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On Today’s “Top Ten” Countdown of the  “Pure Virtues of the Bodhisattva” … … we come to No. 5 …  Meditation .. Dhyana … (not to be confused with the 50’s song ‘Diana’ …  Hold me, darling, ho-ho hold me […]

I had my annual physical today, the way they do it in Japan. (Wow, I hope my fellow Americans soon get a national health insurance system like they have here in Japan … let’s just say that there is not […]

Please join our weekly “Live from Treeleaf” Zazenkai meditation … However, for technical reasons, today’s sitting has been pre-recorded. We start with 3 floor prostrations (or deep Gassho), then chant the Heart Sutra in ENGLISH (see below), then sit about […]

(BENDOWA XXXVI) Master Dogen upheld Zazen … not only as one Buddhist Practice among many Buddhist practices … but as … THE Buddhist Practice. I think Dogen can make a good case for his assertion being right. Zazen is what […]

(BENDOWA XXXV) We have been looking in recent days at the “Perfections of the Bodhisattva” … one of which is said to be “meditation” (along with practicing charity, keeping the Precepts etc.). “So“, the questioner asks, “since all Buddhists traditionally […]

Last time, in our discussion of the Ten Pure Virtues or “Perfections” (Paramitas) of the Bodhisattva path … we talked about “Patience” … … and today we will talk about the Perfection of Effort and Diligence (Virya Paramita). All the […]

Ten Pure Virtues or “Perfections” (Paramitas in Sanskrit) are fundamental to the Bodhisattva path. Today, we will discuss the Perfection of Patience  (Kshanti Paramita) If the video does not work today … please consider it a perfect chance to put […]

Please join our SPECIAL ZAZENKAI in honor and memory of someone who was my friend and informally my ‘teacher’ of many years, Rev. Jiho Sargent, who left this little world this week. Our sitting today, as were Jiho’s Sunday Zazenkais […]

We welcome back a very special guest teacher today … … a true rock star, one of the original ‘Rolling Stones’ (and before anyone asks … No, I am not ‘stoned’) As the sound is not very clear at points, […]

. Someone wrote our Treeleaf Forum to comment … I personally feel that there’s a wall between me and organized zenbecause organized zen is either Japanese, Korean, Vietnamese, orChinese, and I am none of those. I’m just a guy in […]