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… meeting the unknown … (remember: recording ends soon after the beginning bells; a sitting time of 20 to 35 minutes is recommended) To subscribe to “Treeleaf Zen” click here.

Welcome to our Special “Live from Treeleaf” Zazen marking the FIRST DAY (although really without beginning or end) of our 100-DAY ‘ANGO’ PRACTICE SEASON OUR ANGO SITTING NETCAST CAN BE VIEWED HERE (on Ustream) ZAZEN NETCAST PLEASE NOTE THAT THE […]

We continue with our series on the Ten Pure Virtues or “Perfections” of a Bodhisattva …. with Skillful Means (Upaya) Historian and Soto Zen Priest Taigen Dan Leighton writes … Skillful Means, upaya in Sanskrit … is an essential concept […]

(BENDOWA XLII) In today’s section of Bendowa, Master Dogen presents a rather philosophical argument (reprinted in full below) upholding the Buddha’s rejection of the idea of a separate “soul” or “mind essence’ which continues on, and is later reborn, after […]

Rev. Tenho, a student and Dharma Heir of Jean-Marc, flew in today from France and is also visiting Treeleaf, Japan. I thought I would also let her introduce herself and lead the sit-a-long today. If you would like to see […]

This week, Rev. Taigu talks about ANGO, a special 100 day Practice Period, as we will begin at Treeleaf in a few days … He writes:   This is the text quoted in the following talk. It was given at […]

WELCOME to our TREELEAF SPECIAL “ALL ONLINE” 6-HOUR ZAZENKAI with Jean-Marc “Tenryu” Bazy (founder and teacher of  l’association zen Dogen Sangha de Lyon-Villeurbanne, France) …  … recorded in “real time” and available “on demand”for sitting any time, any place, at […]

.THIS SATURDAY/SUNDAY (depending on location) … … to “unofficially” kick off our ANGO season a little early (“officially” beginning August 29th) … ANGO INFORMATION LINK … and to mark the visit to Treeleaf Tsukuba all this coming week of JEAN-MARC […]

(BENDOWA XLI) Today, a message for so-called “armchair Buddhists” … hesitant to get their feet wet … _____________________________ Questions Eight and Nine … [Someone]asks, “The masters who spread the teachings through our country in previous ageshad all entered Tang Chinaand […]

Continuing with Master Dogen’s Bendowa … (BENDOWA XL) So, let’s say “enlightenment” is like baseball … Dogen went around visiting a lot of baseball stadiums, meeting the players and coaches … and here is what he learned about the playing […]