Through the Lens of Faith

Ferris Wheel

Do you ever feel like life has you running around in circles? Is your calendar so packed full of activities that at times you don’t know where you are or how you even got there? Does your car drive on autopilot and get you to these appointments without you seeming to have control?

The Ferris wheel reminds me of how crazy life can be – you seem to be going nowhere. But they also remind me to slow down a little. If you go on these rides at state fairs or amusement parks, they actually do proceed slowly. Sometimes they stop you at the bottom to let people on or off. Other times you are stopped at the highest point. It’s great to be at the highest point when there is a beautiful sunset to take in or you just need a moment to be free. I admit it sometimes makes me nervous when the wind blows a little and I’m too far away from the ground.

When life seems to have you running in circles it may help to picture a ride on a Ferris wheel and enjoy a stop or two along the way.

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