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Please join our weekly “Live from Treeleaf” Zazenkai meditation … We start with 3 floor prostrations (or deep Gassho), then chant the Heart Sutra in ENGLISH (see below), then sit about 40 minutes of Zazen, then 10 minutes of Kinhin, […]

… Just Breathing … how do we breathe during Zazen meditation? Thisdiagram (kindly provided by a temple in Japan) might seem prettyobvious … but what more do you want to know about ‘just breathing’?

Most Buddhist Clergy in Japan marry. That may surprise some folks. Buddhist clerics marrying is very unusual in the rest of Asia.

Shikantaza ‘Just Sitting’ is profound ‘Non-seeking‘ … … to attain that which cannot be attained.

The Buddha, when really very sick and unable to sit in the Lotus Posture, “sat” like this … The subject came up today in our Forum … FORUM: SITTTING WITH CHRONIC PAIN What about sitting with chronic pain? What if […]

Although we usually practice Zazen sitting quietly, facing a wall … … we can practice Zazen anywhere. It is not limited by time or place. Nor is it simply a matter of sitting cross legged, standing, reclining, floating in a […]

John from Australia, a Sangha member, asked if I would talk about “BIG MIND small mind” … … Hmmm.  That’s BIG!The same fellow suggested I put a “sit-a-long suggestion box” on our forum … TREELEAF SANGHA FORUM … for anyone […]

DUE TO TECHNICAL REASONS, TODAY’S ZAZENKAI WAS PRE-RECORDED. OH WELL. Welcome to our Saturday “Live from Treeleaf” Zazen, We start with 3 floor prostrations (or deep Gassho), then chant the Heart Sutra in ENGLISH, then sit about 40 minutes of […]

. In Soto style, we ‘face the wall‘… we sit with our backbone slightly forward of the center of the Zafu,  … back straight, as if a tiny thread were running tothe ceiling through the crown of the head … […]

I am about to break a cardinal rule of ‘Soto Zen’ (not the first time): However, I hereby officially state that I do not think that the ‘Lotus’ Postures (although ideal if you can) are necessarily the best postures for […]