Through the Lens of Faith
July 2015 Archives

Something that struck me with this photo is the juxtaposition of the trees against the buildings. Nature and man-made creations can co-exist in this world. In the midst of a concrete jungle there are trees and birds and all sorts […]

Time, time, ticking …. If you were given only three hours to accomplish either a goal or a project or something else, how would that work out? Would you do it by yourself or would you gather around your trusted […]

There are so many things in nature that serve to remind me how unique we are. This tree seems to have grown in a circle, whereas others stand straight as can be. Life seems to follow the path of this […]

It seems that sometimes in life there are many stepping stones that happen to be so close to each other it feels like a seamless stream of knowing where you are going. Other times it feels like the gap between those […]

  Looking at this photograph, I am amazed at the numbers of lines and impressions that are struck upon this log. I saw this while on a trip and thought it would almost look like one of those global maps […]

  Sometimes it feels like everything in life is upsdie down, especially when things happen to knock you off your feet. But stopping to reflect on the situations which rock my world, I find myself searching for that which sustained […]

I love this signpost. It is found in downtown Portland, Oregon. I love seeing how far things are from one another and how things are related to each other in some way. I laugh at this signpost because the multiple […]

I always thought it would be fun to carve my name into wet cement — make my name known to all who cross that path. After all, the chances of me getting a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame […]

Sometimes it helps to get a different perspective. This photo seems to show a totally different place and experience when it is seen this way than what the actual reality of the place may be. With a different perspective, one […]