Through the Lens of Faith

traffic stop

It’s so hard on days when you are trying to get to work, late as usual for some, and it seems every red light is out to get you. Those red lights serve as opportunities to practice less swearing in your car, for one. But they can also serve as gentle spirit refreshers if we can consciously take a deep breath and acknowledge that we will make it to our destination but there are other things at the moment to notice.

In this picture there seems to be a lot going on. It was taken at a stop light as a rainstorm had been making a mess of the roads and people’s nerves. Yet I had to stop and notice the hint of sunrise pushing through the dark clouds. If I hadn’t been stopped by that darn red light I would have totally missed the beautiful colors that were pushing through the darkness.

Next time you’re at a red light, take a deep breath and see what colors are around you. Say a little thank you prayer for the journey.

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