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Not much happening here. I’m working on This Thing I’m working on, and then there’s That Other Thing I’m working on. The first thing I’m well into the groove of, (is that a good phrase? Nah) and my worries of a month ago – whether I could possibly finish it by June 1 – have vanished.

Vanished partly because, as I told you I would, I got my head into it and got in the rhythm, but also because my editor on the project said to me in no uncertain words, after I called him and told him I was struggling a bit with structure and theme and such, “No structure! I want no structure! Just let it flow!”

I just hope they let all the reviewers know that before they send it out to be read.

“Hey! This thing has no structure! What’s wrong with her?”

I also have a sickly Joseph on my hands – literally. It’s just like the old days, when I couldn’t put him down. Poor feller.

Katie and I watched Hitchcock’s Shadow of a Doubt tonight, courtesy of Netflix.

I had seen probably the first twenty minutes of it twenty-five years ago on television. Then I had to go someplace. So I asked my mother…”What happens?” She said, “I’m not going to tell you.”

So I had to wait all this time to find out!

Good film – I love Joseph Cotton, and in terms of other actors, Hume Cronyn, whose first film this was (according to someone at IMBD), is absolutely delightful. It’s really interesting and rather weighty – had a good conversation with Katie afterwards about the difference between this kind of film and a modern suspense film – the latter being all about shock, slashing and screams – and this one, which is about choices, appearances and reality.

Some fantastic shots in it, as well – arresting visuals subtlely describing good, evil and growing awareness.

So that’s it for now. I’ve not checked comments since this morning, so Lord knows what trash you people are talking or what wisdom you’re sharing. I’m trusting it’s all good. In the tradition of college sports, tomorrow is Media Day – gotta go to a local paper and be interviewed and (yuck) photographed in the morning and then a reporter is coming here in the afternoon. Plus, gotta keep working on This Thing..

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