Through the Lens of Faith
September 2017 Archives

This image was taken of the Brooklyn Bridge in New York. It is only one piece of the long bridge.  For me it is a reminder to look upward. If I have a lot on my mind or if I […]

I find it easy at times to keep a lock on my heart. I want to be protected from those who want to hurt me. But I have found keeping a lock on doesn’t keep out just the bad. It […]

I have walked by these words every weekday for a year.  I didn’t totally pay attention to them, knowing they were stickers in a window. But when I did, I was struck by the perspective. Don’t give up. Yet how […]

What direction are your sails of faith pointing right now? Are you focusing on getting through some rough waters you encountered? Or are you sailing through with nothing but blue skies? It is important to remember how much things can […]

Our lives fall into patterns sometimes. While the patterns may not always be easy to discern, looking back you can find patterns more easily. What are the patterns in your faith? Can you see a straight path or a jagged […]

There are so many things in this world for which to be grateful. Is it always easy to see these things?  Not always. Sometimes we get caught up in the struggles of everyday life or in the crises of the world […]

It has been a challenging time in our country. People are not getting along, there are challenges to moral and ethical understandings. It is tough to keep the faith and be strong when facing some of these challenges. It can […]

Another month is here. We are entering into the fall season soon, even if temperatures may reflect a summer feel. It’s hard to believe we are entering into the last few months of the year. How has your year been […]