The New Christians
January 1, 1970 Archives

Christine Sine, medical doctor, futurist, new monastic, mustard seeder, has produced a little Advent meditation that’s worth three minutes of your time: HT: Bob Robinson

From Darin Peterson this morning: Call for visions and voices in our premier issue. DATE:  Spring 2009 (March) GENERAL THEME:  Resurrection Stories WHAT WE’RE LOOKING FOR: At the core of all Christian belief is this bizarre, astonishing, and absurd claim:  […]

Church of the Beloved is an Anglimergent church in North Seattle and a daughter church of Church of the Apostles.  They’ve produced a wonderful album called Hope for a Tree Cut Down, and it’s available for free on their website.  […]

Two in a row for Dr. Science! Wow, I just checked back to see if the old thread had died, and what do I find! Thank you, Tony. BTW, the pronoun used for me is “she”, not “he”. “A Walker” […]