Through the Lens of Faith

When I was little I would wonder how birds could alight on the wires like in the picture and not be shocked or injured inIMG_1787 some way. After all, aren’t wires harmful?  I know they are light enough to not disturb the energy for pulsing through, but I worried nonetheless.

Though reading the scriptures, I’m told not even the birds worry. It helps to be aware of the fact that God is taking care of the world, down to the birds balancing on the wires. If God can keep a little bird from harm, then God is going to be there for us, keeping us safe. There are things that happen in this world that do cause harm, but my faith tells me there is hope perched on that wire.

Next time you see a row of birds on the telephone or electrical wires, take a minute to thank God for each moment of your safety and love.


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