Through the Lens of Faith


On a rosary there are fifty prayers said on the fifty beads. That’s a lot of prayers. But saying the rosary can have a calming effect. You could use each bead to pray for the same intention. Or each bead could stand for a different person and their intention or for you to thank them. Saying the rosary can also be a way of counting your blessings.

We have all known at least fifty people in our lives or have at least fifty intentions that have weighed on our mind and hearts over the years. If you don’t have access to a full rosary, there are options at stores of rosary rings. You can keep them discreetly in your pocket if you don’t want to wear it and they are the size of the change you carry.

Take a moment this week to count your blessings. You may just find there are way more than fifty such good things in your life. Take an account and share your blessings!

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