Through the Lens of Faith
September 2016 Archives

Sometimes life comes at us in torrents. Our emotions can be overwhelming and scary at times.  Yet other times our emotions come as a trickle, like the water flowing from this fountain. There will be torrents and there will be […]

What would you say are the keys to your faith? Consider this piano keyboard. Would you describe your faith as reaching an entire octave, a faith that has been steady and consistent for so long it’s hard to remember a […]

Do you have someone that you call on for answers when you feel there are more questions than not? Whether that be a spiritual director or just a friend that understands where you are coming from, it can be important […]

Our faith life seems to go in circles sometimes. You can feel as if, on this wheel, you are on one of the spokes going up and up. Then suddenly the spokes are moving in a downward direction. When the […]

Sometimes it’s hard to see what’s really in front of you sometimes. We can focus our attention for so long on one particular aspect of our lives that we lose sight of all the glorious gifts that surround us. You […]

I have always found prayer and peace at night. Growing up I loved looking out the windows to see if the stars were visible and I’d make my wish upon the first star, or at least focus on one of […]

I have been doing a lot of driving this year. It’s been a great blessing to be able to do so. One thing I have learned is there is so much more to this world than I could ever imagine. […]

It’s amazing how often we want to rush through life. Just driving down the highway makes me realize how fast we are pushing through. I want to slow down. But how do you keep a slower pace in the midst of […]