Through the Lens of Faith


There are so many times in life I wish I had a better memory. I feel so bad for those who have diseases that take away those memories and I pray for those who experience such things.

I heard growing up that elephants are supposed to have good memories. And I wonder sometimes what it would be like to remember everything that has happened in our lives. I know some people can remember a great deal. Yet I think perhaps forgetting some memories can protect us in the long run.

Using our memories as a basis for prayer can be powerful. Think of a time in your life you are grateful for — be it the birth of a child or getting the best job of your life. Use those memories and whisper a prayer of thanksgiving. Notice those times in your life where your elephant memory is a little less strong and pray to remember what you need to from the experience and express gratitude for those parts. Then thank God for those memories that no longer disturb you.

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