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in…of course. Although we contemplated extending the trip and letting Michael go to the truck race, but he eventually decided against it  – there gets a point when you just want to get home, especially when your "vacation" has entailed 4 days of driving (on his part. I sit in the back seat, The Entertainment and Nourishment Committee).

We did make a couple of detours. First a relatively quick stop at the Berea Craft Festival, which was small, but nice – the, despite the Berea aura, the quality wasn’t any better than any of the really good shows I’ve attended in Florida. Didn’t buy anything, but I loved the colors in this weaver’s work.  Then, a couple of hours later, an even briefer stop in the Mount Adams area of Cincinnati, just to show me around and for the ritual, last-stage-of-the-trip ice cream stop.  Looked into Holy Cross-Immaculata Church, famous for a Good Friday ritual of praying the steps – praying the rosary on one’s knees while ascending the steps to the church on Good Friday.

Good trip…nice to see everyone. Good to be home and breathe before the next trip.

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