Through the Lens of Faith
December 2016 Archives

Can’t you almost feel the energy coming from this yellow creature? Don’t you want to see where it is headed? It looks like it is ready to take a leap! One of my resolutions this upcoming year is to be […]

It’s the day after Christmas. Many are still spending time with family and friends. It’s a time to consider the grateful hearts in each of us. Christmas is a great time to renew our faith. We know how the story […]

Christmas is very near. This picture brought to mind the title of the song “I saw three ships…” There are so many emotions and memories that arise around the Christmas season. As Christmas Day approaches, it’s important to take a step […]

We are inching closer and closer to another year.  What transitions are taking place in you? Are you starting to think about resolutions you want to make in the coming year? Or are you just relaxing in the moment? Sometimes […]

The winter season can be difficult. Weather is much colder and perhaps snow falls have coated the green grass. At the beginning of this month I still saw roses blooming. I couldn’t believe it. I am the world’s least fan […]

In life we often have no idea what we will encounter. The “sea” in front of us can be clear for miles and miles. Or just around the corner we may find something that challenges our beliefs. It’s amazing how […]

Sometimes we sail through life and everything is going along swimmingly. Other days, it seems like we’re under water, waiting for someone to rescue us. It’s important to pay attention to those friends who have been there for us in […]

Sometimes it helps to vent our frustrations with something. It can feel refreshing and freeing after the venting has been done. But I think it’s more about the people being there to listen. We need someone to vent towards, to […]

Life can send us tossing and turning in a wave of emotions. But it is important to pay attention to those things that anchor us. Our faith can be an anchor when things are going topsy-turvey. Who do you turn […]