Through the Lens of Faith
July 2016 Archives

Sometimes we need a spot of color in our lives. The world inside can lack color at times. All around us are a rainbow of colors and beauty. We need bring some of that beauty inside when things seem dull. […]

Have you noticed how many doors are around us? Every building has at least one. If it’s an apartment or a condo, there are several doors inside – sometimes there are doors to get inside other doors. Our hearts can […]

Sometimes it feels like you are looking at life through obstructions. You want to see clearly. But things just get in the way. We have our own ideas, our own views. These views don’t always match up with others. What […]

Every day we are surrounded by people who influence our lives. These people offer us love and support that sometimes seems hard to accept or understand. It’s because of these people we can walk through another day, even when the […]

How deep do your faith roots go? Do you know where they started or can you remember the beginning of your faith life? It can start with a seed and grow into a mighty tree. It’s amazing to me how […]

There are a million possibilities in this world, and a million connections between people that we can hardly understand sometimes. I’ve learned in moving to a new city for close to a year that there world gets smaller every day! […]

One of my favorite scripture passages says, “I am the vine, you are the branches.” Vines are strong and can wind their way through cracks and crevaces. God’s love can do the same in our lives. The love of God […]

When I was little, I remember learning that you can tell the age of a tree by counting the rings on the inside. Of course the tree had to be cut apart in order to tell the number of rings. […]