Through the Lens of Faith

deerI am one who loves nature, but from a safe distance. This picture was taken inside my car, with the window down. I would love to be one who isn’t concerned about getting closer to animals, at least the ones that are safe. No way am I going to try and photograph a bear from any near distance!

But looking at this image, I see how these deer are relaxed in their environment. They look around for food or family. These creatures are truly one with nature.

Are you someone who can feel at home in nature? Or are you more comfortable within the safe confines of machinery and glass? It’s okay to be either, but sometimes it helps to find even short times during the week to be in nature. Maybe it will just be for a few moments. But in between running to your next appointment, take a deep breath of the air God gave us and let yourself be one with nature.

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