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Just the other day, we could celebrate the warm coming of Spring ….

But now, Spring is hiding itself, and a cold wet wind is blowing. All things come and go …

I am reminded of this Koan (Blue Cliff Records 43)

A monk asked Master Dongshan, “Cold and heat descend upon us. How can we avoid them?” Dongshan answered, “Why don’t you go to the place where there is no cold or heat?” The monk continued, “Where is the place where there is no cold or heat?”3 Dongshan said, “When cold be thoroughly cold; when hot, be hot through and through.

Master Dogen’s Capping Verse:

On your way,


hands swinging

in the coming of cold, coming of heat.


Drop through body and mind

and cold and heat.


(remember: recording ends soon after the beginning bells;
a sitting time of 20 to 35 minutes is recommended)

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