Through the Lens of Faith


I love sunflowers. I remember my favorite grade school song was “Like A Sunflower” and I was so excited when we were traveling on a family vacation once that there was an entire field of sunflowers that reminded me of the song.

Aside from the color of the flowers, and the tasty seeds, I like the fact that these flowers really do follow the sun. They change their direction to always keep the light in their sight. They don’t struggle or grow in the dark. The sunflowers know that their life is in the light.

In a way, they aren’t afraid of change. They know they have to keep moving in a positive direction. Sometimes it’s tempting to get stuck in the same position, fearing what change can bring. It can seem easier to cower when the sun sets and struggles are strong. It’s tempting to fear when the light moves across the earth and wonder what direction to turn.

What do you do when you encounter a darkness? Are you more likely to stay stuck where you are? Maybe at those times it is most important to remember that God will always provide a light even in the darkest of days.

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