The New Christians
January 1, 1970 Archives

These Christians don’t….um…you know…

Charles Taylor’s A Secular Age, is magisterial in its scope, and timely in its topic.  It’s a massive book at over 800 pages, but I’m tackling it because several persons have said it will be invaluable to my dissertation.  The […]

Brian gives some excellent context to the world the Jesus was born into, and unpacks the Hebrew background to the concept of sin: There is no such thing as original sin in the book of Genesis. Judaism has no such […]

Many thanks to all of my well-wishers.  My semi-laminectomy/microdiscectomy was a success.  The surgeon said that he removed 3 cm of herniated disc, one of the largest discectomies that he’s ever performed.  I am narced up, but I can tell […]

KE Alexander on Original Sin: The problem with a Reformation view of original sin is that it tends to free one from responsibility for one’s actions. That is not to say that our human faculties and/or affections have not been […]