Through the Lens of Faith

A new year is a great time to bridge reflections from the past year with hopes for the future. Imagine being in the middle of this bridge, knowing one year is IMG_5654behind you. What from the past do you want to take into the next part of the journey? Do you see yourself carrying a lot of baggage from 2016? Or are your hands free of things that held you back?

Perhaps your prayer life in 2016 was a struggle. Perhaps you had a hard time focusing on it as things in the world kept more of your attention.

As you continue to walk the bridge into this new year, what are some ways you can deepen your prayer? How can you bring your faith into your daily life in a way that maybe wasn’t possible last year?

Feel free to share in the comments any resolutions you have for your prayer life in 2017. Perhaps it will help others bridge the gap.

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