Club; and Roman Catholic Books); and his new book is completely independent of The Pius War—  though both complement one other. The Myth of Hitler’s Pope brings to light new evidence in favor of Pius–and papal support for Jews throughout the ages– in a very original way. He really dismantles the opponents of PP, and reduces their arguments to a pile of dust. He analyzes the culture wars–which he believes are driving this manufactured "debate"–and compares Catholic-Jewish relations to the much more volatile state of Jewish-Islamic relations, which is at the heart of current geopolitical debates. Keep your eye on this one. It could be the biggest pro-Pius seller yet.–Sincerely, William Doino

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