Through the Lens of Faith


Lights and darks meet on the horizon. It seems like an unreachable destination sometimes. So far, yet so close, the horizon taunts you with a possible completion of a goal or a teasing, “I’m finally here.” The ship keeps moving towards the horizon and it seems like it may even run out of room as it heads further and further towards the setting sun. Yet, it keeps moving beyond what seems to be the end.

I find myself often looking toward the horizon. I wonder what is just beyond what I see and consider what might be there for me. Does my dream job lie beyond? Will I find my destiny at the edge of the horizon? More than likely, that horizon will keep moving, just as it seems to do for so many. So, perhaps I will keep my eye on the horizon and enjoy all that comes before I even reach that horizon. After all, life is about the experiences of friends, family and all that happens on the way to what you might hope to come.

Most importantly, who is the captain of your ship as you head to the horizon? Knowing God is directing the boat it is hard to be so afraid. Perhaps this week you can consider the captain and who you want to be on the journey with you. Keep looking towards the horizon!

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